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GHash.IO & double spending

Some of this data is from bitcointalk, I'll attribute the authors as I go


Put on your thinking cap:

"getblocktemplate moves block creation to the miner, while giving pools a way to set down the rules for participation. While pools can do just as much as they could before by expressing it in these rules, miners can not be kept in the dark and are enabled to freely choose what they participate in mining. This improves the security of the Bitcoin network by making blocks decentralized again."
A risk that is difficult to assess is whether the large mining pools validate coinbase tx content included by miners in their pool.
(To test, you "just" need to be the member of a pool who successfully solves a block; and also write a custom miner to include a specific coinbase tx that the pool did not ask you to provide. (Credit to bee7 here for this idea).
It's possible that the GHash.IO operators control (or are colluding with) a significant portion of the mining capacity of Elgius and Slush (I picked those two pools because of their abysmal orphan (luck) rate); This hypothesis is supported by the data in this post.
There are, of course, other very reasonable explanations for the "luck variance" observation:
...but there is also additional circumstantial evidence that GHash.IO have bad actors:

Credit to mmitech for this next bit of research:

In September I witnessed a lot of double-spending against BetCoin Dice. It happened between 25th and 27th Sept.
The mechanism was simple: send betcoin a tx with 0 fee, then wait for a result tx, if your bet is a win, then confirm your tx, otherwise double-spend it.
  1. Here I'll give you a bunch of transactions which you can examine. Note this is a chain of transactions, so just click on outputs to see. The double-spending of losing bets was performed by someone mining to , you can check it yourself.
  2. I tracked coins down to the origin The most interesting address here is 12PcHjajFJmDqz28yv4PEvBF4aJiFMuTFD It's been involved in similar actions, look at this chain of win-only tx's And the most interesting fact is that these zero-fee tx's inbetween winning ones were mined by exclusively. Possibly this was a test attack.
  3. Going further, I found the address the earnings from attack were sent to: 12e8322A9YqPbGBzFU6zXqn7KuBEHrpAAv And then part of these funds (125 BTC) was sent to's mining address:
  4. Furthermore, I checked the funds mined to 1MA7CKbWMyKdPkmsbnwmfeLh1hYy5A3gy8 In these 2 succeeding tx's they were moved to 199kVcHrLdouz9k9iW3jh1kpL7j9nLg7pn
This address is interesting, because it contains 6000 BTC and ~30% of funds come from mining address.
  1. And the last thing to spot:, being about 25% of network back then, didn't find a single block to its address between 25th and 27th of september!
Ok smarties: Any other thoughts/theories/criticisms to these hypotheses? Post below if you're considering changing pools now.
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My incompetence as a little story

I discovered bitcoins back in April during a crazy (at the time) surge. I got right to mining because why the hell not? Get paid to let my computer sit around and think, yes please.
I made a wallet with the full BlockChain desktop program. It took days to authenticate or do something, I still don't really know what it did. I also found slush's pool and started getting my first shares. Everything was cool and I was loving the ideas that came with bitcoin. Single international currency, anonymity, infinitely divisible, instant payments, and best of all (for me at least) no physical medium. Shit is the future, but I didn't know how to put that wallet on an iPhone, I was stupid, still am.
So I made a new wallet somewhere else that had a step by step for getting set up with the BlockChain iPhone app. I put the wallet.json thing on an external HDD because I'm not dumb. I'm not going to loose my valuable bitcoins just as I'm getting going. Also I was reading that it was good to have multiple wallets in case something happens to your computer, or whatever else you have it saved on. I put it away and didn't really think anything of it until I was looking through my history on slush's pool.
holy shit I have a third of a coin on there :D I should fire up the hdd and merge the wallets and shop around on gyft. They are doing nothing just sitting there. I do just that and I'm just confused at what I see, well it looks like someone formatted the drive and just used it to mule a bunch of movies around.
We went to the beach the first week of August, I made sure we had a rainy day plan. I for whatever reason felt the need to format away a tiny file to make room for a couple of movies. Smart move past me. high five
I'm only writing this because I just finished ripping the apartment apart looking for anything I may have written down about it in the past hour, I saw the site that can possibly crack the wallet if you can give them most of the info. I didn't pick the key since that was arguably insecure. It's some ungodly random string of shit. So it's gone forever, no arguments here, it's part of the design and I understand that, now.
My current wallet though, I think I got it covered. The wallet.dat is saved in 3 physical locations and I have the paper wallets that represent them printed out in a firebox and at my parents house. My bitcoins aren't getting away this time! Still mining away, still watching them climb to the moon. Also waiting for some places around here to accept some so I can really take part in the badass future currency.
TL:DR iPhones are too hard for me therefore I threw a third of a bitcoin away so we would have some movies to watch just in case it rained.
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