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How you can make Dogecoin the next Bitcoin in 3 easy steps

Look this may sound crazy but hear me out. I'm going to try and keep this as short as possible.
Step 1 Understand cryptocurrency is the next religion.
Again i know this sounds crazy, but think about it, the only thing driving up the price for cryptocurrency are people like you and me. Just like any religion today without their believers it doesn't exist. Once you understand that go to step 2.
Step 2 Make dogecoin your religion
I'm not saying write a book and wear funny hats in the name of doge, or do I'm not your dad. I'm saying look at people who believe in something, like religious people. They constantly post blogs, memes, quotes, post cards literally everything in the hopes of maybe steering someone on the right path. This is where we need to get.
Step 3 Weaponize what you already do best
This is the fun part! Since your already online spread your religion, all it takes is a single comment, meme, tik tok videos, instagram posts, youtube video, youtube comment section "dogecoin". where ever there is going to be eyes, "dogecoin". this is your investment why not see it everywhere until more people believe they are missing out.
if you guys have any questions please ask!
I plan on writing more about this, and finding nifty ways of getting this out in the public. Lets brainstorm guys.
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Doge Doubter (Pls don't downvote the messenger!) "Is Dogecoin the Next Bitcoin? Definitely Not."

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[vocativ] Is Dogecoin the Next Bitcoin? Definitely Not

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[] ビットコインの次は柴犬印の「Dogecoin」? ファン増加 {Dogecoin, the next Bitcoin?}

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Dogecoin will be the next bitcoin

This isn't going to be easy but we can do it. Three easy steps.
  1. Find every youtuber that posts about stocks and flood their comment sections with dogecoin memes and dogecoin content. (Do this until they post video's about them). These people will do anything for views. most will claim its a pump and dumb but a large portion of there audience will view the stock anyways and think "10 dollars wont hurt".
  2. find every billionaires Instagram, twitter, tik tok whatever it is and do the same comment section flood it with dogecoin. these people are surrounded by yes men and women and since most of these people cant help them self's when it comes to risk taking. They will consider it and possibly post something about it. Which will trickle down upon there yes men into buy doge coin.
  3. Be relentless.
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Dogecoin in the stock market, are we the next bitcoin?

I bought 800 shares today, (I know, going places huh.) what are the chances we are all going to wake up someday and be millionaires?
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Walking On The Moon: How We Can Make Dogecoin's Market Cap Reach $ 50 Billion In The Next 5 Years, Even Before Bitcoin Does

Several things have happened in the beginning of this week. We shibes crowd-tipped the Jamaican Bobsled team. Our actions brought us publicity in the media. The value of dogecoin has skyrocketed, and more shibes have subscribed. But we are still in the beginning of our journey to the moon.
I want to walk on the moon. But not in 20 years. That's too long. I believe it's possible to do so in the next five years. As a micro-transaction medium that allows us to deal with minute transactions, dogecoin is in a better position than Bitcoin to gain mainstream adoption. It doesn't have the problem of decimals (1 cent =0.00001 BTC). It's based on a fun meme, hence easier to talk about. Transactions are processed faster than Bitcoin. It appeals to the youth and it's based on the practice of tipping. It has a growing community, approaching 40,000 shibes as I post. Dogecoin has what it takes to reach a multi-billion market cap.
Dogecoin can reach a multi-billion dollar market cap in the next few years if we shibes play our cards right.So what do we shibes need to do to get there?
1-We need to become dogecoin evangelists and ambassadors within and outside the internet. Don't just focus on tipping strangers on Reddit, focus on your friends. Do your friends in class or at work know about dogecoin? Do they see you wearing a cool T-shirt with a dogecoin or doge label on it? Teen shibes, have you tipped your parents, brothers and sister as a way of appreciating them? Never underestimate the power of word of mouth, it's how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp grew.
2-We need to make doge-tipping a cultural phenomenon. It's possible. Look at Anonymous. They hack. But they hack for a social cause. Talk of organised disorder.They punish governments when they error, they expose rapists and they fight out for the oppressed.
And just as we have the Doge as our symbol, they have the Guy Fawkes mask. This makes them look cool. We can become an organized movement like them, but instead of using our computers to hack, we can use our computers to tip on cool projects.
Don't forget the Arab spring. Millions of people used social media to oust dictators like Qaddafi and Hosni Mubarak. And how the Harlem shake became a thing for some time last year. Shibes, we must act smart and find a way for dogecoin to become "the next trend".
3-We need more social causes to support. By helping the Jamaican Bobsled Team, we've become heroes. We need more things to support. But we also need to be selective. We have to find causes that are unique, original and can get us in the media, just like the story of Jamaican Bobsled Team got us media attention.
Last year, people funded victims of Boston Marathon bombing as well as those affected by hurricane Sandy. This year, opportunities to be heroes will still happen. Let's just make sure dogecoin will be heavily used this time, then we shall be able to stamp dogecoin's name all over the internet.
4-We need to tip whether the value of doge keeps going up or down. Over the past few days people seem to have halted tipping using dogetipbot because of the value of dogecoin going up. THAT'S A MISTAKE. Remember that tipping is what brought us to this point and it's what shall take us to the Moon. If the rise in dogecoin's value is causing you to halt tipping, then buy/mine as much dogecoins as you can so that you can comfortably tip without losing many doges. Just don't stop tipping.
5-We need to always remember the true impact of tipping. When you tip, you are educating the world about dogecoins. You are making people feel appreciated, just like many of us shout WOW when we are dogetipped. That person will also learn to appreciate others by tipping.
This means that they will buy dogecoin which will increase it's value. As the saying goes, it is blessed to give than to receive. We gave the Jamaican Bobsled Team $30,000, and the value of dogecoin more than doubled.
6-We need to make Vehicles that enable tipping and we need to fuel them. Dogetipbot has been an effective tool for tipping on Reddit. However, many folks are not on reddit. 'Tip with dogecoin' is the next Facebook 'like', or the next Twitter's 'tweet' or the next reddit's 'upvote'.
Over the next coming months many developers will make applications that enable tipping using dogecoin on other places on the internet. I know someone will make an Android app that will enable us to tip others instantly from the phone.We need to fuel them by using their apps and informing others about them. If we don't, other developers will be discouraged from building on dogecoin.
By the way, my friends and I are building a Rocket to the Moon. We've started developing a blogging platform code-named PlatformX (not actual name) -homepage screenshot- where people with creative minds like writers, photographers, artists, curators and other bloggers can showcase some content for free while hiding other content. It will be simple to use, but the underlying software is sophisticated.
You can enjoy their work for free, and if you like it, you can tip to unlock and view more awesome work. We shall reveal the actual name of PlatformX and announce it here when we launch. However we'll need Beta testers when our site is up and running, if you're interested please send an email titled Notify Me When You Launch to [email protected].
7-We need to punish those behind scams. Someone opened a twitter account pretending to be the Jamaican Bobsled Team, asking for donations. Make no mistake. Bad people out there will try to exploit our wonderful act of tipping.
These people need to be exposed and embarrassed.The best way to deal with scams is to educate every newbie what to watch out for. The burden of proofing a tipping cause is authentic lies on those who organise crowd-tipping events.
At platformX, we anticipate some people shall create hoaxes by tricking others to tip unlock when they have no content or wrong content locked. We have a plan in place to stop and embarrass these offenders, just wait and see.
8-Finally, once dogecoin gains widespread popularity, bigger players like Coinbase and CoinMK will start allowing us to buy doges using dollars instead of BTC. This will make it easier to purchase dogecoin, and it will drive the value up.
So, fellow shibes, we have a job to do. We have making tipping a cool thing, a daily occurrence, a cultural activity, a trend. We need to make dogecoin the most popular medium for donating and dealing with micro-transactions in the internet.
I suggest that the guys who organised the Jamaican Bobsled Team doge-fund should lead the way. They should make a website where after determining unique projects they could post them and we could fund, but not many less we lose focus.
Many projects at a go divide the total amount of donations. One cool project at a time is enough - unless an emergency (like a sharknado in New York) occurs which could then be added to the current project. This way we could fund one project in huge sums, and this will help us get more attention in the media.
As I post this, we are approaching 40,000 shibes. Think about what will happen if we make dogecoin the main medium for donating projects? Imagine what the value of dogecoin shall be when we reach 10-100 million shibes funding many projects that amount to billions? A cultural phenomenon! TO THE MOOOOOOON everyone.
If this makes it to the front page of dogecoin subreddit, WOOOOW.
Edit:I had misspelled [email protected], sorry for the inconvenience
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Video: Can Dogecoin (DOGE) Become the “Next” Bitcoin?

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Dogecoin (DOGE): The Abandoned Gem Coin Becoming the Next Bitcoin

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Will Dogecoin Be the Next Bitcoin? Or Maybe Something Better

Will Dogecoin Be the Next Bitcoin? Or Maybe Something Better submitted by Shibelium to dogecoin [link] [comments] will not only be accepting bitcoin, but we've decided to switch our payment gateway in next 48 hours to to GoCoin, and accept dogecoin + bitcoin, and litecoin, we're going to keep all crypto and not sell to the US. We're also trying to get our suppliers to take BTC as well. will not only be accepting bitcoin, but we've decided to switch our payment gateway in next 48 hours to to GoCoin, and accept dogecoin + bitcoin, and litecoin, we're going to keep all crypto and not sell to the US. We're also trying to get our suppliers to take BTC as well. submitted by masoneyewear to dogecoin [link] [comments]

Paypal thinking of including payments in Bitcoin; the CEO is "fascinated" by cryptocurrency. Dogecoin, we need to start lobbying - first stop Paypal, next step THE MOON.

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I do hope dogecoin price rise to 200 satoshi in the next few days. That will teach traders a lesson not to dump doge when bitcoin price rise.

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The next dogecoin BucatkeCoin will single-handedly end the Bitcoin bear market

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Fact of the Day: Dogecoin has less inflation annually than bitcoin, litecoin, and most other major cryptos for the next couple years.

Previous fact of the day
submitted by peoplma to dogecoin [link] [comments] Is integrating las Vegas 18b Arts District during the next 60 days .We will help roll out 185 stores. They will all accept Dogecoin,Litecoin and bitcoin.

let @ArtsDistrictLV on twitter know you will visit The Crypto Arts district when in Vegas . want to help spread word ? go hear and learn about our #cryptocrawlLV
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Buy doge now, cause traders are dumping dogecoin for cheap and moving over to bitcoin.. Next month when the halvening occur and dogetipbot release kick-ass functions

traders will come back and buy the dogecoin they sell you, except they will have to pay double the price they sold the coin to you.
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Dogecoin is the next bitcoin?

I've been mining and collecting DOGE, and I've been thinking...will DOGEcoin ever be as successful as bitcoin? What has made Bitcoin so successful and worth so much, as currently, DOGE isn't worth a huge amount of money. Any ideas, Shibes?
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Video I made on the Bitcoin blocksize debate 8 months ago, did I do a good job predicting it? Next stop is people adopting alternative blockchains, like Dogecoin!!

Here's the video:
Thanks for checking it out and let me know what you think!
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Could DogeCoin be the Next Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin - 9317 active nodes, Dogecoin - 8798. Let's keep the next week of mining fun!

I looked through some numbers today, and call me a surprised shipe.
Yesterday's... excitement made sure we had a LOT of transactions.
If you look at the numbers, for the last 24 hours you should see something like dogecoin 113,990 transactions in dogecoin.. and 76.933 transactions for everybody else, including bitcoin.
such wow much amaze 
Now this is a bit more than normal, since there was a mini crash and lots of trading, but another number in the third lowest row, was more impressive.
If you look at total active nodes, dogecoin is at 8798 to bitcoins 9317.
What is this active nodes you ask? Every miner running, connected to the network is one such node, processing dogecoin transactions while digging for new coins.
It may not be much but it would be sweet to see the dogecoin network ahead in activity, just to prove we can. And a happy coincidence, the next two weeks are also the two last before the halving.
Happy digging, shibes!
Oh, and yeah.. the VALUE of all the transactions were about a quarter of bitcoin transaction and slightly behind litecoin.
To the moon, indeed!
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[Daily Finance] Will Dogecoin Be the Next Bitcoin? Or Maybe Something Better

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Doge Token - The Next Bitcoin - Such Stellar, Much Amaze! dogecoin price prediction 2025 Free Bitcoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin in 2020 Dogecoin - The New Paradigm of Internet Money - Cryptocurrency of the Future DogeCoin vs BitCoin

Dogecoin is looking to fill the gap left for those interested in digital currencies but unable to get on the bitcoin bandwagon now that the price has soared. It offers a way to get involved with ... is dogecoin the next bitcoin . Home - Uncategorized - is dogecoin the next bitcoin. Therefore, comparing the ratios of these two moves, we realize that the second is faster, transpiring 1.25 times quicker than the first. Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency based on Litecoin. Dogecoin‘s History. Hong Kong. This discourages users from holding onto the asset and encourages high liquidity as users ... Almost ten years ago, the first crypto ever to be issued was launched into the “cryptosphere”, introducing us to the idea of blockchain based technology and value that has a potential of moving as fast as information and data across the internet. From being worth way below a one dollar value, Bitcoin made it to […] Dogecoin differs from Bitcoin's proof-of-work protocol in several ways, one of which is by using Scrypt technology. The altcoin has also a block time of 1 minute, and the total supply is uncapped, which means that there is no limit to the number of Dogecoin that can be mined. You can mine Dogecoin either solo, or by joining a mining pool. A Doge miner can mine the digital currency on Windows ... One bitcoin costs $529.50, while one Dogecoin is worth .059 cents, according to recent prices. Or, to put it in more relatable terms, $1 will buy you 1,691 Dogecoins. That’s quite a low barrier to entry compared to bitcoin, which dovetails with the idea that Dogecoin is meant to be used as currency and not as a speculative investment. “It ...

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Doge Token - The Next Bitcoin - Such Stellar, Much Amaze!

Otomatis Claim BTC, BCH, Doge, ETH, LTC, Dash, XMR, TRX, ZEC - Auto faucet per minutes . by Nusantara Bitcoin. 9:55 Doge Token is revival of one of most loved coins, DogeCoin. #Bitcoin #CryptoCurrency #BTC Official website - Exchanges - 1) StellarPo... please donate dogecoin DLKhJHr94MSUXaiKGubqy8c2abjoJnLrfS btc 1otBpwZF15rcAAybUnSPojd4PFqDcUhri bitcoin cash qrpye5k4tms4pkzh50u6t6qdc4mgj9kvn5vw7yxzmu digib... LIVE DogeCoin Rockets - Which Coin Is Next? (Cryptocurrency News in 4k - Bitcoin, Ethereum, & More!) (Cryptocurrency News in 4k - Bitcoin, Ethereum, & More!) Crypt0 DogeCoin est une monnaie numérique, comme le bitcoin. Beaucoup de sites propose déjà d'acheter des objet en doge. Cette vidéo décrit très bien ce qui ce passe avec cette nouvelle monnaie.