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£10k to invest? Id sell gold and Bitcoin to buy cheap shares after the stock market crash (current BTC/USD price is $10,635.70)

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£10k to invest? Id sell gold and Bitcoin to buy cheap shares after the stock market crash
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06-01 18:24 - 'Oh you buy crypto crypto too?! / Hahaha. / Try buying stocks, bonds, or ETF shares, like REAL investors!' by /u/Shuetzenhoeffer removed from /r/Bitcoin within 352-362min

Oh you buy crypto crypto too?!
Try buying stocks, bonds, or ETF shares, like REAL investors!
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Just a reminder to newbies. you don't have to buy a whole bitcoin for $800 or whatever. You can buy any portion of a bitcoin down to 10 cents worth. It is not stock. You don't need to buy full shares.

Just a reminder to newbies. you don't have to buy a whole bitcoin for $800 or whatever. You can buy any portion of a bitcoin down to 10 cents worth. It is not stock. You don't need to buy full shares.
People forget that this once fooled us all.
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: TIL A banker who convinced local residents to buy Coca Cola Stock during the Depression resulted in a the richest town in America with more millionaires per capita. A single share bought at $19 would /r/todayilearned

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: TIL A banker who convinced local residents to buy Coca Cola Stock during the Depression resulted in a the richest town in America with more millionaires per capita. A single share bought at $19 would /todayilearned submitted by SimilarAdvantage to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

12-04 20:12 - 'You may want to pick up shares of #EARS and #ZX earnings out in a few days EXPECTED EXCELLENT These 2 stocks will fly Up potential to go 7xtimes your INVESTMENT BUY and Hold TICKERS#EARS and #ZX' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/TodaysBuys removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-4min

You may want to pick up shares of #EARS and #ZX earnings out in a few days EXPECTED EXCELLENT These 2 stocks will fly Up potential to go 7xtimes your INVESTMENT BUY and Hold TICKERS#EARS and #ZX
You may want to pick up shares of #EARS and #ZX earnings out in a few days EXPECTED EXCELLENT These 2 stocks will fly Up potential to go 7xtimes your INVESTMENT BUY and Hold TICKERS#EARS and #ZX
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You may want to pick up shares of #EARS and #ZX earnings out in a few days EXPECTED EXCELLENT These 2 stocks will fly Up potential to go 7xtimes your INVESTMENT BUY and Hold TICKERS#EARS and #ZX /r/Bitcoin

You may want to pick up shares of #EARS and #ZX earnings out in a few days EXPECTED EXCELLENT These 2 stocks will fly Up potential to go 7xtimes your INVESTMENT BUY and Hold TICKERS#EARS and #ZX /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Companies buying back their own shares is the only thing keeping the stock market afloat right now /r/politics

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How to buy stock/shares with Bitcoin?

How can we invest or buy stock/shares of a company? With fiat it's easy but expensive (for small transactions) but is there already something like this available or are there any plans/projects?
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Sage advice from Goldman Sach

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Daily Discussion - September 23, 2020 (GMT+0)

Welcome to the Daily Discussion. Please read the disclaimer, guidelines, and rules before participating.

Though karma rules still apply, moderation is less stringent on this thread than on the rest of the sub. Therefore, consider all information posted here with several liberal heaps of salt, and always cross check any information you may read on this thread with known sources. Any trade information posted in this open thread may be highly misleading, and could be an attempt to manipulate new readers by known "pump and dump (PnD) groups" for their own profit. BEWARE of such practices and exercise utmost caution before acting on any trade tip mentioned here.

  • All sub rules apply in this thread. The prior exemption for karma and age requirements is no longer in effect.
  • Discussion topics must be related to cryptocurrency.
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Week #44 Stock Picking Contest Is Now Open!

Rules: Pick a stock
State long or short.
ETF allowed.
Give a rationale.
Thank you.
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Whats a big loss/mistake you made that will always haunt you?

I've noticed a fair amount of new investors on this page. Wanted to make a post for everyone to write down their worst investing blunders. So that the new investors can feel more comfortable knowing mistakes happen to the best of them.
I'll start,
I got scared in February and sold everything, lost 40% in a day then sold. I could have recovered much quicker, but it has taken me until this month to fully recover because I pulled out and got scared.
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Who is selling?

With microstrategy, grayscale, square, and others buying all those bitcoin, I’m pretty shocked the price isn’t skyrocketing. Who is selling that much bitcoin to them and why?
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What are your non standard investments?

So, there's a lot of discussion about the usual stocks, index funds, ETFs etc, but I was thinking about some of the alternatives to the norm.
What kinds of alternative investments do you have or are you considering? Maybe just as a hobby, a bit of fun or a little punt.
Personally, I did consider toys, butbitsbtrixky choosing the right ones.
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Elon Musk is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, and had been buying Tesla shares with his Bitcoin, leading to the recent, astronomical rise in Tesla’s share price

Some people may know that Elon musk made his initial fortune off of PayPal in the late 90s and early 2000s. What people may not realize is that when he sold he was required to sign a non compete which prevents him from working for or starting another electronic payments company.
As many know, “Satoshi Nakamoto” is the fake name of the man who created bitcoin (no one knows who he is). Last people checked, Satoshi has roughly $8billion in bitcoin left.
Tesla’s stock price has risen 500% since the beginning of the year, with people scooping it up like crazy... they recently split the stock 5:1 to make it more affordable. People have assumed that the rise is due to retail investors pouring in, but there have been some super weird/interesting large blocks being bought up if you look at the price action. I’m talking much more than just retail investors. What if Elon has been using his BTC in order to buy up massive amounts of shares, which has bid up the share price and given him more control of the company (he actually doesn’t have voting control like Bezos).
Edit: Elon is using Tesla to make it traceable and bring the money back into circulation since he’s unable to spend $8billion in BTC.
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MicroStrategy's $425M BTC investment thesis - "buy something that can either get cut in half or 10x"

Amidst all of the DeFi volatility, drama and excitement, Bitcoin has started to seem rather boring. Its price is more or less flat to where it was a year ago and you can’t even farm Yams with it.
While some have started to view Bitcoin as a useless digital rock, someone did find an interesting use case for it. This week, more details surfaced around how MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor convinced the board of a publicly traded company to allocate nearly all of the company’s $500M cash position to bitcoin.
Michael Saylor
Saylor graduated from MIT in 1987 and founded Microstrategy at the age of 24. MicroStrategy is a “Business Intelligence” company, which basically creates software that allows companies to use their own data to drive decision making.
Interesting side note - Saylor, like any good 90’s internet entrepreneur, also bought a bunch of internet domains and was the guy who ultimately sold to Block.One (EOS) for $30M.
MicroStrategy’s’ $500M Problem
To most people, having $500 million in cash doesn’t sound like a problem. Up until recently, it wasn’t for large corporations either. There was a time before the ‘08 financial crisis when the risk free rate of return on cash was 5% a year. This means a company could sit on $500M, earn $25M a year for doing nothing, and have cash on hand for a rainy day.
Fast forward to today, when the risk free rate of return has plummeted to 0.69% due to loose fiscal policies (money printer go BRRRR) alongside inflating asset prices, and it’s a different story. In Saylor’s own words, “we just had the awful realization that we were sitting on top of a $500 million ice cube that’s melting.”
Cash is Trash
So what’s a corporation to do with a $500M melting ice cube? It turns out it’s not that easy to unload half a billion dollars in a short amount of time.
You could buy back half a billion of your own company’s shares. For a company like MSTR, Saylor estimated that would take 4 years. Time MiscroStrategy didn’t have.
You could buy real estate. However, commercial real estate prices have collapsed post COVID while property owners still believe their assets are worth what they were in January. In other words, good luck getting a fair market price.
You could buy blue chip equities. Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook. However, your risk is symmetric. They can each fall 50% just as easily as they can go up 50%.
That left Saylor with silver, gold, Bitcoin, and other alternative assets. A move the company announced it was exploring on a July earnings call.
A Bold Purchase
Saylor ultimately wanted something that could either get cut in half, or go up by a factor of 10. An investment akin to what buying Amazon or Apple in 2012 was. In other words, asymmetric risk.
As a student of technological history, Saylor observed that the winning strategy over the last ten years has been to find some kind of “digitally dominant network” that dematerializes something fundamental to society. Apple dematerialized mobile communications. Amazon dematerialized commerce. Google dematerialized the process of gathering information.
Something Saylor noted was common to all recent 10X opportunities is buying when they’ve achieved $100B+ marketcaps and are ten times the size of their next biggest competitor. As Bitcoin is the dominant digital network dematerializing money that’s 10x the size of any cryptocurrency competing to be a store-of-value (not counting ETH here), it fit the bill.
Making the purchase
With the thesis in place, the next thing Saylor had to do was get everyone at MicroStrategy to sign-off on the unorthodox decision. To do this, he simply made everyone go down the same Bitcoin rabbithole that most people in the industry have gone down.
He made everyone at the company watch Andreas Antonopoulous videos, read The Bitcoin Standard, watch Eric Vorhees debate Peter Schiff and listen to Pomp and NLW podcasts. With no strong detractors, MicroStrategy turned to execution. They first put $250M to work purchasing 21,454 BTC in August and another $175M (16,796 BTC) in September for a total $425M and 38,250 BTC.
What’s fascinating is that MicroStrategy was able to open such a large position without really moving the market or anyone even taking notice. This speaks to just how liquid of an asset BTC has become. To acquire the September tranche of BTC, Saylor disclosed that they traded continuously for 74 hours, executing 88,617 trades of .19 BTC every 3 seconds.
One for the history books
Skeptics noted that shares of MSTR have been on the downtrend since 2013, as the real reason behind MicroStrategy’s bold move. Regardless, the move has interesting implications for the company’s shareholders. As TBI observed, MicroStrategy is now both a software company and with ⅓ of its marketcap in Bitcoin, a pseudo Bitcoin ETF. At the time of writing, MSTR is up 20% on the week.
Only time will tell if history looks back on this move as a brilliant strategic decision or a massive corporate blunder. In the short term, it scores a massive win for Bitcoin’s digital gold investment thesis.
Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones is in. A publicly traded corporation has made Bitcoin it’s primary treasury asset. As CFOs and fund managers around the world undoubtedly take notice, one has to wonder, who’s next?
PS - I based a lot of this article on Pomp’s interview with Michael Saylor, which I recommend giving a listen.
Original article
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Sharing the amazing stock market journey Tesla has made since inception to now (swipe right for stock chart)

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When the market dropped last March, my net worth dropped by over a million dollars (-22%)

I’ve been retired for 2.5 years now, and I pop in here from time to time to tell people how things are going. I do it because I am encouraged to do so (by you nice folks) and I like to share what I learned so far. Feel free to ask me anything you like.
My first post - a 1 year in reflection + FIRE story
And my 2 year follow up here
I’m a patient person, a future-oriented person, and these characteristics helped me to persist in the long-term planning I did when I was working towards FI/RE. It helped me hold on to my investment in crypto as it soared (Stick to your plan, man: I took some profits, which is how I jumped the queue to FIRE earlier than expected and with more than I needed, though I was heavy on the FI/RE path before that).
I am also a semi-rational person (I think), who has played out a number of scenarios in my head many times. In fact – I had to do that to feel confident to retire in the first place. What if ____ (fill in catastrophic thing) happens?… each time I figured out how I would survive and most of the survival plans fell out to: keep cool and sit tight (a couple of them included “and go back to work.”) Considering how the stock market and economy in general are cyclical, I had gone through the “what do you do when there is a crash and your net worth drops significantly?” (note the crash part is not “if”, but “when”). The answer, as previously mentioned, was “sit on the porch and watch your sunflowers grow.”
There was a conversation in (I think) one of my posts last year where after the market had dropped a small amount I mentioned I had just chilled through it (while others flipped out and panic-sold and were then kicking themselves) and someone on here snarkily replied “well, wait until you see a REAL drop, then we will see what you do!”
Well Snarko VonSnarkington, this post is for you.
As you might recall, the month of March was brutal, with many days showing huge losses in the stock markets. Not only did the market drop precipitously but my historically uncorrelated asset bitcoin shit the bed as well (a universal rush to cash?) leaving me just over $1M poorer net-worth-wise.
My portfolio consists of real estate (my old house that I now rent out), index funds, and bitcoin. I outright own my current house (sold my bond funds to buy the house) and a piece of shit truck that I love. I also own a cat free and clear.
So what did I do as my portfolio took a double barreled shotgun to the face?!?!? Not a goddamn thing. Ok, that’s a lie. I loss-harvested 90k worth of index funds which have since recovered and then some. I held tight. I held strong. I built shelves for my workshop out of salvaged lumber.
Psychologically I have to say I felt off – it was not fun, and it was not Zen (though I tried brother, I tried). I had to argue with myself “well, this is one of those situations that test your mettle, meboyo…” and “wow, how is this going to play out… nervous… yuck…” but even though I experienced emotions, there was never even the option in my mind to sell in order to protect capital. It never appealed to me as a wise option and I had no compulsion to do so. For years I have made an informed decision to commit to this strategy I believe in, and damnit I am going to stick by it. I own my house. I know how to cook. I have health insurance and a rainy-day fund. I am retired, by design, because I stick to the plan until it no longer makes any sense – and this was a case where it looked like things were going to be ok (maybe it will take 3 years, but ok nonetheless). I had no idea we would see a stock/crypto recovery so quickly.
By the end of this August when I updated my monthly spreadsheet, I had crossed back above where I was just before the crash. As of last week my net worth is 10% higher than it was before the crash. I also used the confusion in the marketplace in April to buy a beautiful old house to live in (and it has a huge detached workshop!) in a new, lower COL city (with cash, at a discount).
Who the hell knows what happens next with this economy, politics, health, meteors, and the old Gods of Cthulu, but I’ve got one “been there, done that” under my belt now and I feel like I played it well by not playing at all. If anyone is looking for me, I’m out back in the workshop, making smoke and dust and a general mess as I teach myself woodworking and metalworking to enhance my primitive art constructs.
Feel free to ask any questions, and when shit gets weird, remember to breathe.
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What can we do as normal citizens to express our frustration to both Democrats and Republicans? Not like calling, but would not buying goods for a few days, or skip out on amazon prime day, or cash out our stocks, or not vote at all get them where it hurts?

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Little pep talk for you newbs and other too. Hard facts you need to remember about bitcoin!

Don't let these dips sway your thoughts into thinking doom and gloom.
Just remember this;
1)Fiat money has the ability to become worthless due to the fact that a central entity controls its production. In times of crisis they'll print too much and as much as they could which will just cause everything out there to be worth less.
2)Companies (stocks) have the ability to become worthless as well being that they function on the dollar as a piggyback. They got pumped due to the dollar, NOT because they did better business. Maybe Amazon and Tesla, but other companies no.
3)Bitcoin needs a DEMOCRACY to become worthless, meaning that for bitcoin to become worthless 100% of its participants have to agree on this AT THE SAME TIME. All miners have to shut down, all nodes have to shut down, many bitcoin businesses need to close doors, etc.
Bitcoin is the first time in human history that we have DIGITAL SCARCITY. That alone will make bitcoin always worth it to everyone. So do not become fazed by this. Just use this opportunity to buy more.
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The principles I learned in 7 years here

I've learned a lot by surfing these subs. I internalized it and am really happy with where I am. I wanted to take a minute to pay it forward and distill what I've internalized into first principles.
First, a bit on my background. I was always interested in being FI and know that money doesn't equal freedom, but it is an aspect of freedom (if nothing else, freedom from worrying about meeting basic needs). I was saving heavily in my mid 20's but was also working for a nonprofit. I was saving 50% of my income but it honestly wasn't amounting to all that much.
I wound up spending about a year teaching myself data science before and after work. I was really motivated by the field and, luckily for me, it turns out to be quite lucrative. I also started skydiving. That meant moving to a shared 1 bedroom apartment with somebody I butted heads with so I could afford it and not overly sacrifice savings goals. That was a tough call because skydiving is expensive, but it also made me much more risk tolerant and a generally happier and less reactive human. Skydiving taught me that most of my fears were unfounded (evolution predisposes you to fear more than you have to) so I geared up for a big life change.
When I was good enough at data science, I quit my job in the nonprofit and moved to San Francisco to do a 3 month bootcamp program. Everybody thought I was nuts. That drained my savings virtually down to the last dime (with no debt though). I got my first job in the industry making very little money in a role where I would learn a lot. I loved it and got a promotion in (I shit you not) 2 weeks of being on the job. That was my first 6 figure income.
Zoom forward four years and I'm at a major company with a significant equity stake, financially comfortable, and having just bought a home. Not quite yet FIRE but getting close depending on how my company stock does.
Obviously everybody's path is different. But principles are more universal. With all that, here are the main principles that lead to my success:
  1. Find the global maximum. I was top of my game in that nonprofit with a relatively good income and title, but I was growing unhappy and knew I wouldn't make my longterm goals. It was a tough call to quit, drain my savings, and move. But I did it and now I feel like I'm in a global personal maximum for life satisfaction, earning, etc. This means longterm thinking
  2. Stay balanced. I almost burned myself out on FIRE multiple times. I started seeing everything as costs. Be scrappy on everything but what makes you most come alive. That's crucial for longterm motivation
  3. The best investments are always in yourself. Active recovery, eduction, socializing, etc. are the best investments you can make. They're bad investments on the short term but great on the longterm
  4. Save on housing until you're ready to purchase a home. My rule was that I'd live with roommates until I had enough for a down payment. When covid happened, I decided I wouldn't buy a place until the market rebounded so I let my investments sit until they rebounded, sold, and purchased a home. Most people lose too much money on housing
  5. Never pay interest. This is an exaggeration but it's the biggest lifetime expense for more people. I pay some interest but both my small car loan and mortgage are below 3% interest. That means, with inflation, my money is likely better in the stock market than paying back those loans. So apart from that interest, I've been lucky enough to manage to avoid it like the plague
  6. Take risks and experiment. Most people are way too risk adverse, scared to place strategic bets. I've lost a lot of money on risky things but have gained so much more in experience. Spending thousands on bitcoin miners in the early days while on a shoestring budget? Lost a lot on that. But it resulted in learning an appropriate way to buy crypto and the net effect was many more thousands of dollars in gains
  7. Have mentors/models. If you don't do this explicitly, you default to modeling your behavior on whoever is around you. Think of who your top models for behavior are (financial, relationship, etc) and figure out what makes them tick. For me it was Mr. Money Moustache, some abundance-oriented technology thought leaders, and some anti-consumer friends who were militant about how owning things doesn't make you happy
  8. Don't defer pleasure. I came to realize that many of my thoughts on retirement were quite Catholic (thanks, dad). In other words, I was deferring pleasure until retirement like my Catholic father was deferring pleasure until the afterlife. Be fiercely present and enjoy today. Finances are only one part of life satisfaction
  9. Have an abundance and growth mindset. Most people think of money as a scarce resource. It's not. Anybody can generate it given enough time and effort. Think big picture and work incrementally towards it rather than accepting the career progression of your peers or employer. Most people underestimate how much employers will recognize a strong sense of drive and personal responsibility
  10. Change is necessary. For the Buddhists, that's the source of all suffering. Do we want to sacrifice the mediocre reality today for the option of a better reality tomorrow? Most people are so change and uncertainty adverse they can't adapt to more beneficial situations. Being open and curious and optimistic about change is necessary, otherwise the mediocre today seems like a better bet or you'll change and then quickly regress. The opportunity cost for change is whatever situation you currently find yourself in. Make sure you're ok with this and have the confidence to course correct if you get in over your head
TL;DR - Reality is malleable. You can achieve whatever you want as long as you take a step back, strategize, and then kick some ass. If you adopt some principles and play the long game, you'll ace this whole life thing
Edit: Glad this got so much attention. I feel like I've paid forward the mindset and benefits this sub helped me create. Thanks for being part of that!
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The one that got away

Hear the sad story of the ex that keeps me up at night..... I'm talking about $SQ stock of course. $SQ and I were in a relationship for about a year. We started out last August 100 shares at a price of $62. I was pretty excited about our future growth prospects together. Things were good for a while, heading in the right direction up to $85 in Feb. Then when covid hit and she dipped to $40 I soured on her. Figure she'd lose a lot of her small business clients and come up with some bad quarters. Waited until she climbed to $62 again and sold all my shares to break even. Turns out the success of cashapp brought her up to $147. She keeps me up at night, but I doubt she ever thinks about me. She's better off without me :(
TLDR I held square for a year and sold right before their earnings report last quarter FML
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How to Buy the Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Penny Stocks HOW TO BUY BITCOIN 2019 - Easy Ways to Invest In ... SHOULD I INVEST IN STOCKS OR BITCOIN? + HOW TO BUY! Does it REALLY Matter What Price You Buy Bitcoin (or Stocks)? HOW TO BUY BITCOIN 2020 - BEST Ways to Invest In ...

Once you decide what top bitcoin stocks you want, tell your broker what stock you wish to buy and how many shares you would like. When buying, you’ll place a market order or a limit order. While a market order instructs your broker to simply buy shares of a certain stock, a limit order dictates the price you want to pay for the shares. Should You Buy Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL) Stock? Google stock is a one-of-a-kind opportunity, although shares face visible risks, including regulation. Mark Reeth July 31, 2020 Image source: Square. Square. If you absolutely want bitcoin exposure, the best way to do that would be to buy fintech stock Square (NYSE: SQ).. Square's longest-running operating segment, and the ... Last Update June 8th, 2020.A Bitcoin Stock Exchange is a trading platform where people can access real-time prices to freely buy, sell or exchange bitcoin with other virtual currencies or traditional fiat currencies such as the US dollar ($), Euro (€) or British Pound (£).. In order to trade professionally and have full access to various trading tools, customers must open an account on a ... Heck, one can't even buy a bitcoin at Amazon ... This fund was created so that buying bitcoins could be as easy as buying any stock or ETF share. All people have to do is buy shares through their ...

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How to Buy the Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Penny Stocks

HOW TO BUY BITCOIN 2020 - BEST Ways to Invest In Cryptocurrency For Beginners! (UPDATE) Get $10 of free Bitcoin when you buy or sell at least $100 of cryptoc... What a crazy market this is for Bitcoin & crypto-currency-related penny stocks, this is a good rundown on what's hot right now and how to adapt to the curren... Does it really matter what price you buy bitcoin (or stocks)? A common question we get is, what difference does it make at what price level we buy bitcoin or... Should I invest in stocks? Should I invest in bitcoin? How to invest? In this video I will be covering the pros and cons of investing in bitcoin vs stocks relative to each other; - The benefits of ... HOW TO BUY BITCOIN 2019 - EASY Ways to Invest In Cryptocurrency For Beginners! Get $10 of free Bitcoin when you buy or sell at least $100 of cryptocurrency o...