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My Beermoney sites I've been using, thanks to these subreddits.

Hello everyone, I’ve been a lurker on this subreddit and a few others for awhile now, I’ve always loved it when people post a list of the sites and apps they use, most of the sites that I’ve found and use regularly have been from subreddits like this, which I’ve used quite a few referrals and I’m very grateful, so I thought other people may appreciate it if I share mine.

Firstly, I recommend doing all these sites on Brave Browser (The only Bitcoin site on the list)
Brave Browser | Minimum Payout: 0 | (Non-Referral) | (Referral)

Surveys, Offers, Daily Tasks, Searches etc
Swagbucks | Minimum Payout: £3 | (Non-Referral) | (Referral)
Earn points when you shop at your favourite retailers, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys and find great deals.
OhMyDosh | Minimum Payout: £10 | (Non-Referral) | (Referral)
To earn money with OhMyDosh! Just look through the site and take any offers that are of interest to you, my favourite section is the no spend section and getting paid for activating free trials.
Spider Metrix | Minimum Payout: $30 | (Non-Referral) (Referral)
I like this survey site mainly for the very short surveys, you do get longer surveys as well, but I tend to stay away from long surveys in general.
Microsoft Rewards | Minimum Payout: £5 | (Non-Referral)
Get rewarded for doing what you love with Microsoft Rewards. It's simple, win free stuff by searching, shopping, and gaming with Microsoft. You can even earn points for fun activities like taking quizzes and polls.
Time Bucks | Minimum Payout: $10 | (Non-Referral) (Referral)
TimeBucks is a reward site that pays you to do Surveys, View Funny Photos, Watch Videos, Install Apps, Play Games and more! TimeBucks helps people pay extra bills and earn extra cash online.
I Say | Minimum Payout: £5 | (Non-Referral) (Referral)
You earn i-Say points when you complete surveys and can redeem your accumulated points for PayPal cash, gift cards, and as a Virtual Visa Prepaid card.
Rewards 1 | Minimum Payout: $5 | (Non-Referral) (Referral)
Take surveys and get paid Amazon Gift Cards, Paypal Cash, Bitcoin and more.

Addons and Extensions
UpVoice | Minimum Payout: $5 | (Non-Referral) | (Referral)
Add the UpVoice extension to your browser and earn passive income.
Serpclix | Minimum Payout: $5 | (Non-Referral) | (Referral)
SerpClix is an extension that pays you to make a Google search and click on a particular result.
Qmee - | Minimum Payout: £0 | (Non-Referral) | (Referral)
Qmee allows you to share your opinions through surveys tailored to you, as well as earn instant cash rewards when shopping and searching online.

Watching Videos
FruitLab | Minimum Payout: £5 | (Non-Referral) | (Referral)
With FruitLab you receive PIPS, which you can then spend in the FruitLab Shop buying digital vouchers and merch.
Hideout TV (Non-Referral) | (Referral)
You can earn rewards points watching videos. You can then redeem your credits via the partner's platform (Swagbucks, InstaGC, PrizeRebel, GG2U, Gain.GG etc).

TopCashback | Minimum Payout: £1 | (Non-Referral) | (Referral)
TopCashback pays out a portion of the cashback it receives from the merchant, it's able to do this because it passes on a little of the bonuses it gets for generating lots of sales. My preferred cash back site.
Quidco | Minimum Payout: £1 | (Non-Referral) | (Referral)
Same as above, but sometimes the cashback is better on Quidco than TopCashBack.

Receipt Scanning
Huyu | Minimum Payout: £5 | Android | Apple (Referral Code: Currently no referral code)
Scan receipts and answer surveys for real rewards, like shopping vouchers. It’s the fair way to share your data.
Shopprize | Minimum Payout: £5 | Android - (Referral Code: x6ueu)
Shopprize is a receipt scanning app that will reward you for submitting photos of your receipts, most of the time you will be on a waiting list, but I strongly recommend that you put your email down, it's well worth it when you get accepted.
SnapMyEats | Minimum Payout: £10 | Android | Apple
SnapMyEats is an easy to use app where you can earn great rewards just for taking online and offline surveys and snapping pictures of receipts from your food.
Shoppix | Minimum Payout: £5 | Android | Apple
Snap your receipts to collect tokens and view all of your receipts in one handy place. Exchange your tokens to claim rewards from your favourite retailers.
Receipt Hog | Minimum Payout: £3 | Android | Apple
Receipt Hog is a fun and rewarding way to turn receipts from everyday shopping into cash - no matter where you shop or what you buy!
ZipZero | Minimum Payout: £0 | Android | Apple
ZipZero gives you 0.5% of the value of any purchase every time you snap a photo of your receipt, ZipZero does not pay you in cash, but rather, it will pay your bills.
Shopmium | Minimum Payout: £0 | (Android) | Apple (Free can of pringles when using my Referral Code: en3et5)
The app uses your location to provide offers from supermarkets nearby. It's a three-step process: Buy the product. Upload a picture of your receipt and get cash back, some offers even give you 100% cashback.
Checkout Smart | Minimum Payout: £1 | Android | Apple
Earn cashback in cash rewards from your favourite brands by simply snapping a photo of your supermarket receipt and uploading to CheckoutSmart, some offers even give you 100% cashback.
Green Jinn | Minimum Payout: £1.50 | Android | Apple
Earn Cashback with GreenJinn on your in-store & online shopping at different stores,
some offers even give you 100% cashback.
Click and Snap | Minimum Payout: £1 | Android | Apple
Owned by Quidco, earn cashback in cash rewards from your favourite supermarket brands with ClickSnap

McMoney | Minimum Payout: $5 | Android APK | (Referral Code: 8BTB2DZD)
Get paid real money for helping McMoney improve worldwide communication. All you have to do is receive text messages on your mobile phone once in a while.

BigCash | Minimum Payout: $15 | Android | (Referral Code: folytnnc)
BigCash allows you to earn real money or Free gift cards by downloading free apps, games or completing surveys
Sweatcoin - Android | Apple | Non-Referral
Sweatcoin converts your steps into a new digital currency called "sweatcoins". Spend sweatcoins earned on goods, services and experiences with our vendor partners or other users, donate to charity or exchange them with your friends and family for whatever you fancy.
Google Opinion Rewards | Minimum Payout: £0 | Android | Apple
Answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credit with Google Opinion Rewards, an app created by the Google Surveys team.
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is it a virus or uhhh

so i download apk from apkaward . com ,, i download terraria (yea yeah im poor af) and installed it but i realized it's just 8mb and i thought it's gonna download the obb itself but i know it's not. i played terraria before. so anyways, its on my phone but it doesn't appear in my apps and storage so i expect it failed so i download the game from other site. the other day, i have some ads appearing in my phone then it leads me to google, some bitcoin uhh idk site but i closed it immediately. i go to security and look at the permissions, i have 2 terraria . . . i can't identify where can i delete or uninstall the other terraria (8mb) in my phone since i can't find it.
will it disappear when i reformat the phone?
edit: i do not reformat my phone therefore i found a way to find the fake terraria one, i go to app management then i un installed it. idk if my phone have virus or not but i hope it's not.
can't believed im a living dummy. guess i have to play safe then.
thanks for the some comments tho.. appreciated.
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List of beer money opportunities in Ireland and most countries worldwide

Please DO NOT post articles promoting these.

The list will consist of 4 parts.

Part 1: Surveys, studies, watching videos, playing games etc.

Swagbucks | Click here to get 300 SB points (3$) when signing up. Note that you need to earn 300 SB within the first 30 days of signing up to get your bonus. * Payout options: PayPal, Amazon gift cards and more. * Swagbucks payment proofs 1 / 2 * Surveys, polls, download offers, sign up offers, cashback when shopping etc. * Tips to earn more: * Click here to add the SwagButton to earn cashback on websites you visit. * Go to the "Discover" section and do offers such as download/install games. They usually pay between 50 to 2000 SB (0.50$ to 20$). * Get 1000 SB for subscribing to Disney + for a year (equivalent of $10) and many more. * Offers change regularly. You should never get bored and have small tasks to do every day.
Survey Time | Click here to sign up * Payout options: PayPal, Amazon gift card and Bitcoin * SurveyTime Payment proofs 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 * The average length of each survey is roughly 10 minutes and you will usually earn 1$ (sometimes 0.50$ but they inform you before). * You get paid instantly (within minutes with PayPal).
OfferNation | Click here to sign up * Sign up bonus: $0.25 * Payout options: PayPal and Skrill * Points proof | PayPal payment proof | Email payment proof * Wide range of surveys * You might need to send a utility bill or any document with your name on it. It is to prevent fraud. I had to do that myself, I just sent them my broadband utility bill. * You get paid almost instantly as you can cash out from $1
Prolific | Click here to sign up * Payout option: PayPal * Payment proof 1 / Payment proof 2
I've had many more studies but I'm not going to write them all down, it's just to let you know what kind of studies you can expect.
ySense | Click here to sign up * Payout options: PayPal, Amazon gift cards and more. * Similar to Swagbucks.
InstaGC | Click here to sign up * Sign up bonus: 10 points * Payout options: PayPal and Bitcoin * PayPal payment proof / Email payment proof * Similar to Swagbucks.
GG2U | Click here to sign up * Sign up bonus: $1 * Payout options: PayPal, Bitcoin * Similar to Swagbucks. | Click here to sign up * Sign up bonus: 100 coins * Payout options: Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethererum, Litecoin and more). * Similar to Swagbucks.
TimeBucks | Click here to sign up * Sign up bonus: $1 * Payout options: PayPal, Payeer and Bitcoin * Similar to Swagbucks.
ZoomBucks | Click here to sign up * Sign up bonus: 500 points * Payout options: PayPal, Amazon gift cards and more. * Similar to Swagbucks.
GrabPoints | Click here to sign up * Sign up bonus: 500 points * Payout options: PayPal, Amazon gift cards and more. * Similar to Swagbucks.
FeaturePoints | Click here to sign up * Sign up bonus: 50 points * Payout options: PayPal, Visa gift card, Amazon gift cards, Bitcoin and more * Enter the code 9BGX93 to get 50 points if you download the app directly from your mobile phone. * Similar to Swagbucks.
PrizeRebel | Click here to sign up * Payout options: PayPal, Amazon gift cards and more * Similar to Swagbucks.
Market Agent | Click here to sign up * Payout options: PayPal, Skrill and Bank transfer * Surveys
TestingTime | Click here to sign up * Payout options: PayPal, Direct deposit * Test new products & services and earn up to €50 per hour. * I haven’t had any luck yet with this site but maybe you’ll be lucky! * They should send you an email whenever a product or service needs to be tested.

Part 2: Mobile apps only

AttaPoll (Android and IOS) | * Payout options: PayPal, Revolut, Ethereum * AttaPoll payment proof * Short surveys. Usually take between 1 to 10 minutes.
Poll Pay (Android and IOS) | Android | iPhone * Sign up bonus: 0.23€ when using this code N6D2DC84BB * Payout options: PayPal, App Store/iTunes and Spotify Premium * Poll Pay payment proof * Short surveys. Usually between 5 to 10 minutes.
Money App (Android and IOS) | * Sign up bonus: 200 Credits when using this code 71YNBT * Payout option: PayPal * Surveys, installing/playing games, signing up to sites etc.
CashKarma (Android and IOS) | * Sign up bonus: 300 Karma points. Go to the top right corner of the app and enter weaselbusters * Payout options: PayPal, Google Play, Xbox Live and Steam * Surveys, installing/playing, signing up to sites etc.
BeMyEye (Android and IOS) | * Sign up bonus: 1€ when you enter this code j5z6pk and complete your first mission. * Payout options: PayPal and Bank transfer * This app allows you to earn money by completing missions. They include taking pictures at specific locations in your area, answering questions and following instructions given to you by the app.
StreetBees (Android and IOS) | Android | iPhone * Sign up bonus: 1€ when you enter this code 8572TF * Payout option: PayPal * Stories (these are basically surveys, but they show as if someone was asking you questions on a messaging app)
Givvy app (Android and IOS) | Android | iPhone
BigCash (Android and IOS) | Android | iPhone * Sign up bonus: 70 coins when you enter this code nwzh7k5z after installing the app * Payout options: PayPal, Amazon gift card etc. * Earn points by watching videos, checking in every day, surveys etc.
BuzzBreak (Android only, coming soon to IOS) | * Sign up bonus: 500 points when entering referral code B22603141 after you start using the app. * Earn cash by simply reading the news, checking in every day and play games. * I would advise you to only use this if you plan on reading the news from this app. Watching videos and playing games for the purpose of earning points is not really worth it, unless you have a lot of free time.

Part 3: Passive income for Windows/Linux/Mac OS and mobile apps

HoneyGain (Windows, Mac OS and Android) | Click here to sign up and claim your first $5 * Payout option: PayPal * Install their software on your computer and leave it running in the background. * This software basically shares some of your Internet traffic. * Completely passive because once installed and signed in, you will start earning and it will load up as soon as your start up your computer.
PacketStream (Windows, Linux and Mac OS) | Click here to sign up * Payout option: PayPal * Same concept as HoneyGain
Money SMS (Android only) | Click here to download * Sign up bonus: 0,25€ when using this code MZ2GLM24 * Payout option: PayPal * Money SMS payment proof * App to download on your mobile where you receive up to 2 texts per day. You will earn 0.02€ per text. * These are very random texts and you don't need to read them. There are days I don't receive any texts at all and times I receive 2 texts at a time every day. * It's totally passive as you only need to download the app and wait.
McMoney (Android only) | From your mobile phone, go to Click on Download APK and install the app. * Sign up bonus: $0,25 when using this code V6TM2KP5 * Payout option: PayPal * Same concept as Money SMS * They pay $0.05 per text (twice more than Money SMS but I personally run both on my mobile).
LoadTeam (Windows only) | Click here to sign up and get your first $0.20 * Payout option: PayPal * You will need to download their software on your computer and leave it running. * This app basically "harvests" your computer's idle power. * Note that your computer could run slow if you don't change the settings on their software. * Tip: I would advise to use this only if you use your computer at the same time. Leaving this particular software running for the purpose of simply earning money might not be worth it. * Once you install it, you can see how much money you could potentially make as it all depends on your computer's performance.
eBesucher (Windows, Linux and Mac OS) | Click here to sign up * Payout options: PayPal and bank transfer * Autosurf that launches random advertised websites on your browser. You can also earn points by reading emails they send you but then it wouldn't be a passive income. I personally just let the Autosurf running. * The main purpose of an Autosurf is for new websites to bring traffic. * You will need to download their software on your computer and leave it running. * Simply hit "Start" once the software is installed.

Part 4: Ireland only - Surveys and Scanning groceries for cashback

Mobrog | Click here to sign up * Payout options: PayPal and Skrill * Mobrog payment proof * Surveys. Note that your reward will usually show the next day.
Shop and Scan | Click here to sign up * Payout options: One4all, Amazon, Penneys, Zalando, Clarks and more. * Shop and Scan payment proof | Shop and Scan points earned proof (past 30 days) * Earn cash back when scanning your groceries. * Once you sign up, you will receive a barcode scanner by post with a book. * Every time you go shopping (once a week), scan the items you bought, take a picture of your receipt and upload them to their site through their app. * Uploading a receipt = 60 points * Scanning and uploading your groceries = 140 points * That's a total of 2€ every week. (Doesn't sound like much but that's a free 8€ per month spending no more than 5 minutes each time). * Once they are in contact with you via email with the full application to join, I would really appreciate if you could enter the panel number 916062 into your application to confirm the referral.
Redclive | Click here to sign up * Payout option: Cheques sent by post * Redclive payment proof email | Redclive payment proof * This is my favorite Irish survey site. They pay 1€ for every 5 minutes spent. * The only downside is that you need to reach 50€ to receive your cheque. Once you reach that amount, they will send you a cheque automatically by post and that takes 2 to 3 weeks.
IrishOpinions | Click here to sign up * Payout options: Amazon, Tesco, Penneys, TK Maxx and more. * IrishOpinions payment proof email | IrishOpinions payment proof Tesco gift card * Same as Redclive. They don’t pay as well but you can cash out once you reach 10€
Toluna | Click here to sign up * Payout options: PayPal, Spotify and Homesense * Surveys and play games like memory cards and MatchMania (similar to candy crush).
Acumen Panel | Click here to sign up * Payout options: voucher * Acumen payment proof email | Payment proof voucher * Surveys. They pay as much as Redclive (1€ for every 5 minutes spent) but I don't get many surveys from them. I've had one survey from them very recently that took me about 10 minutes for 250 points (2.5€).
Media Opinions Ireland | Click here to sign up * Payout options: One4all and iTunes. * Daily short survey. I don’t get many other surveys from them.
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List of websites and passive income I use with payment proofs

Swagbucks | Click here to get 300 SB points (3$) when signing up. Note that you need to earn 300 SB within the first 30 days of signing up to get your bonus.
Survey Time |
Prolific |
I've had many more studies but I'm not going to write them all down, it's just to let you know what kind of studies you can expect.

Mobile apps only

AttaPoll (Android and IOS) |

Note that I don't have payment proofs for these 2 below, however, I've seen payment proofs from many people online so I know they are legit.

Money SMS (Android only) | Click here to download
McMoney (Android only) | From your mobile phone, go to Click on Download APK and install the app.
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Developer-friendly guide to the Google "associated account ban" - advice to an iOS developer thinking about Android (misconceptions and alternatives for developers)

I received a query from an iOS developer thinking about developing for Android - and his concerns about the notorious "associated account ban" practice (by Google).
Since the exchange may be of wider use to new developers thinking about Android, I am providing it here - my reply and the comments others may post here should dispel some of the misconceptions about:
NOTE: I asked for permission from the iOS developer - which he granted - so that I could include his quoted text.
Hi! I'm a junior iOS developer that was looking into branching into Android. If you don't mind, may I ask you some questions about the associated account ban issue?
If you are just starting out with Android, i.e. this is your first account, you don't have to be concerned about the associated account ban issue.
This only becomes relevant if you have a ban - then this ban is percolated to all the other accounts that Google can get it's hands on - ones which it finds "could be you".
But sometimes it makes mistakes and can ban your friend, who may have opened his Google account from your computer, using your Wifi or from your home using your browser. There are examples of a company account being banned because their developer was banned, and the developer was banned not because of any fault of his, but because a friend of him had been banned some time ago for some previous infraction.
These types of bans are possible to get reversed, but usually take a lot of effort, and usually not through usual channels - what seems to work is posting on medium dot com with a convincing blog post that gets viral, and then sometimes Google will reverse. There are cases of account reinstatements after one year, but often it can be a week to a month.
In any case, this is needless disruption for a developer.
Usually app bans/account bans DO NOT lead to a Google account ban - BUT some developers have expressed fears that this could happen. I can't think of a case like that - I have a vague feeling it may have happened once perhaps but can't be sure.
But it DID definitely happen with Markiplier's YouTube fans - when he asked them to post emojis - and Google mass-banned a bunch of those who responded. Markiplier issued videos trying to get his followers' YouTube accounts restored - many were restored, but many weren't (may have been by now). This case was notable because these followers got their ENTIRE Google accounts - including Google Photos and other such personal stuff also account-banned. Thus was particularly egregious.
The alternative to going viral with blog post is to have legal representation - your lawyer sends them a warning letter - supposedly that also works reasonably well. We don't have too many documented public cases for this - but many commenters on androiddev sub-reddit have said that even just having your lawyer send a letter to Google at [email protected] (even though Google says it doesn't read e-mail sent there) - can get results. Again, I don't know of any particular cases that used this method - so cannot give much more insight on this type of appeal to Google.
  • Would it be possible to create a new identity separate from my old one? Suppose I buy a new phone and new phone number. Only use my mobile data and a new bank account to pay for stuff. The one thing I am not able to change is my location as I can't move out anytime soon.
Developers have been trying to create new accounts after account bans for many years - at least from what one reads on various forums.
So developers certainly do evade such bans - they seems to suggest using different internet WiFi, different Mac address for computer, different browser (so can't be tracked by cookies) and then using different credit card identity - so for example they may open an account in a relative's name.
But if that relative is your wife - who resides in the same place - you are likely to be associated eventually - and wife could suffer the fate of the husband (and the associated ban wouldn't be removed even after divorce!).
  • Would not opening a developer account be enough to avoid having my colleagues getting associated banned? I have a housemate that got banned, while I was lucky to not share WiFi with him we still stay in the same location. Not only that I have logged into my personal accounts using the office computer and WiFi. I also roughly believe an ex-colleague there might get banned for his personal app on the Play Store in the future. Is it too late to do anything to migitate any association at this point?
I don't know - we don't have the data to be that specific about whether a previous association between you and another dev (even before you actually created a Google account) would contribute towards yours (or his) associated ban.
If you are very enthusiastic about your Android project - you can proceed without bothering about associated account ban - since it is unlikely to affect 100 percent of developers everytime, you could take the risk. If something does happen, you deal with it.
But if it is low priority for you, and you would rather not endanger yourself, or your friends, you could consider not opening a Google developer account - and simply publishing on F-Droid, or even offering your APK via your website.
It gets trickier if you were planning to show ads or have in-app purchases - for ads there are ad providers other than Google Admob - but often they ask where your app is published on Google Play. But possibly it may not be a requirement - for example they may accept that you are only published on F-Droid - though I don't know how this reduces "developer cred" in the eyes of the advertiser (and if they pay less for advertising on such apps).
For in-app purchases, you could use payment processors like 2Checkout - which would allow you to process payments independent of any association with Google.
2Checkout has wider country coverage, but you could try Square and the other credit card processing companies which focus more for U.S. developers.
Some developers have anecdotally reported on androiddev sub-reddit that they are able to get good revenue for apps hosted on their website, and using third-party payment systems like 2Checkout etc. However, this will still be less than what you would get on Google Play Store (because of it's ubiquity/wide reach).
EDIT: xda-developers also seems to have an app store - though you don't hear much about it on androiddev. But it may be a good alternative to F-Droid (if you don't want to open source your app):
In addition to accessing the forums, Labs contains an app distribution platform for both hobbyist and professional developers. With support for Alpha, Beta, and Stable release channels, developers get the utmost in control. We also have built-in commerce for devs that want to earn money for their work, and unlike Play, where developers only get 70% of app revenue, XDA lets developers keep 100% through PayPal or Bitcoin payment methods.
  • Despite all this I still want to develop Android apps and share them with people. Is hosting the apk on my personal site the next best thing besides the Play Store? Are there any other app stores I could try? I know there's F-Droid but I don't plan open-sourcing my apps.
Sorry if the message is too long. I don't see Google fixing this issue anytime soon and am just trying to find a way to publish Android apps despite the bleak situation.
There are other android app stores, but because Google forces manufacturers to include Google Play (as part of the Google suite of apps) - it has so far ensured that Google Play remains the dominant store.
Developers have anecdotally reported that they are able to get good sales on Amazon (not sure how it is these days) - overall volume is lower, but the revenue per user is higher, so the overall revenue is not bad, though still lower than for the version of their app on Google Play Store.
As an example, the Chinese market is hard for non-Chinese developers to get into (because of the certification/documentation requirements) - but even if you do that, there are a number of app stores (4 or 5 of the big ones - none of them are particularly dominant over the other). This is obviously an outcome of the fact that Google exited the China market earlier (a decision they may regret, but it has also affected/led to app store fragmentation). Chinese app stores also often have clone apps - so you may find that there already is a version of your app there - sometimes with different ad provider inserted, and sometimes may even seem very different (I have never tried to install the APK from those stores, but have tried to examine the APK contents and found differences).
So there is a negative to not having Google Play Store dominant - and there is a negative to Google Play Store being dominant as well!
The Chinese market has another emerging player - Huawei - they have had an app store (App Gallery - which ships with every Huawei device as well - and which you can download using an APK as well).
However, it has not gained much traction - the only reason I mention it is that it MAY become interesting in the future, since Huawei (for strategic/survival reasons) may have to invest in their app store at much higher levels now - in order to prepare for a future where they are totally excluded from the U.S. market, and cannot ship their devices with Google suite of apps (including Google Play Store).
Given Huawei is a multi-billion dollar company with big ambitions - their whole company future is dependent on this one thing - and so it makes sense that among all the app store contestants, if there is one which will have added impetus behind it, it will be a Huawei App Store (App Gallery). However, their execution thus far has not been exceptional - App Gallery is still anemic in terms of revenue according to some anecdotal reports by developers on androiddev sub-reddit. However that could change in the future, if Huawei's App Gallery implements even more developer friendly processes (for signup, and for in-app purchasing etc.).
iOS developer's response:
Thank you very much for the detailed reply! I guess I would choose not to create a new identity and just publish outside the app store. Google's ability to track someone feels like more than what I could handle. Hopefully some kind of government regulation or third party competition would appear to knock some sense into Google in the near future. All the best to you and thanks again for your help!
Asked for permission to use his quotes:
Sure, no problem. Feel free to quote/rephrase it any way you like. It would definitely be a great help to others who are worried about the issue.
FAQ - App Bans and Account Bans
When does a lifetime account ban occur ?
A Google Play account ban can occur due to an "associated account ban" - when Google thinks you are associated with someone else, and that someone else was awarded a lifetime account ban. That person's ban percolates to his associated accounts - i.e. you.
Thus if you become lifetime account banned by Google - you become a threat to your acquaintances, and to your company (and should not be put in charge of their Google Play account once you are lifetime account banned).
If you are not associated with anyone by Google - then your lifetime account ban will occur usually due to an accumulation of app bans.
A Google Play developer account ban IS a lifetime ban.
How many app bans are required to achieve a lifetime account ban ?
The conventional wisdom some time ago was that 3 app bans were usually what triggered a lifetime account ban.
But from anecdotal evidence from developers on androiddev, we now know:
  • a lifetime account ban can occur with just a single app ban (usually when you only have 1 app published)
  • a lifetime account ban can occur with your first Alpha app (one dev published his first app as an Alpha app - which Google considers as a published app - this app was banned for some reason - which triggered his lifetime account ban)
  • sometimes a lifetime account ban does not occur even after 3 app bans (happens if you have many apps - and some of them are seen by Google as high quality apps ?)
  • sometimes a lifetime account ban can occur as "one event" - these are based on a cascade of app bans (which happen in quick succession - usually because they all violate some recently introduced rule by Google) - this triggers an immediate lifetime account ban. As far as the developer is concerned, the series of events happens so fast that they seem to occur as one event (and there is no chance for them to stave off this attack).
As with most Google "rules" which suffer from the info asymmetry that makes for a "moral hazard" in Google vs partner dealings (app dev/Adsense/YouTubers):
Other observations about app bans and account bans
  • just as an app ban means a developer cannot get access to the information about his app (Description and other info he previously entered is now not visible to him), similarly if you are lifetime account banned, you lose access to the account information (which you may now need to mount a defence against Google's action).
  • app bans usually lack enough context for a developer to understand what caused them (this is an often cited observation by devs) - only in the simplest of cases is it clear what the cause was (in such cases Google DOES provlde a screenshot sometimes with the e-mail that makes clear (for example a button that takes user to your Google Play app page is not labelled). However, they will not tell you what to do to fix it - for this particular case, you need to add text "My Apps" or "Our Apps" to the button. So even in the cases where Google does give feedback about an app ban, it is so terse as to be more confusing than informative. Sometimes the app can be banned, but is then reinstated after the story goes viral (but not before) - in the case of FX File Explorer the app was reinstated without change: FX File Explorer removed from the Play Store for “deceptively” advertising…a free theme
  • an app ban is labelled as "Suspended" in your Google Developer Console listing for your app. Sometimes an app can be labelled "Update Suspended" - this means you still have time to fix the problem and upload another APK. However, the amount of time you have to fix this is indeterminate and unspecified - the app could transition from "Update Suspended" to "Suspended" at any time without further notice (i.e. permanent app ban).
  • if an app has been labelled "Removed" it means it is not available to users now. However, it's removal is NOT affecting the standing of your account (i.e. it is not an app ban, and not contributing towards an account ban). However, I am not sure what happens if too many of your apps are "Removed" - does it lower your resistance to an account ban i.e. you become like the vulnerable single app developers mentioned above - vulnerable to an account ban because of a single further app ban ?
  • sometimes an app ban can be reversed - we posted on reddit, and also appealed to the e-mail address in the e-mail we got for the app ban. The app moved from "Suspended" (app ban) to "Removed" (i.e. not affecting account standing).
  • sometimes a lifetime account ban can be reversed - usually after you have posted on medium dot com, and the blog post goes viral. Sometimes the accounts are reinstated after a few days, sometimes weeks, and in one known case after a year!
  • lifetime account bans generally DO NOT lead to a ban on your Google account (i.e. will not affect your Google Photos etc.) - however, there have been cases with YouTube account bans which DID affect ALL the Google account content (including Google Photos):
Markiplier's video asking Google that his followers's services still not restored:
Androiddev post:
Can a developer remove an app if he fears it's future ban may imperil his account ? (similarities to slave labor)
Google does not provide a way for an app developer to remove his app from Google Play.
A dev can only delete his app from Google Play IF it has been downloaded by zero users.
A dev CAN "unpublish" his app (from Pricing & Distribution section), however the app remains visible to existing users, and users who have paid for the app.
However apps you "unpublish" remain liable to app ban - for example an app that is no longer being updated by a developer can fall out of compliance with new rules which Google introduces each year (for example Google no longer honors it's "old apps will always work on newer android versions" compact - every year now apps have to comply with new targetSdkVersion requirements - which means older apps will break and eventually fall out of compliance at a steady pace).
Devs do occasionally neglect their apps (they may be a hobbyist, a scientists, or simply is swamped by new projects, or the old app may no longer be profitable for them to maintain). However such developers may find that Google is forcing them to update their apps which they have no incentive to update any more.
Google uses the threat of a lifetime account ban to COMPEL these developers to keep updating their apps (even when devs want not to do so).
This is a type of compulsion - reminiscent of slave labor - where work is demanded without promise of compensation, or advantage to the worker.
Essentially a developer once published on Google Play, faces the prospect of lifetime obligation to Google.
This is odd, given that Google has in the past portrayed itself as an intermediary between the developer and the user, and not as the actual seller of the app - if so it seems odd that Google feels responsible for enforcing a relationship between developer and user. Perhaps Google now does act as actual selleprovider of apps - given that it now also collects taxes directly for more territories (?)
Recently there was a comment by a Googler (which was also carried by androidpolice) that unpublishing an app will not expose an app to app ban, but that such apps will eventually be "Removed" (as in our app above - see second link at top - ie Removed apps don't put account standing at risk). The androidpolice artice was based on the comment, while the Google commenter was himself at odds with Google docs and said he will get back with others at Google about the discrepancy:
Here is the original reddit comment that whole androidpolice article is using as source:
What is an "associated account ban" ?
Google's practice of lifetime bans for android developers - bans which percolate from acquaintance to acquaintance. In all likelihood a wife would face an immediate ban if her husband has already been banned - this association would survive divorce:
An lifetime account ban thus risks making a pariah out of a dev as any potential employer may fear tainting their company account and the accompanying hassle if they hire a tainted developer. Thus the early crimes of a dev could become a lifelong "Scarlet Letter".
Why is the Google appeal process flawed ?
Android developers, once banned, are banned for life - and the only reliable way to get account reinstated is for developer to blog post on medium dot com and achieve virality. Then somehow Google is convinced that the developer's issue has been vetted (for free by the public!) and often restores the account. Even for restored accounts, developers often report that they never found out what led to the account ban in the first place.
Essentially no human at Google can countermand a Google bot's decision - probably because it is a neural net or uses fuzzy rules to decide - which means it is not explainable in human terms.
Google also uses secrecy argument - they need secrecy about why they did something to avoid being "gamed" - i.e. they are afraid their automated processes, once known would be easily exploited - as a loophole in an automated system could be used repeatedly, possibly without detection by Google. Google uses this secrecy argument for Adsense and it's other services as well - where Google partners can be banned without them knowing exactly why that happened.
This developer has created a whole website to document the misbehavior of Google regarding his AdSense account:
As with most Google "rules" which suffer from the info asymmetry that makes for a "moral hazard" in Google vs partner dealings (app dev/Adsense/YouTubers):
Can a lifetime account ban (developer) lead to a GENERAL Google account ban (Google Photos etc.) ?
Lifetime account bans generally DO NOT lead to a ban on your Google account (i.e. will not affect your Google Photos etc.) - however, there have been cases with YouTube account bans which DID affect ALL the Google account content (including Google Photos):
Markiplier's video asking Google that his followers's services still not restored:
Androiddev post:
Threats to hobbyist devs and open source developers
Right now the old advice to new devs to publish early with their test apps, and to do it with abandon is totally the wrong advice now. Generations of android tutorials are hopelessly out of tune with that old advice.
The current conventional wisdom is to publish carefully, and sparingly with apps which can be supported by the new dev.
If dev cannot commit to that, they should not post their hobbyists apps to Google Play. This is sound advice to the new hobbyist dev, and to the budding independent dev - if they value their lifetime cred with Google.
It may surprise you but now even open source app developers are under threat - the other developers who copy and publish with their code are rendering the original app under threat.
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Volvobet Güvenilir Bahis Sitesi - Canlı Bahis - Canlı Casino I Volvobet giriş I

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Latest 1111 using too much battery
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After zombie apocalypse, nuclear disaster will wipe out most of the remaining survivor, because most likely no one left to maintain the nuclear power plant and nuclear silo
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Weekly news review (July 6-12)

Weekly news review (July 6-12)
Hello, dear Community!
Are you ready for last week's news review? Say no more!
The European Central Bank (ECB) doubled down on its dismissive stance on bitcoin (BTC) July 9, refusing to recognize it as currency in a Q&A session.
“Bitcoin is not a currency, it rather is an asset and it is very volatile,” officials wrote quoting chief economist, Philip Lane.
In May this year, a report dubbed “Crypto-Assets: Implications for financial stability, monetary policy, and payments and market infrastructures” concluded the entire phenomenon had little impact on the traditional economy.
Previously, the European Union’s reserve bank had also come out bearish on the idea of issuing a digital currency of its own, in contrast to noises now coming from China and several other states.

Cybersecurity researchers have revealed eye-opening details about a widespread Android malware campaign wherein attackers silently replaced installed legitimate apps with their malicious versions on nearly 25 million mobile phones.
According to researchers at Check Point, attackers are distributing a new kind of Android malware that disguises itself as innocent-looking photo editing, adult entertainment, or gaming apps and available through widely used third-party app stores.
Dubbed Agent Smith, the malware takes advantage of multiple Android vulnerabilities, such as the Janus flaw and the Man-in-the-Disk flaw, and injects malicious code into the APK files of targeted apps installed on a compromised device and then automatically re-install/updates them without the victims' knowledge or interaction.
Researchers initially encountered the Agent Smith malware in early 2019, which was primarily being found targeting Android devices in India (with 15 million infected devices) and other nearby Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Nepal.

Donald J. Trump tweeted Thursday that he is “not a fan” of cryptocurrencies, saying they were “not money” and referencing their price volatility relative to the dollar in his first public comments on crypto since becoming president of the United States.
In his tweets Thursday, Trump took aim at the potential for using cryptocurrencies in illegal activities, citing drug trafficking in particular.
“Unregulated Crypto Assets can facilitate unlawful behavior, including drug trade and other illegal activity,” he said.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, co-founders of the New York-based crypto exchange Gemini, may soon join the Libra Association, the consortium governing Facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency.
Joining Libra might be a surprise move to some, considering the Winklevoss brothers’ legendary fight over control of Facebook with its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, their former Harvard classmate. But they now want to be “frenemies” with a mutual goal of promoting mainstream crypto adoption.
Plus, the twins are aiming to diversify Gemini’s token offerings by 2020. They recently applied for a broker-dealer license through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, which would allow Gemini to list digital securities.
So far, only one crypto exchange, Coinbase, has joined the Libra Association, whose ranks also include traditional financial players such as PayPal, Visa and Mastercard and VC firms such as Union Square Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. (Crypto custodian Xapo is also a member.)

Bitcoin (BTC) bolstered its already bullish technical setup with a move above $13,000 on Wednesday.
The top cryptocurrency by market capitalization rose to $13,154 in the Asian trading hours, the highest level since June 27, according to Bitstamp data.
With the move to two-week highs, BTC has recovered 85 percent of the sell-off from $13,880 to $9,614 seen in seven days to July 2.

Have anything to say? Make sure to leave your comment in the comments section down below!
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Bitcoin Bounce - Beta Testers Required - Win Bitcoin as you play

Bitcoin Bounce - Beta Testers Required - Win Bitcoin as you play
We are looking for more beta testers for Bitcoin Bounce, a hyper casual game where you can win Bitcoin for free. We created this for people with no Bitcoin experience to get their hands on some for free!
Beta Download
App Store:
Google Play:
Android APK:
Tap to land your character on the blockchain. Then bounce forward with momentum and continue your bounce streak. The aim is to travel as far as you can and get on the leaderboard. You can collect various powerups that will turbo charge your top score.
How to win Bitcoin
As you bounce along the blockchain, you can collect purple tickets - 'THNDR TICKETS'. These count as entries into the Daily Prize Draw, which occurs everyday at 6pm UTC. The more tickets you collect, the better chance of winning a bigger prize. During the beta, we have set it so that everybody wins!
Bitcoin is paid out directly to players over The Lightning Network. Our aim is to make it as simple as possible to demontrate bitcoin to gamers.

Game Play and Bitcoin Cash Out
We especially want your feedback if you are a Bitcoin noob. We would love to hear about your experience receiving your first satoshi!
Please reply with any feedback or questions on this thread. Or you can talk with us directly here:
Discord -
Telegram -
Jack []
web -
twitter -
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Kin Community Game

Hi all,
Given all the turmoil in the past few days, I thought it might be nice to get our minds of the SEC for a bit, or even better: show them wrong! I’ve been thinking of a game for a while now but given that I am not a game developer and don’t have the funds to create it myself, I think it’s wiser to share it with the community to make sure it sees the light of day.
Project Name  
Riot Rampage
Introduction About a month ago I played a game called crowd city (if you want to check it, it’s available in apple and android store). I played the game for a bit and I loved the idea about it. Basically it’s a get big or go home game like agario, slither, etc.. The problem with the game is that it’s a singleplayer game without a proper revenue model given that it’s full of annoying ads. So, I thought these types of games would be perfect to show the power of the KIN currency.
The Game  
Ok, so the basics from the game will be like crowd city, agario or slither. The idea is that the game is multiplayer so every game consists of 10 players which all start with a riot of 1 person. You need to grow your riot by tagging/running into neutral bypassers or by taking over a riot (one of the other players in the game). You can take over a riot if your riot is bigger than the one of your opponent. A game lasts for 2 minutes and the riot with the most persons in it wins the game.
How does Kin come into play?  
To play the game you need to stake Kin. When you press the ‘New Game’ button you will have the choice how much Kin you want to put up on the table (for example 10, 50, 100 kin). Every player in the game puts in the same amount of Kin. So if you chose 100 Kin, you will only be matched with other players who staked 100 Kin.
In total there will be 990 neutral bypassers (990 + 10 players = 1000 in total). Every neutral bypasser has a value in Kin. In our example we had 10 players staking 100 Kin, so every bypasser is worth 1 Kin (ok, not completely true but I’ll get to the why of that in a later part). If you survive the 2 minutes, the amount of people in your crowd is the amount of Kin that you earned in the game. If, in our example, you had more than 100 people? Congrats! You earned Kin? Did you have less than 100 people or did one of the other players take over your crowd? You need to get better at this game because you lost Kin.
But what is in it for the winner of the game (the one with the most people in his riot). Well remember those neutral bypassers? Big chance that not all of them have been caught by one of the rioting teams. The winning player will get the Kin which are represented by the uncaught neutral bypassers.
Ok, but how does the app earn money?  
Remember I said that every bypasser was worth 1 kin? That’s not completely true. For each game that is played, the app takes 2.5% of the stakes. So in our example a game with 100 Kin stake would give 100 Kin * 10 Players * 2.5% = 25 Kin in revenue.
Next to that the app can make an income using the Kin Reward Engine.
All nice, but how do I earn Kin to even start playing the game?  
Well, good point! In my opinion every new players to the game gets an initial balance of 100 kin. After that you need to earn your own Kin. There are of course multiple ways to do this
1) Advertisements  
Say that you are loving the game but are pretty shitty at it and want to keep playing. No worries, we got you! If you watch an advertisement, the proceeds of watching it will go to you. I checked some statistics and rewarded video ads pay between USD 3 and USD 12 per 1000 views (depending on the country). If you would provide 100 Kin per watched video, this would cost approximately USD 4.70 (pre-SEC announcement prices) which would make it feasible. Should the USD/Kin exchange rate change, then obviously the amount of Kin received would change.
2) Use Kin from your other accounts.  
The Kin balance needs to be connected with the other Kin balances you have so that you can spend your Kin in this app (or the other way around of course).
3) Exchanges  
It should be easy to buy Kin inside the app using a credit card or maestro or anything else. So no difficult exchanges where you have to signup or whatever just click and pay. Don’t know whether the kin foundation will in the future help in creating such an exchange platform where you can buy Kin with fiat currency? (maybe also a hint on why it takes so long for a big exchange). If the Kin Foundation is not working on such a platform then an alternative would be to have a pool of Kin as the developing party where people can buy Kin from in exchange for fiat.
How to keep players playing  
This is a part that is often forgotten within a game. How do you keep players addicted to a game? I thought of 3 ways to keep playing:
1) Higher Stakes  
If you are good at a game, the small stakes get boring, so to keep things interesting we need to raise the stake when experience grows. The app will remember how much Kin you have earned in the game, this will be equal to the amount of experience that you have. If you reach a specific amount of experience, you will open up higher level stakes (like 500 Kin, 1000 Kin, etc.)
2) Themes  
So your playing with your rioting mob, but wouldn’t it be cool if they could present a specific group which you relate to? Think of #1%, The Gilet Jaune, Bankers, etc… Well, you can! But you need to earn it! The app will remember how much Kin you have earned in the game, this will be equal to the amount of experience that you have. If you reach a specific amount of experience, you will open up a riot mob theme with which you can play.
Obviously the first players of the game will be crypto minded so there should definitely be a Kin Crowd. But maybe it’s also good to reach out to other crypto projects to show them the power of Kin. How cool would it be for them to play their own character? Bitcoin Maximalists, XRP Army, Ethereum Mooners, etc…
Given that you cannot play those themes directly and need to earn them, it is a nice way to people playing the game!
3) Weekly Competition  
A second way of keeping people playing is by creating a weekly competition. Every theme (for example the Bitcoin Maximalists, or the Kin Crowd) will be ranked on how much experience was earned in that week with that theme? So, if there are a lot of people playing with the Kin Crowd it will win the weekly ranking. Hopefully it will make people who root for another theme eager to play so that their theme rakes up experience points. At the end of the week the theme with the most experience points wins and everybody that plays with that theme gets to wear a crown (so your initial mob person will have a crown on top of its head).
Ok, cool idea, but probably a ton of work! Yes and No... I found a Unity Game Template which made the game already but it’s only the basics of the game. On the website you can see the template and download the .APK.
So the basics are there, however it does need work to make it as described above as it needs:
1) Kin Integration  
2) Multiplayer Functionality  
3) Skins  
4) Rankings  
5) Exchange
Furthermore, in my opinion the game template should also be changed lightly, as it would be too devastating to loose your complete crowd directly if you come in contact with a bigger crowd (you should only loose the persons that were tagged by the other player). Furthermore, I think navigation is a bit ‘sticky’ and would be nice if it was a bit more fluent, it makes the game faster.
Now, I probably can’t stop anyone from fully benefiting of the idea and doing it all by himself. If so, fair enough. As long as it sees the light of day with KIN as a currency, I’m happy. However, wouldn’t it be nice to make it a community project which might even be able to support #DefendCrypto by showing KIN is a currency, or it can even help by sending the KIN proceeds of the app to #DefendCrypto.
Let me hear what you think.
submitted by hmseureka to KinFoundation [link] [comments]

Como ganhar dinheiro em 2020?

Como ganhar dinheiro em 2020?
Com certeza absoluta muita dedicação e serviço é algo fundamental, porém se eu tivesse que apostar em algum ramo ou algo do tipo continuaria exercendo o que faço hoje, trabalho com revenda de produtos digitais, Softwares, e-books, cursos, e uma variedade de outros produtos que você pode vender online.
Há uns dois anos atrás esse era um tipo de trabalho no qual ninguém acreditava, imagine então a 9 anos quando eu iniciei, as pessoas chegavam a rir quando se falava em ganhar dinheiro na internet, porém hoje Vejam Só, praticamente todas as pessoas já conhecem alguém que trabalha na internet e ganha dinheiro com isso e fazem disso a sua fonte de renda principal, até mesmo empresas vem abandonando os seus escritórios e levando os seus trabalhos para as casas de seus funcionários, creio que a tendência a cada dia seja mais direcionada a isso, e daqui a alguns anos grande parte da população Terá algum trabalho na internet que seja um trabalho extra ou não.
Um pouco sobre o que eu faço
Um dos softwares que vendo na internet se chama PCG programa classificados grátis Esse software é uma agregador de sites de classificados grátis ou seja cadastrado no programa Tem mais de 200 sites de classificados grátis onde as pessoas podem anunciar produtos e serviços, se trata de um software de publicidade O que é muito fácil de se vender na internet, ao registrar o software você ganha a possibilidade de revendê-lo e os proprietários do mesmo pagam a você 50% de comissão por cada venda que fizer, se você parar de fazer simples análises vai perceber que nem qualquer pessoa paga 50% de comissão por aí, levando em conta que você não terá nenhum custo referente à entrega de produto, custos com produção e outros quaisquer.
GRANDE VANTAGEM DESSE TIPO DE TRABALHO: a grande vantagem que vejo em realizar esse tipo de trabalho além do já citado é que não teria custo algum a não ser o meu tempo com a divulgação que irei fazer, toda a entrega e gerenciamento é feito por parte dos desenvolvedores Então o que me sobra é Apenas divulgar e receber as minhas comissões logicamente, sem ter nenhum trabalho com Os compradores Ou nem mesmo fazer atendimento pois tudo é feito diretamente no site pelos desenvolvedores, por ter um painel de controle online tenho acesso a tudo, pessoas que visitaram o meu linK, pessoas que fizeram o pedido na minha página, manuais, e se você ainda quer garantir mais as suas vendas sempre que fizer um anúncio na internet pode deixar o seu contato assim Os compradores vão entrar diretamente em contato com você.

Você também pode fazer o Mesmo
O sistema que citei acima é apenas um de muitos que existem na internet, Existe uma grande diversidade de sistemas de revenda onde você pode estar se cadastrando e participando, e sinceramente a meu ponto de vista para você ganhar dinheiro com esses temas Basta fazer uma simples análise e verificar se você acha que esse produto é “vendivel” ou não, se você acha que sim basta iniciar suas divulgações e logo vai ver os resultados aparecerem.
Não faça como muitas pessoas apenas se cadastre em um sistema achando que vão ganhar dinheiro da noite para o dia de forma mágica pois isso não existe, posso afirmar com toda a certeza que essa é uma forma mais fácil de se trabalhar pois você faz os seus horários e não tem muito trabalho com gerenciamento de estoque ou outros, porém, com toda a certeza posso afirmar também que exige muita dedicação e esforço mas ao final não vai se arrepender.
Posso até mesmo citar outro sistema semelhante, conhecido como Promotion Site Existe um software utilizado também para fazer marketing que tem o mesmo sistema de revenda onde após adquirir o software você pode participar da revenda, Se não me engano a comissão atual que eles pagam por cada revenda que você fizer é de R$40,00 Não pense que isso é pouco, tenha em mente que você não está gastando nada com isso apenas o seu tempo divulgando o software, e pense também que você pode fazer várias vendas por dia com o passar do tempo e suas divulgações feitas.
No final de tudo se tiver dedicação você vai ter sucesso com certeza e para o ano que vem com certeza esse tipo de trabalho vai estar ainda mais em Foco assim como nos anos seguintes, e faço uma aposta nos sistemas que indiquei Pois a cada dia mais as pessoas vão precisar de divulgar coisas na internet e com isso esses softwares vão vender como água. “em meu ponto de vista”.
Enfim, de coração espero ter ajudado com a minha resposta e que você possa tirar algum proveito da mesma caso pretendem iniciar um trabalho na internet ou não, ficaria muito grato se recebeste um voto positivo de sua parte pela resposta dada “e também de você que está lendo” , fico muito grato, desejo excelentes negócios e um próspero futuro….
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Blосkсhаіn іѕ often associated wіth incomprehensible аddrеѕѕеѕ made up of numbеrѕ аnd lеttеrѕ. Indeed, ѕіnсе dесеntrаlіzеd nеtwоrkѕ are bаѕеd on the principles оf cryptography, none оf thеm аrе аblе tо wоrk without such complex соmbіnаtіоnѕ. ANYONE games hаѕ decided tо use thе blосkсhаіn solutions fоr Gаmіng and other unique benefits, which certainly lооkѕ іntеrеѕtіng, but raises a lоt оf questions to clarify, juѕt as thе blосkсhаіn tесhnоlоgу іtѕеlf. Lеt'ѕ trу tо сlаrіfу іt tоgеthеr. ANYONE іѕ аnоthеr rеvоlutіоn that has оссurеd in the Gаmіng industry. I саllеd іt rеvоlutіоn because thеу are сhаngіng thе еntіrе gaming іnduѕtrу from thе traditional way to a dесеntrаlіzеd way uѕіng blосkсhаіn technology. ANYONE іѕ a nеw gаmіng рlаtfоrm thаt іѕ аіmіng tо solve thе challenges the рrеvіоuѕ gaming іnduѕtries fасed bу rесlаіmіng back thе zеаl and раssion реорlе have for gаmеѕ and gambling.
ANYONE gaming platform is a blockchain-based running on its own chain. ANYONE offer аdеԛuаtе fаіrnеѕѕ аnd trаnѕраrеncy tо all thе activities thаt tаkе рlасеѕ on thе platform. Every activity on the platform runs on a completely decentralised and easy to use mechanism ensuring that users have an equal opportunity of either profiting or enjoying every feature. The platform has been developed to meet industry standards offering much more than traditional gaming and gambling platforms. ANYONE isn't just a gаmіng рlаtfоrm, it is an ecosystem made up of several key features evolving into one flawless system with the goal of creating a pleasant atmosphere for multi users from all over the globe. ANYONE offers the real deal and goes about it in the best possible way.
SЕСURІTУ: One оf thе mоѕt serious іѕѕuеѕ оf the wagering аnd betting іnduѕtrу іѕ ѕесurіtу vulnеrаbіlіtіеѕ. ANYONE hаvе a decentralized ѕtruсturе. Cоnѕеԛuеntlу, сlіеntѕ аrе іn сhаrgе оf thеіr оwn security. As a result оf this dесеntrаlіzеd structure, the lіkеlіhооd оf any hacking оr mіѕrерrеѕеntаtіоn іѕ іnсrеdіblу diminished. ANYONE оffеrѕ its сlіеntѕ totally safe gаmіng bасkgrоund
FАІRNЕЅЅ: Fаіrnеѕѕ іѕ a trait thаt іѕ nоt раrtісulаrlу аѕѕосіаtеd wіth the rеvіеwѕ of mаnу оnlіnе саѕіnоѕ. Duе to thе high fаіlurе rаtе оf many gаmеrѕ, there is a соnѕріrасу theory bу gаmеrѕ thаt саѕіnо owners hаvе a way of mаnірulаtіng thе оutсоmе of еvеntѕ. Thіѕ mіndѕеt is аbоlіѕhеd completely bу thе ANYONE protocol. On ANYONE, all transactions аrе backed оn blосkсhаіn аnd can never bе modified. Thеrеfоrе, thе рrосеѕѕ and outcomes оf games аrе accountable аnd nоt соntrоllеd bу any human bеіng. Thіѕ іѕ a bеnеfіt of blосkсhаіn implementation.
TRANSPARENCY: Transparency is a fundamental рrореrtу оf blосkсhаіn technology. Aѕ already mеntіоnеd above, аll trаnѕасtіоnѕ on ANYONE are recorded on thе blосkсhаіn аnd can bе viewed bу еvеrуоnе іn rеаl tіmе. This еlіmіnаtеѕ еvеrу doubt аnd fеаr of ѕуѕtеm mаnірulаtіоn аnd bооѕtѕ thе соnfіdеnсе оf gаmеrѕ. On ANYONE, whаt уоu see is whаt уоu get, nо fоul рlау аnd thе need fоr distruѕt is completely eliminated.
DІVІDЕND: dividends іn оnlіnе саѕіnоѕ іѕ nоt particularly соmmоn. The competitive nаturе оf thе industry presents a wіld wіld wеѕt representation оf thе ecosystem. ANYONE hаѕ introduced a hаndѕоmеlу paying system that rеwаrdѕ uѕеrѕ. Dіvіdеndѕ are paid tо mеmbеrѕ оf the ANYONE соmmunіtу whо hоld thе рlаtfоrm’ѕ custom tоkеn, ANYCOIN and stake it in a pool. Depending on the amount staked, which cannot be lower than 100,000 ANY COIN, rewards are paid every 24 hours with an associating dividends rates. Dividends paid in USD can subsequently be withdrawn in form of Bitcoin upon fulfilling all requirements.
As briefly mentioned above, the ANY COIN or ANY is the custom token of the ANYONE platform. It is the most effective component of the system and comes in handy on all units of the ANYONE Framework. ANY represents the oiling factor of the ANYONE platform, it is used to effectively interact with all arms of the platform. Whether to play on the casino gaming interface or to stake for rewards from the dividends pool, the ANY COIN is the element to enable all of these features. ANY was designed as a complete utility token and offers the advantage of harmonising the operations of the platform.
Ticker: ANY
Alogrithm: SHA256
Type: POW
Coin Supply: 6 billion ANY
Confirmation: 100
Block Time: 60 sec
The above lіѕtеd fеаturеѕ аmоng оthеrѕ ѕtаnd оut tо mаkе ANYONE unique аnd еѕtаblіѕh іtѕ lеаdеrѕhір position as a tор рауіng online саѕіnо whеrе gamers enjoy the hіghеѕt level оf fairness. Thе ANYONE vеnturе, whісh іѕ аn аnѕwеr ѕіtuаtеd wау tо dеаl wіth thе issues іn the bеttіng buѕіnеѕѕ, is bу all ассоuntѕ a promising undеrtаkіng for whаt'ѕ tо come.
For more information about the project, kindly access the official resource links below:
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"Malicious Pokemon Go APK Files Can Be Used To Steal Bitcoin" (THIS article is not a spoof, is it?)

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Decred Journal – August 2018

Note: you can read this on GitHub (link), Medium (link) or old Reddit (link) to see all the links.


dcrd: Version 1.3.0 RC1 (Release Candidate 1) is out! The main features of this release are significant performance improvements, including some that benefit SPV clients. Full release notes and downloads are on GitHub.
The default minimum transaction fee rate was reduced from 0.001 to 0.0001 DCkB. Do not try to send such small fee transactions just yet, until the majority of the network upgrades.
Release process was changed to use release branches and bump version on the master branch at the beginning of a release cycle. Discussed in this chat.
The codebase is ready for the new Go 1.11 version. Migration to vgo module system is complete and the 1.4.0 release will be built using modules. The list of versioned modules and a hierarchy diagram are available here.
The testnet was reset and bumped to version 3.
Comments are welcome for the proposal to implement smart fee estimation, which is important for Lightning Network.
@matheusd recorded a code review video for new Decred developers that explains how tickets are selected for voting.
dcrwallet: Version 1.3.0 RC1 features new SPV sync mode, new ticket buyer, new APIs for Decrediton and a host of bug fixes. On the dev side, dcrwallet also migrated to the new module system.
Decrediton: Version 1.3.0 RC1 adds the new SPV sync mode that syncs roughly 5x faster. The feature is off by default while it receives more testing from experienced users. Other notable changes include a design polish and experimental Politeia integration.
Politeia: Proposal editing is being developed and has a short demo. This will allow proposal owners to edit their proposal in response to community feedback before voting begins. The challenges associated with this feature relate to updating censorship tokens and maintaining a clear history of which version comments were made on. @fernandoabolafio produced this architecture diagram which may be of interest to developers.
@degeri joined to perform security testing of Politeia and found several issues.
dcrdata: mainnet explorer upgraded to v2.1 with several new features. For users: credit/debit tx filter on address page, showing miner fees on coinbase transaction page, estimate yearly ticket rewards on main page, cool new hamburger menu and keyboard navigation. For developers: new chain parameters page, experimental Insight API support, endpoints for coin supply and block rewards, testnet3 support. Lots of minor API changes and frontend tweaks, many bug fixes and robustness improvements.
The upcoming v3.0 entered beta and is deployed on Check out the new charts page. Feedback and bug reports are appreciated. Finally, the development version v3.1.0-pre is on
Android: updated to be compatible with the latest SPV code and is syncing, several performance issues are worked on. Details were posted in chat. Alpha testing has started, to participate please join #dev and ask for the APK.
iOS: backend is mostly complete, as well as the front end. Support for devices with smaller screens was improved. What works now: creating and recovering wallets, listing of transactions, receiving DCR, displaying and scanning QR codes, browsing account information, SPV connection to peers, downloading headers. Some bugs need fixing before making testable builds.
Ticket splitting: v0.6.0 beta released with improved fee calculation and multiple bug fixes.
docs: introduced new Governance section that grouped some old articles as well as the new Politeia page.
@Richard-Red created a concept repository sandbox with policy documents, to illustrate the kind of policies that could be approved and amended by Politeia proposals. 8 contributors added and 4 removed, including 2 advisors (discussion here). is a brand new website that shows the most accurate DCR market data. Clean design, mobile friendly, no javascript required.
Dev activity stats for August: 239 active PRs, 219 commits, 25k added and 11k deleted lines spread across 8 repositories. Contributions came from 2-10 developers per repository. (chart)


Hashrate: went from 54 to 76 PH/s, the low was 50 and the new all-time high is 100 PH/s. BeePool share rose to ~50% while F2Pool shrank to 30%, followed by at 5% and Luxor at 3%.
Staking: 30-day average ticket price is 95.6 DCR (+3.0) as of Sep 3. During the month, ticket price fluctuated between a low of 92.2 and high of 100.5 DCR. Locked DCR represented between 3.8 and 3.9 million or 46.3-46.9% of the supply.
Nodes: there are 217 public listening and 281 normal nodes per Version distribution: 2% at v1.4.0(pre) (dev builds), 5% on v1.3.0 (RC1), 62% on v1.2.0 (-5%), 22% on v1.1.2 (-2%), 6% on v1.1.0 (-1%). Almost 69% of nodes are v.1.2.0 and higher and support client filters. Data snapshot of Aug 31.


Obelisk posted 3 email updates in August. DCR1 units are reportedly shipping with 1 TH/s hashrate and will be upgraded with firmware to 1.5 TH/s. Batch 1 customers will receive compensation for missed shipment dates, but only after Batch 5 ships. Batch 2-5 customers will be receiving the updated slim design.
Innosilicon announced the new D9+ DecredMaster: 2.8 TH/s at 1,230 W priced $1,499. Specified shipping date was Aug 10-15.
FFMiner DS19 claims 3.1 TH/s for Blake256R14 at 680 W and simultaneously 1.55 TH/s for Blake2B at 410 W, the price is $1,299. Shipping Aug 20-25.
Another newly noticed miner offer is this unit that does 46 TH/s at 2,150 W at the price of $4,720. It is shipping Nov 2018 and the stats look very close to Pangolin Whatsminer DCR (which has now a page on asicminervalue).

Integrations joined the list of stakepools for a total of 16.
Australian CoinTree added DCR trading. The platform supports fiat, there are some limitations during the upgrade to a new system but also no fees in the "Early access mode". On a related note, CoinTree is working on a feature to pay household bills with cryptocurrencies it supports.
Three new OTC desks were added to exchanges page at
Two mobile wallets integrated Decred:
Reminder: do your best to understand the security and privacy model before using any wallet software. Points to consider: who controls the seed, does the wallet talk to the nodes directly or via middlemen, is it open source or not?




Targeted advertising report for August was posted by @timhebel. Facebook appeal is pending, some Google and Twitter campaigns were paused and some updated. Read more here.
Contribution to the @decredproject Twitter account has evolved over the past few months. A #twitter_ops channel is being used on Matrix to collaboratively draft and execute project account tweets (including retweets). Anyone with an interest in contributing to the Twitter account can ask for an invitation to the channel and can start contributing content and ideas there for evaluation by the Twitter group. As a result, no minority or unilateral veto over tweets is possible. (from GitHub)


For those willing to help with the events:
BAB: Hey all, we are gearing up for conference season. I have a list of places we hope to attend but need to know who besides @joshuam and @Haon are willing to do public speaking, willing to work booths, or help out at them? You will need to be well versed on not just what is Decred, but the history of Decred etc... DM me if you are interested. (#event_planning)
The Decred project is looking for ambassadors. If you are looking for a fun cryptocurrency to get involved in send me a DM or come talk to me on Decred slack. (@marco_peereboom, longer version here)


Decred Assembly episode 21 is available. @jy-p and lead dcrwallet developer @jrick discussed SPV from Satoshi's whitepaper, how it can be improved upon and what's coming in Decred.
Decred Assembly episodes 1-21 are available in audio only format here.
New instructional articles on Decrediton setup, Deleting the wallet, Installing Go, Installing dcrd, dcrd as a Linux service. Available in both English and Portuguese.
Decred scored #32 in the August issue of Chinese CCID ratings. The evaluation model was explained in this interview.
Satis Group rated Decred highly in their cryptoasset valuation research report (PDF). This was featured by several large media outlets, but some did not link to or omitted Decred entirely, citing low market cap.
Featured articles:

Community Discussions

Community stats:
Comm systems news:
After another debate about chat systems more people began testing and using Matrix, leading to some gardening on that platform:
Reddit: substantive discussion about Decred cons; ecosystem fund; a thread about voter engagement, Politeia UX and trolling; idea of a social media system for Decred by @michae2xl; how profitable is the Obelisk DCR1.
Chats: cross-chain trading via LN; plans for contractor management system, lower-level decision making and contractor privacy vs transparency for stakeholders; measuring dev activity; what if the network stalls, multiple implementations of Decred for more resilience, long term vision behind those extensive tests and accurate comments in the codebase; ideas for process for policy documents, hosting them in Pi and approving with ticket voting; about SPV wallet disk size, how compact filters work; odds of a wallet fetching a wrong block in SPV; new module system in Go; security of allowing Android app backups; why PoW algo change proposal must be specified in great detail; thoughts about NIPoPoWs and SPV; prerequisites for shipping SPV by default (continued); Decred vs Dash treasury and marketing expenses, spending other people's money; why Decred should not invade a country, DAO and nation states, entangling with nation state is poor resource allocation; how winning tickets are determined and attack vectors; Politeia proposal moderation, contractor clearance, the scale of proposals and decision delegation, initial Politeia vote to approve Politeia itself; chat systems, Matrix/Slack/Discord/RocketChat/Keybase (continued); overview of Korean exchanges; no breaking changes in vgo; why project fund burn rate must keep low; asymptotic behavior of Decred and other ccs, tail emission; count of full nodes and incentives to run them; Politeia proposal translations and multilingual environment.
An unusual event was the chat about double negatives and other oddities in languages in #trading.


DCR started the month at USD 56 / BTC 0.0073 and had a two week decline. On Aug 14 the whole market took a huge drop and briefly went below USD 200 billion. Bitcoin went below USD 6,000 and top 100 cryptos lost 5-30%. The lowest point coincided with Bitcoin dominance peak at 54.5%. On that day Decred dived -17% and reached the bottom of USD 32 / BTC 0.00537. Since then it went sideways in the USD 35-45 / BTC 0.0054-0.0064 range. Around Aug 24, Huobi showed DCR trading volume above USD 5M and this coincided with a minor recovery.
@ImacallyouJawdy posted some creative analysis based on ticket data.

Relevant External

StopAndDecrypt published an extensive article "ASIC Resistance is Nothing but a Blockchain Buzzword" that is much in line with Decred's stance on ASICs.
The ongoing debates about the possible Sia fork yet again demonstrate the importance of a robust dispute resolution mechanism. Also, we are lucky to have the treasury.
Mark B Lundeberg, who found a vulnerability in atomicswap earlier, published a concept of more private peer-to-peer atomic swaps. (missed in July issue)
Medium took a cautious stance on cryptocurrencies and triggered at least one project to migrate to Ghost (that same project previously migrated away from Slack).
Regulation: Vietnam bans mining equipment imports, China halts crypto events and tightens control of crypto chat groups.
Reddit was hacked by intercepting 2FA codes sent via SMS. The announcement explains the impact. Yet another data breach suggests to think twice before sharing any data with any company and shift to more secure authentication systems.
Intel and x86 dumpsterfire keeps burning brighter. Seek more secure hardware and operating systems for your coins.
Finally, unrelated to Decred but good for a laugh:

About This Issue

This is the 5th issue of Decred Journal. It is mirrored on GitHub, Medium and Reddit. Past issues are available here.
Most information from third parties is relayed directly from source after a minimal sanity check. The authors of Decred Journal have no ability to verify all claims. Please beware of scams and do your own research.
Feedback is appreciated: please comment on Reddit, GitHub or #writers_room on Matrix or Slack.
Contributions are welcome too. Some areas are collecting content, pre-release review or translations to other languages. Check out @Richard-Red's guide how to contribute to Decred using GitHub without writing code.
Credits (Slack names, alphabetical order): bee, Haon, jazzah, Richard-Red and thedecreddigest.
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