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Does bundled software wallet exist? For BitCoin, LiteCoin, PPCoin etc... Or do I need multiple wallets?

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OSX wallet?

I have been hunting for an OSX wallet for the last hour or so but not coming up with any luck. Is there one available or some method of running one without downloading eg online wallet?
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Found an old wallet.dat. What are the chances of anything being in it?

I was thinking of formatting my macbook and decided to search for wallet.dat's in case there's anything of value here that I forgot about.
Looks like back in 2013 I went through a bit of an experimental phase with cryptos:
/Users/john/Library/Application Support/Bitcoin/testnet3/wallet.dat /Users/john/Library/Application Support/Bitcoin/wallet.dat /Users/john/Library/Application Support/Feathercoin/wallet.dat /Users/john/Library/Application Support/Litecoin/wallet.dat /Users/john/Library/Application Support/PPCoin/wallet.dat 
Some look empty but Litecoin's wallet is 66KB.
Also in the same folder was this rather large debug log:
It looks like I was just downloading the block chain but I'm wondering if anyone who is more familiar with Litecoin sees anything of interest in there?
Is it worth trying to recover? How difficult is this process? Is wallet.dat still compatible with the latest version of Litecoin?
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PSA: Machines that run bitcoin nodes will get wallet download attempts

I'm probably not the first person to notice this, so this may be a reminder for some of you, but I have a machine that runs a public bitcoin node and its received a scan for wallets. There would need to be some serious misconfiguration for this scan to succeed. This emphasises that its not a good idea to store a wallet on a machine that runs a public bitcoin node. These are failed http requests that occurred in a 24 hour period. (They have bee repeated on subsequent occasions).
 /.ssh/authorized_keys: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/authorized_keys2: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/config: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/dsa: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/id_dsa: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/id_dsa.2: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/id_dsa.old: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/ 1 Time(s) /.ssh/id_dsa_2: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/id_ecdsa: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/id_ecdsa.2: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/id_ecdsa.old: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/id_ecdsa_2: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/id_ecdsa_old: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/id_rsa: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/id_rsa.2: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/id_rsa.old: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/ 1 Time(s) /.ssh/id_rsa_2: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/identity: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/key: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/known_hosts: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/priv: 1 Time(s) /.ssh/rsa: 1 Time(s) /365coin.7z: 1 Time(s) /365coin.bkp: 1 Time(s) /365coin.bz2: 1 Time(s) /365coin.dump: 1 Time(s) /365coin.gz: 1 Time(s) /365coin.lzma: 1 Time(s) /365coin.rar: 1 Time(s) /365coin.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /365coin.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /365coin.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /365coin.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /365coin.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /365coin.tbz: 1 Time(s) /365coin.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /365coin.tgz: 1 Time(s) /365coin.txz: 1 Time(s) /365coin.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /authorized_keys: 1 Time(s) /authorized_keys2: 1 Time(s) /backup.wallet.7z: 1 Time(s) /backup.wallet.bkp: 1 Time(s) /backup.wallet.bz2: 1 Time(s) /backup.wallet.dump: 1 Time(s) /backup.wallet.gz: 1 Time(s) /backup.wallet.lzma: 1 Time(s) /backup.wallet.rar: 1 Time(s) /backup.wallet.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /backup.wallet.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /backup.wallet.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /backup.wallet.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /backup.wallet.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /backup.wallet.tbz: 1 Time(s) /backup.wallet.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /backup.wallet.tgz: 1 Time(s) /backup.wallet.txz: 1 Time(s) /backup.wallet.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /bfgminer.7z: 1 Time(s) /bfgminer.bkp: 1 Time(s) /bfgminer.bz2: 1 Time(s) /bfgminer.dump: 1 Time(s) /bfgminer.gz: 1 Time(s) /bfgminer.lzma: 1 Time(s) /bfgminer.rar: 1 Time(s) /bfgminer.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /bfgminer.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /bfgminer.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /bfgminer.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /bfgminer.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /bfgminer.tbz: 1 Time(s) /bfgminer.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /bfgminer.tgz: 1 Time(s) /bfgminer.txz: 1 Time(s) /bfgminer.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /bitcoin.7z: 1 Time(s) /bitcoin.bkp: 1 Time(s) /bitcoin.bz2: 1 Time(s) /bitcoin.dump: 1 Time(s) /bitcoin.gz: 1 Time(s) /bitcoin.lzma: 1 Time(s) /bitcoin.rar: 1 Time(s) /bitcoin.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /bitcoin.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /bitcoin.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /bitcoin.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /bitcoin.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /bitcoin.tbz: 1 Time(s) /bitcoin.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /bitcoin.tgz: 1 Time(s) /bitcoin.txz: 1 Time(s) /bitcoin.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /bitcoind.7z: 1 Time(s) /bitcoind.bkp: 1 Time(s) /bitcoind.bz2: 1 Time(s) /bitcoind.dump: 1 Time(s) /bitcoind.gz: 1 Time(s) /bitcoind.lzma: 1 Time(s) /bitcoind.rar: 1 Time(s) /bitcoind.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /bitcoind.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /bitcoind.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /bitcoind.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /bitcoind.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /bitcoind.tbz: 1 Time(s) /bitcoind.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /bitcoind.tgz: 1 Time(s) /bitcoind.txz: 1 Time(s) /bitcoind.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /blockchain.7z: 1 Time(s) /blockchain.bkp: 1 Time(s) /blockchain.bz2: 1 Time(s) /blockchain.dump: 1 Time(s) /blockchain.gz: 1 Time(s) /blockchain.lzma: 1 Time(s) /blockchain.rar: 1 Time(s) /blockchain.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /blockchain.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /blockchain.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /blockchain.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /blockchain.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /blockchain.tbz: 1 Time(s) /blockchain.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /blockchain.tgz: 1 Time(s) /blockchain.txz: 1 Time(s) /blockchain.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /btc.7z: 1 Time(s) /btc.bkp: 1 Time(s) /btc.bz2: 1 Time(s) /btc.dump: 1 Time(s) /btc.gz: 1 Time(s) /btc.lzma: 1 Time(s) /btc.rar: 1 Time(s) /btc.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /btc.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /btc.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /btc.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /btc.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /btc.tbz: 1 Time(s) /btc.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /btc.tgz: 1 Time(s) /btc.txz: 1 Time(s) /btc.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /cgminer.7z: 1 Time(s) /cgminer.bkp: 1 Time(s) /cgminer.bz2: 1 Time(s) /cgminer.dump: 1 Time(s) /cgminer.gz: 1 Time(s) /cgminer.lzma: 1 Time(s) /cgminer.rar: 1 Time(s) /cgminer.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /cgminer.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /cgminer.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /cgminer.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /cgminer.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /cgminer.tbz: 1 Time(s) /cgminer.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /cgminer.tgz: 1 Time(s) /cgminer.txz: 1 Time(s) /cgminer.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /coin.7z: 1 Time(s) /coin.bkp: 1 Time(s) /coin.bz2: 1 Time(s) /coin.dump: 1 Time(s) /coin.gz: 1 Time(s) /coin.lzma: 1 Time(s) /coin.rar: 1 Time(s) /coin.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /coin.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /coin.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /coin.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /coin.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /coin.tbz: 1 Time(s) /coin.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /coin.tgz: 1 Time(s) /coin.txz: 1 Time(s) /coin.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /coins.7z: 1 Time(s) /coins.bkp: 1 Time(s) /coins.bz2: 1 Time(s) /coins.dump: 1 Time(s) /coins.gz: 1 Time(s) /coins.lzma: 1 Time(s) /coins.rar: 1 Time(s) /coins.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /coins.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /coins.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /coins.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /coins.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /coins.tbz: 1 Time(s) /coins.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /coins.tgz: 1 Time(s) /coins.txz: 1 Time(s) /coins.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /config: 1 Time(s) /customejavascript/misc.js: 1 Time(s) /dsa: 1 Time(s) /id_dsa: 1 Time(s) /id_dsa.old: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /id_ecdsa: 1 Time(s) /id_ecdsa.2: 1 Time(s) /id_ecdsa.old: 1 Time(s) /id_ecdsa_2: 1 Time(s) /id_ecdsa_old: 1 Time(s) /id_rsa: 1 Time(s) /id_rsa.old: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /identity: 1 Time(s) /key: 1 Time(s) /key.priv: 1 Time(s) /known_hosts: 1 Time(s) /litecoin.7z: 1 Time(s) /litecoin.bkp: 1 Time(s) /litecoin.bz2: 1 Time(s) /litecoin.dump: 1 Time(s) /litecoin.gz: 1 Time(s) /litecoin.lzma: 1 Time(s) /litecoin.rar: 1 Time(s) /litecoin.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /litecoin.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /litecoin.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /litecoin.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /litecoin.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /litecoin.tbz: 1 Time(s) /litecoin.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /litecoin.tgz: 1 Time(s) /litecoin.txz: 1 Time(s) /litecoin.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /money.7z: 1 Time(s) /money.bkp: 1 Time(s) /money.bz2: 1 Time(s) /money.dump: 1 Time(s) /money.gz: 1 Time(s) /money.lzma: 1 Time(s) /money.rar: 1 Time(s) /money.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /money.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /money.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /money.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /money.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /money.tbz: 1 Time(s) /money.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /money.tgz: 1 Time(s) /money.txz: 1 Time(s) /money.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /namecoin.7z: 1 Time(s) /namecoin.bkp: 1 Time(s) /namecoin.bz2: 1 Time(s) /namecoin.dump: 1 Time(s) /namecoin.gz: 1 Time(s) /namecoin.lzma: 1 Time(s) /namecoin.rar: 1 Time(s) /namecoin.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /namecoin.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /namecoin.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /namecoin.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /namecoin.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /namecoin.tbz: 1 Time(s) /namecoin.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /namecoin.tgz: 1 Time(s) /namecoin.txz: 1 Time(s) /namecoin.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /novacoin.7z: 1 Time(s) /novacoin.bkp: 1 Time(s) /novacoin.bz2: 1 Time(s) /novacoin.dump: 1 Time(s) /novacoin.gz: 1 Time(s) /novacoin.lzma: 1 Time(s) /novacoin.rar: 1 Time(s) /novacoin.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /novacoin.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /novacoin.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /novacoin.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /novacoin.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /novacoin.tbz: 1 Time(s) /novacoin.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /novacoin.tgz: 1 Time(s) /novacoin.txz: 1 Time(s) /novacoin.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /ppcoin.7z: 1 Time(s) /ppcoin.bkp: 1 Time(s) /ppcoin.bz2: 1 Time(s) /ppcoin.dump: 1 Time(s) /ppcoin.gz: 1 Time(s) /ppcoin.lzma: 1 Time(s) /ppcoin.rar: 1 Time(s) /ppcoin.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /ppcoin.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /ppcoin.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /ppcoin.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /ppcoin.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /ppcoin.tbz: 1 Time(s) /ppcoin.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /ppcoin.tgz: 1 Time(s) /ppcoin.txz: 1 Time(s) /ppcoin.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /primecoin.7z: 1 Time(s) /primecoin.bkp: 1 Time(s) /primecoin.bz2: 1 Time(s) /primecoin.dump: 1 Time(s) /primecoin.gz: 1 Time(s) /primecoin.lzma: 1 Time(s) /primecoin.rar: 1 Time(s) /primecoin.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /primecoin.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /primecoin.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /primecoin.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /primecoin.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /primecoin.tbz: 1 Time(s) /primecoin.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /primecoin.tgz: 1 Time(s) /primecoin.txz: 1 Time(s) /primecoin.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /robots.txt: 1 Time(s) /rsa: 1 Time(s) /w.7z: 1 Time(s) /w.bkp: 1 Time(s) /w.bz2: 1 Time(s) /w.dump: 1 Time(s) /w.gz: 1 Time(s) /w.lzma: 1 Time(s) /w.rar: 1 Time(s) /w.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /w.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /w.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /w.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /w.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /w.tbz: 1 Time(s) /w.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /w.tgz: 1 Time(s) /w.txz: 1 Time(s) /w.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /wallet.7z: 1 Time(s) /wallet.bkp: 1 Time(s) /wallet.bz2: 1 Time(s) /wallet.dump: 1 Time(s) /wallet.gz: 1 Time(s) /wallet.lzma: 1 Time(s) /wallet.old.7z: 1 Time(s) /wallet.old.bkp: 1 Time(s) /wallet.old.bz2: 1 Time(s) /wallet.old.dump: 1 Time(s) /wallet.old.gz: 1 Time(s) /wallet.old.lzma: 1 Time(s) /wallet.old.rar: 1 Time(s) /wallet.old.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /wallet.old.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /wallet.old.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /wallet.old.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /wallet.old.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /wallet.old.tbz: 1 Time(s) /wallet.old.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /wallet.old.tgz: 1 Time(s) /wallet.old.txz: 1 Time(s) /wallet.old.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /wallet.rar: 1 Time(s) /wallet.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /wallet.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /wallet.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /wallet.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /wallet.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /wallet.tbz: 1 Time(s) /wallet.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /wallet.tgz: 1 Time(s) /wallet.txz: 1 Time(s) /wallet.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /wallets.7z: 1 Time(s) /wallets.bkp: 1 Time(s) /wallets.bz2: 1 Time(s) /wallets.dump: 1 Time(s) /wallets.gz: 1 Time(s) /wallets.lzma: 1 Time(s) /wallets.rar: 1 Time(s) /wallets.tar: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) /wallets.tar.bz2: 1 Time(s) /wallets.tar.gz: 1 Time(s) /wallets.tar.lzma: 1 Time(s) /wallets.tar.xz: 1 Time(s) /wallets.tbz: 1 Time(s) /wallets.tbz2: 1 Time(s) /wallets.tgz: 1 Time(s) /wallets.txz: 1 Time(s) /wallets.xz: 1 Time(s) / 1 Time(s) 
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Coin-a-'Week': Peercoin (PPC)

Coin-a-Day Jan 3rd
Well, it's been more than a month since my last post, so I figured it's time to finally do this. I'm barely updating these, but I think it's somewhat interesting to see the changes that have happened over the almost half a year since I first wrote these.
Welcome to the third Coin-a-DayCoin-a-Week post! So far in this series we have talked about bitcoinbitcoin and dogecoindogecoin, which are proof-of-work coins. Today's coin is Peercoin (PPC), which is a "proof-of-stake" coin (actually a hybrid; more below).
• ~22 million available currently [1]; ~35 million in 2025, ~50 million in 2045, 1% annual inflation permanently [2]
• All-time high: ~$7 [3]
• Current price: ~$0.50; ~0.0017 BTC$0.30; 0.00128 BTC [1]
• Current market cap: ~$10.9 million $6.6 million [1]
• Block rate (average): 10 minutes [4]
• Transaction rate: 520 408 transactions in the last 24 hours, estimated ~$213,000 $83,600 [5]
• Transaction limit (currently): 7 transactions / second (?) [6]
• Transaction cost: Fixed at 0.01 PPC edit: per Kb [2]
• Rich list: Top 100 addresses hold 59.25% 59.52% [5]
• Exchanges: BTC-E mostly; BTC38 (Chinese); some volume on Cryptsy, The Rock Trading, and BTER as well [7]
• Processing method: Hybrid; proof-of-work and proof-of-stake
• Distribution method: proof-of-work block rewards and 1% inflation through proof-of-stake
• Community: Moderately active. [8]
• Code / development: ; appears inactive, last release in April, last commit five months ago; however, developer Sunny King continues to give weekly updates and has announced an upcoming "cold-minting" feature [14] EDIT: Active pull request in progress. pull request; announcement; I was informed about this from the comment below; thanks Thireus !
Latest 0.5 version will be a mandatory upgrade with a two month release window. [15]
• Innovation or special value: First coin with proof-of-stake
So far we have covered two proof-of-work coins. This was the original type of coin. Peercoin introduced the concept of "proof-of-stake", where authority to generate a block was determined based on a brute-force hashing to reach a value less than a certain amount. In Peercoin's proof-of-staking, there is only one to check per unspent wallet-output per second, so there is very little demand for processing power and energy. The difficulty is decreased with increased coindays [9].
This model is argued by Peercoin supporters to be more efficient, since it obviates the need for a hardware arms-race and allows transaction processing by all stakeholders. The incentive for the stakeholders to "stake" (process transactions through proof-of-stake) is two-fold: first, in order to collect their 1% per coin-year reward, and second, to support the network they hold coins in, since the value of the coin is presumed to be related to the stability and reliability of its network.
There are a number of attacks which are argued to be possible in proof-of-stake which are not possible in proof-of-work [10]. There was a vulnerability which allowed generating a larger number of proof-of-stake blocks with a very small stake which took four months to close after public disclosure [11]. I wish I could provide a definitive answer about the security or vulnerability of this coin, but I am simply unaware of a good source at this point [12]. I have not found a "smoking gun" critique of the current system, but absence of proof, particularly when my "research" (googling) is so limited, and my exposure is so brief, is absolutely not to be taken for proof of absence. Today's challenge will focus on the security of Peercoin, and there will be a small reward for the best defense and the best critique.
Compared to the question of "is it secure?", I think the rest of the nuances like price history are relatively insignificant. In general, I expect that secure coins will continue to be transacted at some price level, and that they will often share a certain level of correlated price. Remember that I am not giving advice, but that's my take on it. So if there is no vulnerability to proof-of-stake, I expect it will continue to exist. And just as bitcoin has a strong place from being the first and having an active community, I expect that Peercoin would continue to have a place as the first proof-of-stake along with its smaller but also active community.
I had my concerns about the security resolved when this was posted. Like a whiny chump I'd gone through and deleted all of my stuff in a fit of pique, but the useful comments by TotalB00n are still there and may be useful reading.
The inactive development may not be an issue for now if there are no serious threats to Peercoin. Additionally, its blockchain is quite small, about 1/3rd of a Gigabyte currently[13], so the major feature of bitcoin's latest release, parallel block downloads, may be less relevant for peercoin.
[Note that the edit above on the code section is from the original time around. I'm too lazy to even look up whether or not there has been further development since, but it was at least somewhat active before, and perhaps didn't really need much.]
Peercoin's community on Reddit (/peercoin) is relatively small, with less than 4k subscribers and no more than a couple posts a day. However, it appears on-topic and high-quality. looks active and significant. It is not comparable in size to a central hub like bitcointalk, but it is by no means dead.
There are additional community links on which I haven't explored.
[3] I couldn't find anything just stating the number. And the UI here is terrible. But this approximately matches the coinmarketcap ATH in BTC with the BTC/USD at the time.
[4] ; I wasn't sure if this accounted for PoS accurately as well, but given the last few hours shown at it does appear to be close ; don't ask me how it works, haven't taken the time to grok the whitepaper in detail yet ([9])
[6] I wasn't able to find a source addressing this. I'm presuming that since it's based on bitcoin and has 10 minute blocks, that it also shares the 1 Mb blocksize limit and that transactions are about the same size and thus the same 7 transactions / second current limit applies. I could absolutely be wrong about this; if you know better, please let me know and I will update. Given that this allows 604,800 transactions per day, and there weren't 0.1% as many transactions in the last 24 hours, I think it's safe to say this isn't a limiting factor for peercoin in the foreseeable future.
[8] Not as active as doge or bitcoin, but it looks like there's activity on, and /peercoin is quiet but not dead.
[9] ; also available in many other languages (
[10] 110101002 makes allegations along these lines. However, none of the critiques seem to be relevant and aware of the current Peercoin code. The claim is made that it was made centralized but I'm not aware of a Peercoin source that seems to make this claim. There are probably far better critiques and defenses of the security of Peercoin's proof-of-stake out there. I don't know how to best find them. This will be the topic for the challenges for this article.
[11] disclosure; acknowledgement; fix
[12] I have heard claims about "nothing-at-stake" attacks, which are based on the idea that a user might have stake in the system, then get the stake back, sell it, and then try to make their own chain building off the point where they had stake. This seems conceivable to me, but I do not know anywhere near enough to be able to make a reasonable argument one way or another. Unfortunately, most of the discussions on Proof-of-Stake seem more about ... well, there's no way to phrase it politely, but they don't seem to be reasoned consideration of the merits but just static. - This is an example of a critique which is shot down. Is it valid? You decide. From reading their view of it, it sounds like not.
[14] I found this relatively late in my process glancing over /peercoin. The details of this feature will be considered out-of-scope for this article, already taking longer than I anticipated (as usual).
Additional Reading - main site; informative and useful links
/peercoin - somewhat quiet but still active and informative - Peercoin discussion thread
Peercoin whitepaper - (other languages available)
• - Main discussion forum
Daily challenge
~~Every day I post a challenge worth about $1. The first two day's are still unattempted. Yesterday's has been awarded.
Today's challenge focuses on Peercoin security. A changetip $0.50 tip will be awarded to the comment which in my opinion provides the best information about vulnerabilities in Peercoin's current consensus algorithm / implementation. This may be a link to a source that provides this information or a comment, but a comment referencing fixed problems or simply asserting issues without support will not be accepted as qualifying.
On the other side will be a 1 PPC reward sent to the Peercoin address of your choice for the best argument supported with evidence that Peercoin's consensus algorithm is not vulnerable to any attack. This is a very broad claim, and I wouldn't know how to support it myself, but that's why I'm throwing it out there for discussion.
Making an argument for both sides is allowed and encouraged.~~
[I don't remember if I ever paid up on this. I think I might owe TotalB00n a couple PPC...]
Donations and Disclosure
It has come time again for me to note that I am not an authority nor should my words be used for anything other than entertainment. I am not providing investment advice and you should do your own research independently before you make any investment decisions. Cryptocurrencies may lose all value from technical flaws or simply a loss of faith in their value. Store your treasures in heaven, not on earth nor even in a blockchain. Be gentle and loving in deed and in thought.
I currently hold about 17 PPC.
If you would like to donate PPC to me directly, you may do so at: PDcpAFGWEAJDTey6ghY4FRvvphXv9zkjmn
Thank you all for reading and all of your support! This has already been a great experience for me and I'm looking forward to the excitement still to come.
Well, it doesn't get much lazier than that. Apparently PPC has dropped in price rather significantly since January. I don't know any of the news on it. Informative, eh?
...okay, I'll do a mild amount of "research". One moment.
Well, they have a new release coming out. [15] But I don't see anything obvious from a quick glance at top stories in that subreddit over the past year to see why it crashed over the last five months.
So...hey, let's go really lazy. Rather than me giving you the answers, why don't you tell me wtf happened here? xD
Up next: Nyancoin!
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new huge onion link list

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New to altcoins, care to help?

Until 3 weeks ago, I only ever had known of Bitcoin and Litecoin. Now that I am aware of all these other currencies, I'm excited and a bit overwhelmed. Would you care to submit your favorite cryptocurrency, how to set up a local wallet for it (I'm on Ubuntu and at present I have bitcoin-qt, litecoin-qt, and ppcoin-qt), good faucets, other tips, etc? My knowledge other than how to use wallets and conduct basic transactions is lacking. Also links to various thorough articles on mining, mining rigs, software, various currencies, etc would be appreciated. I'm very enthusiastic about the idea of cryptocurrencies, and I'm hoping that soon I can get a ton of wallets going and learn the differences between various coins.
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Hello, any suggestions for improving the sidebar?

So I'm thinking of improving the side bar, does anyone have any suggestions?
My first idea is creating a thread with links to various comments/posts by users on this subreddit containing info on ppcoin, and putting that in the side bar.(i.e. things such as 1 or 2, other suggestions would be appreciated)
Another would be perhaps moving the what is ppcoin faq to the top, and the how to get ppcoins/wallets/etc, to the subreddits wiki(currently undeveloped), with a link in the sidebar, rather than a whole explanation.
What are your thought on this? And do you have any suggestions?
Okay so I did it, Views? Additionally please check out the subreddits wiki, and tell me of anything which could be improved.
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I rewrote the sidebar text

Markdown (source): First, Rev 1, Rev 2, Rev 3, Rev 4, Rev 5, Rev 6. Use RES or orangered me to get latest.
Changes (First->Latest): (excl. minor edits)
“third” to “fourth” “annum” to “year” Remove “to” Restore paragraph split Restore since it's back online Numbered list to bullet points Edit descriptions of exchanges Update link Add marketplace Clean up Link to Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Namecoin Wikipedia pages (last Rev 6 edit) Link to Proof-of-{Stake,Work} explanations Edit cointip text Change FAQ/wiki links Add example screenshots Remove until they come out of testing Add link to service list BTC-e now supports two-factor authentication Add Mt.Gox Add important facts link 
Screenshots: current sidebar vs suggested sidebar.
Comment with any suggestions or ideas you have.
PPCoin or Peercoin is the cryptocurrency with the fourth highest market cap after Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Namecoin. It is the first known iteration of a combined proof-of-stake/proof-of-work coin.
It is designed to be energy efficient in the long run, have a steady inflation rate of one percent per year, and (through proof-of-stake) be free of dependence on miners.
/PPCoin FAQ, wiki
Official website, FAQ, wiki
Wikipedia article
Important facts
Getting started
Walkthrough for Peercoin wallet setup faucet (free Peercoins)
PPCoinTalk marketplace
List of exchanges and other services
All support two-factor authentication.
USD converter (
Cryptocurrency value tracker (
Ticker for Chrome (Creator's announcement thread)
Ticker for Firefox (Creator on reddit)
Forums (alternative currencies section)
Related subreddits
BitcoinTip (Quick Start Guide)
BitcoinTip and ALTcoinTip enabled on /PPCoin.
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[HIRING] Blog/Tutorial Writers to Write About Bitcoins, Litecoins, and PPCoins

At, there are paper wallets for bitcoins, litecoins, ppcoins, and soon to be released namecoins. After a few months of sales, there are a lot of people who are confused with how the cards work and even bitcoins in general.
Looking for someone to write blog posts about bitcoins, about things like buying and selling, various clients available, and general bitcoin/litecoin things. And also some tutorials on how to import paper wallets using various wallets/clients, setting up clients, sending payments, and other newbie friendly information.
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This is what traders think of Peercoin

/!\ FUD ALERT - Some of those comments may be incorrect, inaccurate or even trolling statements /!\

Sometimes it is interesting to have an overview about how people outside of our community see Peercoin. Traders are people who are also contributing to Peercoin's success.
This is a small compilation of what traders said about Peercoin on BTC-E's chat box during the past 7 days.
kkaspar: I like PPC more then BTC because it has a better community... more educated and less greedy... BTC is full of taxi driving gamblers who are looking for shortcuts on becoming rich
eugen3: They chose PPC because PoW is not future proof.
aldaamercury: eugen3, if ppc is going up, then pos is good. else pos is bad
BTB: PPC is an inflation coin, it will not hold its value relative to Inflation Resistant coins, FACT.
BTB: nope, I have no idea how the block reward works on PPC, I am not holding any ppc and do not plan to hold any, in the future.
BTB: ppc can be mined to infinity, what is ppc market cap?
eugen3: PPC is a combined pow+pos. Bitcoin community is far too convinced that PoW is flawless to make that switch though.
IncreaseMyT: Someone want ppc down but no one selling
woodlands1: lets drop PPC down to .26/coin so i can buy one with my leftover change
dscpt: can someone dump some ppc please i've got a bot to test
bitcoiner_ch: guys i know how to "redeem" my btc cold storage, but i have no idea where i can do the same with ppc and ltc...
promoJo: lets be honest here. 80% of crypto people do not know nor care about peercoin
DBOOTYNABBER: people don't know what PPC is? Whats the market cap on that coin anyway?
eugen3: In one year, PPC holders will be retired. Sunny King isn't a person. He is the ruler of the tropical island that you can buy a plot on for 1 PPC in late 2015.
MikeyBee: I got lucky enough and bought in PPC at .00185 and sold at .002 Gonna stay out while I can say I was profitable
MrWong: ppc whale is back and panic sell bc of stamp being down. market is falling till they return! scoop them cheap coins at the bottom yall
eugen3: With PPC, the network just works. No need to worry about big holders killing the asset they are invested in.
bitc0n: i dont buy ppc, i mint them
smedia2010: what if sunny dies? how is going to maintain PPC?
bitpiranha: (It's worth noting that there are better ways to implement proof-of-stake, it's just that method used in PPCoin is flawed. )
smedia2010: GoldDrive, PPC is centralized
bitseer: i downlaoded a fresh ppc wallet. on a 4core laptop over wifi i synched in 1 hr.
kkaspar: I like PPC, and I think that I'll buy it back when the storm settles
sirnoname: When ppc pumps I usually jump in as well, when I have time to monitor since it feels like suicide
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Started getting into the Cryptocurrency hobby.

I recently started a few cryptocurrency wallets. I even purchased a RasberryPi to create my own little mining rig. I dont intend to get any crazy numbers out of it. Alot of people complain about power concumption with there rigs. Im attempting to make the RasberryPi and the USB Erupters i use solar powered. Adafruit has a decent article on making the RasberryPi solar powered. Im gonna try and make a 1gh/s setup solar power. Its more of a proof of concept then to make any money. Just my new hobby. I currently have a bitcoin, Litecoin and Feathercoin wallet. Possibly gonna add PPcoin to it as well. What you guys think?
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Ask everyone you shop with to accept Litecoins!

I just posted another topic about this focusing on online vendors, but I want to reiterate that we really need you asking EVERYONE you want something from to accept your Litecoins.
If they know about Bitcoins, be sure to relate Litecoins to Bitcoins and talk about how Litecoins are designed to be more practical for smaller and faster transactions than Bitcoins. Litecoins are particularly great for the quick $1 - 500 transactions that are most common in day to day life, whereas Bitcoins are better geared to larger transactions where you don't mind waiting longer and paying larger fees to be sure they've gone through successfully.
If they know about mining, talk about how Litecoins are great because they will be able to take advantage of hardware which will no longer be efficient for Bitcoin mining as ASICs take over the Bitcoin network in the next few months. Tell them how anyone who can buy a graphics card for their computer can mine Litecoins efficiently thanks to the ASIC-protective scrypt algorithm and how that will give more freedom to people in oppressive regimes like Venezuela by giving them a legal and discrete means of acquiring an internationally tradable currency.
If they have concerns about chain forks on Bitcoin taking down the network temporarily, talk about how Litecoin is the best fit as a backup chain to provide less risk to everyone of markets coming to a halt when a bug affects one of the networks. Tell them this is because it's as fair as Bitcoin and can be mined with hardware that's no longer useful for Bitcoin mining.
If they know about other chains (PPcoin, Terracoin, Novacoin, etc.) tell them how they all have fatal flaws (they would all cannibalize hardware that could be used to mine Bitcoins, for instance). Tell them how most are created by unethical developers (Novacoin and PPcoin were created such that an absurd number of coins were generated in the first week and very few are now... basically a premine, and Novacoin was even worse by actually premining coins and using them as a bribe in order to be accepted on the BTC-e exchange). Litecoin on the other hand was created in an ethical way with no premining, no serious deviations from the Bitcoin philosophy, and in a way that allows it to coexist with a purpose alongside Bitcoin. Litecoin's creator was even invited to speak at this year's Bitcoin conference and is well respected among the Bitcoin community.
If they aren't familiar with Bitcoin, tell them about how Bitcoin and Litecoin are based on the same technology which allows a limited money supply and secure transactions and wallets without having to rely on banks. Tell them that they are the product of some of the world's greatest cryptography and networking geeks and are basically the internet of money; they are how everyone will do trade in a decade and they protect the whole world from the capricious instability of central banks. Tell them that since the money supply is forever strictly limited, early adopters will be rewarded if they keep their savings in Bitcoins and Litecoins.
If they still only want their normal currency, tell them that it's easy to exchange Litecoins for national currencies with low fees (generally 1% or the cost of a wire transfer) and that Litecoins will still give them better protection from fraud because Litecoin transactions are quickly confirmed and irreversible.
If they really want to know more, give them this link:
We need places to spend our coins and vendors stand to gain a lot from supporting Litecoins. At this early stage, every new vendor will be big news in the Litecoin community, so tell them that they should expect free publicity from accepting Litecoins too. So please, tell everyone you want to buy anything from that you want to pay in Litecoins!
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Why is installing peercoin qt in linux live session so hard?

I'm trying to do a USB Live Session fresh install on my OSX comp, using ubuntu 12.04. I want to install the peercoin client offline to generate an offline wallet which can then be encrypted and moved to a USB key, and later imported to peercoin on my Mac when I want to spend the coins.
My question is whether or not I have to connect to the Internet in the liveUSB to actually do this successfully? Because I'm having an amazing amount of trouble doing this (nights and nights of frustration) when I'm not connecting to the internet.
In general I don't think that I'm technically disinclined, but this is absolutely stumped me. I'll outline my steps that I've done so far.
1- I've made the USB system and can boot no problem. I always choose to "test ubuntu without installing" since when I tried installing it wanted to overwrite my OSX
2- I unpack the tar.gz and I can't actually follow the install instructions coming with Peercoin (ppcoin-0.3.0-linux.tar.gz is the file I downloaded) below:
First, make sure that the required packages for Qt4 development of your distribution are installed, for Debian and Ubuntu these are: apt-get install qt4-qmake libqt4-dev build-essential libboost-dev libboost-system-dev \ libboost-filesystem-dev libboost-program-options-dev libboost-thread-dev \ libssl-dev libdb4.8++-dev then execute the following: qmake make Alternatively, install Qt Creator and open the `` file. 
I cant install the required packages in order to unpack everything. All of the threads I read about detail steps AFTER installing, so it seems like I just am braindead and can't even get to the point others start to have difficulty.
I also cannot install a QT creator, which the system suggests I try to do to create a graphical user interface. I've also followed the instructions here, as to how to install QT creator, but to absolutely no avail. The command line either says there is no file, or nothing happens. I followed the instructions here, as to how to unpack a file with a .bin extension but when I do that nothing happens either.
I guess my question is, why is this so hard for me? Everything that I read suggest that the best kind of off-line wallet is done on a system that is never connected to the Internet. But if I can't install anything without connecting to the Internet, how can I get to the point where I can even generate a Wallet?
This link on github suggests I should be connected to the internet
Is anybody aware of an ultra descriptive linux/ubuntu 12.04 fresh install set of instructions? Something like this I think would be incredibly valuable to the community, and if I ever figure it out on my own, I will absolutely make it. I feel like this is limiting me from getting completely set up with peercoin.
I can just generate private keys offline (I think, honestly I haven't tried running the html files I've downloaded because I'm fighting with ubuntu (,, etc)). But since I am using OS X, there doesn't appear for me to be any way to actually import a generated private key/address at this point into the OSX peercoin client to generate a new wallet. Is there?
Any help is very very appreciated, thanks very much. Also, should I double post this at I'm more familiar with Reddit :)
*edit 1 - fixed formatting
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Hopefully some Peercoin help, thank you

Hi everyone,
I've been reading all I can about Peercoin, and I'm planning on getting started (slowly accumulating BTC to convert) with Peercoin as soon as I can.
I have some questions relating to offline wallet setup that I haven't been able to find the answers to, and I would really appreciate any assistance. I've been lurking peercoin for a while, as well as
1 - I notice there are https ways of generating bitcoin/litecoin addresses, but only http for the analogous peercoin site:
It's funny - I'm satisfied it's 'safe' to download and run the https website on a LiveCD to generate an offline wallet (for bitcoin), but I'm not sure about the http version (for peercoin). Is there really any appreciable difference in risk? Could someone compromise the code hosted on http vs. https?
2 - If I can't use an unsecured http site to generate offline wallets, then I can certainly download the ppcoin-qt client and run that in LiveCD. I can get a receiving address, but I can't figure out how to input the analogous command to dumpprivkey that I see referenced for Bitcoin-qt. Is this command prompt not available in the current version, or do I have to setup a ppcoin.conf file in order to access the command prompt?
I would want to write down (on paper) the private key associated with my wallet.dat file generated in the liveCD environment just in case I completely mess up any backing up/copying I do of the wallet.dat
2.5 - Which brings me to: Does it matter? Is it easier to just back up the wallet in the liveCD environment, and then store it on a truecrypt volume on a USB key? And then later just mount the truecrypt drive and import the wallet when I want access to the coins?
My goal with ppcoin is to buy a few peercoins and then come back a few years later to see what's happened. I want everything to be offline until then.
3 - Can I use to find out about balances at peercoin addresses, or is that just for bitcoin? Is there an analogous service for peercoin? I would just want to check periodically that my offline address still has my peercoins, to satisfy my paranoia.
Thank you very very much for any help. I feel like I could set myself up nicely with bitcoin, but I'm just not completely comfortable with peercoin's software just yet. Though I much prefer the idea of holding a few ppc compared to btc.
submitted by ragerob to peercoin [link] [comments] (Donate to Primecoin Projects - Developers Earn Tips)

What is Prime4Commit? With you can add projects from GitHub and donate Primecoins (XPM) to the ones that interest you the most. Anyone that submits code changes and has them accepted will receive Primecoin tips. This helps in providing an incentive for developers to work on important projects that will benefit Primecoin in the future. Prime4Commit was adapted by Sigmike from Tip4commit.
What is a Commit? Each time someone adds changes to the source code of a supported project, they receive 1% of the project balance. A set of changes is called a "commit". Here is an example commit for Primecoin merge with Bitcoin v0.8.6:
How do I Receive a Tip for my Commit? We use the email address included in the commit to identify the author and notify him. To receive the tip, the author must follow the link in the email he received and set his Primecoin address. If he doesn't do that within 1 month, the tip goes back to the project balance.
How do I Donate to a Project I Like? You can see all supported projects here: To donate to a specific project, open up the page for that project and just send Peercoins to the address that is displayed. For an example, check out Primecoin's main project page: If the project you want to donate to is not supported yet, go to the supported projects page and just copy/paste its GitHub URL (For example: into the input box above the list. Anyone can add a project to Prime4commit, even if you are not the project maintainer. 99% of your donation will be given as tips. 1% will be kept to host the website and pay the transaction fees.
How do I Push my Commits? Getting write access to the "Master" of a project involves that the project maintainer provides access to you in Github. This type of access would only be given to people trusted by the maintainer. If you already have write access to the project, just push your commits to the default branch of the project as usual. Otherwise, you'll have to fork the project (i.e. Start your own project based on the supported project), make some changes and create a pull request to propose your changes. If your pull request is accepted (Merged), you'll receive one tip per commit. If the changes are simple enough, you can do them in your browser by editing the files on GitHub. Otherwise, you'll have to use Git to clone your fork, make some changes, commit them and push the commits to GitHub. You can find a lot of information about that on GitHub help and on the web.
Make Sure You Read the Project Charter & Tipping Policies Before Starting: Project maintainers can refuse your commits for several reasons. It is important to read the "Charter" of the project on its GitHub page, which usually provides guidance on which commits and under what rules they would be accepted. For example, there are very strict rules for contributing to the official ppcoin/ppcoin project. A good way to ensure the maintainer is willing to merge your changes is to first create an issue explaining what you're going to do and ask if they would merge a pull request. Wait for an answer before starting. The project owner can also edit the Tipping Policies section on their Prime4Commit project page to include more information on what kind of commits will be tipped. So it's important to read both the project charter on GitHub and the tipping policies that are listed on Prime4Commit.
Can Project Owners Change the Amount Donated to Each Commit? Yes, they have a new button "Change project settings" on the project page along the project name. In this screen they can change 2 things (for now):
When the checkbox is active, each new commit generates an "Undecided" tip and the authors are not notified. The project owners can then click on a new button on the project page to decide the tip amounts. They have these choices:
The authors are notified when the tip amount is decided (Unless they have recently been notified already, or if they said they don't want any more notification, or if they have configured their Primecoin address). The 2 buttons are only available to project collaborators (Those who can push changes to the supported repository). There should be more options in the future. Your ideas are welcome.
What Measures Have Been Taken to Secure the Funds on Prime4Commit? The project funds are isolated in different accounts in the wallet, so if someone ever finds a way to get more tips than the project balance, Primecoin will not take the funds from another project and will refuse the transaction. Projects with a high balance have part of its funds moved to cold storage. This is still a manual operation, but will soon be automated. The website runs in an isolated virtual server running only this service.
Do You Have an Audit Page Setup for Prime4Commit? Yes, Prime4Commit does have an audit page. It shows different information, such as amount donated, available balance, transaction fees, amount in cold storage and includes addresses for each project. You can view the page here:
Conclusion: The commit may not be the best item to identify the value of a contribution, but it's a very convenient way to identify contributors and send them donations. The maintainer of the project doesn't even have to do anything. Supporters can add a project from GitHub and start donating without any extra work on the project side (Except setting their address if they want the tips). A commit can include very important changes that took a very long time to build (Like the v0.8.6 changes) or a very small change like adding a comma.
Contact: If you have any questions, either post them in this thread, message Sigmike on Reddit: on;u=30141 or open an issue on GitHub:
Fork: Pull Request: Git: Github Help:
Comment: Modified for Prime4Commit based on original post written by Sentinelrv
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I rewrote the subreddit FAQ

Markdown (source): First, Rev 1, Latest
Changes (First->Latest)
Superscript download sources Add note about fractions Add sources for download links 
Comment with any suggestions or ideas you have.
What is Peercoin?
Peercoin (Project name: PPCoin) is a relatively new cryptocurrency (August 19, 2012) which like all other major cryptocurrencies is based on Bitcoin.
Peercoin is currently the cryptocurrency with the greatest number of innovations. The key difference being that it implements a proof-of-stake system in place of the proof-of-work system. This system is designed not only to make Peercoin truly energy efficient in the long run, but also to dramatically raise the cost of a 51 percent attack, and to facilitate a steady predictable inflation rate of one percent per year.
Peercoin is what you'll likely call it in daily speech. It's easily pronounced and looks good in text.
PPCoin is the official name of the project and coin.
PPC is its currency code and an acronym for Peer-to-Peer Coin.
Cryptocurrency is a currency relying on cryptography for authenticity.
How do I buy Peercoins?
The most common way is to buy Bitcoins and trade them for Peercoins at an exchange. Popular exchanges are listed in the sidebar.
List of ways to buy Bitcoins
Note: You can buy fractions, i.e. half a Bitcoin or 0.31415 BTC.
How do I get a Peercoin wallet?
  1. Go to and click the money bag for the latest version or use the links below.
    Windows (Sourceforge)
    OS X (Mega)
    Linux (Sourceforge)
    Links revised 2013-07-02. Sources: PPCoinTalk, Github PPCoin wiki.
  2. Install and open.
    Note: Until the wallet has synchronised with the network, you may not see coins sent to your address.
  3. Encrypt and backup the wallet. (optional, but strongly recommended!)
How many Peercoins will exist?
Simple explanation.
Was Peercoin premined?
No, the first block was not mined until 18:19:16 UTC, whereas the coin software was released to the public at 17:57:38 UTC.
Additionally, Peercoin has had arguably one of the most fair launches of any cryptocurrency to date.
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In Case you Haven't Read the 2nd Community Interview with Sunny King Because you Haven't Signed up at the Forum yet, Here it is...

Some people have not signed up at yet and don't have access to Sunny's interview, so here it is...
Sunny King: hi all
JustaBitofTime: Hey Sunny, nice to have you with us. Are you ready to get started?
Sunny King: Yes John I'm ready.
JustaBitofTime: Coolbeans94 wanted to know about Peercoin's long term approach, he asks "27. Is its design more for long-term security and sustainability? How does that relate to Bitcoin’s longterm vision?(Coolbeans94)"
Sunny King: @Coolbeans 94. Both PPC and XPM are designed to last. PPC is designed with energy efficiency, XPM is designed with energy multiuse. Bitcoin has a long term uncertainty as to whether transaction fees can sustain good enough level of security. Before that the main concern is how to balance transaction volume and transaction fee levels. Currently I get the feeling that bitcoin developers favor very low transaction fees and very high transaction volume, to be competitive against centralized systems (paypal, visa, mastercard etc) in terms of transaction volume, to the point of sacrificing decentralization. This also brings major uncertainties to bitcoin's future.
Sunny King: @Coolbeans 94. From my point of view, I think the cryptocurrency movement needs at least one 'backbone' currency, or more, that maintains high degree of decentralization, maintains high level of security, but not necessarily providing high volume of transactions. Thinking of savings accounts and gold coins, you don't transact them at high velocity but they form the backbone of the monetary systems.
Sunny King: @Coolbeans 94. Pure proof-of-work systems such as bitcoin is not 100% suitable for this task. This is because transaction fee is not a reliable incentive to sustain network security. If the mining generation amount is kept constant (there have been several such attempts in altcoins) it would work better security-wise but then it would also significantly weaken the scarcity property of the currency. XPM's inflation model is designed in such a way that it could serve as backbone currency better than bitcoin if needed, because it could maintain high security reliably for longer, with reasonably good scarcity property as well. Of course that's only from architect's point of view, whether or not it would be chosen by the market is a whole different matter.
JustaBitofTime: Along those lines the community wanted to know ""If the tax fees are to remain fixed at 0.01 and Peercoin becomes widely adopted, (Thus a sharp rise in value) the fees could become too much for microtransactions. What would happen in this case? What solutions do you imagine to get around the microtransaction issue?"
Sunny King: @Coolbeans 94. PPC is designed to serve even better as a backbone currency. The proof-of-stake technology in PPC is not only energy efficient; it also maintains high level of security without relying on transaction fee. Thus PPC could be safely designed with strong scarcity property yet serving well as backbone currency.
Sunny King: @Coolbeans 94. Both PPC and XPM use protocol enforced transaction fees, which reflects my preference that high transaction volume is discouraged in favor of serving as backbone currencies.
JustaBitofTime: Speaking of security, there's often quite a bit of debate surrounding the PPC vs XPM checkpointing. 27.5 Will checkpoints be optional like they are in XPM in the next client version?
Sunny King: @transaction fees: Right now if we are talking about micropayments in the US$1 range, both PPC and XPM still handle them with much lower overhead than credit card network. In the long term micropayments should be provided by centralized providers, or a less decentralized network optimized for high capacity transaction processing.
Sunny King: @transaction fees: On the other hand there is no promise that minimum transaction fee wouldn't be adjusted. If processing capacity of personal computers continues to advance at the current pace, both max block size and minimum transaction fee could very well be adjusted at some point. However I do take a very cautious approach to adjusting transaction fees, as opposed to bitcoin devs. The impact to the fitness of the currency as a backbone currency is of great concerns to me.
Sunny King: @checkpoint: Decentralization of PPC checkpoint is currently planned to begin in v0.5. It would be a gradual process.
JustaBitofTime: I can tell you from my own Libertarian leaning, being able to add some layer of anonymous transactions is important to me. 47. Can you tell us more about 'sendtoaddressfrom' and Avatar mode? Will this be released in the next client version? (JustaBitofTime)
Sunny King: @JustaBitofTime Yeah this is still at conceptual stage. It shares some similarity to coin control. However from user point of view I'd like them to think in terms of avatars instead of addresses and coins, it's simpler and better for privacy.
Sunny King: The main rule is that in avatar mode the client doesn't automatically assemble coins from different avatars into the same transaction but it can still do so within an avatar
JustaBitofTime: One of the challenges the Peercoin community faces is breaking down all the technical nuances of the coin. Alertness asks "60. Could you please explain exactly how the level of PoW and PoS difficulty is calculated? (Alertness)"
Sunny King: so you probably need to specify which avatar the money should come from in a send
Sunny King: I would wait to see how coin control is introduced in bitcoin first. If bitcoin implements similar concepts first that would be nice too.
Sunny King: @Alertness For simplicity we can think of the difficulty adjustment of PoW and PoS blocks independent of each other. Basically it uses some technique called 'exponential moving' to keep the block spacing relatively constant. It adjusts on every block and smoother than bitcoin's adjustment, responding to change of network hash rate much faster than bitcoin, but at the same time not too fast to make difficulty manipulation exploits difficult.
Sunny King: @Alertness PoS blocks have a constant 10-minute spacing target. PoW blocks have a variable spacing target, between 10-minute and 2-hour, but on average it's about 30-minute when PoS block spacing is close to the 10-minute target. This serves to reduce the variation of block spacing.
JustaBitofTime: Along those lines, 60.5 Could you please spend some time talking about the environmental impact of Bitcoin vs Peercoin now and then in the future? (JustaBitofTime)
Sunny King: @JustaBitofTime I don't like to paint bitcoin in a negative picture because it's indeed a brilliant system with high integrity and reasonably good inflation design. High energy consumption is only a minor blemish. To say that it's gold 2.0 I think is quite reasonable.
Sunny King: But if we can solve one of the issues with gold and gold 2.0, their environmental impact, that would be very nice, wouldn't it? We all want to live on a cleaner and happier earth, right? So we should take this task more seriously and PPC provides a possible solution.
Sunny King: On the other hand we should also respect other people's free will. For example we should not force other people to not mine bitcoin or participate in distributed computing projects, because of the environmental cost. So XPM complements the goal here as it produces additional scientific value from the consumed energy. So people who like to mine cryptocurrency for whatever reason have a better choice to mine, to get more benefit out of the mining activity and environmental cost.
JustaBitofTime: For our non-technical users, how does PoS factor into the environmental impact? In other words, 1 friend is mining Bitcoin and the other is mining Peercoin. How does that look now and how does it look in 1 year?
Sunny King: Currently PPC market cap is still small, so the effect is still small. If PPC becomes as successful as BTC, then the energy saving would be significant, and more and more so as difficulty rises
JustaBitofTime: As difficulty rises, what is the net effect? I feel this is an area that many new to the coin have trouble making the connection.
Sunny King: A caveat here is that the energy consumption on bitcoin mining might drop in the long term as well, due to lack of incentive in mining. However this would drop bitcoin's security level
JustaBitofTime: You spoke about producing additional scientific value from consumed energy with XPM. 55. What are your thoughts about [email protected]? Do you see a place for it in crypto coins?
Sunny King: Difficulty increase in PPC reduces inflation rate, which also reduces the energy consumption. This is assuming market capitalization stays the same
Sunny King: It's hard to say, I am not an expert in protein folding algorithms but I can imagine it would be hard to completely decentralize. There has been a proposal of a less decentralized solution whereas traditional hashing provides network security and half of the minting, whereas folding computation provides the other half of the minting using the existing centralized distributed computing network. This approach is not limited to [email protected] though, people are also thinking about other networks such as BOINC.
Sunny King: The problem with this system is whether trust is required on the centralized distributed computing network to not abuse the system and counterfeit. Without solving such problems it's not a serious currency system in my opinion, but on the other hand we do see existing systems in operation with centralized minting, such as DVC and FRC. So this type of systems definitely has some niche in the market.
JustaBitofTime: Shifting gears here, Jimmy asks "Q1 New: When will the development team release the official ppcoin specification? (Jimmy) Clarification “We got the paper last year, but we need a protocol specification detail similar to , especially for POS and the integration of POW with POS. The specification is important to developers and the general users who are interested in ppcoin.”
Sunny King: @Jimmy There is no set plans for this yet. If the demand is strong I could look into getting a summary of difference between bitcoin protocol spec and ppcoin protocol spec.
JustaBitofTime: Between 2 different coins, you obviously have your hands full. Romerun asks "Last interview sunny say if he somehow disappears Scott will fill in. But up till now we don't really know who he is, or how much commitment of him to the project / etc. There could be the issue of impostor too, so it would be benefit to the community to clear this up. And wouldn't it be better to have a few more key devs to PPC."
JustaBitofTime: My understanding was Scott was capable of filling in, however, has not worked on PPC recently?
Sunny King: That's right. For some reason Scott isn't as motivated as I am. I also look forward to having more developers with ppc, right now I think xpm team is in good shape, quite a number of people are working on xpm miners which requires a good understanding of the innerworkings of primecoin.
Sunny King: So I think as our community grows there will be more talents showing up. I am still pounding scott to be actively involved as well
JustaBitofTime: As your development team expands for XPM, Muto asks "35. Do you plan to release another currency? (Muto)"
Sunny King: @Muto 35. No such plan right now. I have recently turned down a few invitations to work on other currency projects due to my responsibility in PPC and XPM. I am committed to further improve PPC and XPM's competitiveness in the market.
JustaBitofTime: Speaking of competitiveness in the market, Romerun would like to know "What are the development priorities/future features of PPC/XMP in Sunny's mind? online wallet? etc."
JustaBitofTime: I understand marketing and overall community development/involvement is a big part of the overall plan.
Sunny King: I have touched a few things last week I think, there are other things I have in mind but don't wish to talk about yet. I am constantly evaluating market situation to figure out what's the best features to compete in the market
JustaBitofTime: Let's change it up again 8. Who are your business and personal heroes? (MeBeingAwesome)
Sunny King: As to services and apps I usually leave those to the market to support. If I were to be involved in a service somehow I think it needs to have profit potential
Sunny King: and not divert too much of my resources and time
Sunny King: @MeBEingAwesome Right now I am in the business of cryptocurrency As to my heroes, I think Satoshi qualifies as one. We know that before bitcoin came into existence, several pioneers in the digital currency world have made sacrifices, such as Douglass Jackson the founder of e-gold, Bernard von NotHaus the founder of Liberty Dollar, among many others. These efforts are part of the same movement to decentralize the control of money, from potentially rising oppressive governments. Gold was demonetized to mainly facilitate centralized power, that gives governments power to do a lot more damage, to do whatever they want. Through history we can see the corruption of morality of governments, for example, in the 1860's US governement still had the integrity to return to gold standard after civil war, while in the 1930's it no longer had such integrity after an economic depression. Not only that, it developed audacity to blame the depression on gold. It's very difficult to restore morality of governments.
Sunny King: The cryptocurrency movement, arising from the lessons of e-gold and liberty dollar, gives people a powerful tool to peacefully return to the principle of limited government. We all thank Satoshi whose brilliant mind and effort enabled this movement. Of course there are a lot more things going on in the societies outside cryptocurrency world, to preserve mankind's freedom, to elevate mankind's morality and spirituality, so there are many heroes around us.
JustaBitofTime: I completely respect your desire to remain anonymous. If the code is open, that should speak for itself. With that being said, there are people that claim you might be someone involved with the Satoshi team early on. Can you speak to that rumor? Also, did you have any involvement with Satoshi directly?
Sunny King: I wish I were as that would have made me very rich I am also curious to who Satoshi really is, what led him to such great achievement. But on the other hand I also wish him a peaceful life not having to endure such hardships like NotHaus
JustaBitofTime: For those not familiar with NotHaus, please look into Liberty Dollar.
Look in the comments for the rest...
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How valuable is Coin Age?

I've seen several discussions about the relevance of coin age. There are many reasons why it could be important or interesting. I've seen people use it as an indication to see how confident early adopters are or that it may be used in the calculation of fees in certain clients. There is even a crypto-currency called PPCoin which seems to value older coins less that recently "spent" (transferred) coins. I understand that for an economy to flourish, money must flow and for a currency to be successful it must be used and you'd want to give people incentives to spend.
My question is how this relates to Bitcoin. I would like to know all arguments on whether older coins in the blockchain are MORE, LESS or of EQUAL value to an owner for any reason. Be it technical, risk, influence, etc.
Of course you could just move your coins around in your wallet, but I'm trying to figure out whether that devalues the coins.
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Oh great, another coin.

I have a suggestion for a coin, but as i am not a programmer i need advice.
Basically its a ppcoin clone with a few differences.
  1. The program should have a built-in voting protocol (one coin, one vote) so that you could split the coin like when companies split a stock. That is, when the value of the coin rises (hopefully) you could vote for a split to better enable small transactions. And this would also ensure that the value of the coin remained relatively stable ( obviosly the value would halve if you did a 1-2 split ). As i understand bitcoin, and bitcoin-like protocols the smallest transaction possible is fixed which i think is stupid as none of us can imagine how small transactions will be needed in the future.
  2. Perhaps i havent understood the "proof of burn" principle, but would it be possible to demand the burning of one coin to unlock the wallet. Im sure we all worry a bit about wallet-stealing software but dont these programs simply try millions of combinations precisely because its free. If each password guess cost one coin wouldnt that make it far more secure.
  3. Is it possible to have the program come with a built-in i2p-router for better anonymity?
English is my second langauge so please forgive grammatical clumsiness. Love to hear your thoughts.
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What is a Bitcoin Wallet? (in Plain English) - YouTube Anleitung: Kryptowährungen von eToro auf ein eigenes ... CryptoCurrency Howto - Installing The BLC PPCoin Wallet On Windows 7 How To Use Bitcoin Wallet - YouTube Bitcoin Basics (Part 2) -

Peercoin (oder PPC, PPCoin) ist eine Peer-to-Peer-Kryptowährung, die sowohl Proof-of-Stake- als auch Proof-of-Work-Systeme verwendet.. Peercoin basiert auf einem Papier vom August 2012, in dem die Autoren als Scott Nadal und Sunny King aufgeführt sind. Sunny King, der auch Primecoin kreierte, ist ein Pseudonym. Nadals Beteiligung war im November 2013 zurückgegangen, so dass King als ... Bitcoin Wallet ist sicherer als die meisten anderen Bitcoin-Wallets, weil sie einen direkt mit dem Bitcoin-Netzwerk verbindet. Bitcoin Wallet hat ein simples Interface und genau die richtige Menge an Funktionen, die sie zu einer großartigen Wallet und einem großartigen Lernhilfsmittel für Bitcoin-Anfänger macht. Kapitel 5 Bitcoin Banken: 10 Mrd. USD durch Hacks verloren. Eine letzte Sache ... Bitcoin Wallet Vergleich: Alles was man über Bitcoin Wallets wissen muss Auch wenn eine Investition in Bitcoins heutzutage immer einfacher wird, gilt es doch einige wichtige Informationen zu kennen. So sollte man als zukünftiger Anleger beispielsweise wissen, was ein Bitcoin Wallet ist, welche unterschiedlichen Arten es gibt, wie man ein Bitcoin Wallet erstellen kann und welche Anbieter am ... Peercoin(ppcoin) online wallet. ppc-wallet is the simplest way to accept, send, and use Peercoin(ppcoin). Fast, Free, and Anonymous. Peercoin(ppcoin) payments arrive instantly, have no fees, are totally anonymous, work anywhere in the world. Create A Free Ppcoin Wallet. Right Now. Email: Password: FREE. to Accept PPC. Arrives instantly: Worldwide Merchant: FREE. to Send Money. Instant payout ... Diese Wallet gibt Ihnen volle Kontrolle über Ihre Bitcoins. Das bedeutet, dass kein Dritter Ihr Vermögen verlieren oder einfrieren kann. Sie sind aber selbst dafür verantwortlich, Ihre Wallet zu sichern und Backups zu erstellen. Vollständige Validierung Diese Wallet ist ein "Full Node", die Transaktionen im Bitcoin-Netzwerk validiert und weiterleitet. Das bedeutet, dass keinem Dritten ...

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What is a Bitcoin Wallet? (in Plain English) - YouTube

Kostenloses & Sicheres Bitcoin Wallet - Electrum - 🐃 Bitcoin & Co. einfach kaufen (inkl. 10€ Bonus) PPCoin is a new altchain that was launch around the end of August early September 2012. The daemon is a lot like namecoin in that no real snazzy GUI exists. With that in ind we do have the option ... Tutorial and guide on how to install a Peercoin software wallet locally on your computer. *** The website address is now *** Playlist: ht... Bitcoin Wallet Stealer -----It steals the wallets from different programs and uploads them to your ftp. If you get an unprotected wallet you can do what ever you want with the bitcoins there . This video explains how you can buy Bitcoin via credit card and send the Bitcoin directly to your favorite wallet. I used Binance BTC wallet as an example. O...