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Only Bitcoin can reach them!

For the people of the Ukraine, time is running out. Their banking system is collapsing. Their currency is crashing. People need food, medical aid and supplies. They may be under foreign invasion!
The people of the Ukraine need us. They have been cut off from the world. Only Bitcoin can reach them.
This is the right moment to prove that Bitcoin can do what we have always promised – to protect freedom.
I am writing from a Bitcoin Hackathon in Tel Aviv. We have stopped what we are doing to help this cause. We have managed to reach out to the protesters on the ground and, in collaboration with Gary Kasparov and the Human Rights Foundation, are identifying where the funds are needed most.
We have created a multi-sig wallet to accept donations: 39wbuEjp3mfFAB3bTjmkFB69XAmKYRMq5i
The keys are held by three trusted members of our community:
More information, updates and the opportunity to donate can be found at
We hope that the global Bitcoin community joins us.
Donate. Create Memes. Viralize.
Together, we will show the world what Bitcoin can do!
That address again: 39wbuEjp3mfFAB3bTjmkFB69XAmKYRMq5i
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