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Ферма для майнинга (Bitcoin или Litecoin) 3 шт Radeon HD7970

Hey Reddit. I'm building a PC here in Finland and can't find the key differences between Gigabyte Radeon HD 7970 WindForce 3X (Gigabyte GV... Model kH/s Watts Clock (GHz) Cores Miner Operating system Notes Geode LX 800 : 0.12 : 0.50 : 1 : pooler's cpuminer 2.3.2 : Ubuntu 11.04 x86 : Fusion E-350 Comparison of mining algorithms [] SHA-256 and Scrypt mining []. Due to popularity growth of Bitcoin at the end of 2013, the mining difficulty has increased for many times. This was also caused by the fact that many large investors began to buy ASIC equipment for Bitcoin mining on an industrial scale. It all led to the fact that SHA-256 crypto currency mining without special equipment ceased ... Gigabyte GV-N680D5-2GD-B: $524.99 $519.99: MSI N680GTX-PM2D2GD5: $499.99 $509.99: NCIXPC NV-GTX680-2GB $525.98: PNY VCGGTX680XPB: $529.99 $529.99: Zotac ZT-60101-10P: $499.99 $509.99: Lowest: $499 ... Im Zusammenhang mit der wachsenden Popularität von Bitcoin Ende 2013 hat sich die Komplexität des Minings vervielfacht. Viele Großinvestoren begannen, ASIC-Equipment für den Bitcoin-Mining im industriellen Maßstab zu kaufen. Mining-Kryptowährung auf SHA-256 ohne spezielle Ausrüstung hat aufgehört, profitabel zu sein (Bitcoin ist das profitabelste für Kryptowährungs-Mining auf dem SHA ...

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Ферма для майнинга (Bitcoin или Litecoin) 3 шт Radeon HD7970

6 Видеокарты - 1 шт Gigabyte HD7970 3072MB (GV-R797OC-3GD) 7 Материнская плата Gigabyte GA-780T-D3L (sAM3/sAM3+, AMD 760G, PCI-Ex16)