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[Discussion] TestFlight Public Beta Links V2

EDIT: I'm really baffled as to why there are people downvoting this. You're only preventing other people on the sub-reddit from seeing this by doing so. Think about other people who have been looking for some of these links for months before you downvote this post for zero reason.

New Thread for y'all!

Here are the TestFlight links I have come across so far. I will update this continually as I find more and as you guys post more. Happy testing!

Tip: Use Ctrl+F to find links to your favorite applications quicker

If you like what you see, feel free to Venmo me! I just graduated college and will have to start paying back loans soon, so anything is extremely appreciated. Feel free to send me your username too, if you want a shoutout on this post!

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Old Post:

Update #1: Added column for the people who wanted to know when new links were added. You're welcome.
Update #1.5: I will remove the links after every tenth link that is added, so make sure to check the list daily!

Update #2: Since this list is becoming a lot bigger, I'm adding a column for apps that I endorse (whether I like them or not) or have on my phone, so that people can find better quality apps quicker.

Up to date as of 10/24/19 @ 10:05 AM EST
Date Added OP approved // On My Device Application Link Sauce // Instructions
Yes // Yes Faster Internet Courtesy of u/rgllm
1Blocker X Courtesy of u/loudmoutholeary
Yes // No 1Password Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
2Do - Todo List, Tasks & Notes Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No 9GAG: Best LOL Pics & GIFs Courtesy of u/jengyong
AdGuard Courtesy of u/Birdman-82 // Form
all 4 hue (for Philips Hue) Courtesy of u/bkmgtpe
Area51: A Client for Reddit Courtesy of u/Nicolaspatate
Airchat for AirPods Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
Yes // No Airmail Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
AmazFaces Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Andrana Project Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No AnyList Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Armajet Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis // Form. Scroll down to bottom
Artstudio Pro: Draw Paint Edit Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Banana Racer Courtesy of u/potencia2001
Yes // No BBC Sport Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
Beatwave Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No BETA PUBG MOBILE Courtesy of u/suuuuuuuuja
9/18/19 Binfinder: Find litter bins Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Yes // No BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis // Form
Yes // No Buffer: Social Media Manager Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Bullet Force Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis // Form
CARROT Fit Courtesy of u/loudmoutholeary
9/29/19 Castro Podcast Player Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Cs Music Player Courtesy of u/Birdman-82
ChastiKey Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
CHUNE Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Cloud Baby Monitor Courtesy of u/alexrianne
CoinView: Bitcoin Altcoin App Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Comet Courtesy of u/Cesuva
Controller for HomeKit Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Custom Contacts 2 Courtesy of u/RisksvsBenefits
9/29/19 Dark Odds Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Darkroom – Photo Editor Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
Yes // No Day One Journal Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Debit & Credit Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Deezer Courtesy of u/K2rtman Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
DEV Community Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // Yes Discord Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
Dog Scanner Courtesy of u/arcangel_06
Yes // Yes Dropbox Courtesy of u/Nicolaspatate
9/18/19 Yes // Yes Email - Canary Mail Courtesy of u/kamsa6-fojbiz-nesXem
Emma - Money Management Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
9/18/19 Eternal Love M Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Yes // No Facebook Light Courtesy of u/Birdman-82
Yes // Yes Facebook Messenger Courtest of u/dmbaio
FanFiction.Net Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Feedly Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
Yes // No Fenix For Twitter Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
FIFA: Gameplay First Look Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
9/18/19 Fight Back to the 80's Match 3 Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Yes // No Firefox Courtesy of u/syralspiral // Requires an E-Mail Address
FotMob Live Soccer Scores Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Freebox Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
GAMEE - Play with your friends Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Garadget 2 Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
GawkBox Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
GROM - Get Rid of Minions Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No GroupMe Courtesy of Yours Truly
Yes // Yes Google Apps (Every. Single. One.) (Best find ever) Courtest of u/ryangoldstein // Click on "Get Access" at the top right of the screen
Yes // Yes Google Chrome Beta Courtesy of Yours Truly // Click on "Download Chrome Beta" on an iOS device
Guide Meditation Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Happy Mail for Gmail Courtesy of u/arcangel_06
Hexer – Hex File Viewer Courtesy of u/Kamik423
Highlights - Export PDF Notes Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
9/18/19 Yes // No Hire by Google Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Home Assistant Companion Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
iCertifi Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Idle Space: Cargo Empire Courtesy of u/Ultimastar
Yes // Yes IFTTT Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis // Form
Yes // No Imgur - Meme & GIF Maker Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
infltr - Infinite Filters Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
iSH Shell Courtesy of u/gnomeuser
Yes // No Jira Cloud by Atlassian Courtesy of u/thekirbylover
KARMA: Social Network For Good Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
Yes // No Kaspersky Security Cloud Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No LastPass Password Manager Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
LFIX Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Map Pilot for DJI Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
10/3/19 Maze Machine Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Yes // No Mega Courtesy of u/Nicolaspatate
9/19/19 Memento: Modern Reminders Courtesy of u/kamsa6-fojbiz-nesXem
Yes // No Microsoft Cortana Courtesy of Daniel Rubino from Windows Central
Yes // Yes Microsoft Edge or See Right Column Courtesy of u/DarkUv77 & Yours Truly // Go into the settings within the Microsoft Edge browser and look at the middle option for "Join Microsoft Edge Beta" and badda-boom-badda-bing
Yes // No Microsoft Excel Courtesy of Yours Truly
Yes // Yes Microsoft OneDrive Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
Yes // No Microsoft OneNote Courtesy of Yours Truly
Yes // No Microsoft Outlook Courtesy of Yours Truly
Yes // No Microsoft PowerPoint Courtesy of Yours Truly
Yes // No Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta Courtesy of u/Rukario
Yes // Yes Microsoft To-Do Courtesy of u/DiegoNavarro
Yes // No Microsoft Word Courtesy of Yours Truly
Mojo - Create Video Stories Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Momento - GIF Maker & Creator Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Moonscape - Crypto Tracker Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Musixmatch Lyrics Finder Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
MyPal Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Netwa - spy for Whatsapp Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No The New York Times Courtesy of u/sushiinyourface
Nextcloud Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
NoiseHub Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
10/3/19 Yes // No Notability Courtesy of u/jraspiprojects // Form
NotePlan - Markdown Calendar Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
NSScreencast Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Omlet Arcade Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Onedox: For household bills Courtesy of u/CashMc1234
Yes // No osu! Courtesy of u/151010
Overcast Courtesy of u/Kamik423
ownCloud Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Parcel - Delivery Tracking Courtesy of u/KvasiSide
Password AR Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
PDF Expert 7: PDF Editor Courtesy of u/Icy_Instance
PDF Viewer Pro by PSPDFKit Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Phosphor Courtesy of [deleted]
Yes // No Plex Courtesy of u/Birdman-82
Yes // No Pocket: Save. Read. Grow. Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Pushover Notifications Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Pythonista 3 Courtesy of u/HarryLafranc
Yes // No Quizlet Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
Rad Trails! Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
RainViewer Storm Radar Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // Yes Reddit (Ayyy!) Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis // Form
RetailBox Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Revolut - Radically Better Courtesy of u/liamdaly
rIPTV Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
RoomScan Pro Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Screens Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
SHAREit - Connect & Transfer Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
SideCoach Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Signal - Private Messenger Courtesy of u/yxkillz
Skies Of Chaos Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Skype For iPhone Courtesy of u/Suavechef
Yes // No Skype For iPad Courtesy of u/Suavechef // May need to initiate beta from an iPad
Yes // No Slack Courtesy of u/TSUTiger // Form
Sleep Cycle alarm clock Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Slide for Reddit Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
Yes // Yes Snapchat Courtesy of Yours Truly
Social Dummy Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Speck - Web Playground Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
9/18/19 SpeedCN - 海外VPN网络加速器 Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Yes // Yes Spotify Courtesy of u/mainhathao
Status - Ethereum. Anywhere. Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
10/24/19 Stop Motion Studio Pro Courtesy of u/mitarm
Stream Status Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Stripe Dashboard Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
sudo crabs Courtesy of u/Thumbender
Yes // No SwiftKey Keyboard Courtesy of u/khaskin
Tapatalk - 200,000+ Forums Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Telegram Messenger Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Tik-App Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
tippin wallet Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Yes // No Todoist Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
TouchViZ Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
TrackMyTour Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Trello Courtesy of u/CashMc1234 // Form
Truecaller Courtesy of u/adriank1410
Yes // No Tumblr Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
TV Time - #1 Show Tracker Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // Yes Twitch Beta Courtesy of u/ImFirstPlace
Yes // Yes Twitter Courtesy of Yours Truly // Form
Unwrap - Learn Swift Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
USA Jeans Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
9/18/19 Vevue_Beta 2.0 Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Vipps Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Voxel Max Courtesy of u/voxelmax
10/24/19 Courtesy of u/dreamdorian
Wasder Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Waze Courtesy of Yours Truly // Form
Weather Atlas • Weather Radar Courtesy of u/arcangel_06
Weather Up ▴ Courtesy of u/Suavechef
Yes // No WhatsApp Courtesy of u/CashMc1234
Yes // No WhatsApp Business Courtesy of u/stalker08
Yes // No Whiteboard Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
Yes // No Wikipedia Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
WireGuard Courtesy of u/gnomeuser
Yes // No Wordpress Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
World Clock Time Widget Courtesy of u/lasmit
Yes // Yes Xbox App Courtesy of u/Fvck_Tomat0es
Yes // No Xbox Game Pass Courtesy of u/Birdman-82 // Form
XP App Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // Yes YouTube Courtesy of u/J7LTH // Form
YTCount – Subscriber Count Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Zap - Lightning Wallet Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
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Memes Gear - esynhqarbjysnwdklo - Meme Merch.

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Beginner at Linux - Wishlist for a super secure/mobile USB Bootable Linux Distro to do Scrivner, EMACS, and Banking etc.

So, I have this grand amorphous end goal and I know that Linux is the way, but aside from doing a some very basic Ubuntu install and messing around with EMACs on Windows years ago, I'm not a Linux power user, or even journeyman user.
Basically I want to create a single, super secure platform that I can clone to dual boot on all my computers (of various ages) and keep with me in a mobile flash form that will keep a secure version of all my main files and projects and access codes to varous websites and such (and also bitcoin wallets). This will also allow me to use public computers with confidence.
I want this system to be as dead simple as possible to keep everything updated and consistent across all my "clones" and also keep myself from shooting myself in the foot, having recovery options if I forget a password or something
Also I know what the words below mean, but I may not have any actual idea how to do them or how they work in practice... keep that in mind this post is aspirational and I expect my first stab at it will not have most of the things listed below. Any help narrowing down what is possible but outlandishly difficult appreciated
I am a moderately adept Windows user, not a super power user. I never use Mac if I can help it, and while I dabble in code, I am not a "Developer Geek". I'm more of a Writer Geek that wishes I had the superpowers of being a l33t coder.
But here is what I want to create, capabilities in no particular order:
1.a) Help me Choose a single Linux Distro (or closely related ones) that I can get fluent in and have dual booted on all my computers (all Windows ATM) which include some very old laptops and an old desktop. (specs at bottom).
1.b) Be able to run the following Programs native in the Linux Distro (obviously as fast as possible considering how old the hardware is). Advice on what software to run where it is a general category appreciated
2.a) The same distro will be easy to put onto USB flash drive so I can boot on any* computer anywhere* (*within reason) and access my secure files on the flash drive as well as other files on the host computer.
2.b.i) Those mobile Distro's will allow me to carry a cryptographically secured version of my computer in Flash Drive form so I can go to any given computer (secure, unsecure, mal-ware ridden) and plug in my Linux OS and feel comfortable doing my normal business like checking social media, banking, etc and not leave a trace on the computer I am using.
2.b.ii) Ideally I can make a super secure master computer (desktop or laptop) that can via the cloud (such as like a git) or directly plugging in the USB sticks will take all the changes from the various slave clones and compile them into one local drive So I have a full history of all changes made anywhere... This is a goal but I expect this would be too difficult for me to pull off since I'm not that tech savvy, but maybe someone has already solved this problem.
3) Not directly related to Linux, but I'd be open to recommendations of which type of Secure USB flash drives that are a moderate cost would work best for this system. Sturdy flash drives to make sure data does not get corrupted and also and that perhaps have some in-built encryption or other security features.
Thanks for any insight.
Equipment being used - Custom Built Desktop - 6gb ram Core2 Duo 6600 @ 2.4 GHz - Windows 7 64 bit
Laptops - various - oldest is a IBM Thinkpad that was origionally Windows XP but now running Win 7. I think I am going to strip that one to bare metal and then install only the Linux Distro I decide for this project.
I buy Laptops occasionally from pawn shops for cheap, so I'd like ideally to have a way to setup a clone system quickly and automated as much as possible, deleting all previous data from the laptop.
EDIT - Thanks for the responses so far. I am reading through but as a general response, I don't REALLY know much about Linux and setting this up so you have been very helpful in giving me some Google Fodder for things to look up and research.
I suspected this was a problem that has been solved by some people, so my talking about a super secret home servecomputer was just a stab in the dark as I try to come up with a concept of how this should take shape. Will provide more specific responses in reply. Thanks again!
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Windows XP Mode for Windows 10! - YouTube Windows XP Dark Edition v6 Full Option Version in Virtual PC 2007! Download Windows XP SP3 Black Edition ISO 32 Bits 2019 ... BITCOIN Y PREDICCION 8 MAR BITCOIN Y MERCADO CRYPTO WIN ... วิธีลง Windows Dark Edition v 7

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[index] [24678] [23300] [16380] [44477] [13327] [34737] [939] [14163] [6411] [34888]

Windows XP Mode for Windows 10! - YouTube

Installing Windows 7 Ultimate on IBM ThinkCentre 3 GHz Previous OS: Windows XP Dark Edition Budget desktop system Enterprise Desktops Dependable and producti... Software Details: Software Name: WINDOWS XP SP3 Professional Black Edition 2019 Developers: Microsoft License: Free Setup Tipe: ISO Bootable Image Compatibil... วิธีลง Windows Dark Edition v 7 รวมโปรแกรม Windows Xp,7,8,10 ... รวมโปรแกรม Windows Xp,7,8,10 122,007 views. 5:56. Animation vs. Minecraft ... รวมโปรแกรม Windows Xp,7,8,10 99 views 9:29 Microsoft Memphis (Windows 98 Beta 2.1) Build 1619 in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 - Duration: 12:27. Hello! Let's hit 1000 likes? Check out my website! Dear nostalgists... It's April Fools! There is no way to enable this mode, there is no ...