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Safello - Explore the Blockchain Frank Schuil Interview Part 1

Actually, FundedByMe is using the offer of Safello as a pilot program to test the utilization of bitcoin on its platform. “We see that among our investors, a great many of them are early-adopters. We also know that bitcoin users are familiar with new inventions at an early stage. That’s why we thought that we may offer both groups something interesting”, Bitcoin represents financial freedom and Safello takes this seriously. Our wallet, currently in beta, keeps you in full control of your funds at all times. Even if Safello were to shut down your funds are save and can be restored outside of Safello. An important factor here is that the wallet remains user friendly, we spent a lot of time making ... Bitcoin was the first and is still the largest with a market capitalisation of around $7B as of writing. The underpinning technology is called blockchain and has applications to send any type of value across this network. Safello is uniquely positioned to use this technology to create a new type of banking platform to manage your financial life ... FundedByMe, a Swedish crowdfunding platform, is launching a Bitcoin pilot program that will allow investors to use the digital currency to purchase stakes in a Bitcoin trading company, reported Reuters. The company said the project would be the first of its kind to be hosted by a major crowdfunding platform. Under the pilot project, Safello, a trading company, will accept Bitcoin from ... Safello will additionally processs all bitcoin resources with this specific program that’s crowdfunding. Truly, FundedByMe is utilising Safello’s present just like a pilot intend to examine the use of bitcoin. “We realize that among our merchants, lots of of those are early -adopters. We understand that clean improvements are understood by bitcoin clients at an early on stage. We thought ...

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Safello - Explore the Blockchain

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