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Ytaopal Agent Review + Guide

Hey Guys,
after I shipped my last few Hauls via Ytaopal I think I can give a honest Opinion about Ytaopal and can give you some Tips about Ytaopal
If you are using Superbuy, you should check out hyperionfr `s Guide here. Its better and bigger than mine but he only talked about Superbuy as Agent, that inspired me about doing my own little Guide for yall.


  1. Basics (brought to you by hyperionfr)
  2. How to buy from Taobao, Tmall, Yupoo and more Sources via Ytaopal
  3. Shipping and Customs (+ my Experiences)
  4. My Experiences with Ytaopal (+ compared to Superbuy)


1. What is an Agent?

tl;dr: An Agent is a commercial Service which lets you buy Items off of Chinese Websites and deliveres them to you. An Agent also sends you Pictures of your Items before shipping and is talking to the Sellers for you. These Services take a small fee for their Service but this is in the most cases absolutely worth it so you should use them.

For new users coming to this sub daily it is hard to directly understand the point of an agent. Be honest, you did not do better in your first days/weeks. So instead of redirecting them to the searchbar just explain it to them in 2 sentences.
The main website we buy our reps from is It is like a amazon or eBay for China - solely for China. The problem that results is that we need a connection between your country and China. You cannot buy from TaoBao directly (for most of the countries) and you probably would not understand anything. So here comes the agent in hand. You browse through your favorite TaoBao shops and find some items you want to buy. Now you do not buy it through TaoBao but through your agent (in our case Ytaopal). Ytaopal now buys this exact item and lets it deliver to their warehouse. You ask for pictures, measurements, exchanges, returns etc. When everything is fine Ytaopal will package everything and deliver it to you. They are the connection between you and TaoBao.
(the longer Text was written by hyperionfr for his Guide)

2. Which agent to use?

As suggested by the Title of the Post, Im using Ytaopal. In my time into Fashionreps I used a few Agents like Superbuy, Basetao, CSSBuy and Ytaopal. None of them is bad but there are some differences in their offerings and prices. For first-time buyers I would suggest going with Superbuy, which is a bit more expensive then the other ones but is the most professional and the most easy to use. In addition, you can find more than enough Guides for buying via Superbuy on this Subreddit.

How to buy from Taobao, Tmall, Yupoo and more Sources via Ytaopal

1. Buying things on Chinese Websites

tl;dr Taobao/Tmall Tutorial:
  1. get a Link for what you want
  2. go to Ytaopal and paste your Link into the Searchbar
  3. Select type and sizing
  4. Click the "Add to Cart" Button
  5. Go into your Cart
  6. Click the Checkout Button
  7. Pay the Items

1.1 Signing Up

Just go to the top-right corner and select "Register". Just put in your email, username and password and you should be fine.

1.2 Finding Items

You can buy Items from many different Chinese Sites. You can find the officially Supported Sites on Ytaopals Homepage, altough its not listed there, you can order from Yupoo and Wechat too.
For finding the Items you want, just take a look into the Subreddit and check out some of the Hauls other Guys did. In most cases you can find a Review of the Item and a Link to the Seller. You can also click some recommended Links on Taobao or explore some sellers on Yupoo.
A big help while checking out Items on Taobao can be u/AColdFloor `s QCSuite Addon which can be found here. It displays the QC Pictures of other Users to you right on the Taobao site. With that, you can check how the Item looks in reality and can decide better.
For Translating Chinese I found Google Translator (for Websites) and Yandex Image OCR (for Pictures) the most useful. Most of the time you can get a Sense of what the Seller is trying to tell you.

1.3 Buying Items

If you found the Items you want, click at the Searchbar at the Homepage of Ytaopal and just Copy your Link into it. If its a Link from a officially Supported Site you can just Click the Options and you see a Picture of your Pick. The Price will also be automatically filled.
If you want to order from CNFashionBuy/CNFashionPub, scroll down at the Articles Site and click the Yupoo link. After you got the Yupoo Link just do the usual Ordering Process through Yupoo (below). When using the CN Sites, set the "Price" to that listed on the Site and set "Shipping" to 0.
If you want to order from Yupoo, paste the Link into the searchbar on the Homepage and the Ytaopal Site will be Blank. Now fill out the Blank Spaces, into "Title" just copy the Name of the Yupoo Album of your desired Item. Prices should be listed somewhere on Yupoo too. Now just fill in the Size you want into the "Comments" field.
If you want to order from WeChat, write an Email towards [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) telling them the WeChat Name and the Items you want, try to specify what you want as specific as possible.
How to order from Taobao Imgur Tutorial
How to order from Yupoo Imgur Tutorial

1.4 Paying

Ytaopal uses a Balance System, that means you cant be overcharged and can only pay what you charged up before. All Refunds will be added to your Ytaopal Balance.
To charge up your balance just navigate to the Dashboard of your Ytaopal Account and click "recharge". For adding Money to your Account you can use Debit Cards, Bitcoin, Western Union, Bank Transfer, iDeal, Giropay, Polipayment, Trustpay, EPS, Mistercash, Mybank (France/Belgium/Italy and Luxembourg), Sofort, Safetypay and Multibanco. You can select the amount you want to charge up and the fees for it will be shown below.
If you want to pay with Paypal (which is pretty likely), just write an Email at the Support. They are gonna tell you the Paypal-adress and what you have to do. Paying with Paypal is fee-less and takes 24h at most. (the Support needs to add the Balance manually to your Account)

1.5 the Warehouse

After you ordered your Items, you can see them listed in your Warehouse after they arrive at Ytaopal. The Warehouse lists your Items and shows the Order-Number, Price and Weight.
When your Items are listed in the Warehouse, you can click on "QC Album" (on the Dashboard) or "My QC Pictures" (at the Sidebar) to see the Pictures your Agent took of your Pieces. In my opinion, those pictures are far superior to the QC Pics of Superbuy. (more to my Experiences down below)
Ytaopal Warehouse + QC Pics Imgur Album

2. Getting your Items shipped to you

tl;dr Tutorial:
  1. go to your Warehouse
  2. select the Items you want to ship
  3. click the "Add to package" Button
  4. Fill in your Adress and your favourite shipping method
  5. Pay for your Package
To get your fresh new clothes shipped to you, just go to your Warehouse and tick the Boxes besides the Items you want to ship then click "add new Package" and you will be taken towards the Checkout Screen. There you select your Shipping Adress, Shipping Service (DHL GANG GANG) and Select if you wanted to keep Boxes or throw them away. You should throw them away if you dont need them, that saves you a lot of money and can be benefical with the customs. Underneath you can input some Comments that you want to tell Ytaopal, unless like other Agents Ytaopal will not write those Comments on your Parcel.
Ytaopal shipping Screenshot Imgur

2.1 Declaration

tl;dr Tutorial:
  1. Check the total weight of your Parcel
  2. Check the Customs Regulations about Parcels for your Country
  3. Pick the Price you want to declare your Haul at
  4. Submit your Parcel
  5. Write an Email to the Support including your Parcel-Number and tell them how you want to declare your Items.
  6. Ask the Support to send you the Invoice they put on your Parcel
My Tip for you is to let the Comment Section blank and write an Email to the Support after you submitted your Parcel. When you write an Email you can tell them exactly how you want to declare it. If you dont tell them anything they will declare it at original Pricing so you should at least do it in the Comments if you dont want to write that Email. Also, if you dont tell them anything about the Items inside, they will just put the real Items on the Box (e.g. if you bought 3 Hoodies and 1 Shirt, it will just be declared at 3 Hoodies and 1 Shirt but fitting to the Price you want). If you just say they should declare it to 30$ for example they are gonna fit your Items to 30$ with free Shipping. Depending on your Country, you should probably set it to ~5$ Shipping or how you want. Remember to ask them to send you the Invoice they put on the Parcel.
You will not receive a shipping Refund with Ytaopal, but the Pricing is a good bit cheaper than Superbuys. You can calculate shipping Prices via the Calculator found on their Homepage, remember that this is only accurate with EMS as DHL goes for volumetric weight which you cannot be calculated.

2.2 What happens when the Customs Check my Haul

First Advice, calm down. It is very unlikely that Customs open up your Haul randomly. If you are in a Country of the European Union, Customs cannot open your Parcel without you accepting to open it if its not looking Suspicious.

If you are using DHL, just check the Tracking Site to see your Parcelstatus."Customs status updated" - Your Parcel has been announced to Customs or you need to hand-in a Proof of Worth for your Items. You can see this when clicking on the "+ Button" on the tracking Site.
" Processed for clearance at LEIPZIG - GERMANY " - The Customs started working on your Parcel, nothing bad.
" Clearance event " - Your Parcel is stuck or delayed, most of the time you are fine. If its on this Status for a longer Period of time, call DHL."Clearance processing complete at LEIPZIG - GERMANY " - Your Parcel got through Customs without Problems!
How to do the Proof of Worth:
Obviously, you dont want to pay Taxes so you need to fake the Invoice. The Invoice that Ytaopal sent you is not going to be accepted as such Invoices can easily be faked. So what do you send the Customs then?
Just go to your Paypal recent activities and pick a Payment. Click F12 and edit the Date of the Transaction (to the Date your Parcel was Packed), the Worth (to your declared Value). Just take a Screenshot of your edited Transaction and upload it to DHL4You. You may need to call them and tell them you uploaded it afterwards.
Sometimes they want the Proof of Worth for every single Item, just go to your Parcel on Ytaopal and F12 again. Change the Values of the Items to match the total worth of your Parcel and just send them this Screenshot too.

There are probably Guides for declaration for your specific Countries on the Subreddit, just search them.

3. My Experiences with Ytaopal (+ compared to Superbuy)

In my Experience, Ytaopals Customer Support is the best I ever encountered. Big thanks to Alice and Shmily for helping me out with my Questions and Orders. As you can see in the Pics, I spammed them a little bit and they were very kind and never Rude. Remember Bois, always be nice to your Agent and Sellers, they are getting your Shit for you.
The Emails I wrote to Ytaopal Imgur
Here is a quick comparison between the 2 Agentservices:
Ytaopal Superbuy
- better QC Pics - definetly worse QC pics
- more Personal, worse Website - more automated, better Website
- uses their own Mind instead of just doing what you said - does strictly what you said
- only Beijing-Time Support - 24/7 Support
- fewer Workers, slower when there are more Parcels - more Workers

As seen in the Table, Ytaopal is an Agent which requires you to Contact them a lot to manage your Shipments and Orders. That may be a bit complicated for newcommers, but gives experienced shoppers a lot more "customization".

If you got any more Questions or anything, just write a Comment or send me Message, im glad to help.
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*Read Me First* - Official Paxful Sticky

Welcome to Paxful!
You’re probably over here wondering what Paxful is. Here’s the deal:
With Paxful, you can turn any payment method into bitcoin and back. For example - Paypal, iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards Western Union, bank transfers. We could go on, we’re getting close to almost any payment method under the sun.
How does it work? It’s a peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace. An eBay for online payments if you like. Buyers and sellers can connect with each other and their payments are protected by Paxful’s secure escrow. And did we mention that we have an affiliate program? Every affiliate can earn you 50% of our escrow fees from every trade and their affiliates give you 10%.With Paxful, profits are definitely guaranteed!
Ready to get started? Check out some of our Paxful School Videos
What is Paxful?:
Paxful School Lesson 1: How to Create a Paxful Account, Verification, Paxful Bitcoin Wallet
Paxful School Lesson 2: How to Buy Bitcoin Instantly on Paxful
Paxful School Lesson 3: How To Secure Your Account
Paxful Lesson 4: How to Sell Bitcoin on Paxful
Or better yet, join the Paxful School group! -
Paxful is the place to be if you want to buy and sell bitcoin instantly. You can purchase any amount on your first transaction. It’s so simple, just select a payment method you wish to use to buy bitcoin, find a deal that you like and start the trade.
You will be instantly connected to one of our vendors on the site. You can then converse on your chat, make the payment and send any necessary requirements. From here the vendor will release the bitcoins and they will automatically be sent to your Paxful wallet. During the trade, the bitcoins are kept safe by the Paxful escrow system. This means the Bitcoin cannot be used until both parties agreed that the payment has been made. If there’s a dispute between buyers and sellers, the Paxful ninja moderators will jump in, investigate and serve justice!
Wanna know more on how to buy? Read here -
If you want to be a vendor on Paxful, it is pretty straightforward as well. Create an account, select create offer, fill in your terms and requirements. You can select any payment method you wish to accept. More in depth info here:
We highly encourage our users to enable their 2-factor Authenticator to protect their accounts from hackers. By enabling it, you are adding an extra layer of security from unauthorized access. If you want to know how to properly secure your account, read here:
With that, you’re all set! Your peer to peer finance starts here, head over to now.
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Have a question? Read this FAQ first.

Note: I AM NOT A MOD. If you have a question for a mod, please send it to /beermoney. I merely wrote the FAQ.



Welcome to part 1 of the FAQ.

This section covers questions about beermoney in general. This includes questions about exchanging gift cards, what equipment to use, issues with a site not working or offers not crediting, info on posting a giveaway or tasks, taxes, using VPNS/VPS/etc, and other general questions.
Part two covers common terms and which sites to use. This includes questions about which sites are available, how to make money quickly, the "best" sites, work under age 18, information about, and other related questions.


If you use any autosurfing websites, do not cash out to PayPal. There is a chance your PayPal account could be permanently limited. The post specifically mentions and but others may have the same problem. You should be fine to cash out using other methods.


Due to an increase in spam posts, new posts must be manually approved by a mod before showing up. Most posts will be approved within 12-24 hours. Please be patient during this time.
If your post has not been approved in 24 hours, you likely broke a rule or you simply weren't posting about a /beermoney topic. Having the opportunity to make money does not necessarily make your post /beermoney. Sign up bonuses, crytocurrency wallets, investments, affiliate marketing, actual jobs, and other such things are not /beermoney.


You need to be an active member of this community. Users who consistently submit top/quality content to this subreddit will receive the opportunity to put their referral link on the list. Have you seen someone being particularly helpful? Message Threw_it_to_ground to put in your nomination.
Here is more info.


This typically happens when you've missed a lot of attention checks or were kicked off the job. Don't worry, you should still get paid as long as you weren't giving bad answers. It may take a bit longer for them to validate your answers, and you may get paid a bit less due to the incorrect answers. Make sure to shoot them an email though.


  • Are you being invited to jobs? — Neevo invites their best workers to new jobs first. You may get an opportunity later.
  • Is your task counter correct? — Your number of tasks will drop if you are banned from the job for failing too many attention checks.
  • Is the job still active? — It's possible that they simply ran out of tasks. Jobs are not closed until the project is completed and verified. Check back later to see if more tasks have been added.


Give them some time. They pay out after the job has been completed and validated. It can take a few weeks to get paid. If the job has been closed for a few weeks and you still haven't received payment, send them an email: [email protected]


Is It Legit? Quickthoughts does pay some people. However, they are extremely ban happy. You WILL be banned eventually.
Making A Second Account You are not permitted to make a second account under any circumstances. It does not matter if you were wrongfully banned.
Rewards iPhone only gets iTunes and Android only gets Amazon. If you are unhappy about your selection, consider selling or trading your gift card in one of the places mentioned later on in this post. It is possible to log into your account from another device, but this increases your chances of being banned.
Payments Surveys pay between $0.50 and $2 per survey. Different people make different rates depending on their demographics.
Limits You are only permitted to complete 5 surveys per day.
Taxes As with every other site, you have to file taxes.
No Network Connection / Problem With Your Account You were likely banned. Sometimes there is a legitimate network connection problem, but that's their typical ban message.
Why Was I Banned? It happens all the time, even to legit users. Try messaging support and see if they will unban you. Their automated banning system is a bit touchy, and support doesn't seem to care.
Support Not Replying It can take a while for them to get back to you. You need to be patient. If you haven't heard back in a few weeks, try sending another email.
Note: Quickthoughts and IPoll are run by the same company.


If you are looking for a way to sell Amazon Balance, check out this post.
If you want to exchange cash methods, check out /Cash4Cash.


There's no easy way to do it. Your options include:
  1. Find someone willing to trade an app for money (you buy the app for them, they give you money).
  2. Make an app and set up a payment system. Then spend your credits through the app you made.
  3. Complete an offer on a site like Swagbucks where you are awarded for spending credits.


Mturk is only available for users age 18 or older. They primarily invite US citizens and permanent residents, but some international workers are accepted as well. Their selection process is seemingly random. If you weren't accepted, you may unexpectedly be approved in the following weeks/months.


  • Did you just join yesterday? — New users often see more surveys available on their first day due to the site already having a batch of surveys available. You need to wait for more to get added.
  • Is it during a holiday or a summewinter break? — Many sites such as mTurk and Prolific offer academic studies. This means that there will be more surveys during the school year, and far fewer during summer and holiday breaks. Also, there are more people looking for work during the breaks.
  • Are you checking the site constantly? — Surveys go quickly on the better paying sites. You may only get a few seconds to a couple minutes to accept the task.
  • Are you outside the USA? — There tends to be fewer surveys for non-USA workers.
  • Were you speeding or lying on previous surveys? — You may have been banned.
If you still aren't seeing any surveys after a few weeks, you may just not be in a desirable demographic. It doesn't hurt to contact support to ensure there isn't anything wrong with your account, but chances are there just hasn't been a survey needing you yet.


Yes, that will happen.


Yup. It happens. Survey portals are notorious for disqualifying people. Sites that specialize in doing just surveys tend to be better. Basically, if you're on a site that has an offer wall and surveys, expect disqualifications to happen.
There are a few ways to prevent it, but nothing is guaranteed.
  1. Take a couple screenshots as you progress through the survey, especially towards the end. Sometimes support will credit you if you bring it to their attention.
  2. Don't rush, and don't walk away in the middle of a survey. If you're getting disqualified a lot, try counting to 5 after each question.
  3. Always be consistent in your answers. There are a lot of questions designed to figure out if you're telling the truth or not. If your answers keep changing, you'll be disqualified.
  4. Watch out for attention check questions. Sometimes questions will ask you to select a certain response, answer questions about text you've just read, or ask you silly questions such as "Are you an alien?".


Make sure you don't have an adblock or any other extensions that could be interfering with it. Allowing the site isn't enough, you need to disable them. I recommend using a separate browser or profile for doing offers. It's also incredibly important to clear your cache between offers. Vanilla cookie manager is a good extension for this. Even if you do clear the cache, some offers just don't like to credit. /Swagbucks is a great place to see what offers are currently crediting easily. Since many sites use the same offer walls, you can probably find the same offers on another site.
If you met the requirements for an offer and it didn't credit, the only way to get credited is to contact the support for the offer wall and show them proof that the requirements were met.


Is your cash out taking forever? or Is the site just not working right? - Look on a relevant subreddit, facebook or twitter. If there is a problem, people will be posting about it. If there's no mention of the problem, try asking on those subreddits, facebook or on twitter. If you don't know where to look, just go to google and type in the website name and what site you're looking for. For example "Swagbucks reddit" will bring you right to /Swagbucks. This works for facebook, twitter, whatever you need. If all else fails, contact support.
Is the site not loading? Try clearing your cookies. If that doesn't work, try another browser or another device. If it still isn't working, follow the advice above about "Is the site just not working right?". If you can't find anything about it, try waiting an hour or two, or even wait until the next day. There could be some issue on the website. If all else fails, contact support.
Can't login? Follow the instructions above about the site not loading. There's also a chance you've been banned. Some companies won't alert you to bans and will just suddenly remove your ability to login. Follow the advice below for "Have you been banned for no reason?"
Have you been banned for no reason? Contact support. There is absolutely nothing we can do for you here. A few site owners browse this place, but the bulk of us are just general users. Just be polite and friendly. If you didn't do anything wrong, you'll likely get your account unbanned. Sometimes a site's fraud detection is triggered on accident.
If you were banned by Quickthoughts, you likely will not be unbanned, but it still doesn't hurt to send them a message.
Did you cash out to the wrong PayPal account? First, add that email address to your PayPal account. You can have multiple emails attached. Next, contact support and ask for guidance. If they already sent the payment, it may get stuck in limbo. If they didn't already send it, they may be able to send it to the correct email. It's best to contact support as soon as you can, so that they can advise you on the proper steps for you to get paid.
Having another problem? You're best off just contacting support. Most of the people here are general users. If you need individualized help, contact support.


If you get a reply and it doesn't answer your question, then send a polite reply. Make sure to restate what you said in the previous email. Don't just copy and paste; they may have misunderstood what you needed the first time. Keep it short and to the point.
Under no circumstances should you yell, swear, or be rude to the staff. Remember, you are asking for their help. Being rude will only get you longer wait times, more copy and pasted responses, and potentially banned. Support is more likely to help those who are polite, so say hello and thank you with each email.


Most people use a spreadsheet. Here are a few options: One | Two | Three
If you're interested in making your own spreadsheet, here are a few ideas: One | Two


Routers/access points Many people recommend /Ubiquiti I used a cheap TP-link which worked well for up to around 15 devices.
Phones/Tablets At the bare minimum, you want a dual core with Android 4.4.2. I highly recommend getting at least Android 5.0, as many apps will not work with lower spec devices. A few places to check out would be Walmart, Best Buy, Tracfone, Straight Talk, and Amazon. Sales are fairly random, so keep your eye out. You can also get devices on eBay and C7Recycle but do take note that these are often used/refurbished devices and they may not last as long. Sometimes it's cheaper in the long run to just buy new devices.
Laptops Look on ebay or craigslist. Buying used will usually get you a better price than buying new. You want at least a dual core with 4GB of RAM, but a quad core with 8GB of RAM will do you much better.
Powered USB Hubs Many people like these. Never cheap out on your USB hubs - get a quality brand hub or stick with the OEM chargers.
Various Extensions Check out this post. - Although, I disagree about the auto refresher and adblock. Both of those can get you banned by many beermoney sites. FRQc is also great. Just set it to "auto low" and all of the flash videos will load faster.
Check out /BeermoneyHomeNetwork for help with configurations. The posts are old, but the info is solid. It's just one of those things that doesn't change.


Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: It doesn't matter if you get PayPal, Cryptocurrency, Gift Cards, physical items, or whatever else. It is all considered income because you are earning it in exchange for a service. In the USA, once you earn $400 in self employment you are required to file taxes. If you earn $600 or more with any individual site in a year, you should receive a 1099 from them. Even if you don't make $600, or don't get the form, you're still supposed to report any amount you earn. There are a few circumstances in which someone doesn't need to file taxes, and if you think you would be in one of those circumstance, you should speak to a certified tax consultant.
Here's more information.


Always cash out as soon as possible, unless there is some sort of discount for saving up your points. You never know when you might get banned or a website might go away. Building up your points is just increasing how much you have to lose. The points are not yours until the money is in your possession.


If a post is at least 48 hours old or made by a user with flair beside their name, it is likely legit. Known scams get removed pretty quickly. GPT sites are more likely to be a scam than any other type of site posted here. If you are worried about being scammed, I highly recommend sticking to the more well known sites in this FAQ and the Common Beermoney Sites List. You can also ask the poster for proof that they were paid by a site. If they can't prove they've been paid, they are only looking for referrals. I don't recommend signing up on sites when the user can't provide payment proof.

Here's a few things to look out for:

  1. If they send you a check and ask you to return part of the money, it is a scam. The check will bounce, and you will be out the money. If an employer needs you to buy something, they will either buy it with a company card, or ask you to send a receipt for a refund. If they've already sent the check, you can give it to your local police department if you want. Just block all communication from them.
  2. They pay a ridiculous amount of money or claim to pay "the most". Very few surveys pay more than $10/hour. You won't get more than about a penny to click links. Videos rarely pay more than a couple pennies. This is about the maximum, and it's very common to make half this rate or lower. If the site is claiming to pay so much more than anywhere else, it's a scam.
  3. You get an offer or interview from a site or job you didn't apply for. Be especially cautious if they want to do the interview over google hangouts.
  4. You are being asked to work for free as a "sample", or you are asked to install a program and wait to be accepted at a later date.
  5. They have a high minimum cash out amount (above $25). Many sites have $1-10 minimums.
  6. You are required to refer people to get paid.
  7. You have to spend money to use the program. Even if it is an "optional" fee, be careful. This includes "training fees".
  8. They don't disclose what type of work you're going to do. Sometimes job listings need to be vague for non-disclosure reasons, but you should always be able to get a general description of the work you will perform.
  9. The website or post is full of grammar errors. An error here or there is bound to happen, but any legit site is going to put in effort to look good.
  10. It's never been mentioned on this subreddit and/or you can't find reviews on google. Unless it's a completely new service, you should be able to find something about it somewhere.
  11. Most importantly - does it feel too good to be true? Does it feel sketchy? Is there something that is just off, but you can't put your finger on it? Trust your instinct, and come here to find out if anyone else has heard of the site. Do a search first, and if you can't find anything, then make a post about it.
There are exceptions to most of these, but these are some things to be on the lookout for. Here are a few more safety tips.
Also, never trust what a blog says. They are trying to get your referral link, so they will pretend the site is better than it is. If you see the site on /beermoney, look in the comments. If the poster is making outrageous claims, usually someone will leave a comment about it.


Giveaways without any stipulations or endorsements are permitted. If you intend to promote a site/link/etc or require users to sign up somewhere or complete a task, you must get moderator approval prior to posting. Failing to do so may result in a ban. Due to an incident users are no longer allowed to simply host their own giveaways. When in doubt, message the mods.


Depends. What type of task are you offering?
When in doubt, message the moderators and ask if it's allowed.


  • Invite your friends and teach them how to use the sites.
  • Advertise on social media.
  • Find a new website that has paid you and hasn't been discussed here (search first!) then advertise it here (with lots of info and payment proof!)
  • Consistently submit top/quality content to this subreddit for the opportunity to have your referral put on the Common Beermoney Sites List.
  • Pay for referrals (make sure the site allows it first!).
  • Join a referral chain.

DO I NEED TO USE MY REAL INFO? (name/address/birth date)

Absolutely. You need to have correct info on the sites that pay you. Lying about anything can cause a whole lot of trouble, including getting your account banned.


From The Website Paying You? It's highly unlikely that the sites that pay you will waste their money sending you spam mail. You may get something for verification, but that's about it.
From The Surveys? It's very rare unless they are sending a payment, a product for testing, or they are requesting a follow-up. Most surveys won't even ask for this info, and on the rare occasion they do, it's typically to avoid repeat submissions.
From The Offers? Sometimes. Most of them won't send you anything even if they say they will. Charities, credit cards, banks, and other similar services will spam you non-stop though.
In Your E-mail? Absolutely. Make sure to use a separate e-mail for beermoney work, especially if you're going to be doing offers.


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No. You can get banned for doing this. Usually they ban you right after you redeem your first reward. The location is restricted for a reason.


No. Third party software is not allowed, and you can be banned for it.


No. Don't listen to the trolls. Beermoney changes over time. Some methods are less lucrative now than in the past. Some are more lucrative. Some have less sites offering the service, and some have more. Passive methods are on the decline, but beermoney is more than just passive methods.


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If you saw something in this FAQ that you think is wrong, is confusing, or you think needs more information, please let me know and I will look over it.

Have another question? Check the FAQ part 2 or try searching first!

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We shouldn't wait for a perfect crypto currency

People are too keen on visualizing some ideal future of the crypto world. This may be embedded into our history – the world was created by mathematicians. This is now the main obstacle on the way of cryptocurrencies substituting fiat money – mathematicians believe they can predict people’s actions. Here is an example.
There was a comment at BitcoinTalk on my last post. The post is about using cryptocurrencies as we use ordinary fiat money and make crypto a real payment method. The comment says that crypto is not ready for it just yet.
I will give a long response to this objection. People, stop searching for flaws in the existing cryptocurrencies! They are all just a theory that has nothing to do with reality whatsoever. Here is a real story for you: There are turntables sold on our marketplace. So, a woman decides to buy her husband a turntable and remembers that at some point in her life she has bought a biocoin. Biocoin is not a common token and it has not become popular yet. Nevertheless, it is quite stable. The project is not a scam, it just quietly develops at its own pace. As the woman does not have much money, she decides to pay for the turntable in biocoins. The seller is more competent, so he knows everything: how to exchange boicoins for more common currencies and what possible reasons to hold biocoins exist. The woman does not see that biocoins are promising in the long term, while the seller does. Anyway, the deal is done, both parties are happy and no one thinks that cryptocurrencies are not ready to function as fiat money.
You might say that was just a coincidence. Forgive me, but these coincidences add up to a sufficient number of transactions performed on our marketplace. Sure, eBay does more transactions than we do. But you know what? Even Amazon had only a dozen closed deals a day when it had first entered the market because online purchases were a rare thing, a novelty back then. There were people who bought goods online just for the fun of it.
The thing is that even the relatively small number of deals on the platform gives our team energy and strength to move forward. All these stories inspire us to improve the marketplace. If our team was trying to create a perfect currency or a perfect marketplace, we would probably just stop as we would have no energy to keep going. Small stories of success can inspire us, while the ideal world can’t – it is just an illusion, a hallucination about ‘how it could be’. You don’t have to be perfect because ‘perfect’ is not the same for everyone. We all have different ideals. And the woman from our story is already happy with the way things turned out.
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[PSA] Open letter to RSI (Kane and Loneshade)

Hi there,
Here is a copy of the Open Letter sent via Concierge to RSI / CIG by Kane and Loneshade a few minutes ago.
Dear Cloud Imperium Games,
This message is in the name of Kane and Loneshade, us being two of the ship traders on reddit and in reaction to your recently posted news, “” :
We appreciate the efforts RSI is taking to protect their customers and we would like to offer our full support on this topic, even if the measures worked out would be against our own trading model. Please understand, we’re both proud that as of yet, all our money earned has gone back into your game, either as investment for ourselves or towards our guilds. Our effort goes into working on becoming the most renowned ship trading business within your game upon launch.
Our concern however, is against pushing “grey market” customers into a “black market” environment. Despite the rules proposed, the grey market will remain operational using less legal means (e.g. account selling) not approved by your EULA. Middleman services and direct trading will persist, but with reduced safety to citizens, as they will now have to deposit cash funds, rather than ships.
Please note, that reddit community is very much encouraged to support your efforts against fraud and scammers because we all are players loving star citizen and we love to support you, to play your game and to keep everyone safe. Reddit community is very actively fighting scamming attempts and actively does its best to resolve them before RSI support needs to be involved! Reddit community is built over trust and confidence, the same trust we placed on RSI and Star Citizen.
Please allow us to therefore cooperate with you, and to suggest further improvements to your measures!
We would appreciate to help and work together with you!
Best thanks and regards,
Yours sincerely, Loneshade & Kane!
Suggestion to RSI for an improved security
We assume RSI goals to have this priority:
1. Prevent scamming, even more so when related to use of RSI credits and spaceships being traded.
2. Prevent perceived excessive price speculation on LTI, causing user complaints (albeit some non-LTI items have even greater uplifts!)
Please let me point out, that we too require a safe trading environment and unlike speculators, we too have best interest to retain uplifts on ships as low as possible, thus your goals are fully supported by us. We further understand impact on your support due to grey market sales is not acceptable, being harmful to our reputation. So we too, internally, had been discussing possible solutions to this problem. Looking at your suggested measures:
30-day gift lock on first purchase:
we consider this an effective measure against throw-away accounts and it is absolutely welcome!
Packages will be gift-able only once:
Being a good idea, this has side effects preventing it from being effective:
a. It may be ineffective against fraud since both common fraud cases are still possible: Someone can hack/steal a user account and quickly sell the ships for RL money and an still sell ships that don’t really exist. Our guess is, that’s also the two main complaints your support will be involved in.
b. Grey market / black market trading will still be possible, because using the (illegal/dis-allowed) account trading is still possible. We don’t see how you can prevent that – but buyers will have even less protection, being moved into a criminal position: they have to trust the seller and if things goes wrong, they cannot even report to you, least you will punish them on top, probably banning their account.
c. it may be ineffective against price speculation: People can still buy huge amount of ships every time a new model is released, speculating on later price increases. Worse, prices will increase more, as regular citizens will not be able to participate in this trade. You will see more speculators, as when you last sold Idris-P, I know of some people who got 5 and more of these ships. Further we (Kane and Loneshade) expect an initial price jump for these ships, of abvoe 50-100% right after your gifting deadline is due. Note: as long as ships are still rent-able or transferable after game launch, trading accounts is still an option and will definetely continue - as its already and continuosly being done for Idris-P ships.
d. We expect difficulties for personal use in sharing ships in family or in guild… for people reconsidering their commitment to the game will cause dead accounts. With risk for purchases being higher, we fear overall RSI purchases will decrease. When guilds (like ours) buy ships together, we can now no longer restructure our inventory. We now have one week to think how to deal with our stock, and we probably need to abandon the idea of shared ownership.
e. The grey market will not shut down. LTI trades are a widely perceived problem – but really, uplifts on some of the non-LTI items are even higher! Each and every item you (RSI/CIG) release, which is limited in availability, will persist being traded.
Packages bought with RSI credits are not gift-able
This removes RSI credits as a payment method, leaving paypal and bitcoin as the only options. Whether this has a positive or negative aspect, depends on the other two measures. As a first step though, it removes one of the more safe trading methods which ensures 100% of the money stays within RSI.
The risk we see, is that this will not stop the grey market. At best it may stop the reputed traders only, for it may turn the market into a black market, where accounts are exchanged for speculative fees well above what we see now and where scammers will have even easier work, as there is no protection for citizens whatsoever, out of fear for being punished by RSI support on top.

Considering above points, we would like to suggest the following refinement:

Change gifting limitation
we success retain the gifting options, but limit it in alternate, more applicable ways:
Introduce Holding delays: Whenever a ship is traded, impose a 1 week holding time before it can be gifted or melted.
The delay prevents market manipulation, because buying the market clean to inflate prices, the effect may have cooled down before the speculator can sell and claim his price. It also slows middleman trade and thus reduced trade volume, slowing the grey market (we don’t like this of course, but it makes sense) - and best, there is more safety, because if something was wrong on the trade, there is enough time for either RSI, the previous owner or the new owner, to claim on an issue. It thereby prevents white-washing of fraud assets. More benefits are then in relation to the next measure:
Introduce gifting delays: whenever a ship is traded, make the transfer 1 week.
We suggest that whenever a gifting process is initiated, a one week countdown starts. Only at the end of the countdown, the recipient can claim the ship. Together with the holding delays, this becomes a 99% scam prevention against hacked accounts!
The benefit is that if a hacker penetrates an account, your suggested policies would still allow him to sell the ships for RL money instantly, and to disappear. With our measure however, the account owner has a 1 week reaction time in which he can see and cancel the transfer and secure his account, even without help of RSI support!
Also if he was locked out, this way he can reclaim it, before any harm was done. This in turn protects other citizens and trading, as they can be sure whatever ships they buy, they are not coming from a hacked or scammed account.
(Cool would be if the recipient could also see the ship and its pending countdown, but that’s probably complicated and not mandatory.)
We feel that these two steps are much more well directed, than limiting the number of times a ship can be gifted.

Further suggestions:

Introduce gifting confirmation:
Upon sending a ship, the account owner should get an email he has to click (like when receiving) before the ship sends. It is unlikely that a scammer can hack both email and RSI account of a user, this could add an additional layer of protection against hacking.
Display ship serials in the hangar and allow players view the ships history log.
We know you have this internal already, so it should be easy.
benefit: transparency = safety. Every player can see how many hands a ship has passed. The more it passed, the more risky the trade obviously. Ships with a long backlog will be harder to sell. It’s the same like with a used car: you rather buy from the original owner, than one that has passed through several hands. Since we think the previous account owners are confidential, you could list the account serials only – then I can see how many owners there have been… and if the seller chooses to tell me his own serial, I can look and see how long he’s been the owner.
Do not illegalize trades! Keep gifting but impose the delays suggested above.
Benefit: safety and user protection: Preventing ship transfers will shrink the trade volume, but replace grey market ship trading with black market account trading and even more risk and fraud to the users.
Our recommendation is to control trading and slow its speed, thereby also slowing price progressions. Additionally you may want to resell ships and other items, where demand explodes. This in turn will generate income to the game.
Optional: Keep RSI bought ships and gift cards trade-able. That prevents ships being traded in paypal and ebay, thereby draining money off the game and into other channels. Having the sending delays imposed, the risk of payment in fraud RSI credits should be massively reduced already.
Work with traders
benefit: reduce speculation: we’d be willing to let you see our stats on ships traded – which could be a good indication as to what ships should be considered to be offered for resale. That fact alone may help to reduce uplifts by reducing demand. .. and generate more income for the game. Also we may have good hints on security topics. We’ll ensure safety on our own and provide a stable platform for those who need it.
We too, would love to work with you!
Release new content
Benefits to reduce uplift levels: Prices inflate because people have money that they want to put into game, but there’s nothing left to buy which they want, so they are turning to more exotic items, like F7A upgrades, or LTI ships. This money could benefit into developing this game further.
We’re confident to say, that our own trade partners have never had to complain about fraud or abuse and we feel our service has a value to the community. While we admit to claiming our own share, which we build our own fleets with, we are proud to say that as of yet all our earnings have gone back into the game and we are sure we contribute to raising funds, that would otherwise have never found their way to RSI.
We understand that improvements are necessary to make this process more secure and non-abusive for everyone (even for ourselves) and we’ve been working on these ideas for a while, hoping you would approach us once the time is right.
Please understand, that we too want a safe environment and we too, want to keep uplifts and speculation as low as possible and we would love to work with you in finding solutions, to keep all trade safe and within the rules you set - for we both aim to become among the most reknown ship traders in the RSI universe, following the final launch of the Star Citizen game!
Yours sincerly
Loneshade & Kane
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I'm a long time lurker wanting to make a first ever Bitcoin purchase in Peru. Please, help me find the best method (that is an option for me) to do so as soon as possible (Don't worry about the lenght of the post, there's a sort of TL;DR version explained in the first paragraph).

Good whatever it is wherever you guys are. I tried posting in BitcoinBeginners but for some reason several hours have passed and it has not being approved, the mods don't respond so I thought maybe try out here, pardon if it's a little bit out of place. Anyhow, I need your help to make my first bitcoin purchase and so I have extensevely wrote about my specific situation, in order to get the TL;DR version just jump trhough the texts to where BOLD letters are used followed by the main points of what I wrote and where I straight-fowardly asks the questions I need asnwers to, which will be in ITALIC, the rest is only if you were to need more information as to provide me with a more complete asnwer.
I'm currently in Lima, Peru and want to buy the equivalent of PEN 10,000.00 (which is roughtly US$ 3,100) in Bitcoins. I have around half of that in US$ on a bank account/VISA debit card and the other half I would take it in PEN from another bank account/other VISA debit card. I don't mind either way and can exchange either currency for the other but I guess I would prefer to buy the Bitcoins fully in dollars if I were to do the transaction with a person (making it so quite likely just one currency accepted to avoid extra hassle) given that the value of the dollar here right now is relatively low. And as far as I can tell there are three methods avalible which would be fitting in my situation, those being using cash on a ATM Bitcoin Machine, either a cash face-to-face exchange/a cash deposit to the bank account of a reputable user on Mycelium/LocalBitcoins, or contactintg someone who offers a better price through one of the national Bitcoin Facebook/Meetup groups and trying to get that person to agreed on doing the exchange using LocalBitcoins because of their escrow sytem and general reliability when handling disputes as a sort of guarantee for the both of us.
Up until now I never had my identity formally linked in any way with cryptocurrencies and very much would like it to stay that way, meaning that annonymity is number one priority to me regarding this subject. I do not want anyboby being able to demostrate I bought/owned Bitcoins, need to be sure that my current purchase won't in any way affect any possible future trade for other crytocurrency such a Monero using and then maybe on another exchange like Kraken back to Bitcoin or the use of a tumbler like Bitcoin Fog as I don't want anybody to have some prove that I used them to buy a Baby Jesus Butt Plug from a Darknet Market. Having that aspect completly covered my second requirement to proceed is that the way I end up going about it doesn't hinged my safety from theft, whether I eventually put the coins on a personal wallet like Ledger Nano S with U2F or a hardware wallet like Electrum on a USB with TAILS, I need confirmation that, say, having them first just on the Mycelium/LocalBitcoins wallet (even maybe without 2FA if tablets can't be used for that) after buying them from someone won't put them on danger. And lastly, I want a good deal.
I also sort of need however I were to do this now to be reasonably easy and fast with the tools of my disposal at the moment (no phone, only several laptops and an Android tablet) so as to not requiring me to wait more to feel like I have the correct OPSEC/setup in order to finally get into Bitcoin. Having been involved with cryptocurrencies for a over 7 years and never having actually bought any, the last thing I want is to once again tell myself any excuse so as to keep procastinating with it, much less right now with the current decrease in price. After this 'investment', in the next couple of months I will keep on adding some more and probably want to sell some of it too in order to gather some experience and also it is of my interest to purchase pretty large quantities of various specific research chemicals, which even though are completly legal in my country to own, I do not think I have to explain why I would want to keep such activity as realistically untraceable as possible. I am deeply informed on the legal aspect, but regardless, just because I am completly prepared for any particular inconvenience doesn't mean that I would want to find myself inconvenienced.
So just to sum up:
Apart from all the awfully set up bitcoin exchange websites which don't provide any reason to trust them there seems to be few different ways of obtaining bitcoins here, but given that I have a set of prerequisites the list of options get shortened. As privacy is key I am conditioned to buy the coins in a such way that doesn't ask from me any sort of idendity verification that could formally link me to it or can leave a loose end, so that would leave out purchasing the coins interntionally or using my debid cards/bank accounts nor any online payment, but rather using cash face-to-face exchange/a cash deposit to a bank account. A perfect solution seems to be the only Bitcoin ATM Machine in my country which according to this website is a General Bytes model called BATMTwo of a very simple system, just like it can be seeing in several videos on Youtube, in which the sole authenticaton is by scanning a QR code from the app of my Bitocin wallet (or even just the QR code printed), it doesn't require an ID, fingerprint and the machine doesn't even have a camera. Sadly, I contacted the owner of the machine and so it seems the service is currently suspended. Out of the remaininng posibilities I have a couple of constant doubts which I need to resolve in order to know what is more convenient and what steps to follow.
Of the methods I will list I need to know:
-Process: Create wallet on the Mycelium app in my tablet, choose a vendor, negociate and set up a price which will be respected as it was established when the transaccion is first submitted, pay in cash, get the bitcoins transfered to my wallet and seller will receive the key of our transaction which I will need to have on me at the moment to confirm the exchange has being completed.
-Prices: Wheter they accep either cash or bank deposists is not specified, but from what I have read everyone should accept cash. At the moment there's literally three accounts selling in my city, and it appears none of them have a reputation as none of them have ever made a sell or purchase... not very trustworthy.
Mycelium's feature "Local Trader", from the get go doesn't inspire me much confidence as it is an App, and I'm not very well versed in how to stay anonymous using mobile devices other than laptops, from what to have installed in them to how to protect myself from the dangers of public wi-fi. The reason why I even consider a method which I don't feel quite confortable with is that as far as I comprehend I can pay with cash on a face-to-face exchange or a cash deposit to a bank account, the only two methods I have understood would be adequate for me, that the prices I have found are drastically better than those on LocalBitcoins and they can even be negociated, plus it works instantly and is wildly considered to be secure. Now, while the process doesn't provide escrow, "the seller does not need to put funds into escrow; they are spent directly from his Mycelium Wallet" which is advertised as a positive characteristic that I can't see how it would benefit me (the buyer), nor am I sure what it even means. An finally while I do know that apart from the agreed price a 0.2% fee goes to the app I don't know if that means it would be taken from the already made transacction or if it is an extra expense charged to me, plus it doesn't seem to be a way of setting the exchange rate at the moment of agreeing on the trade rather than letting the value fluctuate until our meeting and getting fucked, or am I in the wrong?
- Process: Create wallet on the LocalBitcoins website, choose a vendor, ask him/her to check the correct 'Floating Price' set so as to establish the price of the exchange at that moment, the escrow will hold the funds, pay in cash, get the bitcoins transfered to my wallet and seller will receive the key of our transaction which I will need to have on me at the moment to confirm the exchange has being completed.
- Prices: This interface is much more clear and specific, however the lowest prices are way beyond anything that I could of have expected... let alone those of the three sellers who accept cash. That being said, almost all of the reputations are of absolute excelence and some with high quantity of transacciones, of course that was to be expected given that those who sell in my country are few people, and everyone would be turning up to them.
Given that the ATM machine is currently not operating, from what my limited knowledge indicates, LocalBitcoins should be my prefered course of action, that is if all the prices listed in my country weren't insanely high. If I'm not mistaking the value listed by the seller is no open for discussion but there is also no side fee I have to take into consideration, being so that what is listed is what I will have to pay. An while once again price is a problem with this method, there are sellers who will accept either a face-to-face exchange or a cash deposit to a bank account, only problem being that those are precily the ones who provide the worst exchange rates. Because of their escrow system so long as the two of us comply with the meeting pretty much once the transaccion is set up the funds of the seller have being 'separated' and is in the best interest of both for the purchase to take place. But, one thing I don't have clear is regarding the 'Floating Price' checkbox, the way I see it, and this is very important to me, I want the price of the bitcoins I'm buying to be determined at the time the trade is first submitted, that way actively choosing what exchange rate we will deal with, AND NOT when the coins are released, as if that were the case the price could change leaving me with a deal out of my control. So can this be indicated by me (the buyer), or is it up to the seller because (s)he's the only one capable of controlling that option?, and, if I were to ask him/her to set it up, should I ask to turn that option on or off? (I don't know what way would be the correct).
Another option I have to avoid the exchange rates I have shown you is to contact someone who offers a better price through one of the national Bitcoin Facebook/Meetup groups and trying to get that person to agreed on doing the exchange using LocalBitcoins because of their escrow sytem and general reliability when handling disputes as a sort of guarantee for the both of us, as I indicate at the very begining of the post. Cosntantly on the Facebook groups there's users posting about wanting to sell Bitcoins for a much lower price that in Mycelium and LocalBitcoins, some even below market value for X reason, and although of course going fully private without any exchange platform would be too dangerous, not only can I suggest to use one but I can find those persons who are of high reputation in the Bitcoin comunity in my country and are deeply involved in bringing this technology here and ask those people if they happen to be selling Bitcoins. In order to do so I would need to look trough several pages of posts in this groups, use some Google-fu to find out who are the ones who arrange the Meetups and other reunions about Bitcoins. Tedious, but a possibility nonetheless. If you guys happen to know of someone like that in my country maybe poitning me in that direction could be very helpful.
Beyond that all I have left if the exchange platforms indicated in this and this pages, but I have to say I already spent all afeternoon visiting each website and App reading about the steps to purchase Bitcoins in each of them and not only are cash face-to-face really not given as options in any but some are simply confusing or seem like a bad idea. Not to metion a couple even supposedly offer under market value pricing, but just in case if anyone had anything positive to say about them, here are the ones that aren't just obsolite links: CEX.IO, SatoshiTango, Bitex, Paxful, 247Exchange, Xapo, bitINKA, SurBTC, Circle, CambistaBitcoin and the listing for Bitcoin of the South American version of Ebay, MercadoLibre. By the way, I have said that privacy is very important to me, but I have also being extremely descriptive of what I'm doing and plan to do, so just in case anyone is wondering not only am I posting this from an IP address not related to me but also nothing that I have wrote is incriminating in any way, constitutes a crime or make so that I can be persecuted for it, and even if under any strange circunstances I had to, I havethe equivaent of what american refeer to as plausible deniability to defend myself given that all of this can be of course considered hypothetic. Just thought I would put it there.
Thank you very much for reading and I hope someone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.
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What Makes Particl Marketplace Better Than its Competition

What Makes Particl Marketplace Better Than its Competition
Every once in a while, this questions pops out:
What makes Particl stand out from its competition, and why is it better?
I thought I'd make a quick rundown on my opinion on the matter!

Private-by-Design? Built With Privacy in Mind from the Ground Up!

Unlike all of its competition, Particl is built from the ground up to be entirely private/anonymous, following the true crypto roots. To accomplish this difficult prowess, it uses several methods to keep its users within an optimal privacy environment, such as the RingCT and CT privacy protocols, metadata stripping, IP address anonymization through Tor (and many more protocols in the future, including Dandelion++), private escrow system with no intermediate, encrypted and private messaging (using SMSG and eventually more scalable and leading-edge DSNs such as Loopix, IPFS, and etc), and much more. With all the data leaks and hacks, privacy is becoming more and more mainstream (link to case for privacy).
Furthermore, we all see that the government and big companies have developed very effective blockchain tracking software that makes tracking public cryptocurrency transactions quite trivial. Indeed, it may be just as bad in terms of privacy to use a public blockchain than say, a bank or payment processor. This is why having a product built with privacy in mind right from the start (vs patching privacy into a non-private blockchain) is extremely important. Every day, the "if you have nothing to hide, you don't really need privacy" kind of thinking is becoming obsolete as people realize just how much privacy is important even for "good behaving" people. Plus, there is definitely some kind of people that do require a more private environment, which they’ll want to use a solution that’s been designed with this as a prime aspect.

But why does that even matter?

As broken down in an earlier article of mine, privacy is becoming a hot subject in the mainstream world. Gone are the days where privacy was associated to people who had “things to hide”.
In light of the recent and now too regular cyber attacks on tech giants like Equifax, Facebook, Deloitte, Yahoo, FedEx, Uber, Under Armour or even Pizza Hut, the poor communication and, even in some cases, cover-up of the unfortunate facts, the public confidence towards the tech industry has been severely eroded within the last couple of years. -The Case for Privacy in the Tech Industry
Breaches of personal data are becoming far too common, and a good solution to fight this issue is to stop sharing your data with big companies that do not respect your private life. However, opting for blockchains instead can be just as bad, if not worse, than relying on trusting a big corporation. Why you ask? Because blockchains are usually open for all to see by default. Indeed, transactions on public blockchains are getting easier to track by the day, and for vendors and buyers alike, this isn’t good. Buyers obviously don’t want everyone to know what they’re buying and just how many coins they hold, information that could be obtained simply by analyzing a decentralized marketplace based on a public blockchain. Vendors, on the other hand, do not want anyone to analyze their sales data, statistics, and revenues.
Particl is built as a private-by-default marketplace, meaning that users do not need to go through several steps to protect their personal data. Everything happens automatically, under the hood, and as smoothly as you would expect from a public blockchain.

Built as a 100% Decentralized & Trustless Solution

Another advantage is that the Particl Marketplace is designed as a 100% decentralized and trustless solution, which most of its competitors aren’t. Just as an example, Syscoin's Blockmarket interface is closed-source and moderated by Syscoin staff. Escrows on Syscoin are arbitrated, meaning there needs to be someone acting as escrow agent in case a deal turns sour. This can quickly lead to bias, collusion, or other similar types of issue born from the simple fact that a third-party basically has full power over the settlement of a dispute. Talking to various vendors, this quickly becomes an issue for vendors on eBay, for example, because eBay/Paypal will most of the time side with the buyer, even when it shouldn’t.
On Particl Marketplace, there is literally no counter-party at play. The escrow is based on smart-contract functionalities and uses the MAD game-theory to keep both parties honest, no moderator required to settle disputes. The marketplace itself will be entirely governed by the community, making sure no person or group of person is held liable for the content published on it or collude with either vendors or buyers. This is much closer, in my personal opinion, to the original, crypto-anarchist vision and reason of why Bitcoin was created in the first place.
Fun fact, did you know that Satoshi Nakamoto had started working on a 100% trustless and decentralized marketplace and that there was even some code about it in some Bitcoin's repository?

Much Better & Intuitive User Interface

Particl has a beautiful UI/UX that is built with accessibility and ease-of-use in mind. This top of the line wallet looks modern, slick, and is very easy to understand as well as being very smooth and responsive. The same can’t be said of most wallets in the crypto sphere, most of them being far too geeky or barebone to be used by mainstream, non-crypto users.
Additionally, Particl plans on developing a web & mobile interface at some point in the future, which they already have a good idea of how they would go about it. In order to break into the mainstream, the marketplace will need to be as easy to use as any other online eCommerce platform, therefore a web and mobile interface are absolutely required. While this isn’t currently part of the roadmap, it certainly is a milestone the team plans on tackling after the mainnet release of Particl Marketplace.
Particl Marketplace Alpha:

The Coin Actually Makes Sense to Hold

The Particl coin is one of many perks. While it currently still is at the mercy of speculators, it is designed to eventually decouple from the speculation and get its value organically through the demand the marketplace will generate for it.
It first serves as a privacy coin, with CT already on mainnet and RingCT on testnet (currently being academically reviewed by the NJIT Dept. of Technology). Particl is indeed the first coin ever to modify RingCT, the privacy protocol made popular by Monero, so that it could be implemented on top of the Bitcoin codebase (or any codebase other than Cryptonote, for that matter). This implementation will unlock RingCT’s potentialby making it possible to be used in smart-contracts and decentralized applications as well as over the Lightning Network (that of which Particl is working on), atomic swaps and advanced multi-signatures. We all know how Monero is a great privacy coin, and Particl is actually taking it a bit further by adding utility features to this great privacy protocol (RingCT) and supporting it with a truly decentralized infrastructure. Imagine if Monero, in all its greatness, could have its own marketplace that cannot be shut down or censored…That alone is a huge reason why Particl is a great coin to hold.
It can also be used as a nice passive income source . Indeed, you can cold stake your PART coin using PPoS (Particl Proof-of-Stake, which has cold staking and hardware cold staking (cold staking on Ledger Nano S) enabled) and make a minimum of 4% yearly interest (that decreases over time until it stabilizes at 2% in 2 years). On top of that, stakers will earn 100% of the listing fees, as well as transaction fees, and of course, all revenue derived from the other Particl dApps. One thing that is often overlooked is how Particl is a decentralized application platform, but doesn’t offer tokens. This ultimately means users looking to use Particl’s applications generate demand for the PART coin, even though the Particl platform is designed to accept almost any coin and (eventually) more traditional means of payments.
The Particl coin is also used as "gas" required to run Particl smart-contracts and is used as the de facto currency in the Particl Marketplace. In fact, Particl Marketplace does accept almost any coin , either through the use of atomic swaps (already on mainnet since 2017) or through third-party implementations (i.e. Changelly). The “catch” though is that the escrow needs to use PART to keep users private (because it requires RingCT and the escrow actually is a Particl smart-contract), so even when shopping on the marketplace using Bitcoin or your favorite coin, they end up being automatically transferred into Particl with no extra step required by the user. In other words, even using other coins to purchase items off the marketplace generates demand for the PART coin.
Finally, but not least, PART coins also grant users moderation powers over the Particl Marketplace as well as the ability to vote on any community proposal through the decentralized governance system. In fact, no central authority, company, or team has moderation powers over the marketplace. Particl instead delegates that power to the very community using the platform. This is a much more scalable (no need to hire staff), secure (no legal liability put on moderators), and fair (the very users of the marketplace are the one with the power to steer the ship) way to do it.

Particl is Much More Than a Decentralized Marketplace

In the end, Particl is actually much more than just a marketplace, it is a full-blown privacy-focused dApp platform. Indeed, the team has put in its roadmap the release of a developer SDK toolkit which will allow any developer out there to easily build their own application on Particl. Whether it be a social media/Twitter-like application, a decentralized gambling Dapp, or even the addition of a penny auction section to Particl Marketplace, the SDK will truly allow the network to grow into much more than just a decentralized marketplace.
The goal here is not to directly compete with other smart-contract platforms like Ethereum, it’s more about being a decentralized platform where dApps can all be interacted with directly from the wallet in order to create something akin to perhaps an operating system. Imagine the wallet (Particl Desktop) as an Android OS and each Particl dApps as Android applications. The Particl Desktop wallet is kind of like the wrapper which contains the dApps that make the Particl decentralized economy, and these applications are designed to fit right into it in a very intuitive and user-friendly fashion (in contrast to other Dapp platforms which are generally pretty barebone).
One of Particl's goal is to take crypto a step further by not only decentralizing currency, but also to decentralize the entire infrastructure surrounding said currency (and that, obviously, includes the eCommerce infrastructure on which the coin can be spent).

Top-Tier Development Team

The Particl development team is definitely a top-tier team. They are indeed ranked 6th in one of the most thorough code quality review ( ) that did review up to 200 coins (in comparison, Syscoin is currently ranked 36th, BitBay is 192nd, Safex is not even active enough to be ranked). The code quality review takes a lot of things into account, and disregards community and marketing, solely focusing on the code itself. This is something the Particl team is extremely proud of! Indeed, the Particl team was the first reach accomplish many achievements such as true cold staking, hardware cold staking (Ledger + cold staking), first blockchain to be natively implemented with Segwit, first to implement the RingCT and CT protocols on top of the Bitcoin codebase, and always the first to update it's codebase (currently on with 0.17 ready on testnet) to the latest Bitcoin Core version (after Bitcoin itself, of course). They have had a lot of other accomplishments as well, though they were not the first to execute them. It is, overall, a very talented team that is not afraid to push the limit while never sacrificing privacy, security and decentralization.
To see the incredible development work made over time, watch the Github visualization videos included in this blog post:
Particl Project Development Timeline

Many Decentralized Marketplaces Could and Probably Will Co-Exist

As we are seeing with privacy coins right now, a lot of them are identical or almost identical, yet each of these coins has their own dedicated community. Same thing with eCommerce platforms. We have Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Etsy, and etc…all co-existing and making profits within their own community or niche. I think we'll see the same happen with decentralized marketplaces. Wise vendors won't limit their business to one platform, as that would end up limiting their potential customer base. Instead, I see many decentralized marketplaces all co-existing and all sharing a share of the decentralized marketplace industry. This is not a winner take all kind of scenario, as long as a marketplace can offer good features, good UI/UX, low or no fees, and of course, products for sale AND customers, these platforms stand a chance to survive even though they are not alone in this space.
What I do find very interesting in Particl compared to other decentralized marketplaces is how its native coin is designed to be scarce and in high demand. As such, even a small volume of marketplace transactions could increase the value of Particl considerably. That is because:
  • Users will generate demand for the coin when making purchases (even if they use another coin)
  • More coins get locked up for a certain period of time in escrow. In reality, up to three times the value of an item can end up locked up in escrow as the buyer needs to pay for the item + make a security deposit while the vendor also has to put a security deposit. Escrow lockups can last from minutes, to hours to days and weeks, depending on the specific context and use-case.
  • A great portion of the coins are locked up in staking (can be transferred out at any time, but while they are staking they are effectively out of circulation) as the passive income gained from the process becomes very interesting when the marketplace gets transactions volume since stakers get 100% of the listings fees and other Dapp revenues. Currently, around 36.6% of the entire supply is out of circulation and being staked. Many in the community expects this amount to increase as the marketplace gets traction. Note that there is no minimum amount of PART required for staking, thus anyone can stake and receive rewards. That is even more true with the coming staking pool currently under development that will allow even the smallest of holders to stake their funds and receive smaller but more recurrent rewards.
  • Users are not forced to use PART, they can use their favorite cryptocurrency. Ultimately, non-PART transactions are still settled in PART in the background, generating demand for the coin. Particl indeed aims at attracting other communities to its platform and offer a use-case to any coin. It doesn’t mean its native coin PART cannot be positively impacted from this!
The four points above are why I believe that, even though many decentralized marketplaces will most probably end up all splitting shares of the same pie, even a low volume of transactions on Particl would probably end up naturally increase the price of the coin. No speculation needed when it takes off! This is one of the biggest reason I got into Particl instead of its competitors (their coins don’t have such good economics, not that I know of at least).

Third-Party Building on the Particl Protocol (Mubiz)

Another big thing about Particl too is that Mubiz, a decentralized marketplace aggregator and web gateway, is actually working on implementing the marketplace. What this means is that Mubiz will render the marketplace available on the web only a few days after its initial release and will offer its customers a whole array of services not readily available on Particl Desktop. These services include escrow management on behalf of the user (read…no need to deal with the escrow, all in the background and the user experience is no different than eBay), customer support & product returns, shipping management (vendors can ship their products to Mubiz), traditional means of payments (credit/banking cards, eventually Paypal and other fiat payment methods), reviews, SEO for listings, and etc.
Mubiz currently only operates with OpenBazaar, and Particl will be the second marketplace they’ll be hosting on their platform. They mentioned in an interview I conducted with Albin, Mubiz’s Founder, that they had identified issues with OpenBazaar (since it’s the first decentralized marketplace ever, it does have flaws that can be improved upon) that were not present or that were fixed with Particl, hence why they’ve decided to integrate the marketplace into its platform.
Mubiz is, in my opinion, going to provide a crucial set of services that will make Particl as easy to use as eBay or Amazon. The only difference? Vendors will be making more money (they will make 100% of the sales proceeds), in turn allowing them to lower their prices to score more sales and outplay their competitors. The end result is more profits for the vendor, more sales, and cheaper prices for the customer. Surely this should be an attractive solution for most?
What’s your biggest reason why you think Particl stands out from its competitor? I most probably forgot some stuff in there, so curious to see what you all think!
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An expanded guide to purchasing Dogecoin

This is version 1 of a new Dogecoin buying guide I am putting together. Any feedback you have to make it better would be great. As I try out other sites I will add them to the list, once I know they are okay to use. I will likely do a big revision in about a week based on what people say and with additional sites I have tried out
Hello Shibes! With the increased interest in dogecoin, and there being so many changes to exchanges and ways you can buy dogecoin, I wanted to expand my purchasing guide for Canadians to include as many countries and as many options as possible. I have broken this guide down into the possible methods of purchasing dogecoin, and included and relevant sites in those sections. If you don’t find an option that is right for you, there simply might not be one yet. I will also cover some purchasing options that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend, but think are worth including for completeness. So without further ado shibes…
You Dogecoin needs to be stored somewhere, and this done in a wallet. There are two primary types, a paper wallet, which is the most secure, and a digital wallet. A digital wallet can either be on your computer, or it could also be a digital wallet on an exchange.
At the moment I will not go into much more detail as I will add more in a future update. For now, what you need to know is that if you plan on purchasing and simply holding onto your Dogecoin, a paper wallet is the most secure. You can learn how to make one here A digital wallet on your computer is good too, but you need to be very, very aware of scam wallets (Doughwallet, Freewallet, and the original Dogecoin Wallet aka Core Wallet are not recommended under any circumstance). Digital wallets on full service exchanges are okay, but you do run the small, albeit still possible, risk that the exchange will go bust and you will lose everything you are holding there.
Take the time to really understand how wallets work. It central to how any crypto is stored and used and you want to make sure you are keeping your funds as safe as possible.
Method 1: One stop shopping - Full service exchanges
If you want to get the best value for your money, then full service exchanges, those that allow purchasing and trading with a multitude of features to go with it, and allow funding/trading through fiat currencies (like USD or Euros), and crypto transfers, are the way to go. They will offer you the best rates, and are generally more secure and reliable than other sites I will get to later. The downside for many people is that they also require you go through some sort of verification process. There are varying degrees, from just submitting a photo of your ID, to third party verification and submitting other documents. I will cover these requirements as best as I can. Also, funding and withdrawal options vary greatly, depending on which country you reside in. If you are signing up to an exchange, with the hope of one day being able to withdraw your funds, take the time to see if that is even possible for you. Time to look at some of the most popular options. (Full service option for Canadian residents only)
I am putting this one first because it is what I was use the most often (in part because I am Canadian and this is the best option for Canadians looking to buy and trade Dogecoin). It has a full range of funding including Interac, bank transfers, wire transfers, and depositing other cryptos of course. You cannot purchase with a credit card here. Canadians can also withdraw funds, which makes it the only site that offers Dogecoin that Canadians can do this on. The verification process can be done through a third party service (Equifax or a similar company), or through submitting ID and proof of address documents. It took me a few hours to get verified, but that was several months ago. It could take several days, or even a week, at this point. Your mileage will vary.
Their fees are reasonable, as are their rates, so when you buy Dogecoin, you will get a pretty fair price on it. You can also trade against fiat currencies which is a bonus if the trading aspect is important to you. If you do sign up you can, disclaimer, use this link here to get $20 when you buy $60 worth of crypto ttps:// Overall this is a pretty good exchange, and it has yet to close registrations despite the huge crush of new people these sites have been seeing in the past few months. (Full service in the US, can transfer in crypto for other countries, potentially closed registration in Canada)
This is a popular site if the number of times it is mentioned on reddit are any indication. I have tried to register on it a few times, and had no luck due to what appears to be a broken registration process (when I get to the stage where it asks to submit and ID, it can’t detect a web. When Ive gone back to the site in a different browser, its said the verification process is pending). So you can try it yourself and see if you have any luck, but for me (and perhaps it has to do with being in Canada), new registrations don’t seem to be possible. (Australia only)
This is an Australian based site, which up until just before Christmas was a full service exchange, though they are slowly restoring many of their suspended services. They have currently disabled funding via POLi Payments, though you can fund your account via BPAY and Cash deposits. You can also deposit Bitcoin. At this time no other cryptos can be deposited, though any crypto you purchase on the exchange can be withdrawn to a wallet. The verification process is rigorous, you need ID, proof of residency, and to take a photo with yourself holding a sign (this is becoming a more common requirement). I cannot attest to how well the site works, and the rates, since I am not Australian and cannot test it out, but from what I can gather from others comments about it, it seems to be a decent site. (EU only)
This is currently the best option, so far as I can tell, for EU citizens to purchase Dogecoin. You have to sign up, which requires government photo ID and proof of residency, and once approved you can make your purchase. They accept iDeal, SOFORT, GiroPay, SEPA as forms of payment, but do not take credit cards. You can either purchase directly, or, you can purchase LiteBit credits and then purchase Dogecoin using those. If you use LiteBit credits then your purchases are processed instantaneously.
I was unable to determine what the fee to purchase Dogecoin, or any other crypto for that matter, is. If you sell there is a 5% fee, so keep that in mind. You can also do withdrawals on this site. I can’t speak to the user experience, since as non-EU citizen I cannot sign up, but from what I’ve read it seems to be okay. The site does say they are experiencing high demand. So even though they are accepting new customers it could still see support and slowdowns being an issue. (EU only and currently not accepting new registrations)
When this site opens up for new registrations I will add more about it. For the moment I will just say that it is similar to Litebit, accepts the same forms of payment, but has 10% fees on any selling you do. Their live chat is also down so this seems to be struggling under the high demand right now. (Full service in US only, currently closed to new registrations)
I am not sure if there is a restriction for all countries, or if it is just for Canada, but currently you can sign up, but there is no option to get verified, thus no way you can deposit money into your account and purchase dogecoin. I am going to check back every now and then and see if this changes and will update this listing if purchasing dogecoin for new users becomes possible. (Full service in US only and currently closed to new registrations)
This site has closed down new registrations for just over a month now. Even if they open them back up again in the future, the length of time they have already taken to correct any of the problems that lead to this makes me a bit nervous about its future health as an exchange. I don’t think I would recommend this site, even if it does open up to new users again.
Method 2: Two step purchasing aka The Coinbase option (For US, Canada and other non EU countries)
Lets say you don’t want to purchase Dogecoin through one of the full service exchanges, perhaps because you want to use a credit card, or because the other sites have verification processes that are just to much for you. There is another method which, although not the most cost effective way, will allow you to buy dogecoin by using Coinbase and one of the other exchange sites listed below.
The process is relatively straightforward. First, sign up for Coinbase. It does require verification, but it is only your address information and a government photo ID. It might take a few days with all the new registrations, but when I did it a few months ago it was just a few hours, so it might not take that long. Once you are set up you add the credit card of your choice (Note: Capital One Credit will no longer work as they have put a block on purchasing crypto from sites like Coinbase). The key thing to remember in this next step is to NOT buy Bitcoin. The transaction fees are growing each day it seems and you will lose a lot when you transfer it out. Your best options are Ethereum or Litecoin, which have low transaction fees. I do not know how much Bitcoin Cash transaction fees are, but, if you decide to use to buy Dogecoin you will need to purchase Bitcoin Cash instead of one of the other two. Always check to make sure that whatever exchange site you are going to use in the second step has the right deposit/exchange option for you.
Now that you have purchased Ethereum, or Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash, you can visit one of the other sites listed below and use them to purchase your Dogecoin. It is worth noting that some sites, like, require you register (though there is no real verification process), while others do not require an account. Once you have purchased your Dogecoin you may be required to move it into your wallet as a final step (see the top of this post for more about wallets), or in some cases you will have already provided your wallet so nothing else needs to be done. While Coinbase is a fairly reliable site, some of the smaller sites can be hit or miss. Before using a site for the first time it is worth taking a looking at /dogecoin to see if there have been any users reporting issues that could steer you away from using it. (Full service in US, purchase only in Canada)
Even though you can’t actually buy Dogecoin on this site it is massively popular site for quite a few reasons. First, it accepts purchase via credit cards, which makes it easy for people to sign up and purchase their available cryptos. You can choose between Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. So for people that don’t want to fund a crypto purchase through a bank or Interac or wire transfer, you can purchase it on Coinbase, then move it elsewhere. In the US this is a full service site with trading and withdrawals available. In Canada, and most other countries I presume, all you can do is purchase. This means that using Coinbase still requires a second exchange that you will actually purchase Dogecoin on.
A few other things worth noting. There is a verification process, but it was not too intensive, just the usual address information and a government photo ID. The prices for their crypto are generally decent, but if you pay by credit card there is a 4% fee, so you have to keep that in mind. If you have a cash back credit card you might be able to claw back some of that, but if you are doing a lot of large purchases it will still add up over time. There are also limits on how much you can purchase (the exact amount depends on your account and buying history). For times where you just want to quickly purchase a crypto (remember to use Ethereum or Litecoin to avoid Bitcoins high transaction fees) to move elsewhere to get Dogecoin, this is fine. But this is not a good long term as the fees will add and be costly over time.
This is a relatively new site. It is actually a trading site, but, it only has trades/purchasing against Bitcoin Cash (no fiat currencies). So in order to fund your account on this site, you will have to transfer Bitcoin Cash into it. Because it is new, and they only added Dogecoin a few days from the time I wrote this, it is hard to tell if their rates will be competitive with other larger, and full scale exchanges. This is probably not a bad option to purchase Dogecoin, but being a new exchange, I wouldn’t leave your crypto in it for too long.
This is fairly simple and straightforward site. You enter the address of the wallet you are looking to use to fund the exchange, and how much you want to trade, enter your Dogecoin wallet address, and make the exchange. As with all the sites like this, the rate you pay is a bit higher than a standard full service exchange site. But Evercoin seems to fairly reliable and doesn’t overcharge as much as some other sites, so this is not a bad option for the two-step method. (Has currently run out of dogecoin for purchase)
This was a very popular site to quickly change Bitcoin (or another crypto), into Dogecoin. The rates were not great, compared to full exchanges, but it worked. That was until it ran out of Dogecoin. So at the time of writing this, you won’t be able to use this site to purchase Dogecoin. Even if it does offer Dogecoin again, it was not uncommon to see people commenting about very long (as in several day long) transaction times, and limited to non-existent customer support help. I would say use this site with caution if it does become an option again.
Method 3: (And not a great method, use with caution) Buying from /dogemarket
The subreddit is a place where people buy and sell Dogecoin directly from, and to, each other. Often payment is via PayPal, but it could be gift card trades, or some other payment method.
There are lots of people who have used this successfully. And others have been scammed too. And as cryptos become more popular, the likely hood that scammers will increase is very real. I don’t doubt there are many reputable people selling. But with how easy it is to make multiple users and have fake testimonials it’s really a gamble as to whether the person is trustworthy or not. For the most part, I would not recommend this method, and if you use it, be aware there are risks.
Method 4: Ebay…which I do not recommend at all, under no circumstance
Yes, people sell dogecoin on Ebay. But, simply put, you should not use this method. This is the quickest way to get scammed and end up out money, and often they are already charging 2, 3 or 4 times the market rate. Yes, there are posts on how to avoid getting scammed if you do purchase from Ebay. But, if you have to go through that much effort to ensure your transaction is safe, its not worth it. Just avoid this method altogether.
TL;DR aka the most important tips to remember
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My Message to my MP Regarding Porn Filtering

The following is what I sent to my MP, I advice you to do something similar.
Dear James Clappison,
I am writing to your concerning the Prime Minister's suggestions to limit internet freedom. These plans are completely abhorrent and morally reprehensible and the only reason I am writing this email is due to the fact that I know it is a topic which many people will be too embarrassed to write to their local MP about.
Not only do our current laws overstep the mark by outlawing certain types of pornography on television, but also banning ownership of certain types of animated pornography which are perfectly legal in many countries around the world. The further regulations suggested will take us to new levels of censorship never seen before in true liberal democracies. When combining this with Edward Snowden’s leaks, it is hard to for me to consider this country free any more.
While the government clearly lacks the moral authority to implement such a plan, it also clearly lacks the intellectual rigour to understand that it will fail to achieve any of the desired goals. Anyone who truly believes that stopping depictions of rape being shown online will reduce the number of rapists is grossly mistaken. All the recent statistics have shown that as access to pornography has grown, the number of sexual assaults committed has fallen. By not allowing someone to fulfil their sexual fantasies online, you are creating a situation where people will have to find other methods to fulfil these fantasies, likely leading to worse outcomes arising.
These plans also raise many concerns about enforcement and data privacy. I would be greatly appreciative if you could try and find answers from ministers for the following questions I have. Who decides what pornography counts as rape? Is extreme BDSM rape? Is animated pornography depicting rape illegal? Will this list of people who have requested pornography be completely private? How will you be able to tell who is accessing such pornography without monitoring everybody's internet traffic? How will websites hosted abroad be forced to comply?
Further to these questions I have, I would also like to speak about the unintended consequences of these actions. There are many websites which are not centred on pornography, but often have pornographic links posted on them. Two notable examples of such websites include both Reddit and 4Chan, Reddit being a website where people share links to other websites and 4Chan being an image discussion board. If these websites get blocked by the proposal, the government will end up censoring huge parts of the internet and severely limiting free speech. Wikipedia was once blocked because it came up on the child porn censors, how can we ensure that we have a free web when some unaccountable bureaucrat or poorly written computer program will likely be controlling what we can and cannot see? Even if the censorship were 100% efficient, why does the government have the right to monitor my viewing content?
I also find myself having to ask who actually wants this? On every comment section on every website I have visited, including the Daily Mail, the majority of people have been in opposition to this plan. The use of pornography is so widespread that almost no one would support such measures. An anecdotal example to prove this point is the fact that Canadian scientists wanted to conduct a study where they compared the differences in people who regularly consume pornography and those who have never seen it. The study had to stop after they could find no one who had never watched pornography. Consider this point, who is David Cameron trying to pander to with this policy? Is it the social conservatives who won’t be voting Conservative due to his support of gay marriage? (It is worth pointing out that I supported such measures, but was upset by the fact that discrimination still occurs from the government against those seeking multi-person marriages.) Is this measure to try and win the vote of sheltering suburban parents who will most likely vote Conservative regardless of this bill? Or is it to try and win the vote of the young generation who are increasingly libertarian and oppose the growth in the nanny state and will now never considering voting Conservative?
This plan is possibly the most significant step in having a fully-fledged nanny state, which foolishly I thought the Conservatives were supposed to oppose? It is absurd to suggest that the government knows what is best for people when consuming pornography. It is also a huge admission that the government considers the majority of adults incapable of deciding what is best for themselves and their children. I would also like to dispute the fact that pornography is bad for children. How many 13-17 do you think can say hand on heart that they have never watched pornography? And how many of these 13-17 olds do you think are a problem to society? I attended the [removed for privacy], a local school which is expected to produce some of the greatest minds in our country, and I can safely say that every single pupil in my year watched pornography before they were legally able to do so. Do you think this has caused serious problems in their development, or is the government wrong to say that it is damaging to children?
Finally, how does the government expect these plans to be implemented? There are many measures which can be used to circumvent any restrictions on a free internet. Anybody who is half computer literate will be able to start using proxy servers or virtual private networks in order to beat the system. An anecdotal example again is shown by a Japanese man who issued bomb threats online using Tor and the police arrested several wrong suspects trying to find this man who is still at large. The Tor network is a system which encrypts internet traffic and sends it through countless different computers before it reaches its desired destination, making it near impossible to track. There are many websites which are only accessible using Tor such as The Silk Road which is essentially an eBay for illegal drugs, and not only has every government globally been unable to shut down this website on the darknet, but the use of this website and other similar ones are completely anonymous and go unnoticed by the police due to encryption technology and are still growing in popularity. This means that the only people you will be stopping from accessing these types of soon to be forbidden pornography will be those who can't use computers to their full extent and those who wish to access the most extreme forms of pornography will still be able to do so. Not only can the government not stop the access to these servers, but encrypted payment systems such as Bitcoin will allow these websites financial freedom as well. As can be seen from the recent attempts to block The Pirate Bay, Kick Ass Torents and other similar websites, for everyone one website taken down, several more will take its place. I have no idea how familiar you are with anything I have just mentioned, but if you are unfamiliar with it, then I would assume so is most of Parliament. If you are unfamiliar with it, then I have to ask whether you truly believe the government is suited to deciding how to use a technology they know little about?
I greatly look forward to your response. I have always taken joy in the fact that your views have been similar to mine in the fact that you support lower taxes, marriage equality and a referendum on membership on the European Union. However, if this bill were to pass, I would be forced to remove my support from the Conservative Party to either UKIP or the Pirate Party due to how strongly I feel about this issue, not due to making it more difficult for me to access pornography, but due to my belief in self-determination and a free internet. Since Cameron has took office I have failed to renew by Conservative Party membership, please give me a reason to do so.
Yours sincerely,
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Official Paxful Sticky **Read Me First**

You’re probably over here wondering what Paxful is. Here’s the deal. With Paxful you can turn any payment method into bitcoin. For example - Paypal, iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards Western Union, bank transfers. We could go on, we’re getting close to almost any payment method under the sun.
How does it work? It’s a peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace. eBay for online payments if you like. Buyers and sellers can connect with each other and their payments are protected by Paxful’s secure escrow. Profits of 30% or more per trade are being made right now! Ready to get started? Check out the Paxful School vids:
Paxful School Lesson 1: How to Create a Paxful Account, Verification, Paxful Bitcoin Wallet
Paxful School Lesson 2: How to Buy Bitcoin Instantly on Paxful
Paxful School Lesson 3: How To Secure Your Account
Paxful is the place to be if you want to buy bitcoin instantly. There’s no need to wait for weeks for verification as you do on other exchanges. You can buy any amount on your first transaction Select a payment method you wish to use to buy bitcoin. Find a deal that you like and start the trade.
You will be instantly connected to one of our vendors on the site who sell bitcoin. You can then converse on our chat, once all the required info and documents are provided and payment made the vendor will release the bitcoins and they will automatically be sent to your Paxful wallet. During the trade the bitcoins are kept safe by the Paxful escrow system. This means the Bitcoin cannot be used until both parties agreed payment has been made. If there’s a dispute between buyers and vendors, the Paxful ninja moderators will jump in, investigate and serve justice!
Wanna know more on how to buy? Read here -
If you want to sell your bitcoin on Paxful, it is pretty straightforward as well. Create an account, select create offer, fill in your terms and requirements. You can select any payment method you wish to accept. More in depth info here:
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    1. bitcoin mods removed top post: "The rich don't need Bitcoin. The poor do" (4810 points, 506 comments)
    2. WSJ: "[bitcoin core] fees have reached an average cost of about $30 per transaction. That makes bitcoin virtually unusable for all but very large transactions. The Bitcoin Cash crowd is just trying to offer a solution to that problem." (1305 points, 338 comments)
    3. Friendly reminder that the LiteCoin ($36) founder sold 100% of his coins as it ran up to $300 while wearing a HODL shirt for video interviews. (1192 points, 293 comments)
    4. Rick Falkvinge:"Fun fact: I am aware of a truckload of companies currently in the process of converting from Bitcoin Legacy to #Bitcoin Cash. I am aware of zero (0) companies going the other direction." (657 points, 226 comments)
    5. " wallet now displays "Bitcoin Cash" and "Bitcoin Core" balances. Should satisfy everyone, right? ;)" (627 points, 444 comments)
    6. GDAX: "We will open the BCH-BTC Order Book on Wednesday, January 17 at 9:00 am PST." (618 points, 112 comments)
    7. Stephen (BitPay CEO):"a typical #bitcoin transaction costs $1.80 now, >200k unconfirmed transactions, time for a hard fork to larger blocks ... 8mb please" (544 points, 113 comments)
    8. Erik Voorhees: "Changing Bitcoin's proof-of-work to prevent miners from mining is the most absurd and reckless thing I've heard in the scaling debate." (539 points, 171 comments)
    9. Erik Voorhees: "Fellow Bitcoiners, are you ever going to realize how problematic these fees are getting? Avg fees now over $40 per tx. A year ago avg fee was $4. A year prior, $0.40. Growing faster than price, and exponentially with usage. We just spent $4800 to move 15 BTC in one TX." (539 points, 147 comments)
    10. BitPay CEO: “If people can’t engage in commerce, it’s hard to imagine why they’d want to store their money in Bitcoin in the first place” (537 points, 133 comments)
  2. 26883 points, 56 submissions: MemoryDealers
    1. I'm Roger Ver, CEO of and world's first investor in Bitcoin startups. AMA (978 points, 932 comments)
    2. The pro Bitcoin Cash video from CNBC made it to the very front page of! (858 points, 189 comments)
    3. I (Roger Ver) will be doing an AMA on Monday Dec 18th starting at 10AM EST on /BTC because /Bitcoin is completely censored. (826 points, 412 comments)
    4. Reminder: Blockstream and Core got 100% of everything they asked for. (807 points, 332 comments)
    5. I'm giving away $100 each of BCH and BTC on live TV tomorrow by displaying the private key. Guess why? (738 points, 827 comments)
    6. How wrong were they? More than 2 years ago the CEO of Lightning Labs said LN would be ready in less than 6 months (695 points, 275 comments)
    7. To the Censorship loving tyrants in /Bitcoin, don't Say didn't warn you! "In the unlikely event that the 2MB block size increase portion of Segwit2x fails to activate, will immediately shift all company resources to supporting Bitcoin Cash exclusively." (672 points, 363 comments)
    8. Sign the Petition for Clemency for Ross Ulbricht, Serving Double Life for a Website (663 points, 227 comments)
    9. I just bet 1,000 BTC (~$4M USD) that Segwit 2X coin will have more value than Segwit 1x coin. (644 points, 398 comments)
    10. If you think consumers are going to throw away $100’s (and soon $1000’s) on transaction fees to open up a payment channel on the Lightning network, you are delusional. (599 points, 219 comments)
  3. 12737 points, 26 submissions: hunk_quark
    1. Censored! Youtube removes Roger Ver's video on "The effects of Censorship and Propaganda upon Bitcoin" (1002 points, 296 comments)
    2. CNBC is waking up (886 points, 144 comments)
    3. Despite massing brigading from bitcoin and core, @Bitcoin twitter account has gained 50k subscribers since it came out in support of BCH last week. (627 points, 197 comments)
    4. Warren Buffet's Berkshire is the single largest stockholder in BoA and WellsFargo. In case you were wondering about his attitude towards Bitcoin. (619 points, 113 comments)
    5. Bitfinex defines Bitcoin Cash as the coin that fulfills the original promise of p2p cash, a bitcoin upgrade that is ready to scale and sound money! #Winning (599 points, 164 comments)
    6. Wouldn't wanna be this shopper. (581 points, 124 comments)
    7. GDAX enabling EUBCH trading pair next week. #winning 🎆 (572 points, 66 comments)
    8. Thank to this community's effort, Forbes has corrected Kyle's Torpey's LN article to clarify LTC tx fees is much higher than BCH. Now let's ask for 1 more correction: Bitcoin cash is not Bcash. Links in comments. (508 points, 173 comments)
    9. Elizabeth Stark of Lightning labs calls out Blockstream on letting users tinker with LN that's neither safe nor ready for mainnet. (490 points, 266 comments)
    10. The $2000 tip for Bitcoin ABC dev shows we don't need blockstream to pay our developers, we can do community funding through tippr! (463 points, 131 comments)
  4. 12410 points, 23 submissions: BitcoinXio
    1. /bitcoin is censoring the NIST report that says "Bitcoin Cash is the original blockchain" and Bitcoin Core is not. If you have to censor to get people to believe you, then you have lost. (855 points, 496 comments)
    2. Free_Ross on Twitter: "ALL charges of murder-for-hire vs. Ross are now dropped. After almost 5 years, gov't has moved to dismiss final MD indictment based on evidence from corrupt agent now in prison." (759 points, 211 comments)
    3. Someone hacked the account todu which was a mod here to point users to /bitcoin (732 points, 259 comments)
    4. Former /cryptocurrency mod: "I used to be a mod of cryptocurrency until they kicked me out. Now, that sub, is controlled all by mods with accounts less than 7 months old!" (724 points, 214 comments)
    5. Congrats: /btc has reached 150,000 subscribers! (696 points, 356 comments)
    6. Twitter continues to go downhill - flags @Bitcoin account as ‘temporarily restricted due to unusual activity’ (635 points, 216 comments)
    7. There is a huge edit war on Wikipedia where trolls like the user "Jtbobwaysf" are trying very hard to inject the word "bcash" into Bitcoin Cash pages and reverting/editing other pages that speak factually poorly on topics such as Lightning Network, Segwit, etc. (622 points, 148 comments)
    8. What /bitcoin mods desperately don't want you to see! (601 points, 104 comments)
    9. /btc is trending on reddit today, congrats everyone! (586 points, 18 comments)
    10. Bitcoin Cash is upgrading on May 15 to 32MB max block limit (579 points, 334 comments)
  5. 11766 points, 16 submissions: BeijingBitcoins
    1. Average Bitcoin transaction fee is now above five dollars. 80% of the world population lives on less than $10 a day. So much for "banking the unbanked." (3417 points, 463 comments)
    2. Dear Reddit Admins: We need to talk about /Bitcoin (1342 points, 280 comments)
    3. Paid for this whisky with Bitcoin Cash! Ginza bar becomes third Tokyo retail establishment to accept BCC (747 points, 60 comments)
    4. Samson Mow says Bitcoin isn't for people earning less than $2 a day. With average transaction fees now at $27.20, is Bitcoin even for people earning less than $100 a day? (659 points, 160 comments)
    5. Protip: If you are new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, you really should read the document that started it all, the Bitcoin whitepaper [PDF] (642 points, 69 comments)
    6. With the public spotlight on Reddit censorship, now would be the perfect time to let the rest of Reddit know about the censorship on /bitcoin (641 points, 121 comments)
    7. /Bitcoin in a nutshell (531 points, 68 comments)
    8. Three years ago today, Mike Hearn published an article explaining exactly what would happen when the 1MB blocksize limit was hit. He was right on all counts. (483 points, 168 comments)
    9. Shit, they're on to us (449 points, 65 comments)
    10. "Am I so out of touch?" (443 points, 164 comments)
  6. 9301 points, 2 submissions: censorship_notifier
    1. Evidence that the mods of /Bitcoin may have been involved with the hacking and vote manipulation "attack" on /Bitcoin. (8585 points, 1166 comments)
    2. New anti-censorship bot for /bitcoin (716 points, 345 comments)
  7. 7980 points, 16 submissions: increaseblocks
    1. No Neo I'm trying to tell you ... (706 points, 77 comments)
    2. Blockstream is falling apart - Greg Maxwell resigns - Blockstream takes down team page in a hurry to reorg team - Adam Back must be worried (675 points, 492 comments)
    3. * Ripple is not mineable (it is a centralized private blockchain run by banks) (622 points, 254 comments)
    4. rBitcoin moderator confesses and comes clean that Blockstream is only trying to make a profit by exploiting Bitcoin and pushing users off chain onto sidechains (578 points, 188 comments)
    5. Blockstream investor emails leaked - shows Blockstream motivation to steal transaction fees from miners and pay to Liquid sidechain customers (539 points, 250 comments)
    6. Fixed - Bitcoin Cash moving money far better. SegWitCoin moving money with high fees and slow confirmation times! (532 points, 105 comments)
    7. Vitalik Buterin says what we've all been saying - CoinDesk is scammy and complicit bad actor in the cryptocurrency world and should be shunned (505 points, 59 comments)
    8. "Blockstream plans to sell side chains to enterprises, charging a fixed monthly fee, taking transaction fees and even selling hardware" source- Adam Back Blockstream CEO (498 points, 143 comments)
    9. Coinbase comes through and does the correct thing and adds clarification on the upcoming Segwit2x Fork (454 points, 194 comments)
    10. Core trolls have hard decisions to make (437 points, 140 comments)
  8. 7772 points, 1 submission: PedanticPendant
    1. The idiocracy of bitcoin (7772 points, 750 comments)
  9. 7763 points, 13 submissions: jessquit
    1. You can now store a year's worth of continuously full 8MB blocks for the cost of a single BTC transaction (1378 points, 386 comments)
    2. There never was a "scaling problem." The only problem is "people that don't want Bitcoin to scale." (772 points, 419 comments)
    3. Please stop saying "Increase the block size" (660 points, 449 comments)
    4. [PSA] If your Bitcoin are not ready-to-transact in a wallet whose keys you exclusively control, then you don't control your Bitcoin (622 points, 215 comments)
    5. Why us old-school Bitcoiners argue that Bitcoin Cash should be considered "the real Bitcoin" (587 points, 586 comments)
    6. I think we need an EDA fix before the Nov hardfork (541 points, 345 comments)
    7. Why large blocks: because one man's "coffee purchase transaction" is another man's monthly income (501 points, 104 comments)
    8. This sub is under major attack (494 points, 319 comments)
    9. There is a word for a "store of value" with no underlying utility, and that word is "collectible" (481 points, 169 comments)
    10. Ripple user comes to defend Ripple, gets hundreds of upvotes, but can't answer the most fundamental question: what prevents inflation? (459 points, 404 comments)
  10. 7400 points, 16 submissions: Windowly
    1. "If BCH hashpower > BTC, I'll start referring to it as just 'Bitcoin' :" ~ Gavin on twitter (778 points, 238 comments)
    2. You want to go grab a coffee?? (642 points, 413 comments)
    3. "I guess my idea of "freedom from corrupt banks" didn't include transaction fees that forced 99% of the world's population to keep using banks."~Erik Voorhees (603 points, 122 comments)
    4. "Bitcoin needs multiple clients and independent developer groups. There were 0-days in Microsoft Windows for two decades despite billions spent on development. Cut new teams some slack as they ramp up." ~Cornell Professor and Bitcoin researcher Emin Gün Sirer (506 points, 91 comments)
    5. "With recent developments, I'm putting all available dev resources to retool my software for #Bitcoin Cash. I suspect I'm far from alone."~Rick Falkvinge (Pirate Party) (493 points, 134 comments)
    6. "We've tested Bitcoin Cash vs Lightning Network and... LN feels so unnecessary and over-complicated. Also, still more expensive than Bitcoin Cash fees - and that's not taking into account the $3 fees each way you open or close a $50 channel. Also two different balances? Confusing" ~ HandCash (461 points, 252 comments)
    7. That Awkward Moment. . . . (429 points, 129 comments)
    8. "There was an entire mall in 2013 to 2015 in Berlin that accepted Bitcoin. This stopped when fees rose. There was wide adoption once. Fees kill use"~Dr. Craig S. Wright (424 points, 150 comments)
    9. Bitcoin Cash finally released on Open Bazaar! (420 points, 36 comments)
    10. "Billion-dollar corporations take note: Bitcoin Cash is open for business! Just try to fill up our blocks, I dare you. There will be no "Fidelity Effect" with BCH. Unlike BTC, we want you to use the Blockchain. BCH never really hits a scale ceiling."~Dr. Peter Rizun (413 points, 177 comments)
  11. 6980 points, 1 submission: boomtnt46
    1. As of today, Steam will no longer support Bitcoin as a payment method (6980 points, 1178 comments)
  12. 6385 points, 9 submissions: rdar1999
    1. South Koreans sign petition (100k signatures) to reject ban proposal and 30k signatures asking to FIRE the Justice Minister and the Finance Minister for market manipulation. Crypto is winning!! (1863 points, 117 comments)
    2. BREAKING NEWS: South Korean Government confirms NO CRYPTO BAN. What they will do is to enforce regulations, anti money laundering task force, anti market manipulation, the usual stuff. (1085 points, 51 comments)
    3. Friendly reminder: Vitalik "I consider BCH a legitimate contender for the bitcoin name." (794 points, 181 comments)
    4. Shutting down or restricting the uses of bank accounts, thereby forbidding clients to buy crypto, is a blatant affront to the rights of civil liberty, manifested, but not limited to, in the rights to private property and free speech (562 points, 262 comments)
    5. GDAX: Bitcoin Cash Launch Retrospective -- trades were halted after 3 minutes because THE STASH DRIED OUT DUE TO AN AVALANCHE OF BUY ORDERS (485 points, 162 comments)
    6. While Jamie Dimon is shutting down your accounts, Russia’s largest State Bank is about to open cryptocurrency exchange In europe (439 points, 38 comments)
    7. Flippening: says: "We have made the decision to support the only bitcoin fork with a postive utility momentum, which is Bitcoin Cash.(...) We will not add future support for the Blockstream fork of bitcoin ("Bitcoin Legacy"), and will be deprecating it entirely " (428 points, 110 comments)
    8. National Institute of Standards and Technology confirm: "Bitcoin Core (BTC) is a fork and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the real Bitcoin" p.43 para 8.1.2 (372 points, 115 comments)
    9. TABGATE==> the astroturfing/hired shills scandal. Adam Back let it slip he hires full-time teams of social media shills/trolls. Just read! (357 points, 271 comments)
  13. 6162 points, 7 submissions: normal_rc
    1. Legacy Bitcoin tries to buy a cup of coffee (2305 points, 499 comments)
    2. WARNING: Brutal scam. Guy buys a Ledger Nano wallet on Ebay, and it steals all his cryptocurrency ($34,000, which is his life's savings). (1479 points, 522 comments)
    3. How the Bilderberg Group, the Federal Reserve central bank, and MasterCard took over Bitcoin BTC. (589 points, 220 comments)
    4. Cryptocurrency usually automatically downvotes any pro-BCH thread into oblivion. But I got my post to trend to #3 on their front page, by simply not saying "Bitcoin Cash". Proof that people would love BCH if they kept an open mind. (542 points, 202 comments)
    5. Tor Project can accept small donations again, thanks to Bitcoin Cash. (458 points, 35 comments)
    6. 100,000+ Merchants Start Accepting Bitcoin Cash. More than 100,000 BitPay merchants are now accepting Bitcoin Cash with the option seemingly automatically turned on for all of them. (416 points, 108 comments)
    7. Bitpay announcement: Electron Cash wallet now fully supports Bitpay BIP70 payment invoices for Bitcoin Cash. (373 points, 37 comments)
  14. 6023 points, 12 submissions: BitcoinIsTehFuture
    1. “Graphene” is a new Bitcoin block propagation technology that is 10x more efficient than Core’s “Compact Blocks”! Created by: Gavin Andresen, A. Pinar Ozisik, George Bissias, Amir Houmansadr, Brian Neil Levine. (717 points, 224 comments)
    2. Just so you guys know: Ethereum just had another successful hardfork network upgrade. Blockstream is wrong when they say you cannot hard fork to improve things. (655 points, 398 comments)
    3. Western Union vs. Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash (625 points, 102 comments)
    4. This was an orchestrated attack. (574 points, 373 comments)
    5. It's called "Bitcoin Cash". The term "Bcash" is a social attack run by bitcoin. Not joking. Here is the full explanation, with proof. (567 points, 310 comments)
    6. On a reply I made in bitcoin that had over 350 upvotes, I was first somehow blocked from being able to reply on bitcoin and then actually banned when I edited my comment to state that I was blocked from replying. (502 points, 99 comments)
    7. The /bitconnect subreddit just got set to private! Bitconnect experienced a 90% drop, from over $300 down to $26! The scam has gone belly up at last! (447 points, 168 comments)
    8. Bitcoin Core Dev "Luke-jr" is asked why he is interested in Bitcoin. This is one of the main people in charge of Bitcoin right now. (405 points, 383 comments)
    9. I believe Bitcoin Core/Blockstream is now attempting to infiltrate Bitcoin Cash in the same manner that they did with Bitcoin Segwit. They are suddenly befriending Bitcoin Cash. Only in that way can they destroy from within. Do not be fooled. (401 points, 166 comments)
    10. #NOTX (390 points, 56 comments)
  15. 5329 points, 1 submission: 11111101000
    1. Buy, sell, send and receive Bitcoin Cash on Coinbase (5329 points, 1019 comments)
  16. 5147 points, 2 submissions: peptocurrency
    1. Guess who controls over half a billion Tethers across 3 exchanges—over 73% of USDT currently in circulation. (4748 points, 635 comments)
    2. Dear Bitcoin: You're right. BTC has been attacked. (399 points, 107 comments)
  17. 5098 points, 9 submissions: btcnewsupdates
    1. Starbucks CEO Wants Crypto. Considering All Currencies Except Bitcoin Core (BTC): "It is not a currency today nor will it be in the future” (820 points, 218 comments)
    2. Roger Ver: "Dear @reddit, [...] I'll pay you $100,000 USD if you simply appoint a moderator to /Bitcoin who supports free speech." (804 points, 424 comments)
    3. Hundreds of botted accounts mixed with some real ones simultaneously post "Bitcoin Cash is Trash" on twitter. Blockstream reaching sheer desperation status. (719 points, 281 comments)
    4. Overstock accepts Bitcoin Cash - BCH holders can now buy Home Goods, Bed & Bath Essentials, Jewellery & More! (591 points, 115 comments)
    5. ProtonMail asking for community assistance to enable Bitcoin Cash payments (538 points, 86 comments)
    6. WooCommerce brings Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to its 380,000 online retailers. (474 points, 98 comments)
    7. A Bitcoin Entrepreneur Jonathan Hamel knowingly misleads a Canadian Parliamentary committee to smear Bitcoin Cash (BCH). More Lawlessness from Bitcoin/Lightning (399 points, 193 comments)
    8. Largest Sports Gambling Site in the World, Bovada, now Accepts BCH. Billions of dollars in transactions a year (388 points, 60 comments)
    9. Bitcoin Cash support on OpenBazaar now live (365 points, 43 comments)
  18. 4698 points, 7 submissions: cryptorebel
    1. You have $100 worth of BTC. So you purchase an item for $66, but have to pay a $17 fee. Now you have $17 worth of Bitcoin left, but it costs $17 more to move it. So $66 item effectively cost you $100. #Thanks BlockStream (1420 points, 433 comments)
    2. President of SBI Holdings: "The vision of the original Bitcoin white paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto calls for a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. That is a powerful vision, and SBI Group will devote resources to enable a future world where Bitcoin Cash is used globally for daily payments." (843 points, 81 comments)
    3. They used to use Bitcoin... (738 points, 176 comments)
    4. Elizabeth Stark of Lightning Labs admits that a hostile actor can steal funds in LN unless you broadcast a transaction on-chain with a cryptographic proof that recovers the funds. This means LN won't work without a block size limit increase. @8min17s (494 points, 433 comments)
    5. CEO of Roger Ver challenges Samson Mow to a debate once again, will Samson refuse again? The reason small blockers do not debate and need censorship is because they know their arguments cannot stand up to scrutiny. (426 points, 208 comments)
    6. Update from BitGo: "Due to strong customer interest BitGo will enable full support of Bitcoin Cash" (407 points, 25 comments)
    7. BitPay CEO hints at possible Bitcoin Cash acceptance: "We do listen to our customers and for quite some time their number 1 complaint has been the high fees and slow confirmation times. We really don't like to pre-announce things though. Things move fast and plans can change at the last minute. " (370 points, 73 comments)
  19. 4339 points, 6 submissions: Anenome5
    1. Government: "Cryptocurrencies are too risky." Also government: "Buy lottery tickets." (1296 points, 139 comments)
    2. Death of a Scamcoin: Bitconnect's front page screenshotted moments before they went private, showing panic, anger, and lots of ill-advised investment claims, several claiming to have lost over $100k (948 points, 309 comments)
    3. Let's End the War and focus on the TRUE ENEMY (730 points, 349 comments)
    4. has received over twice as many donations ($4800) in Bitcoincash as compared to BTC. This is how we win. (552 points, 157 comments)
    5. Segwhat? Gavin Andresen has developed a new block propagation algorithm able to compress the block down to 1/10th of the size of a Compact Block (Core's technology) using bloom filters called GRAPHENE. 10 times larger blocks, no size increase! 1mb 10mb, 8mb - 80mb, etc. (413 points, 181 comments)
    6. Remember Ross Ulbricht: Dread Pirate Roberts and the Silk Road experiment (400 points, 217 comments)
  20. 3746 points, 8 submissions: knight222
    1. PSA: /bitcoin IS UNDER ATTACK (761 points, 260 comments)
    2. /btc is trending! (528 points, 63 comments)
    3. Bitstamp To Launch Bitcoin Cash Trading (487 points, 80 comments)
    4. on Twitter: "We support whatever will allow bitcoin to remain censorship resistant. For now that's only possible with bigger blocks." (442 points, 39 comments)
    5. CBS is referring the new chain as "Bitcoin Cash" and the old chain as "Bitcoin Classic". Ahah (421 points, 121 comments)
    6. Bitcoin cash (BCH) price could lead to bitcoin "death spiral" - Quartz (375 points, 55 comments)
    7. Bitcoin Cash just destroyed the narrative of a contentious hard fork. There is nothing contentious with free choice. (369 points, 114 comments)
    8. Bitcoin Cash support expected in the next Mycelium release! (363 points, 84 comments)
  21. 3550 points, 6 submissions: singularity87
    1. I am stepping down as a moderator of btc and exiting the bitcoin community and entering the Ethereum community. (1110 points, 482 comments)
    2. Now that the debate is over, lets finally make some progress forward. We are starting a marketing fund to expand Bitcoin Cash adoption. (722 points, 211 comments)
    3. Bitcoin Cash Logo Animation GIF. Feel free to use. (562 points, 83 comments)
    4. The entire bitcoin economy is attacking bitcoin says! You can't make this shit up. (440 points, 270 comments)
    5. Now that REAL consensus is forming, be ready for Core to offer a 2MB hardfork as a last ditch effort to retain their power. DO NOT GIVE IN! (363 points, 179 comments)
    6. btc now has ~50% of the active users of Bitcoin. At this rate btc will soon be the dominant bitcoin subreddit. (353 points, 55 comments)

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  1. Evidence that the mods of /Bitcoin may have been involved with the hacking and vote manipulation "attack" on /Bitcoin. by censorship_notifier (8585 points, 1166 comments)
  2. The idiocracy of bitcoin by PedanticPendant (7772 points, 750 comments)
  3. As of today, Steam will no longer support Bitcoin as a payment method by boomtnt46 (6980 points, 1178 comments)
  4. Buy, sell, send and receive Bitcoin Cash on Coinbase by 11111101000 (5329 points, 1019 comments)
  5. bitcoin mods removed top post: "The rich don't need Bitcoin. The poor do" by Egon_1 (4810 points, 506 comments)
  6. Guess who controls over half a billion Tethers across 3 exchanges—over 73% of USDT currently in circulation. by peptocurrency (4748 points, 635 comments)
  7. Average Bitcoin transaction fee is now above five dollars. 80% of the world population lives on less than $10 a day. So much for "banking the unbanked." by BeijingBitcoins (3417 points, 463 comments)
  8. Latest projections show BTC will break the time space continuum by cryptopicker (3292 points, 146 comments)
  9. Two biggest Bitcoin subs according to their counterparts (posted on both subs) by themetalfriend (3135 points, 232 comments)
  10. rBitcoin logic: Cashing out? You should kill yourself instead by DrunkPanda (2918 points, 560 comments)

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  1. 2527 points: esquonk's comment in As of today, Steam will no longer support Bitcoin as a payment method
  2. 2289 points: nanoakron's comment in Evidence that the mods of /Bitcoin may have been involved with the hacking and vote manipulation "attack" on /Bitcoin.
  3. 2025 points: kairepaire's comment in As of today, Steam will no longer support Bitcoin as a payment method
  4. 2018 points: vbuterin's comment in "So no worries, Ethereum's long term value is still ~0." -Greg Maxwell, CTO of Blockstream and opponent of allowing Bitcoin to scale as Satoshi had planned.
  5. 1215 points: vbuterin's comment in Vitalik Buterin tried to develop Ethereum on top of Bitcoin, but was stalled because the developers made it hard to build on top of Bitcoin. Vitalik only then built Ethereum as a separate currency
  6. 1211 points: LiamGaughan's comment in As of today, Steam will no longer support Bitcoin as a payment method
  7. 1184 points: anothertimewaster's comment in Evidence that the mods of /Bitcoin may have been involved with the hacking and vote manipulation "attack" on /Bitcoin.
  8. 1180 points: TacoPi's comment in Buy, sell, send and receive Bitcoin Cash on Coinbase
  9. 962 points: insanityzwolf's comment in bitcoin mods removed top post: "The rich don't need Bitcoin. The poor do"
  10. 868 points: SethEllis's comment in As of today, Steam will no longer support Bitcoin as a payment method
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Does eBay accept Bitcoin? The short answer is no – eBay does not accept Bitcoin. Though as I mentioned earlier, since Bitcoin has skyrocketed recently, eBay executives, chiefly eBay senior vice president, Scott Cutler has expressed a desire to offer Bitcoin as a payment method on the platform in the near future. Etsy (e-commerce, some Etsy sellers accept bitcoin as payment) How to Use Bitcoin at Stores. Bitcoin still hasn't hit a point yet where it's a common method of payment at your average retail ... Using a Bitcoin payment processor. The second option is to make use of a Bitcoin payment processor like Bitpay, CoinPayments, or Coinbase Commerce. These payment processors not only offer invoicing and order management features, but also a very intuitive user interface for your customers to make a purchase. No. eBay does not allow Bitcoin as a payment method. 4. Conclusion. While not a lot of places accept Bitcoin directly, it’s clear to see that the adoption of Bitcoin as a payment method is increasing with each year. So while we still have a long way to go until companies will accept Bitcoin directly and not through payment processors or Bitcoin debit cards, you can find big brands like ... Bitcoin isn't an accepted payment method on eBay... or PayPal, the third-party vendor who acts as eBay's online money transfer company. You need to find online vendors who do accept them... unfortunately, they're few & far between here in the US.

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PayPal now lets shops accept Bitcoin . What is Bitcoin?

You see, Bitcoin earned a reputation for being “criminal money” in its earlier years in large part because it was used in the Silk Road, a drug marketplace on the darknet that was founded in ... The price does not change for you.This is not an investment advice. As with every investment, your capital is at risk and the return is not guaranteed. Before you decide on an investment, please ... Start trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency here: Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency. All Bitcoin transactions are docume... How to make a BitCoin payment using an online wallet service like (failed), or our current favorite ... Setting up and changing your payment method. When you create a seller account, you'll need to add a payment method to pay for any eBay selling fees or charge...