Another Bitcoin Wallet Service, Instawallet, Suffers ...

Instawallet/Bitcoin-Central suspended indefinitely

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$4,000,000 possibly stolen in Instawallet/ Bitcoin Central hack

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Trying to figure out if I lost my bitcoins, advice appreciated.

Yes, I know this isn't /bitcoins but I thought I would ask here first anyway since it's related to SR.
I've been buying bitcoins using the bitinstant/zipzap to MtGox lately with no real issues. I went through the procedure yesterday that I've done a few times before, and I think I screwed it up, but I'm confused as to how.
In a nutshell, I've been buying bitcoins on MtGox and withdrawing them to an instawallet bitcoin address, then sending them to my SR bitcoin address. I've read varying advice about whether another step between MtGox -> SR is really needed, but it seemed prudent and has worked fine so far.
For those who aren't familiar, Instawallet gives you a secret URL associated with a bitcoin address. You access your bitcoins by going to the URL that theoretically only you know. If you lose that URL, you lose the associated bitcoins.
I have a couple copies of a text file with the URL in it stored safely. It has the URL and the bitcoin address....I know, now that I think about it, pretty dumb to store them together. Anyway, when I was going to transfer from MtGox to the Instawallet address yesterday, I (lazily) copy-pasted the bitcoin address from my text file into the destination field on MtGox's site. I really wish I had gone to the URL and copied the address from there, but I'm almost sure this is the same technique I've used a few times in the past. The transaction seemed to complete, but when I went to the URL, I had zero bitcoins. That's when I realized that the bitcoin address I sent the coins to from MtGox wasn't the one associated with that URL. When I got to my saved URL on Instawallet, the bitcoin address is totally different.
I can see from my MtGox history that I've transferred bitcoins out to that address several times in the past few months, so I'm pretty confident that it's the same one I've been using. At first I thought I had gotten my bitcoin addresses mixed up and accidentally put the SR bitcoin address (maybe an old one) in, but that doesn't appear to be the case. The coins never showed up at Instawallet or SR, even though shows the transaction for that address has a transfer of 10 bitcoins into it yesterday. shows nothing for the bitcoin address associated with the URL I thought I was using, so I know I've never used that particular address before.
In other words, I definitely sent them somewhere, but I'm confused about where that is. I thought maybe I had accidentally saved the wrong Instawallet URL (the site just gives you new one if you visit without specifying an existing address). On further thought, that's unlikely because the only way I would have gone to Instawallet is with the link I saved in the aforementioned text file, and I've done this process a few times in the past few months.
My fear is that I've lost the URL for the bitcoin address (and obviously my money) for Instawallet. I've sent an email to Instawallet support asking if the bitcoin address in question is one of theirs. I don't know if they can even tell me that, and I haven't gotten a reply. I've done an exhaustive search through my computer, email, browser history, etc. trying to see if there was another Instawallet URL somewhere that is linked to the bitcoin address I sent the coins to.
I'm not even sure who to ask about it. All MtGox will know is that they sent the coins to the address I provided. Instawallet probably can't/won't tell me anything about the transaction, which I now realize is one real glaring problem with using Instawallet. I wondered if the bitcoin address associated with the Instawallet URL could have 'cycled' as SR does routinely and the old bitcoin address would also still be associated with the URL, but I doubt that could be the case either.
Is there any danger to posting the bitcoin address or the blockchain info here for feedback?
I know the answer is probably going to be "Sorry, dude, you're out $300. Learn to bitcoin better", but I figured it would be worth a shot trying to get advice from someone on here who understands the process better than I do. I'll appreciate any advice.
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Instawallet breach - still no news!

It's now April 3rd and still no news or information on what's going on at Instawallet. Bitcoin-central have stated that funds there and at Paytunia will be safe, with no mention of Instawallet. What are the chances of people seeing their coin again? Surely noone will trust this company again? their customer relations have been apalling so far
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Hey r/bitcoin, I'm the guy who created Instawallet and is now working on Bridgewalker, a euro-denominated wallet for the Bitcoin economy; I am excited to announce, that today Bridgewalker has been acquired by Hive!

The announcement is here:
Bridgewalker's website:
Hive's website:
Following the acquisition, I will be joining the Hive team and working on an Android port of Hive. Bridgewalker will continue to operate as an open beta and we will explore how to best integrate it into the Hive ecosystem. I am very excited to see where all of this leads!
Thanks to all beta testers! Your work is very much appreciated. Check out Bridgewalker and Hive and help us in pushing the Bitcoin ecosystem forward!
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Help! I have 10+ BTC trapped in an instawallet /r/Bitcoin

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Help with recovery...if even possible. /r/Bitcoin

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Help! Bitinstant took 5 days to send me my bitcoins and now instawallet is down!

So I made my first bitcoin purchase using my dwolla account going into my bitcoin wallet at instawallet last Friday. There was some sort of error and it got held up so I sent a few messages to bit instant and they said it would just be delayed. Well then I saw instawallet was down so I tried contacting them and got no answer until today I got an email saying telling me good news your transaction was just processed. So now what? They still haven't replied to my concern about instawallet going down and instead possible sent it to a now down/hacked wallet. Seriously this has been a nightmare dealing with bitinstant. They take days to send you back the shortest email. I haven't had a clue where my money is this whole time. Is it lost now that it got sent to instawallet? Would the transaction just not go through and bit instant still has it? Will the money be there when instawallet gets back up? Please help!
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for django-bitcoin-instawallet, where is my wallet file located? thanks
where is my private key, I need to back up it
After install, I can't find the wallet file. thanks
edit: someone said, "the account balance is hold in the database and not in bitcoind.". Does that mean the private key lies in the database? thanks
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sent bitcoins from instawallet to silk road but its yet to show up?

Did the whole deal yesterday..bought bitcoins, went to cvs, did the deal, got the e-mail with my bitcoins.
Then I transfered the coins from coinapult to instawallet, and they transfered. Yesterday around 6 or 7 I sent my bitcoins from instawallet to SR. My account balance on SR as of right now is still 0.0
The coins are still showing on my instawallet but when I hover over the btc number it says "The number of bitcoins credited to this wallet, of which a total of 0.0 btc is pending confirmation."
Does this mean that the bitcoins sent but just havent been received to my SR account? Its been about 24 hours should I wait a little longer?
What do you think?
EDIT: ok guys I think I've figured out why it wasn't working. but just incase anyone comes across this post because they're as dumb as I am I will tell you what went wrong.
First I think my problem was the fact that I DIDN'T TYPE IT IN. I just hit sent when my btc number was outlined in gray in the amount box.
Second (and I don't know whether this really applies) but I had a good amount of btc coins and I sent them out to my address 3 times in order to add up to the whole of my btcs.
Idk, good luck guys.
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Instawallet /r/Bitcoin

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Bitcoin service Instawallet 'suspended indefinitely' after hack

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Instawallet recovery? /r/Bitcoin

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Bitcoins disappeared from my instawallet

I transferred bitcoins from mtgox ->instawallet-> ->2nd instawallet. I saw the bitcoins arrive in the 2nd wallet. I saved the url and came back the next and they are gone. Is there any advice I should head or any precautions I should be taking? Edit: Forgot the arrow from mtgox to the first instawallet
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What's new in wallets? Over a year ago I lost a bitcoin in instawallet

I purchased a bitcoin for $50 CAD and despite knowing better I kept in instawallet. Then Bitcoin exploded, instawallet was hacked, you know the rest.
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Instawallet is now accepting claims! File your claims and get your bitcoins (but not until July..)

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Instawallet closes claims process and Bitcoin-24 encounters problems in Poland

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InstaWallet is SHUTTING DOWN, move you Bitcoins if you have them stored there.

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Tutorial: creating a bitcoin instawallet clone with python and django

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So, did everyone end up getting their bitcoins back from InstaWallet?

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Instawallet down? Any alternatives to get bitcoins out?

I need to use some bitcoins out of my instawallet immediately, however the site has been down all day..
I know the key to my wallet. Is there any way to import this into another site or my own personal private wallet?
If not, any ideas on how long instawallet will be down?
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In wake of Bitcoin spike, Instawallet halts service and Mt. Gox “eats” DDOS

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How to Get started with Bitcoin - Instawallet for AmerCutie Crew Bitcoin Wallet How to Withdraw from FaucetPay to your Bitcoin Wallet 2020 ... InstaWallet System Instant Bitcoin payment to Faucetpay Wallet - YouTube

Enter the Bitcoin Wallet address that you wish to have your Bitcoin delivered to. (What’s a Bitcoin Wallet?) Step 05. Enter your card details and then click on the purchase button. Once you’ve confirmed your Bitcoin address your coins will instantly be delivered to your wallet. It’s that easy! Buy your first Bitcoin with your credit or debit card today! Buy Bitcoins Buy Bitcoins. OTC ... Bitcoin’s wild surge in value has made it even more of an attractive target for hackers. Another wallet service called Instawallet said it is suspending itself indefinitely until it changes its ... The bitcoin wallet was created in April 2011 and was designed to offer a speedy alternative to the other available wallets. It required no signup, it simply generated a secret link when users ... Instacoin machines are the hassle-free way to get Bitcoin with cash or sell it when you need cash. Quick. Simple buy & sell process and immediate transactions. Easy. No need to provide banking information . Accessible. One hundred and nine locations in Canada to serve you better. Low-cost. Instacoin offers a competitive price. We serve nine provinces in Canada: Alberta · Saskatchewan ... A Bitcoin Wallet gives you ownership of a Bitcoin balance so that you can send and receive bitcoins. Although technically it is nothing more than a mobile app or computer program, it is essentially the personal bank account and ATM card of Bitcoin. Similar to email, all Bitcoin wallets are compatible with each other. Therefore, users can send and receive bitcoins to each other without ...

[index] [21624] [25994] [871] [10884] [22215] [2744] [822] [8844] [46225] [42115]

How to Get started with Bitcoin - Instawallet for AmerCutie Crew

This is a crude video of what it looks like to get started with Bitcoins.... 100% Free 100% Legit Fun & Interesting Easy to use 👉 (Get auto Faucetpay bitcoin wallet: 👉 Wallets that offer internal [and almost instant] exchange of Bitcoin to Alt Coins : Coinpayments offers the biggest range of 50+ coins. Free to use with this... How to Withdraw from FaucetPay to your Bitcoin Wallet 2020 Live Instant Withdraw AT Adil Tricks #FaucetPayToCoinbase #ATAdilTricks How to Create a Faucet... - Learn about Bitcoin Wallets A Bitcoin Wallet and their places to sign up Earlier this week, its Bitcoin wallet service is shut do...