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List of moderately difficult skribbl words for your new friend group (1200+ words)

That is to say that this list contains words that this list contains words that:
  1. Usually aren't instantly guess-able (like star, apple, or Nike).
  2. Can be played with a group of acquaintances (I play with a group of interns at work to blow off time)
Created this list by modifying an existing difficult word list we found online and adding a bunch of new words. If you see a stupid difficult word, it was probably a word from the existing difficult word list that I forgot to remove. (amicable and reimbursement were the type of bs I removed lol).
abraham lincoln, accordion, accounting, acre, actor, adidas, advertisement, air conditioner, aircraft carrier, airport security, alarm clock, alcohol, alert, alice in wonderland, alphabet, altitude, amusement park, angel, angle, angry, ankle, apathetic, apathy, apparatus, applause, application, apron, archaeologist, archer, armada, arrows, art gallery, ashamed, asteroid, athlete, atlantis, atlas, atmosphere, attack, attic, audi, aunt, austin powers, australia, author, avalanche, avocado, award, baby, baby-sitter, back flip, back seat, baggage, baguette, baker, balance beam, bald, balloon, bamboo, banister, barbershop, barney, baseboards, bat, beans, beanstalk, beard, bed and breakfast, bedbug, beer pong, belt, beluga whale, berlin wall, bible, biceps, bikini, binder, biohazard, biology, birthday, biscuit, bisexual, bitcoin, black hole, blacksmith, bleach, blizzard, blueprint, bluetooth, blunt, blush, boa constrictor, bobsled, bonnet, book, bookend, bookstore, border, boromir, bottle cap, boulevard, boundary, bow tie, bowling, boxing, braces, brain, brainstorm, brand, bride, bride wig, bruise, brunette, bubble, bubble bath, bucket, buckle, buffalo, bugs bunny, bulldog, bumble bee, bunny, burrito, bus, bushel, butterfly, buzz lightyear, cabin, cable car, cadaver, cake, calculator, calendar, calf, calm, camera, cannon, cape, captain, captain america, car, car accident, carat, cardboard, carnival, carpenter, carpet, cartography, cartoon, cartoonist, castaway, castle, cat, catalog, cattle, cd, ceiling, cell, cellar, centimetre, centipede, century, chain mail, chain saw, chair, champion, chandelier, channel, chaos, charger, chariot, chariot racing, check, cheerleader, cheerleader dust, chef, chemical, cherub, chess, chevrolet, chick-fil-a, chicken coop, chicken legs, chicken nugget, chime, chimney, china, chisel, chord, church, circus tent, clamp, classroom, cleaning spray, cliff, cliff diving, climate, clique, cloak, clog, clown, clue, coach, coast, cockpit, coconut, coffee, coil, comedian, comfy, commercial, community, companion, company, compare, comparison, compromise, computer, computer monitor, con, confidant, confide, consent, constrictor, convenience store, conversation, convertible, conveyor belt, copyright, cord, corduroy, coronavirus, correct, cot, country, county fair, courthouse, cousin, cowboy, coworker, cramp, crane, cranium, crate, crayon, cream, creator, credit, crew, crib, crime, crisp, criticize, crop duster, crow's nest, cruise, cruise ship, crumbs, crust, cubicle, cubit, cupcake, curtain, cushion, customer, cutlass, czar, dab, daffy duck, dance, danger, darth vader, darts, dashboard, daughter, dead end, deadpool, deceive, decipher, deep, default, defect, degree, deliver, demanding, demon, dent, dentist, deodorant, depth, descendant, destruction, detail, detective, diagonal, dice, dictate, disco, disc jockey, discovery, disgust, dismantle, distraction, ditch, diver, diversify, diversity, diving, divorce, dizzy, dodge ball, dog, dolphin, donald trump, doorbell, doppelganger, dorsal, double, doubloon, doubt, doubtful, download, downpour, dragon, drain, dream, dream works, dress shirt, drift, drip, dripping, drive-through, drought, drowning, drugstore, dryer, dryer sheet, dryer sheets, dugout, dumbbell, dumbo, dust, dust bunny, duvet, earache, earmuffs, earthquake, economics, edge, edit, education, eel, effect, egg, eiffel tower, eighteen-wheeler, electrical outlet, elf, elope, emigrate, emotions, emperor, employee, enemy, engaged, equation, error, eureka, everglades, evolution, exam, exercise, exhibition, expired, explore, exponential, extension, extension cord, eyeball, fabric, factory, fad, fade, fake flowers, family tree, fan, fast food, faucet, feather, feeder road, feeling, ferris wheel, fiddle, figment, finding nemo, firefighter, firefox, fireman, fireman pole, fireplace, fireside, fireworks, first class, first mate, fish bone, fishing, fizz, flag, flat, flavor, flight, flip flops, flock, florist, flotsam, flowchart, flower, flu, flute, flutter, flying saucer, fog, foil, food court, football player, forklift, form, forrest gump, fossil, fowl, fragment, frame, fresh water, freshwater, friction, fries, front, frost, fuel, full, full moon, fun, fun house, funnel, fur, galaxy, gallon, gallop, game, gamer, garden, garden hose, gas station, gasoline, gavel, gentleman, geologist, germ, germany, geyser, giant, ginger, giraffe, gladiator, glasses, glitter, glue, glue stick, goalkeeper, goatee, goblin, gold, gold medal, golden retriever, gondola, good-bye, government, gown, graduation, grain, grandpa, gratitude, graveyard, gravity, great-grandfather, grenade, grill, grim reaper, groom, groot, group, guess, guillotine, gumball, guru, gymnast, hail, hair dryer, haircut, half, hand soap, handful, handle, hang, hang glider, hang ten, harry potter, hawaii, hay wagon, hearse, heater, heaven, helmet, hermit crab, high heel, high tops, highchair, hitler, hockey, homework, honk, hoodies, hoop, hopscotch, hot, hot dog, hot fuzz, hot tub, hotel, houseboat, human, humidity, hunter, hurdle, husband, hut, hydrant, hydrogen, hypothermia, ice, ice cream cone, ice fishing, icicle, idea, igloo, illuminati, implode, important, improve, in-law, incisor, income, income tax, index, inertia, infect, inglorious bastards, inside out, insurance, interception, interference, interject, internet, invent, invisible, invitation, iron man, ironic, irrational, irrigation, isaac newton, island, ivy, ivy full, jackhammer, japan, jaw, jazz, jedi, jellyfish, jet lag, jig, jigsaw, joke, joker, journal, juggle, jump rope, jungle, junk, junk drawer, junk mail, justice, kangaroo, ketchup, kill bill, killer, kilogram, kim possible, kiss, kitten, kiwi, kit-kat, kneel, knight, koala, lace, lady bug, ladybug, lamp, lance, landfill, landlord, lap, laptop, last, laundry detergent, layover, leak, leap year, learn, leather, lebron james, lecture, legolas, leprechaun, letter, letter opener, lettuce, level, lice, lichen, lie, lifeguard, lifejacket, lifestyle, light, lightning, lightning mcqueen, lightsaber, limit, lion, lipstick, living room, lobster, logo, loiterer, lollipop, loonie, lord of the rings, lottery, love, loveseat, loyalty, lullaby, lumberjack, lumberyard, lunar eclipse, lunar rover, lung, lyrics, macaroni, machete, machine, macho, magnet, mailbox, makeup, mammoth, manatee, mark zuckerberg, martian, mascot, mascot fireman, mask, mast, mastercard, mat, mayhem, mechanic, megaphone, member, memory, mercedes benz, mermaid, meteor, michael scott, michelangelo, microscope, microsoft, microsoft word, microwave, midnight, migrate, millionaire, mime, mine, mine car, miner, minivan, mirror, missile, mitten, mohawk, moisturizer, molar, mold, mom, monsoon, monster, monsters inc, mooch, moonwalk, moth, mount rushmore, mozart, mr potato head, mulan, mummy, music, mysterious, myth, name, nanny, naruto, navigate, negotiate, neighborhood, nemo, nepal, nest, netflix, neutron, newsletter, night, nightmare, nike, north pole, nose, nostril, nurse, nutmeg, oar, obey, observatory, office, offstage, olive oil, olympics, one-way street, opaque, optometrist, orange juice, orbit, organ, organize, ornament, ornithologist, ounce, oven, owl, oyster, pacific ocean, pacifier, page, pail, pain, palace, pancakes, panda, panic, pantyhose, paper plate, paperclip, parade, paranoid, parent, parking garage, parley, parody, partner, password, pastry, patrick starr, pawnshop, peace, peacock, peanut, peasant, pelt, pen pal, pendulum, pepsi, periwinkle, personal, pest, pet store, petroleum, pharaoh, pharmacist, philosopher, phineas and ferb, phone, photo, piano, pickup truck, picnic, pigpen, pigtails, pile, pilgrim, pilot, pinboard, pineapple express, ping pong, pink panther, pipe, pirate, pizza, pizza sauce, plan, plank, plantation, plastic, playground, pleasure, plow, plumber, pocket, pocket watch, point, pokeball, pokemon, pole, police, pomp, pompous, pong, popeye, population, portfolio, positive, positive champion, post, post office, practice, president, preteen, prey, prime meridian, printer ink, prize, produce, professor, profit, promise, propose, protestant, psychologist, publisher, pumpkin, pumpkin pie, punching bag, punishment, punk, puppet, putty, quadrant, quarantine, quartz, queue, quicksand, quit, quiver, raccoon, race, raft, rage, rainbow, raindrop, rainwater, random, raphael, ratatouille, ratchet, ray, reaction, realm, ream, receipt, recess, record, recorder, recycle, referee, refund, regret, religion, remain, resourceful, rest stop, retail, retire, reveal, revenge, reward, rhyme, rhythm, rib, rick and morty, riddle, right, rim, rind, ringleader, risk, rival, robe, robot, rock band, rocket, rodeo, roller coaster, roommate, roundabout, rowboat, rubber, ruby, rudder, runt, rv, s'mores, safe, salmon, salt, sand castle, sandbox, sandbox bruise, sandpaper, santa claus, sap, sapphire, sash, sasquatch, satellite, saturn, sausage, saxophone, scarf, scatter, schedule, school, school bus, science, scissors, scooby doo, scrambled eggs, scream, screwdriver, script, scuba diving, scythe, seahorse, season, seat, seat belt, seed, serial killer, servant, sewer, shaft, shakespeare, shame, shampoo, sheep, sheets, shelter, sherlock holmes, shipwreck, shoelace, shopping cart, shotgun wedding, shower, shower curtain, shrew, shrink, shrink ray, sickle, sidekick, siesta, signal, silhouette, silt, simba, simpsons, skateboard, skating rink, ski goggles, ski lift, skip, skipping rope, skydiving, slack, sleep, sleet, slim shady, slipper, slump, snag, snapchat, sneeze, snooze, snore, snow globe, snowball, snowflake, soak, social distancing, socks, softball, solar eclipse, somersault, song, sophomore, soul, soulmate, soviet russia, space, space-time, spaceship, spaghetti, spare, speakers, spiderman, spirited away, sponge, spoon, spotify, spring, sprinkler, squat, stage, stage fright, stagecoach, stairs, staple, starbucks, starfish, startup, star trek, statement, stationery, statue of liberty, stay, steamboat, steel drum, stethoscope, stew, stewie griffin, sticky note, stingray, stockings, stork, storm trooper, story, stout, stowaway, stranger, strawberry, streamline, student, stuff, stun, submarine, sugar, suit, sun, sunburn, sunlight, sunscreen, superbad, superman, surfing, sushi, swamp, swarm, sweater, swim shorts, swing dancing, switzerland, swimming, syringe, system, tachometer, taco bell, tadpole, tag, tank, tattle, taxes, taxi, teabag, team, tearful, teenage mutant ninja turtle, teenager, teepee, telepathy, telephone booth, telescope, temper, ten, tesla, testify, tetris, thanos, the beatles, the dark knight, the prestige, theory, think, thread, thrift store, throne, ticket, tide, time, timeline, time machine, time zone, tin, tinting, tiptoe, tire, tissue box, toast, today, toddler, toilet paper, toll road, tomato sauce, tombstone, toothbrush, toothpaste, top hat, torch, tornado, toronto maple leafs, tourist, tournament, tow, tow truck, toy store, toy story, trademark, traffic jam, trail, trailer, train, train tracks, transformers, translate, transpose, trapped, trash bag, trash can, trawler, treatment, trench coat, tricycle, trip, trombone, truck, truck stop, tsunami, tub, tuba, tug, tugboat, turret, tutor, tutu, twang, twitter, umbrella, unemployed, united states, university, upgrade, vacation, vampire, van, vanilla, vanquish, vegan, vegetarian, vehicle, vein, venn diagram, vest, villain, violent, vision, vitamin, voice, voicemail, volleyball, wag, wall-e, wallet, wallow, wasabi, washing machine, water, water buffalo, water cycle, water vapor, wax, wealth, weather, wedding, wedding cake, weed, welder, werewolf, wet, wetlands, whale, whatsapp, whey, whip, whiplash, whisk, wifi, wig, wikipedia, win, wind, winnie the pooh, wish, witch, wizard, wolverine, woody, workout, world, wormhole, writhe, yacht, yak, yard, yardstick, yawn, yeti, yin yang, yoda, yodel, yolk, youtube, zamboni, zen, zero, zeus, zip code, zipper, zombie, zombieland, zoo
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r/Bitcoin recap - February 2019

Hi Bitcoiners!
I’m back with the 26th monthly Bitcoin news recap.
For those unfamiliar, each day I pick out the most popularelevant/interesting stories in Bitcoin and save them. At the end of the month I release them in one batch, to give you a quick (but not necessarily the best) overview of what happened in bitcoin over the past month.
A recap of Bitcoin in February 2019
Adoption * bitcoin can now be used to fund your public transport card in 37 cities in Argentina (7 Feb) * There are as many transactions today as in January 2018 but with all time low fees (7 Feb) * Bitcoin’s Lightning Network currently has 6000 nodes and $2.4M in capacity (9 Feb) * A service that lets you buy Domino’s Pizza via the Lightning Network in the US (13 Feb) * Bitcoin’s average block size is now 1.3MB (14 Feb) * An Argentinian company settles export deal with a client in Paraguay using bitcoin (15 Feb) * The Lightning Network reaches 700 btc in capacity (16 Feb) * A butchery in Kenya accepting bitcoin (17 Feb) * The ₿ symbol is now a listed currency when you long press the $ sign on a mobile keyboard (19 Feb) * A Lightning developer’s node is routing more than $10k per month for a 0.25% fee (19 Feb) * Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, promotes bitcoin tipping on Twitter (20 Feb) * bitcoin transactions near an all-time high of 3.87 transactions per second (21 Feb) *, a german finance site, starts lising the EUBTC exchange rate (21 Feb) * 20% of Localbitcoins 4.8M visits come from Venezuela (26 Feb) * $52M of bitcoin bought on Cash app in Q4 2018 (27 Feb)
Development * The Casa node has been open-sourced (1 Feb) * A specification for trustless non-pegged sidechains (4 Feb) * Blockstream creates a new Multisignature standard (18 Feb) * BTCPay Server now has payment requests (26 Feb)
Security * A discussion on traditional mixers vs Wasabi wallet (2 Feb) * Another Electrum wallet phishing attempt (4 Feb) * Someone gets scammed for $50 worth in bitcoin by a QR code switch (19 Feb) * Coinomi wallet sends your plain text seed phrase to Google’s remote spellchecker API (27 Feb)
Business * Kraken exchange CEO on the QuadrigaCX coins (3 Feb) * People discuss the bitcoins held by bankrupt QuadrigaCX (4 Feb) * TD Ameritrade is advertising how to invest in Bitcoin on YouTube (10 Feb) * Lightning integration will eventually come to Square’s Cash app according to its CEO (11 Feb) * Samsung’s Galaxy S10 will have secure storage for private keys built in (20 Feb) * A 21-year old couple is working on a hardware wallet (23 Feb)
Research * Bitcoin’s wealth distribution across addresses increased over the past 2 years (13 Feb)
Education * Bitcoin’s prehistory (2 Feb) * People discuss the best real-time bitcoin news feeds (8 Feb) * Someone discusses their small bitcoin mining operation (9 Feb) * A new report on financial privacy from Coin Center (11 Feb) * Andreas Antonopoulos on splicing (25 Feb)
Regulation & Politics * The SEC thinks some cryptocurrency will match their ETF requirements eventually (7 Feb) * Government-mandated asset seizure will be limited in the U.S. (23 Feb)
Archeology (Financial Incumbents) * The British pound is the oldest fiat currency at 317 years and now worth 0.5% of its original value (4 Feb) * JPMorgan Chase incorrectly analyses that bitcoin miners operate at a 16% loss (12 Feb) * JPMorgan Chase launches its own centralized JPM stablecoin (14 Feb) * The IMF comes up with a plan to devalue cash and introduce negative intrest rates (17 Feb) * Venmo’s KYC when someone paid back a sandwich is a great reminder why we need bitcoin (20 Feb)
Price & Trading * Bitcoin passes $4k for the first time in a while (19 Feb)
Fun & Other * A discussion on former Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn (1 Feb) * Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he thinks the currency of the Internet will be bitcoin (2 Feb) * Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey passes on the Lightning Torch (5 Feb) * Some instructions on how to send letters using a computer if you think sending bitcoin is difficult (6 Feb) * Why Bitcoin should succeed (7 Feb) * Other technologies that died just like Bitcoin (8 Feb) * Elon Musks compliments cryptocurrency for value transfers (20 Feb) * Elon Musk says whoever owns the early btc deserves a Nobel prize in delayed gratification (21 Feb) * A Lightning-powered chicken feeder (22 Feb) * A Malaysian bookstore with Bitcoin and Blockchain books on top of the finance section (28 Feb)
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A Look at DCG & Bitfury's Incestuous Ties With the U.S. Government

Peter Todd Tweet in 2014:
[email protected] I gotta say, looks really bad legally how Austin Hill's been negotiating deals w/ pools/etc. to get control of hashing power.
Board of Digital Currency Group
Glenn Hutchins
Advisory Board
Larry Summers
DCG of course is an investor in both Blockstream and BTCC.
DCG's money comes from:
DCG also owns Coindesk.
BTCC and Bitfury are the only two large mining pools who are outspoken in their support of Bitcoin Core.
The Bitfury Group Leadership to Present at Clinton Global Initiative (
Full Video (Begins at 32:00)
“The Bitfury Group is proud to be the world’s leading full service Blockchain technology company, we are deeply honored to represent this innovation to an audience of extremely dedicated game-changers, and we look forward to highlighting our company’s groundbreaking ‘Blockchain for global good’ work at such an important event, said Smith. “From the White House to the Blockchain, I know this technology has the power to deliver inclusion and opportunity to millions, if not billions, of people around the world and I am so grateful to work for a company focused on such a principled vision.”
Bitfury Lightning Implementation
  • In partnership with a French firm called ACINQ (
  • ACINQ is a subsidiary of the larger ACINQ Financial Services
  • CoinTelegraph: Bitfury Lightning Network Successfully Tested With French Bitcoin Company
  • TEAM:
  • ACINQ’s US Headquarters is in Vienna, Virginia, a small town of only 16,000. Why would a global financial firm choose to locate here? -- Feeder community into Washington, D.C. Has an orange line metro stop. -- Located in Fairfax County, VA. -- The US Federal Government is the #2 largest employer -- Booz Allen Hamilton (NSA front company) is #6 largest employer -- In fact, most of the top employers in Fairfax County are either US Federal Gov’t or companies that provide services to Federal Government -- The county is home to the headquarters of intelligence agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and National Reconnaissance Office, as well as the National Counterterrorism Center and Office of the Director of National Intelligence.
Chairman: Avinash Vashistha
CEO: Chaman Baid
CSO: Nandan Setlur
  • From 1986-1993 he worked for Information Management Consultants (imc) Ltd as a Technical Consultant with various federal government agencies. McLean, Virginia
  • 1993-2000 Technical Consultant for Freddie Mac, in McLean Virginia
  • From 2000-2007, President of InterPro Global in Maryland
  • From 2011-2012, Director of VibbleTV in Columbia, Maryland
  • From 2008-Present has been Executive Director at ACINQ and Managing Partner at Vine Management, both in Vienna, Virginia.
BitFury Enhances Its Advisory Board by Adding Former CFTC Chairman Dr. James Newsome and Renowned Global Thought Leader and President of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy Hernando de Soto (Businesswire)
Bitfury Board of Directors
Robert R Dykes
The other board members include two Bitfury founders, and an investor.
Bitfury Advisory Board
James Newsome
  • Ex-chairman of CFTC
  • Dr. Newsome was nominated by President Clinton and confirmed by the Senate to be at first a Commissioner and later a Chairman of CFTC. As Chairman, Newsome guided the regulation of the nation’s futures markets. Additionally, Newsome led the CFTC’s regulatory implementation of the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 (CFMA). He also served as one of four members of the President’s Working Group for Financial Markets, along with the Secretary of the Treasury and the Chairmen of the Federal Reserve and the SEC. In 2004, Newsome assumed the role of President and Chief Executive Officer of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) where he managed daily operations of the largest physical derivatives exchange in the world. Dr. Newsome is presently a founding partner of Delta Strategy Group, a full-service government affairs firm based in Washington, DC.
Hernando de Soto
  • Hernando de Soto heads the Institute for Liberty and Democracy, named by The Economist one of the two most important think tanks in the world. In the last 30 years, he and his colleagues at the ILD have been involved in designing and implementing legal reform programs to empower the poor in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and former Soviet nations by granting them access to the same property and business rights that the majority of people in developed countries have through the institutions and tools needed to exercise those rights and freedoms. Mr. de Soto also co-chaired with former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright the Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor, and currently serves as honorary co-chair on various boards and organizations, including the World Justice Project. He is the author of “The Other Path: the Economic Answer to Terrorism”, and his seminal work “The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else.”
  • Frequent attendee at Davos World Economic Forum
  • Frequent Speaker @ Clinton Global Initiative
  • Criticisms: -- In his 'Planet of Slums'[104] Mike Davis argues that de Soto, who Davis calls 'the global guru of neo-liberal populism', is essentially promoting what the statist left in South America and India has always promoted—individual land titling. Davis argues that titling is the incorporation into the formal economy of cities, which benefits more wealthy squatters but is disastrous for poorer squatters, and especially tenants who simply cannot afford incorporation into the fully commodified formal economy. -- An article by Madeleine Bunting for The Guardian (UK) claimed that de Soto's suggestions would in some circumstances cause more harm than benefit, and referred to The Mystery of Capital as "an elaborate smokescreen" used to obscure the issue of the power of the globalized elite. She cited de Soto's employment history as evidence of his bias in favor of the powerful.
Tomicah Tilleman
  • Dr. Tomicah Tillemann is Director of the Bretton Woods II initiative. The initiative brings together a variety of long-term investors, with the goal of committing 1% of their assets to social impact investment and using investments as leverage to encourage global good governance. Tillemann served at the U.S. State Department in 2010 as the Senior Advisor on Civil Society and Emerging Democracies to Secretary Hillary Clinton and Secretary John Kerry. Tillemann came to the State Department as a speechwriter to Secretary Clinton in March 2009. Earlier, he worked for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where he was the principal policy advisor on Europe and Eurasia to Committee Chairmen, Senators Joe Biden and John Kerry. He also facilitated the work of the Senate's Subcommittee on European Affairs, then chaired by Senator Barack Obama. Tillemann received his B.A. magna cum laude from Yale University. He holds a Ph.D. with distinction from the School for Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University (SAIS) where he also served as a graduate level instructor in American foreign policy.
  • Secretary Clinton appointed Tomicah Tillemann, Ph.D. as the State Department’s Senior Advisor for Civil Society and Emerging Democracies in October 2010. He continues his service under Secretary Kerry.
  • Mr. Tillemann and his team operate like venture capitalists, identifying ideas that can strengthen new democracies and civil society, and then bring together the talent, technology and resources needed to translate promising concepts into successful diplomacy. He and his team have developed over 20 major initiatives on behalf of the President and Secretary of State.
  • Mr. Tillemann came to the State Department as a speechwriter to Secretary Clinton in March 2009 and collaborated with her on over 200 speeches. Earlier, he worked for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where he was the principal policy advisor on Europe and Eurasia to Committee Chairmen, Senators Joe Biden and John Kerry. He also facilitated the work of the Senate's Subcommittee on European Affairs, then chaired by Senator Barack Obama. Mr. Tillemann’s other professional experience includes work with the White House Office of Media Affairs and five U.S. Senate and Congressional campaigns. He was a reporter with Reuters New Media and hosted a commercial radio program in Denver, Colorado.
  • Director of “Bretton Woods II” initiative at New America Foundation Bretton Woods was an international summit that led to the creation of the IMF and the IBRD, one of five members of The World Bank
Jamie Smith
Jason Weinstein
Paul Brody (no longer appears on site, and his LinkedIn has no mention of Bitfury, but he is mentioned in a Press Release
  • Ernst & Young since 2015 as “Americas Strategy Leader”, “Global Innovation Leader”, and “Solution Leader”
  • Prior to E&Y, he was an executive at IBM since 2002
New America Foundation
Muskoka Group
[note: this is worthy of much more research]
  • Don Tapscott, co-author of the book “Blockchain Revolution,” hosted the meeting with his son and co-author Alex Tapscott at his family’s summer compound in Lake of Bays, Ontario. The group included some of blockchain’s biggest backers, including people with ties to IBM and JPMorgan. They considered ways to improve the governance and oversight of the technology behind the digital currency bitcoin as a way to fuel the industry’s growth. They included Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation; Brian Behlendorf, executive director of the Hyperledger Project, a blockchain supporter group that includes International Business Machines Corp., Airbus Group SE and JPMorgan Chase & Co.; and Ana Lopes, board member of the World Wide Web Foundation. Participants with blockchain industry ties include former deputy White House press secretary Jamie Smith, now chief global communications officer of BitFury Group Ltd., and Joseph Lubin, founder of startup Consensus Systems.
Blockchain Delegation Attends Democratic National Convention
Jamie Smith — The Bitfury Group & Blockchain Trust Accelerator Tomicah Tillemann— New America Foundation & Blockchain Trust Accelerator Alex Tapscott— co-author: Blockchain Revolution Brian Forde — MIT, Digital Currency Initiative
Brian Forde
  • Was the founding director of the MIT Digital Currency Initiative -Left his 4 year post as White House Senior Advisor for Mobile and Data Innovation to go directly to the MIT DCI
  • Brian Forde has spent more than a decade at the nexus of technology, entrepreneurship, and public policy. He is currently the Director of Digital Currency at the MIT Media Lab where he leads efforts to mainstream digital currencies like Bitcoin through research, and incubation of high-impact applications of the emerging technology. Most recently he was the Senior Advisor for Mobile and Data Innovation at the White House where he spearheaded efforts to leverage emerging technologies to address the President’s most critical national priorities. Prior to his work at the White House, Brian founded one of the largest phone companies in Nicaragua after serving as a business and technology volunteer in the Peace Corps. In recognition of his work, Brian was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and one of the ten most influential people in bitcoin and blockchain.
Alex Tapscott
World Economic Forum
  • Strategic Partners:
  • Includes Accenture (See Avinash Vashistha), Allianz, Deloitte (Scaling Bitcoin platinum sponsor, Blockstream Partner), Citigroup, Bain & Company (parent of Bain Capital, DCG investor), Dalian Wanda Group (working on blockchain technology), Ernst & Young (see Paul Brody), HSBC (Li-Ka Shing, Blockstream investor, used to be Deputy Chairman of HSBC), IBM, KPMG International, Mastercard (DCG Investor), PwC (Blockstream partner, also sponsor of Scaling Bitcoin)
  • Future of Financial Services Report [PDF] The word “blockchain” is mentioned once in this document, on page 23 ( We have identified three major challenge areas related to innovation in financial services that will require multi-stakeholder collaboration to be addressed effectively. We are launching a project stream related to each area, with the goal of enabling tangible impact.... Decentralised systems, such as the blockchain protocol, threaten to disintermediate almost every process in financial services
  • The Steering Group who authored the report is a who’s who of the global financial elite. (Pages 4 & 5)
Bitfury Washington DC Office
Washington DC Office 600 Pennsylvania Avenue Suite 300 Washington, D.C. 20003
Bitfury Chosen for Ernst & Young Blockchain Startup Challenge
Deloitte Unveils Plan to Build Blockchain-Based Digital Bank
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03-02 20:43 - 'r/Bitcoin recap - February 2019' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/SamWouters removed from /r/Bitcoin within 1840-1850min

Hi Bitcoiners!
I’m back with the 26th monthly Bitcoin news recap.
For those unfamiliar, each day I pick out the most popularelevant/interesting stories in Bitcoin and save them. At the end of the month I release them in one batch, to give you a quick (but not necessarily the best) overview of what happened in bitcoin over the past month.
A recap of Bitcoin in February 2019
Adoption * [bitcoin can now be used to fund your public transport card in 37 cities in Argentina]1 (7 Feb) * [There are as many transactions today as in January 2018 but with all time low fees]2 (7 Feb) * [Bitcoin’s Lightning Network currently has 6000 nodes and $2.4M in capacity]3 (9 Feb) * [A service that lets you buy Domino’s Pizza via the Lightning Network in the US]4 (13 Feb) * [Bitcoin’s average block size is now 1.3MB]5 (14 Feb) * [An Argentinian company settles export deal with a client in Paraguay using bitcoin]6 (15 Feb) * [The Lightning Network reaches 700 btc in capacity]7 (16 Feb) * [A butchery in Kenya accepting bitcoin]8 (17 Feb) * [The ₿ symbol is now a listed currency when you long press the $ sign on a mobile keyboard]9 (19 Feb) * [A Lightning developer’s node is routing more than $10k per month for a 0.25% fee]10 (19 Feb) * [Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, promotes bitcoin tipping on Twitter]11 (20 Feb) * [bitcoin transactions near an all-time high of 3.87 transactions per second]12 (21 Feb) * [, a german finance site, starts lising the EUBTC exchange rate]13 (21 Feb) * [20% of Localbitcoins 4.8M visits come from Venezuela]14 (26 Feb) * [$52M of bitcoin bought on Cash app in Q4 2018]15 (27 Feb)
Development * [The Casa node has been open-sourced]16 (1 Feb) * [A specification for trustless non-pegged sidechains]17 (4 Feb) * [Blockstream creates a new Multisignature standard]18 (18 Feb) * [BTCPay Server now has payment requests]19 (26 Feb)
Security * [A discussion on traditional mixers vs Wasabi wallet]20 (2 Feb) * [Another Electrum wallet phishing attempt]21 (4 Feb) * [Someone gets scammed for $50 worth in bitcoin by a QR code switch]22 (19 Feb) * [Coinomi wallet sends your plain text seed phrase to Google’s remote spellchecker API]23 (27 Feb)
Business * [Kraken exchange CEO on the QuadrigaCX coins]24 (3 Feb) * [People discuss the bitcoins held by bankrupt QuadrigaCX]25 (4 Feb) * [TD Ameritrade is advertising how to invest in Bitcoin on YouTube]26 (10 Feb) * [Lightning integration will eventually come to Square’s Cash app according to its CEO]27 (11 Feb) * [Samsung’s Galaxy S10 will have secure storage for private keys built in]28 (20 Feb) * [A 21-year old couple is working on a hardware wallet]29 (23 Feb)
Research * [Bitcoin’s wealth distribution across addresses increased over the past 2 years]30 (13 Feb)
Education * [Bitcoin’s prehistory]31 (2 Feb) * [People discuss the best real-time bitcoin news feeds]32 (8 Feb) * [Someone discusses their small bitcoin mining operation]33 (9 Feb) * [A new report on financial privacy from Coin Center]34 (11 Feb) * [Andreas Antonopoulos on splicing]35 (25 Feb)
Regulation & Politics * [The SEC thinks some cryptocurrency will match their ETF requirements eventually]36 (7 Feb) * [Government-mandated asset seizure will be limited in the U.S.]37 (23 Feb)
Archeology (Financial Incumbents) * [The British pound is the oldest fiat currency at 317 years and now worth 0.5% of its original value]38 (4 Feb) * [JPMorgan Chase incorrectly analyses that bitcoin miners operate at a 16% loss]39 (12 Feb) * [JPMorgan Chase launches its own centralized JPM stablecoin]40 (14 Feb) * [The IMF comes up with a plan to devalue cash and introduce negative intrest rates]41 (17 Feb) * [Venmo’s KYC when someone paid back a sandwich is a great reminder why we need bitcoin]42 (20 Feb)
Price & Trading * [Bitcoin passes $4k for the first time in a while]43 (19 Feb)
Fun & Other * [A discussion on former Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn]44 (1 Feb) * [Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he thinks the currency of the Internet will be bitcoin]45 (2 Feb) * [Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey passes on the Lightning Torch]46 (5 Feb) * [Some instructions on how to send letters using a computer if you think sending bitcoin is difficult]47 (6 Feb) * [Why Bitcoin should succeed]48 (7 Feb) * [Other technologies that died just like Bitcoin]49 (8 Feb) * [Elon Musks compliments cryptocurrency for value transfers]50 (20 Feb) * [Elon Musk says whoever owns the early btc deserves a Nobel prize in delayed gratification]51 (21 Feb) * [A Lightning-powered chicken feeder]52 (22 Feb) * [A Malaysian bookstore with Bitcoin and Blockchain books on top of the finance section]53 (28 Feb)
Bitcoin recap - February 2019
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Author: SamWouters
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Reddit Blackout: причини і пояснення.

Доброго вечора /ukraina,
Скажу чесно – я трохи втомився від цієї теми, але все ж таки вирішив закінчити почате і водночас не просто погнати вас в хрестовий похід із смолоскипами і заточеними вилами, горланячи лозунги (хоча, думаю мені б таке вдалося), а підкинути трохи контексту відносно того, що сталося на реддіті і що ж саме призвело до таких от речей які ми з вами спостерігаємо. І тоді кожен може з цього взяти щось собі корисне, більше дізнатись про суть проблеми, а головне - зробити свої власні висновки.
Хоча і я ще тиждень тому сам був готовий скакати на палаючий потяг і всіх вас тягти із собою, проте почитав трохи більше, намагаючись для себе роз’яснити що тут до чого. Тому тут приведу асимільовані думки багатьох людей (схоже недурних), і своє власне, вже трохи глибше, бачення ситуації з AMAgeddon, Reddit Blackout2015, etc.
Тому всядьтесь зручніше та послухайте історію про драму, за якою я слідкував досить уважно і яка, ймовірно, пройшла непоміченою для частини з вас, а для більшої частини залишилась так і не до кінця зрозумілою.
Реддіт починався як стартап проект двох людей - Steve Huffman aka spez і Alexis Ohanian aka kn0thing . Ідея була хороша, але щоб втілити її в життя потрібні були гроші. Гроші дають інвестори, які очікують або негайної прибудковості для відшкодування того що вони вкладають, або їх слід принаймні переконати, що гроші будуть повертатись - просто пізніше (можливо значно пізніше) зате ймовірно, що багато і стабільно. Спонсорів хлопці знайшли, ними стали Condé Nast і Advance (які одразу інвестували не так багато як хотілося та й далі не розщедрювалися, але головне не почали швидко вимагати гроші назад і не почали видушувати їх, незважаючи на те що час йшов). Так маховик Reddit-а і закрутився. Так-сяк впродовж довшого періоду часу їм вдавалося фінансово зводити кінці з кінцями, при тому ресурс паралельно набирав обороти і велику популярність. Частину грошей вдалося відшкодувати спонсорам, при цьому Реддіт фінансово балансував в межах низької прибутковості, але постійно ріс. Більше людей долучалося до проекту,обидва оригінальні засновники з часом самі відійшли з тих чи інших причин, але нові талановиті кадри почали заскакувати на борт і входили в команду розробників та підтримки проекту. В якийсь момент компанія навіть змогла себе називати частково назалежною, але фінансово віз був і далі там (не так щоб катастрофа, але і не добре). Час йшов, керівництво компанією згодом очолив Yishan Wong aka yishan, а один із оригінальних засновників knothing навіть повернувся в компанію. Процес продовжувався в тих же ж рамках такого собі ‘балансування на межі’...
Реддіт в принципі і не приховував, що вони як компанія ніколи не були прибутковими. Це вони визнали ще в 2013 році, аж три роки після того як ними було впроваджено ‘золото реддіта’ для покращення власної фінансової ситуації. Надалі заяв які б вказували на те, що справи йдуть інакше (краще) так і не було. З іншого боку якщо б вони злітали у великий мінус і явно тонули, то ми б про це швидко почули, Reddit намагався б себе таким чином врятувати і посилити донорство на власну користь. Як вже відомо, єдиний спосіб в який неприбуткові (або не особливо прибуткові)компанії можуть залишатися на плаву – це переконати інвесторів що можлива вигода їх чекає в майбутньому.
У вересні 2014 року Реддіт залучає інвестиції в розмірі 50 мільйонів USD фонду Series B, ймовірно для того щоб дати мати час протягнути ще трохи, продовжуючи проїдати гроші і залишаючись неприбутковими. Але, як казали деякі люди описуючи таку тактику – 50 мільйонів інвестиціх від Series B це активована бомба з таймером. Розрядити і ліквідувати її можна лише шляхом десятикратної комерціалізації сайту... або підірватися і спустити все в трубу, намагаючись заробити гроші.
То як саме це робиться? Ви маєте сайт який ніколи не приносив прибутку, але його треба перетворити в щось таке, що ощасливить людей які інвестували гроші у ваш проект. Але Реддіт не був і не став таким як Амазон, вкидуючи всі доступні гроші в агресивну експансію і розширення. Реддіт був більш схожим на Твіттер, який сам не може до кінця розібратися в тому скільки треба коштів для того, щоб постійно підтримувати свій природній ріст; і водночас чухає голову - як перевести ефект від колосальної кількості користувачів в щось більше, ніж просто оплата за обслуговування і підтримку сайту/проекту.
А таке не вдасться зробити шляхом впровадження дрібних коректив до того, що ви робили дотепер.
Вам доведеться робити важкі, фундаментальні зміни. Іншими словами, вам доведеться розізлити багато людей.
Деякі з цих змін включатимуть в себе переформатування підходів до політики і правил ресурсу з метою покращення вашого PR - для того щоб зробити Реддіт не таким токсичним, а більш привабливим для спонсорів. Далі більше – слід буде попрощатись із тими працівниками вашої компанії, які чинять опір новій політиці і не поділяють нової стратегії. Але головне, що майже всі з ваших нововведень будуть викликати страшну лють користувачів сайту, яким подобається теперішній стан справ (неприбутковий і грошовтратний), подобається все як воно є і вони не хочуть ваших змін...
Два місяці після того як в Reddit затвердили і прийняли інвестиції від Y CombinatoSeries B - Yishan Wong пішов з головуючого поста CEO на користь Ellen Pao, яка сала новим CEO. Треба бути вже зовсім наївним, щоб вважати ці речі не повязаними між собою. CEO на посаді затверджуються радою директорів, а рада директорів хоче надати те відшкодуваня своїм інвесторам, про яке вони їм і обіцяли. Такі великі і популярні сайти як Реддіт просто так не заходять в мінус і не помирають, вони повільно тонуть і дешевшають до такої степені, коли якась інша медіа компанія (яка живе тим що живиться такими от доходягами - 'bottom feeder') зможе підібрати їх з дна для того щоб вже до кінця видушити і подоїти останні долари з їхнього ‘бренду’. Основне завдання і робота Ellen Pao це якраз і не допустити дрейфування Реддіта в цьому руслі – в руслі тих підходів, якими завжди керувався Реддіт, пливучи в сторону невідворотнього жахливого кінця, зате без особливого напрягу і кардинальних змін.
Робота Pao зводиться до того, щоб бути поганим поліцейським. Провести і протиснути важкі зміни, які рада директорів вважає необхідними для того, щоб убезпечити майбутнє сайту - при цьому приймаючи на себе всю злість і ненависть спровоковану такими діями.
Слід зауважити, що під час сумнозвісного поста-вибачення від адміністрації коли керівництво Reddit і сама Пао намагались провести хоч якийсь damage control, з’явився Yishan і не просто захищав Еллен Пао, aka ekjp , а й взяв на себе відповідальність за частину речей і звинувачень які на неї навішували. І я не пригадую, щоб на нього накидувались із погрозами ітп. Тобто, таки не варто цькувати, тим більше одну-єдину особу, навіть не знаючи як воно було насправді і в деталях. Адже, як виявилось, гроші від спонсорів взяли ще до того як Пао прийняла керування в свої руки.
Чи означає це що Ellen Pao хороша людина? Ні, зовсім ні. Ніхто не відміняв фактів про які ми вже багато наслухались - судових позовів до попередніх роботодавців в дусі ''Мене звільнено?! Це расова і гендерна дискримінація!''; відміни нею індивідуальних договорів про заробітню плату своїх підопічних задля того, щоб "уникнути нерівності по гендерній ознаці", звільнення працівників із-за рецидивів раку... Коротше, ще та відьма.
Але це не змінює суті проблеми. Суть проблеми не тільки в Пао. Тобто Пао лише частина і прояв вже запущених процесів.
Окремо стоїть негатив від того, що команда адміністраторів дійсно втрачає зв'язок із потребами коммюніті, прохання до них ігноруються.
Без сумніву, 200 тисяч на петиції це серйозно. Це заставить їх заворушитися. Це перемога. Але чи це призведе до відставки Пао? А навіть, якщо раптом і призведе,то чи це якось вирішить проблеми які призвели до того що зараз відбувається?
Може новий CEO почне наймати команду нових адміністраторів і повертати старих людей які пішли з Reddit і які мають понятти про технічні нюанси ресурсу, які його створювали, і які хочуть догодити коммюніті. Звучить добре, правда?
От питання - де для цього взяти гроші? Для залучення нових-старих кадрів, для реструктуризації... Вони мають працювати на голому ентузіазмі? А я вам нагадаю, що ще треба і якось постійно заробляти гроші, щоб віддавати те, що ви вже висите своїм спонсорам.
З іншого боку, нам ніхто і нічим не зобовязаний. Треба це усвідомити. Так, коммюніті створює контент і наповнює сайт. Коммюніті практично 'створює' те що є на цьому сайті, no shit.
Але цей сайт це приватна власність, а не власність коммюніті - і це головне. Коммюніті не обслуговує сайт і не дає 100% коштів необхідних для цього.
Якщо сайт почне скочуватись в УГ, то коммюніті забереться звідси і знайде собі нову платформу, як це вже було раніше. Просто треба розуміти те, що це ні Reddit-у, ні нам зараз не загрожує.
Тому нехай Blackout буде для вас не способом сліпої боротьби з Пао, а швидше проявом того, що адміністрація все-таки повина проявляти дещо більше уваги до бажань коммюніті.
Нам в з вами треба перестати бігати з вилами і кричати про щось, не розуміючи що насправді відбувається.
І не приймайте це все аж дуже близько до серця.
Пару цитат по темі:
‘’От так і працює капіталізм - з того моменту як щось починає приносити прибуток, з'являються люди які намагаються це діло осідлати. Єдиний спосіб функціонування платформи яка буде проявом свободи слова і незаангажованості для спільноти людей - це сайт який на 100% створений і обслуговується ними ж, з адмінами і модераторами які не взагалі не піддаються корупції, в принципі. Це як комунізм – теоретично в ідеалі він чудовий, але в реальності все інакше, люди просто фізично не можуть дотримуватись таких ‘ідеальних’ принципів’’
[but non-profit organizations still have to pay for bandwidth, server utilization, and salaries]
Про перехід на Voat або на будь-яку іншу платформу:
‘’От і вся задумка то в тому, що це така сама платформа як і Реддіт, але на даному етапі менше монетизована. Тільки вона в свою чергу стане більшою і потребуватиме більше грошей щоб функціонувати, вона зробить те саме, що зробив Реддіт. Кількість реклами збільшиться, вони почнуть дозволяти компаніям спонсорувати те, як вони висвітлюються на сайті і в якому об’ємі. Рано чи пізно вони почнуть заробляти великі гроші, та продовжуватимуть намагатися заробити ще більше. Якщо ви сидите на золотій жилі, то чому б не почати її розкопувати?’’
‘’Реддіт став для нас платформою для поширення контенту, платформою яку ми вибрали як найкращу серед багатьох інших доступних в той час. Цю платформу надали нам творці сайту. Ця платформа дозволила мені легко сортувати і організовувати те що становить для мене інтерес і бути в курсі останніх новин відносно того що мене цікавить. Я нічого не плачу за це, і я ніколи не почувався так, ніби мені тут маркетологи тулять якийсь продукт, за винятком АМА від знаменитостей, і які я теж проглядав, бо вони стосувались того що відбувалося саме в той момент у світі. Я не сумніваюсь, що Реддіт впровадив ряд зовсім непопулярних змін, але мені важко уявити що знайдеться багато людей які б зробили інакше на їх місці і маючи можливість вибору аналогічних варіантів які були в Реддіт-а. Можливо, якби люди витратили трохи більше часу щоб зрозуміти все це і почали фокусуватися на реальних проблемах сайту, то в нас би була більш результативна і адекватна дискусія. Але натомість ми отримуємо дитячу впертість, сліпу лють і потоки жовчі які розтікаються по всьому сайту, а це шкодить коммюніті навіть більше, ніж те, що коли-небуть зробили адміністратори’’
Відносно ‘всепропало’, реддіт-версія:
“Ще нічого аж настільки страшного не сталося на реддіті – покищо. Ми ще дуже, дуже далеко від того, що трапилось на Digg і в що він перетворився перед великою міграцією. В сабреддіт АМА я взагалі рідко заходжу і моє враження таке, ніби якась драма відбувається в сусідньому від мене будинку, і яка мене взагалі не обходить. Якоїсь причини покидати Реддіт я і близько не бачу. І так будуть думати 99% людей які відвідують цей сайт. Не буває такого, щоб якийсь ресурс раптом набув величезної популярності без того, щоб команда людей стояла за таким проектом і керувала ним. Це також стосується Voat і всього іншого.”
Хороший коментар про все це: (як на мене, то найкращий)
I think you're being pretty unfair to Reddit. When startups are in their growth phase, they opt for increasing experience vs. complete monetization... But at some point, the company has to ease off its cash burn so that it starts actually being self sufficient. Reddit could do much more to make money with its assets, but it has held back quite a bit for the sake of maintaining the overall experience of the site. Ever get a pop up? Banner ads? Spam emails? Has your data been bundled up and sold to advertising companies? No. There is speculation and accusations that Reddit may have been looking into monetizing participation in AMAs, but even if that were true, it wouldn't inherently undermine the integrity of the experience. If anything, it would place a burden on Reddit to figure out a way to coach people doing AMA's so they don't get Ramparted. On top of that, nothing Reddit has done lately is abnormal or wrong. Yes, in a sea of offensive subreddits, Reddit apparently chose to selectively remove a handful of specific ones on seemingly arbitrary grounds... But this has always been the case. Offensive material on a site like this isn't a problem as much as it is systematic offensive material which begins to draw too much attention and create liabilities if left unchecked (many laws re: a website's obligation and liabilities of its users come down to, "Did you allow it to happen?" and "were you aware what was going on?"). All these protests and uprising are more about, ironically, karma than they are about sincere discourse re: how Reddit should operate. There is no way that Voat will be able to avoid the same fate, barring its owners winning the lottery and being willing to sacrifice their winnings to keeping a hobby afloat. Even then, they will need to keep the actions of their users in check to some degree if they want to avoid liability. So everyone needs to relax. At most, Reddit admins have messed up re: how they carried out policies/decisions (people make mistakes, what's important is that they learn from them). But those policies and decisions haven't been inherently wrong. Reddit is still a great source of information, and is still free both in use and experience.
Типи юзерів які підтримують весь цей рух із Blackout2015 - від справжніх консерваторів до ідіотів. Опис з поясненнями. ( Поки спати. Завтра ще допишу. І доліплю лінки. + Про напівутопічні ідеї децентралізації реддіта, спасіння реддіта Біткоіном ітп)
А в результаті вийшло десь отак OP (ME) IRL aka Bad Luck walt_ua
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[Table] IAmA: We are Reddit co-Founder Alexis Ohanian, Reddit GM Erik Martin, co-Director Nadeem Mazen, and a gaggle of entrepreneurs. We’re here to talk about Internet freedom and our mini-doc Silicon Prairie: America’s New Internet Economy - AMA!

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Why does government keep telling us future bills won't have anything to do with internet freedom, but every single time, they do anyway? Thought after the first few, SOPA & PIPA, they told us it'll never happen again.. I think of this phenomenon as a matter of moneyed interests having a bit more bandwidth and consistency when they are trying to jam something through than we do as a more disperse online community. Groups like the Internet Association are beginning to lobby. But basically: politicians are going to revise goals based on what is politically expedient in the moment. At the beginning it may be expedient to join the tide of anti SOPA-PIPA. Then it becomes financially or politically easier to revise that thinking. We just need to be there at every turn with media, examples, arguments, campaign contributions and a whole lot more in order to support the politicians with strong moral and ethical views (and to turn those politicians who are more 'flexible').
So reddit big-shots; What subreddit do you each like and hate the most? Not a reddit big-shot, but thought I'd chime in. /roomporn is an inspiration (and one of my upcoming projects is to make a /roomporn worthy schoolbus interior). I also find myself in /politics a lot, but sometimes it's a little intense.
Like the rainforest that is quickly disappearing, it seems that internet freedom is also on the verge of collapse and that governments and corporations will fundamentally change how the internet will be used and who the internet will be given access to. The internet is the biggest tool we have to seek relevant information outside the conglomerate of media that is controlled by the few, giving us piecemeal of what seems like propaganda, either corporate, government or special interests. We, as the world's citizens need to defend against these erosion of internet freedom. Like the rainforest, we need to take active and monetary responsibility to save internet freedom from destruction and to prevent other future technology from being resigned to this same faith. What role are you as heads of reddit playing to save internet freedom? I definitely encourage you to download a free copy of the film and check out what Ben Huh of Cheezburger Network has to say - his articulation of the issue lines up with yours. And it's a good way to talk about this behemoth: "conservation". I think the issue is that a lot of the govt. infrastructure is broken: easily influenced, low accountability, zero investigative reporting. That pretty much means it's up to us to be 1) more influential (read: half a dozen people calling congresspeople about key issues every single day could make all the difference) 2) holding congresspeople accountable by quantifying their (negative or positive) impact and releasing these studies, 3) investigate (citizen journalism!)
I think the reddit folks do a great job inspiring people along these lines. but it's really up to us to organize. If I had a list of 6 people willing to help organize part time, I'd put tons of time into thinking through this in greater detail. Can I get a "and my axe" from the congregation?
Myspace. Bro, invest in my company it's the myspace of twitter and it's all about, like, foursquare check-ins for your pinterest. We're going to leverage market inefficiencies with first mover advantage, then ROI you hard until you black out!
So guys...what is making the midwest such a premium place for new tech startups? What are the best cities to work in for tech companies and why? I want Erik to chime in here because he has opinions. I was blown away by Cherokee St. in St. Louis. That experience inspired me to bring more art/tech/culture/community building back to Cambridge which is more of a traditional "tech hub" but in a way lacks some of the fast growth, cultural potential, love-of-city, and community cohesion that I saw on Cherokee St.
Hey there awesome people! From what I know about you guys, you're all "stoked about life." You wake up and go to work energized and excited to do what you're doing. Your enthusiasm for what you do is infectious. Most people just don't have that. So my question is, how did you find your individual passions and what would you suggest for those of us who are still searching? Well! This is like my favorite topic. I actually teach a course about this as faculty at School of the Museum of Fine Arts. I have always been a bit anti-deskjob (possibly to my detriment), so I run around finding fun projects, pouring my all into them, and then desperately trying to break even on life/rent/project costs. It's always worked out well. I was able to start [Danger!Awesome laser cutting and 3d printing]( this way with no money and is pretty much the system I rely on to extend /explore the idea of "things I love" and to fund those things. Any specific questions about how I fell into this program/approach?
Found my passion, leaving desk job within the month ;) And I have another project I want to start, but I need to find me some programmers for that one... I think I'll be contacting you at Nimblebot shortly. Would love to talk! Often we find ourselves advising new startups so that they can sustainably find the resources they need (affordably and quickly) rather than relying on us. Always happy to talk.
Sure, i have a question for you. perhaps using danger!awesome as an example, can you go into the actual process of how you managed to create things out of nothing? (e.g. how did you get the money to set up shop or obtain the knowledge necessary for operating your business?) Ok! So for danger!awesome, I really really really wanted some lasercutters, but realized that (at the some) they were like $30-50k each. The only way I was going to afford that was by getting someone to sponsor a cool project. I shopped around dozens of cool projects with explanatory 1-sheets and examples of why marketing companies, art patrons, grant organizations and others might want to fund 3 cutters at 100k (or even 1 cutter at 30k). Ultimately the band OK Go! got together with us to brainstorm a music video using our lasercutting concepts and we eventually brought them the stop motion concept "last leaf". They got samsung on board, we got universal laser on board (to drastically reduce prices) and it seems like everyone got what they wanted. It was a lot of work and a lot of patience. Now, kickstarter is a great way to do something like that because it's easier for 100 duck sized horses to believe in your plan than it is for one horse sized duck to give you funding all at once (and faster too!). As for learning the business, I would say I was clueless at the beginning and then slowly learned from hard knocks and better entrepreneurs. The key for me has always been assuming I am wrong about a given confrontation/problem that crops up and then taking in knowledge through that failure. More questions on this?
Thanks for the reply! That story seems kind of surreal to me but I'm sure its just a result of hustling and making stuff happen. That being said, can you elaborate on some more of the insights you've learned after having started so many projects? What advice would you give to the you from years ago when he first started out? Advice to me years ago: -Don't start a project until you have a clear, concise 1-sheet describing the idea with pretty pictures -Use your 1-sheet to respond to people who like your idea and ask for "just a few more details on top of this great kick off call" which inevitably happens -When people don't get your project/funding/whatever going, they don't hate you or your idea, they are just busy. Or maybe moving in another direction and simply can't help you just yet. Find out which it is. If they're busy, bother them politely at regular intervals. If they are moving in another direction find out what nonmonetary help they can give you, if indeed they are excited about doing so. Or find out how you can help them (presumably you are talking to them because you already admire what they do and want to support it).
We have not seen nearly the amount of protest against the latest internet legislation. I presume a large part of this has to do with people either tired of fighting what seems to be an impossible opponent or there just hasn't been the same magnitude of press fighting against it to rile people up. Is this an inevitable issue that will only be more difficult to overcome with time? Why haven't I seen more discussion of trying to organize another internet blackout? Will it lose the same bite if it happens again and again? Will reddit go through another blackout, maybe for longer this time? Is there a serious effort being put into developing a parallel version of the internet that can gain serious monetary backers? Or is this just a sort of pipe dream that can't effectively be accomplished in the near future? (I forget the name of the subreddit that was discussing building something like this). Is regulation at the CISPA of the internet really a bad thing? I know there was a lot of hype about the loss of net neutrality, but would legislation like that really lead down such a slippery slope as it was hyped to be just a year ago, or is that just hype to rile up support (just like the other side riles up fears about piracy)? This is a matter of sustainability. Those fighting to gain control of the internet (or anything) through lobbying and lawmaking are consistent and well-supported. If we want to have the same bite, we need to organize. The Internet Association is doing some of that work. But there also needs to be a "by the people" version. So basically, the internet has just deputized you to start organizing people more often/more effectively. Let us know if you need help.
Reddit gets billions of page-hits per month, which translates to a lot of eye-balls on critical issues, and sometimes a lot of money put toward some really great causes. We've seen Reddit contribute to curing diseases, building schools and fences, planning rallies and meetings, and sending people on all sorts of adventures, etc, etc,. What we have is social media that actually creates social action. That's pretty damn miraculous. *** Any plans to proactively tap into Reddit as a place for social action/entrepreneurship? I don't just mean posts that make things available, I mean really bake functionality into the website that would make it a platform for the kind of beneficent movements we've seen in the past? Overall - nothing needs to change, Reddit is great, but it has the potential to become even greater. Does anyone see any other meaningful things that can be done to evolve the site and keep it meaningful? I'd be interested on Erik's view on this. As for Nimblebot, we are working on a video layer that makes user-action and user-participation a bit easier. So when you're watching a TED video thinking "That's amazing work, I should really get involved in something like that" you can instead click a button that leads you to a) connects you with the practitioner in the video b) connects you to the resources they want you to have to be effective as an activist or c) initiates some kind of voice call/form email/whatever that you need to fill out in order to, for example, email your congressman. The key here is adding this interactivity without bothering the user as they watch video - a constraint that we've created effective UX around. I can't wait to see existing platforms for communication really "turn the corner" to become platforms for action.
When making a team for an entrepreneurial venture, what features would you recommend looking for in members? Edit: What features would you advise avoidance? Do have: -An agreement and personalities that allow partners to describe feelings at any time (even if they are irrational) with the intention of strengthening the partner bond -I've watched a lot of entrepreneurs in the cambridge community who were proponents of "yeah we all have strong personalities and argue til we're blue in the face, but we do it out of love and we just want the product to be successful" fail pretty hard. There's only so much tough love your company can take and often it just manifests as anger, condescension, and greed. So I say go for a full team of meek people who know what the common goal is over those "win at all costs" people any day. Almost everyone at Nimblebot blames themself when something goes wrong and it's wonderful to be able to tease out the actual root cause of an issue without the added stress of "he said she said" or "I know i'm right on this one so can you just sign those tps reports, thaaanks" -balance: everyone needs to be able to "run fast" for the company, juggle multiple job responsibilities, and still (appear) to be a human out in real life. that's not super easy.
Can the Internet be controlled? With the government working on bills to control the Internet, how possible is that financially, physically, and legally? It can definitely be controlled. The question is will companies with influence over the internet comply with court orders (yes - always yes in America, unfortunately). A brief aside: Under the guise of anti-terrorism, big telecom companies complied with government orders to put huge wiretap operations on their own customers, a surprising fact which was leaked by disaffected high-ups at various companies and then eventually admitted by administration officials under bush. Those enormous monitoring operations are still in place. Wiretapping is obviously illegal - so eventually these officials and companies were retroactively pardoned as an act of congress. That's bonkers to me. There's already so much control over communications networks and law-making in that little part of our history. I fully believe that this bodes poorly for control of internet if we're not careful/diligent as users.
Why do you think there should be internet freedom? Why do you believe it is important? While bills like SOPA/PIPA were not perfect, I think that the idea of freedom of information (which is a component of the movement for a free internet) is inherently at odds with a capitalist economic system constrained by the physical scarcity of resources in the real world. A free internet made sense when it was for education and non-profit. Now that it is primarily used for commercial purposes, it needs to be regulated, and the government has the constitutional justification to do so. Furthermore, governments, and laws, inherently restrict freedoms but often do so in a good and productive way. Many laws are bad laws, but most laws are by and large good laws, and keep our society functioning. How do you propose to reconcile these realities? Often I just hear, oh, lawmakers don't understand how the internet, or technology, works. But as a young, technologically savvy, highly educated individual, who absolutely understands how the internet works, I just can't get on board with that. You appear to be advocating a type of internet libertarianism, and frankly, I think a lot of what goes on on the internet and has become status quo, should be or should have been made illegal a long time ago. Do you have any thoughts on this? I hear you and I do have some thoughts, but do you have specific ideas on what should be regulated or made illegal as a starting point for discussion? Thanks for the comment, curious where this goes!
If people take one thing away from your new mini-doc, what would you want it to be? Wow, great question. I would say that it's three mini-ideas blended into the same theme: a) people think you have to be in a startup hub to get your tech company going, but it's clear that's not the case b)entrepreneurship + community building/economic growth go hand in hand which is huge for smaller cities in America c) if it only takes 6-8 entrepreneurs in a given city to start making a vibrant startup "scene" (see Brad Feld's book "Startup Communities") that means that 100 of us could revitalize the entire country if we just stay focused and connected.
Awesome points Nadeem. Specifically regarding point 2, do you think that, reflecting on your experiences, tech entrepreneurship can be lauded as a new feasible model to drive growth not just in small-town America but for rural villages in developing countries or even low-income nations who have traditionally struggled with growth? I think it's plausible. I really think Brad Feld's Startup Communities is a good read here. It might be built on the American Context, but it ports internationally and into rural settings. The key would be the "events that engage the entire entrepreneurial stack" + getting some "feeder organizations" to pipe resources into some of these communities and most importantly having super great "6-12 core leaders who focus on startup community growth for the long term ==> 20-year view"
Questions for the guys who hosted the bus: Have there been any noticeable changes in your community since the Internet Freedom Bus rolled through? Did it prompt anything? Yeah - I am with Jordan. We weren't on a colonial journey, bringing light into the jungle. We were just telling stories and making new connections. If anything, we were learning/researching and they were lecturing/informing. If anything changed, it's that each of these companies have yet another experience/avenue for disseminating their important work.
Proof? (I keed! I keed!) Internet freedom seems to be taking major hits lately. Politicians don't understand it well enough to legislate it, and the big players are throwing back freedom as fast as they can manage. Note that large volumes of this seem inexorably tied to copyright law. How do you think this tide can be turned? This is right on - and I think the others will have more detailed answers (particularly Alexis, Erik, and Holmes). For me, the key is in connecting communities online and offline and then telling digital video stories that can be easily spread. This film is nothing more than us showing up to show people what is already going on. And when we did, everyone from big companies to congresspeople came back to say "oh wow, there's some good nuggets in there" - suddenly it becomes a bit more clear and a bit more real that internet freedom and economic growth are tied together (and that the internet economy can really be a big deal even in states not typically associated with "tech"). So now that we have the reddit community (and so many others) out there as a champions for Open Internet, and tons of other organizations steeped in these stories daily, how do we make the video stories diverse in content and ubiquitous in number. I am quite confident that once we have the storytelling down, the dissemination and lobbying part is actually comparatively easy.
Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck? I don't know why you're getting downvoted, it's a legitimate question. I've put a lot of thought into this one. It's got to be 1 horse-sized duck. I've seen a group of children attacking a tourist in Russia and it's scary as all get out. Basically, tons of small pissed off things will always kill you. Cue any horror movie that has ants consuming flesh, or tons of spiders, or whatever.
I'm going for 1 horse-sized duck and I'm going right for the throat. With my teeth.
Is Congress ever going to stop trying to fuck with the Internet? No. Way. The internet is everywhere and there is a lot of money to be made. When there's money to be made, think tanks and press organizations and lobbyists spin up into action with literally billions of dollars in funding and begin to create legitimate arguments (at various points legislation like CISPA seems attractive, based on "research"). These reports, talking points, and lobbyists are very effective at influencing lawmakers.
The good news is that to counteract this we just need to be organized, informative, and ubiquitous. Bombard these data-hungry representatives and senators from every. possible. angle. Politely (mostly). Heated televised debates and large public protests definitely a good idea.
There are a lot of important "causes" in the world. (Rainforest preservation, feeding the hungry,eyc) I'm obsessed with low-tech/high-impact technologies that can have a big impact on economic growth, education, etc. all over the world. My intiation to this work was through Amy Smith of D-Lab at MIT.
What cause(s) would you fight for if we didn't need to fight for Internet freedom? I'm spending some of my time supporting the social entrepreneurs who help create (and more importantly, make sustainable) worker cooperatives, drip irrigation installation and maintenance, water purification, night-lights (can't eat/can't work/can't read if you can't see!), mobile charging stands, etc.
How do you hope the film will enlighten those who are not tech savvy? More specifically what makes you think you can push start those not in Silicon Valley by means of a movie? Hey great questions! So I think people, even non "tech savvy" people, have a strong feeling that tech happens in the biggest cities. Maybe for some people it's silicon valley. Some people extend that to other coastal cities...But most people don't think of des moines or omaha. And, watching the movie, I don't think you need to be tech-savyy, or even tech-interested, to get excited when you see what ScarlettGarnet or STLStyle or widernet are up to. They are revitilizing their communities, creating brick and mortar shops, and reaching new audiences online - easy.
As for "push starting" those not in silicon valley. I think those not in silicon valley are already push starting themselves and we're just there with a camera. Maybe someone outside of the valley sees this and says "oh yeah that's kind of true - there's entrepreneurs nearby, i need to hook up with that community and get my ideas off the ground". But most likely we're just encouraging people to do the same "connect-make-grow" things they were already up to in these communities. Maybe talking about it more makes it broader, or faster, or both? I think so anyway.
What do you think of the possibilities of ad-hoc mesh networking, rather than depending on large telcos for Internet access? Not an engineer (or not that type of engineer), but I literally dream about this. I actually think that a "own your own data" or "port your own data" social network might have to precede something like that in order to bring "decentralized networks" into the popular consciousness as a useful social tool.
Is there going to be a sequel? Great question! I guess the answer is "Kind of." We're working with Alexis and CEA to make sure that the communities we visited have sustainable video storytelling equipment and training. We want to make it our business that emerging startup hubs keep telling these stories, keep affecting lawmaker policy, and increase connectivity between hubs. We're providing a lot of these services probono and securing the funding for equipment packages and local storytelling/advocacy/activism mentorship in each location. Michael Petricone should chime in on this one!!
Is there such a thing as too much freedom on the internet? Let's ask that question once we reign in control, tracking, illegal wiretapping, price fixing, and a bunch of other stuff. Right now I don't think that is a problem that is really in sight...
I am really impressed with Widernet. Getting knowledge to people that otherwise would not have the access to is changing the world. Sometimes I take for granted all the information just at my fingertips when I access the internet. Allowing a database with eGranary to spread knowledge on a local network in countries that couldn't afford the internet is amazing work. I was wondering if you all know of any example of any type of censoring when these databases are installed in certain countries? I'm hoping it gets there as is. I'll leave this to Cliff or Nick, but just want to say that they're not only an incredible project, they are also incredible people. And insightful on all range of social justice/internet freedom/poverty alleviation topics!
If you could remove one website from existence, what would it be? Pick your mainstream news site. These guys are doing shitty journalism. And it hurts my soul. And every single journalist reporting for these sites has a secret pain. A nagging doubt... "what have I done? what am I part of? can i really do anything to change all this...i've been backed into a corner and there are no paying alternatives anywhere in journalism. someone please help me. please, help me change." But they can't because journalism (and investigative journalism in particular) is on life support. The end.
Well! This is like my favorite topic. I actually teach a course about this as faculty at School of the Museum of Fine Arts. I have always been a bit anti-deskjob (possibly to my detriment), so I run around finding fun projects, pouring my all into them, and then desperately trying to break even on life/rent/project costs. It's always worked out well. I was able to start Danger!Awesome laser cutting and 3d printing this way with no money and is pretty much the system I rely on to extend /explore the idea of "things I love" and to fund those things. Any specific questions about how I fell into this program/approach? Someone gave me reddit gold for this post. I never dreamed it would happen to me (seriously, not joking - even though it seems trivial) and the fact that it was for this comment brings so much joy to my heart. Thank you!
After the safety of the Internet, what is, in your opinion, the biggest problem facing the world? The increasing distance between rich and poor - a root cause of many environmental, legal, and economic problems.
You called yourselves a gaggle... should I be inclined to believe that Reddit is run by geese? 100% geese powered. It's a very green company. Nimblebot takes the refuse and makes artisinal cheeses and cleans feathers, it's where we make our money - film doesn't pay bills, just warms hearts. A symbiotic relationship if ever I saw one.
Now you know. Good to see Charles got off crutches and back into the office!
Hello All! Thanks for taking the time! I'd like to get your opinion concerning the following: Also, I was wondering if you could share your thoughts concerning Danny Hillis' TED talk which was just recently added to the TED collection. Haven't seen Hillis' talk, thank you for the synopsis. Sounds fascinating - and true. In retrospect, things like slash and burn farming, or single-crop farming are so obviously stupid - because often times people knew what they were doing wasn't sustainable. Is that what we are doing here? Likely. Our use of rare earth metals is not sustainable. Our use of network infrastructure is not efficient. I saw a google shirt recently that was a turtle on roller skates...that's what the internet infrastructure is to me: a flaming pile or kluges going at light speed. So...yes, it would be nice to have some social, hardware, or mesh backups of some kind.
If you haven't seen it; Hillis argues that that the internet has become so integrated into our daily routine that we often times don't even realize we are using it (buying gasoline with a credit card, for instance). He warns that too much dependency could lead to disaster in the future if the internet were to suddenly crash and there was no proper backup, or plan b, in place. Thoughts? Ok I will favor the second point here. I think you are right to bring up the first point and agree: there is a huge amount of "primacy" talk and internal contradiction in legislation. Even good legislation. There is certainly no "kantian ontological imperative" talk at play in America's foreign policy, for whatever that is worth.
Whats the best way to educate those that are uninformed on this issue (the elderly, the younger, the uninvolved, etc.)? See some of my thoughts in other comments on the importance of ubiquitous digital video storytelling/storytelling training. If we're all bringing forward polished, articulate, diverse approaches and disseminate this messaging together, we can really do a lot. It only takes a few of us working in tandem to really get something like this going!
Nadeem, this is Jesse... How are you? Awesome that you're doing this AMA. My man! Funny that we have to use the internet to connect. Come by soon :D.
Steve Huffman will be speaking at my college on Friday about entrepreneurship, and founding Reddit and Hipmunk. What questions would you ask him? Would you rather fight 1 alexis sized horse or 100 duck sized alexis'?
What in the fuck is this? That is the worst explanation of socialism ever, and the best part is: SYRIA IS BAATHIST, NOT SOCIALIST. Good job spreading horrible messages. I agree that this explanation of socialism is wrong. But it is the cutest video ever and probably the way that socialism would actually be taught to 5 year olds in an american classroom. Also the video literally says "explain like I'm 5" in the title. So you have to hand it to them for going for "crisis in syria", no?
Do you think bitcoin will flourish? And, with the value going up every single day, are you hoarding your btc or cashing out? I think that for bitcoin to really flourish there needs to be an analogy for the cryptographic underpinnings that lay people can understand. A simple 1 minute animation about how you can take control of the standard of your own money, some of the benefits, but an emphasis on how the heck this thing really works!
Alexis, can you post in /DailyDouble? We're looking for celebrity endorsements and you'll do. You might be rewarded with flair. This is a big opportunity Alexis, you should do it. Things might really take off for you if you can focus up and take advantage of this great offer.
Nadeem, When do you sleep? Is it standing up? Ha! Honestly, I used to just sleep mostly during class in undergrad. Made my nights extremely productive. Now there's no class though - I'm like several years out and I haven't had sleep since like 2006.
Who's your favorite redditor? Besides kn0thing and hueypriest? youvegotapoint. or in real life? trickygonzalez.
Can you, please, delete the Pyongyang subreddit? It is very offensive. You make a very good point. What are you going to do about it?
If you comply with my request I shall allow reddit to remain private when I conquer the country hosting its servers. I will also arrest no more than ten percent of your active users in any given month. Failure to comply...well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. I like where your head's at. Tell me more about puppet reddit governments: what mods are you liking right now?
The DPRK will liberate the oppressed peoples of the world! The DPRK will be the vanguard to bring you into the brave new socialist world we will create together! Dude, I am psyched about it. Now, don't be coy with me, what's rodman's cabinet position? I know you've got something incredible in store. Don't make me be all house-of-cards-journalist to get this information out of you.
Can we get back to talking about silicon prairie please? I would love that. Please venture a question!
Dammit... Does it have any nudity? Yes, a single frame. Update us when you find it.
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