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Creditors for Kiwi bitcoin company Bitcoinica eye payback - Bitcoinica's cash and bitcoin assets are held in accounts on the MtGox exchange in Japan

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Bitcoinica claim of 64532 BTC and $135k accepted by Mtgox bankruptcy trustee. : Bitcoin

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Bitcoinica claim of 64532 BTC and $135k accepted by Mtgox bankruptcy trustee. : Bitcoin /r/mtgoxinsolvency

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Cryptsy, Bitcoinica, Shapeshift, Bitfinex, MtGox, the list goes on and on - Can we please learn and decentralize. Show Bitsquare some love! /r/Bitcoin

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Bitcoinica claim of 64532 BTC and $135k accepted by Mtgox bankruptcy trustee. /r/Bitcoin

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Message to Theymos

You are the worst thing to ever happen to Bitcoin. Your censorship has been more damaging to Bitcoin than Butterfly Labs, Pirate at 40, Bitcoinica, MtGox or even the 1MB block size limit. Your censorship has caused years of infighting, years of missed progress, and caused the community to do nothing but fight within itself. Congratulations on being the worst thing to ever happen to Bitcoin.
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Bitcoinica claim of 64532 BTC and $135k accepted by Mtgox bankruptcy trustee.

You can see it in the released PDF, it's creditor nr B200132 and B200133. For those that don't know, Bitcoinica was an infamous trading platform from the early days that got hacked.
Another interesting observation, olivierjanss (Olivier Janssens) tried to claim his bitcoins that he already sold on the bitcoinbuilder platform again. Luckily it got rejected. (creditor nr B203103)
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I'm Asher Tan, co-founder & CEO of CoinJar, my Co Founder is Zhou Tong of Bitcoinica fame. Ask me anything. (

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Bitcoinica MtGox account compromised - We regret to inform you

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Questions about the BTC-e Situation and Possible Connection to Alphabay's Recent Demise? (Long post)

Foreword: I am a geek for all things hackebitcoin related drama. I think this stuff plays out like a soap opera and it's beautiful. It's due to the simple fact that the BTC community is made up of a diverse set of people: Hackers, Entrepreneurs, Nerds, Drug Dealers, Fraudsters, etc. So I think for historical purposes it is great to note all the events that happen during huge events like this, because should bitcoin take off, this will be stuff of the history books. So if you have any information to share, please do, and let's try to make archives of all information as websites come and go.
The recent BTC-e post by wizsec is a very big deal, possibly more than most people here realize. BTC-e was an integral part of the crypto trading industry. However, there is still a lot of missing information that greatly affects the narrative and I would like anyone to chime in with educated opinions.  
Let me start with some facts about BTC-e:
[1] It was widely assumed it was russian and I don't believe btc-e did anything to hide that fact. I have seen people say Bulgeria also. [This]( post by -Mahn is where I got the info about Malta and Cyprus so might be worth double checking.)
[2] see [this]( and this
So I have a couple questions about the role btc-e played in laundering funds in the past and what their involvement with the mtgox hack is.
[3] [Kyle Torpey]( Charlie Shrem coindesk )
[4] This is an assumption that they are non exchange related addresses because it wouldn't make sense for wizsec's accusations if it was an exchange address. That would simply imply that the coins went through btc-e in the same manner any other deposits do.
I had more questions ealier but I can't remember them at this time, so I'll edit this post as I remember them. If you have any questions you think should be displayed above, post the and I'll edit them in. I appreciate any input on this situation because I find it downright fascinating and I have the feeling it goes deeper than we think.
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Why did Bitcoin go up so much?

Is it because of the Eurozone or something?
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Quiz time: Name a bitcoin brokerage that will never have a headline ending with "... unable to repay customers following alleged heist"?

Answer: Novauri.
Sign up for our closed US beta in Q2 2015 and we will waive your purchase and sale fees. Forever.
Novauri is a bitcoin purchase and sale service going into a closed US beta in Q2 of this year. What's different about Novauri?
When you create your account with Novauri and generate a wallet, we never, ever have access to your private keys. This isn't an option, it's the design of the service. We even let you add your own address (such as a paper or hardware wallet), and we'll send bitcoin you buy directly to it.
So what? Why should you care?
This won't happen to you at Novauri.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or dozens of others.
Novauri is designed to work safely with bitcoin and let you keep control of your money. We told you so then, and we are telling you again now. Services that pool any customer bitcoin are not safe, regardless of their level of security. Insiders are humans, and some of them steal and most of them can be manipulated.
We're clear to operate in the majority of US states for our online service, and we are working on the rest aggressively. Keeping a bank is always hard for a brokerage without powerful connections, but we are confident we will still launch in Q2 as promised.
Please sign up for our service and give us your support.
Thank you!
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Coinbase ID verification is very hard for blind users. Good alternatives that work in the EU?

I used to be involved with Bitcoin back in the day, and had accounts with MTGox, Bitcoin24, and Bitcoinica (you see a pattern here ;-)). Today I wanted to get involved again, and I looked at exchanges that work in the EU. Coinbase seemed like the straightforward answer.
Unfortunately I'm blind and they inexplicably (to me) require taking a photo of my ID with my phone camera. This is basically never going to happen. There are blind people who can manage this, but I'm not one of them. I tried several times and got illegible results.
  1. Why do they insist in this way of verifying ID? I sometimes need to send a photo of my ID and I have it scanned for a reason.
  2. Are there other reliable ways to trade Bitcoin in the EU which do not involve this nonsense?
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Bitcoin history: The BearWhale of 2012

The "BearWhale" recently crashed the price of Bitcoin by cashing out nearly $8 million worth of BTC. But, just as recently as two and a half years ago, all it took to crash the price was a measly $13,000 investment in 10:1 leveraged Bitcoin shorts.
Unfortunately for the person who made this bet, though, he (or she) made the mistake of bragging about it, posting a screenshot of the highly-leveraged position on the BitcoinTalk forum. Unlike today, when we wonder who the BearWhale may be, the "BearWhale of 2012" openly identified not only himself, but his financial position as well. This meant that everyone could see the exact point at which his bet on the price of Bitcoin going down would be force-liquidated, and he would lose everything.
So that's exactly what happened. The original posts have since been deleted, but another trader (and rather perturbed Bitcoin supporter) saw the post of the leveraged "BearWhale of 2012" bragging about shorting Bitcoin, and decided to buy a large amount of BTC instead, raising the price and forcing a margin call on the position. He then posted saying he had done so, decidedly slaying the "BearWhale of 2012."
The result was immediate, and hilarious. Given the somewhat shoddy and unreliable nature of Bitcoin trading platforms at the time, most traders had no idea what had happened. MtGox had a live data feed that was prone to melting down at the most inopportune times. As far as most traders could tell, the price had just inexplicably gone down, and then just as inexplicably gone back up, while in the mean time many leveraged positions had been thrown into disarray. Many were blaming the trading platform, Bitcoinica, for a glitch. But word of the dueling shenanigans spread on the forum, and most quickly realized that the reality of Bitcoin trading was "far more entertaining than some TV drama".
In the aftermath, the volume and zeal of Bitcoin speculative trading was dampened considerably by this episode, and the price stabilized for a lengthy period. No doubt many lawyers and accountants were consulted, and probably even some lawmakers contacted, due to money earned and lost. Leveraged Bitcoin trading would eventually disappear for a time. Today, though, it is in the process of returning. The players have mostly all changed, but the game remains much the same.
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To those who have been around since 2013 or prior, what event do you think is important for newbies to be aware of

There are certain precedents that have been set by certain events in the bitcoin industry that dictate how we view certain topics. Please help the newbies out by providing information about the event.
Also, if you just have something thats straight up just interesting. I know I would have loved that. At the bottom of this page i will link to a bunch of good reads about certain events. I will continue to add more info and some terms may lack explanations until i get around to getting the info together but you still have the option of googling it.
Here's a good place to start (although it's a bit outdated, these were all some of the biggest events in bitcoin)
I've always said that those of us who have been into bitcoin since 2013 and got to ride both the big bubbles (the april 2013 one and the late 2013 early 2014 one with mtgox happening shortly afterwards in feb i believe). People need to face consequences because of their actions and the problems mtgox was facing weren't a secret and lots of redflags caused many of the smarter users to stop using the exchange. If the Bitcoin community were in charge of the decisions made within the ethereum team, there would have never been a fork when the DAO hack happened. It allowed people to compromise many advertised principles of ethereum (immutability! Code is law! etc...) and worst of all it set precedent for people to start whining the next time there was a large amount of funds
Lesson teaching events
Google these terms to find more info, pm me if you're having trouble
Interesting reads
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Simplest possible MtGox explanation: Mark is locked out of the bank, due to an investigation that he is fully cooperating with.

We're all having a hard time believing that MtGox burned through over 700,000 BTC before noticing the malleability bugs in their system. It is possible to verify this, given the right logs, but I haven't found anyone with the logs, so far.
Mark has at least three lawsuits on his plate (Bitcoinica, CoinLab, and the seized US assets), and that does not include whatever investigations he was regularly forced to initiate on suspicious activity, or mention of MtGox by prosecutors during the Silk Road trial, or the police report he filed against mobsters well enough versed in identity theft to pull off the malleability heist. Now we hear that New York and Tokyo prosecutors are investigating as well. His operation is swimming in legal problems.
Mark has repeatedly indicated that he is not allowed to comment on such matters. This has never struck me as unusual, although I don't know how Japan works. The secrecy is sensible if there is a loose criminal to bust.
At some point, some prosecutor may have pointed around and said, "that's evidence". If they, at any point, pointed at the private keys, in the bank, Mark may simply not have access to the tools required to stay in business right now. One reason they may have locked him out is that Mark's personal assets were kept in MtGox, and there may be accusations against his person, or a no-option deal with prosecutors requiring a bond.
If he is severely bound against describing the investigation, then the theft explanation may be the best he is allowed, at the unfortunate moment he is looking for a less-burdened buyer. It is also not, strictly speaking, a lie.
Mark has lost his company's reputation, his coding reputation, and access to his bitcoins; but he can still live with himself (and maybe survive a trial in court) if he maintains his honesty.
I think this is easier to believe than losing all the coins without noticing. If anyone has that tx log, we could check.
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Mark Karpeles: Spiral of Epic Bitcoin Exchange Failures Loom

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WizSec: Breaking open the MtGox case

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 78%. (I'm a bot)
We won't beat around the bush with it: Vinnik is our chief suspect for involvement in the MtGox theft.
In total some 300,000 BTC ended up on BTC-e, while other coins were deposited to other exchanges, including MtGox itself.
Some of the funds moved to BTC-e seem to have moved straight to internal storage rather than customer deposit addresses, hinting at a relationship between Vinnik and BTC-e. The stolen MtGox coins were not the only stolen coins handled by Vinnik; coins stolen from Bitcoinica, Bitfloor and several other thefts from back in 2011 and 2012 were all laundered through the same wallets.
Moving coins back onto MtGox was what let us identify Vinnik, as the MtGox accounts he used could be linked to his online identity "WME".
Having identified the actual transactions for the bulk of the stolen MtGox bitcoins, we traced them and clustered all addresses involved, quickly finding that other stolen coins were making their way into the same wallets.
As some coins were deposited back to MtGox, we could identify which accounts were used to receive them; two in particular were of interest, and were possible to link to the online identity "WME".
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: MtGox#1 coins#2 Vinnik#3 identify#4 laundered#5
Post found in /Bitcoin, /mtgoxinsolvency, /btc, /Bitcoin, /Monero, /litecoin, /Buttcoin and /BitcoinAll.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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Short squeeze bankrupts Bitcoinica

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The Vessenes Touch

From the CoinLab website, we can see that Peter Vessenes is currently trying to find success in the field of "Blockchain Analytics for Governments, Agencies, Industry and Investigations"
Peter got involved with these companies just before they dramatically turned from gold to shit.
Bitcoin Foundation
Are there any other ventures touched by the hand of Vessenes? Has he been involved in any success stories?
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Core developers on the MtGox claimant list

I was just looking over the list of all Mt Gox claimants to check who of known figures is there.
The full list is here
Three of core devs are found:
And the award of the top trader goes to ...
EDIT: and more names found by other user
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Onde esta Leandro Marciano César? Dono do Mercado Bitcoin e Maestro do maior golpe de bitcoins no Brasil.

A 1 ano Leandro Marciano César deu o maior golpe de Bitcoins no Brasil. Usando seu site Bitcoinrain (fundo de investimento) e Mercado Bitcoin (Bitcoin Exchange).
A Historia toda pode ser lida aqui
Hoje Rodrigo Batista socio de Leandro Marciano Cesar no MB (talvez ex socio para desvincular a imagem negativa) investe muito dinheiro em propaganda para justamente limpar o passado obscuro do Mercado Bitcoin.
Apenas lembrando a alguns, que o suposto assalto que lesou centenas de usuários em milhares de BTCs foi feito no Mercado Bitcoin. Que era de responsabilidade de Leandro Marciano Cesar.
Rodrigo Batista você é responsável em dizer onde esta seu socio ex socio perante aos usuários e perante a policia. Para que ele possa pagar pelo golpe que ele deu. E novamente você é dono da herança que seu parça deixou para você. Fingir que você não sabe de nada, e que tudo não passa de uma guerra de exchanges, só afirma mais ainda sua ligação com o golpista.
Um aviso a todos uma hora ou outra a policia tera q investigar essa passado do Mercado Bitcoin. E seu dinheiro e seus Bitcoins iram desaparecer da tela do seu computador do mesmo jeito q aconteceu com todas as exchanges q deram fraude. MTGOX, Bitcoinica, Bitfloor, e tantos outros. Veja [Lista] do Bitcointalk que inclui Mercado Bitcoin (
Rodrigo Batista se você compra algo que foi roubado faz de você responsável pelo crime.
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#DDK SAMSUNG POTWIERDZA PARTNERSTWO Z ENJIN? TREZOR DODAJE ... BSidesTO 2014 - Cryptocurrencies and Security - Michael Perklin Bitcoinica Sold, Bitcoin Adverts - The BItcoin Bullet Season 1 Episode 6 Bitcoin Tools! Trade Smarter DecentralBank Project

Bitcoin Faucets Bitcoinica Mtgox Satoshidice. Vitalik Buterin. Vitalik Buterin is a co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine who has been involved in the Bitcoin community since 2011, and has contributed to Bitcoin both as a writer and the developer of a fork of bitcoinjs-lib, pybitcointools and, as well as one of the developers behind Egora. Now, Vitalik's primary job is as the main ... Bitcoinica has fallen far in these past four months. The margin trading service that was once hailed as a revolutionary margin trading service and a shining beacon of success in the Bitcoin economy has become a locus of scandals and thefts, as skilled online intruders continue to peck at the now defunct service’s diminishing million-dollar supply of customers’ funds and its operators ... Following the breach, attackers aimed their sights on eight Bitcoin businesses, such as Tradehill, Bitcoinica, and An estimated total of 46,653 BTC were stolen at the time. The biggest ... When Mt. Gox, the world's largest bitcoin trading exchange, collapsed in early 2014, more than 24,000 customers around the world lost access to hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of ... “Moving coins back onto MtGox was what let us identify Vinnik, as the MtGox accounts he used could be linked to his online identity “WME.” As WME, Vinnik had previously made a public outcry that coins had been confiscated from him,” read the paper of WizSecurity. Potentially Billions More Laundered, Massive Bitcoinica Hack. Some of bitcoin’s most influential figures including Roger ...

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Citi Bank Challenge Proposal. Pitch to CitiBank to do bitcoin to cash transactions without handling the storage or processing of Bitcoin. We are making heavy use of multisig p2sh transactions in ... Bitcoin Feniks START WIADOMOŚCI 2:27 EMAIL: [email protected] Link do oryginalnej strony, gdzie można zakupić LEDGER NANO S lub LEDGER NANO X (całość ... I talk about Bitcoinica being sold by the 17 year old creator. Give a coin-tip on how to transfer bitcoin without going through Mt. Gox. I also give my opinion on Bitcoin ads and the futuristic ... Historia kryptowaluty BitCoin: 03.01. 2009 - Narodziny blockchaina i powstanie pierwszego bloku zwanego "genesis". 09.01.2009 - Pierwsza wersja (0.1) klienta... #bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrencies This video will Enlighten you to see what other exchanges price ranges usually run at. when making your trading decisions it's always a good decision to check ...