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My saved items

Social justice stuff:

70 papers to support wearing masks
dude who went out dressed as a woman and got harassed
copypasta to refute the "only girls take selfies with the stuff they share"
racism is a mental health issue (tweet image)
abuses by police
why you shoudln't say all lives mattewhat does BLM mean
juxtaposition of police complaining vs police abusing
the iceberg of white supremacy
"microagressions I face as a black woman"
debunk of 13/50
another debunk of 13/50
another debunk of 13/50
examples of male privilege
opinions vs prejudice
all cops are bastards
literally all cops are bastards
response to someone saying that Africa is underdeveloped
list of things for cis people to know, from a trans person
some debunked trans stuff and also some scientific studies
police, racism, and white supremacy
police, racism, and white supremacy
false rape claims
just a funny video about nazis pretending they're not nazis
how old are animals when they are killed for food
crime stats about men
crime stats about men part deaux
On Whiteness: How Race and White Supremacy Affect Discourse Surrounding Masculinity
"life would be easier if I'm white"
discussion on "inspiration porn"
disneyvacation how to make the most of white privilege
"it's better now than it used to be" tweet
rape victim blaming (image)
the point of FWR
the alt right, pitbulls, and race realism
almost trafficked in Austin TX
wage theft infographic
white privilege image
image about women staying safe
“The law, in its majestic equality, forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal their bread.”
examples of systemic racism
Islamophobic myths debunked
Feminist stuff explained
what SRS is all about
free market capitalism and homelessness


biden is handsy with everyone, not just women/kids
"Why I'm skeptical about Reade's sexual assault claim against Biden: Ex-prosecutor"
Trump administration profiting off the pandemic
Poorly handling pandemic
lack of meals in schools (tweet image)
crimes of Roger Stone
Trump and Epstein
racist views of trump
GOP's attack on democracy
debunking of certain defenses of Trump (impeachment hearing? idk)
electoral college is stupid and Trump agrees
damage to international relations
"why do liberals think Trump supporters are stupid?"
more racist views of Trump
GOP on immigration (image)
"everything you need to know about American conservatism"
nunes buried evidence on Russian meddling
on hillary's email server
Trump colluding with Russia
GOP - party of "principles"
"why is the left so violent"
Trump doing dictator stuff

Workout stuff:

quarantine workout template
giant dude doing crazy bodyweight routine
list of every minimalist shoe on the internet
quarantine workout
some dude's workout routine/weightloss, check back to see if he posted his routine at all
bodyweight fitness workout stuff
something about L-sits and pistol squats
various ab exercises
stronger by science podcast
common deadlifting mistakes
get cut/abs
reverse crunches
lift weight, eat more protein
bodyweight exercises
gym gif
handstand tutorial
vibram fivefingers sale
bodyweight workout
more bodyweight fitness stuff
proper running form
muscle ups on rings
muscle up progression

Programming/tech stuff:

getting the best out of android
create a bootable pendrive
list of free sites to educate yourself
free alternative to photoshop that's not gimp
infosec tools
Python cheat sheet
how to make a reddit bot
another how to make a reddit bot
android development
raspberry pi stuff
make a gif longer than 15 seconds
221 free programming courses
android programming
import praw
"holy grail" of programming resources
bootable usb drives
free CAD and FEA apps
activate god mod for windows 8
android development
cool websites to bookmark
keep your mousing moving when afk
app development
android development
cerberus to recover lost phone
camera recovery
free online programming course (probably expired by now)
python for beginners
good PC programs to have
algorithms everyone should know
modify your browser's fingerprint


common chess mistakes
what to say to kids instead of "be careful"
how to tie the strongest knot
M to F sex reassignment surgery gif (NSFW)
Terry Pratchett quote on satire
DIY concrete mantle
hierarchy of discourse
just a funny hamster video
growing potatoes
Michael Scott on hate crimes
tips for buying a used car
how to bowl a strike
AI experts from top universities slam ‘predictive policing’ tools in new statement and warn technology could 'fuel misconceptions and fears that drive mass incarceration'
correlation between gut biome imbalance and other issues
C&H it couldn't be avoided
happy halloween meme
gif of "fuck" from SNL
picture cube
good place to get glasses
the gymnast allergic to everything
psychological life hacks
critical thinking
educational websites image
opening things
diagnosing an engine based on spark plugs
austrian choir of 1982 (shitposting in modmail)
mental exercises to reduce dementia
loaded pretzel bombs
roll a coin across your knuckles
solar micro grid
reverse/parallel park
roadtrip playlist
fun hobbies for under $50
the 100 jokes that shaped modern comedy
catholic/bishop accountability
atheist parent resources
ideas for movies to watch
replace your brake pads for <$40
something about adware
signing up for clinical trials
ordering glasses
getting to yes
that's a peanut
cryptogram solver
copypasta of creepy gifs
bertram russell's "why I am not a christian"
recommended movie about time travel
biblical contradictions
continuum season 3 webisodes
religious arguments
transhumanism for kids
free stuff on the internet
record video and stream it to a remote server
amazon's 100 books to read in your lifetime
critical consensus of historicity of books of the bible
how to get started in dogecoin I think
cool websites to bookmark
learn skills online
55 great books under 200 pages
software to install on a new PC
telescope beginner's advice
cool short story
stories with aliens
scifi ebook to read
create a roth ira
muscle reading
hip new thing called "duolingo" or smth
introduction to transhumanism
how to keep your engine bay clean
hedge fund analyst research writeup
discussion of paranormal
get an SMS if there is an emergency nearby
debunking some YEC stuff
art of public speaking
being confident
interview with Malala
practicing another language
glass/bottle cutter
watch documentaries for free
watch nikelodeon online
pale blue dot
bunch of free textbooks
food allergies facts, myths, and pseudoscience
list of banned books by reading level
mindfuck movies
ebook with random esoteric skills
save money on prescriptions
learn electrical engineering
websites for learning
design lego projects
horror books to check out
sci fi movies to check out
40 awkward questions to ask a christian
good list of subreddits
free ebooks

just wanted to reference for latereddit stuff

not sure why I saved this but here you go: https://www.reddit.com/videos/comments/ggowxj/on_may_8_2005_one_of_the_greatest_videos_in_the/
mod drama
mfw muting someone
also mfw muting someone
mfw muting someone else
thinking about those beans
some shit trashy mods did
fragile white redditors
I locked a thread to "prevent police from commenting" (aka I'm hilarious)
day of the spread
day of the spread also
summoning bots (saved over a year ago, they're probably all banned now)
n8 mods ihatewhitepeople
april fools 2019
community points
what does it mean to be not the onion
modmail search
angry at the admins
SPS notices the banout
darkjokes fragility boogaloo
top mod of upliftingnews mod-abusing
fortinbraz's bookmarklet thing on karmabots
one click reporting userscript
how to turn off push notifications
a tidbit about the sorting algorithm
threepanelpuns template
imgur info userscript
j0be's poweruser imgur script
shitposting from imgur by j0be
good piece of advice from gaywallet
bookmarklet to unhide everything on your hidden page
funny thing from centuryclubdrama
image about reposts
j0be bookmarklet to delete everything from your userpage
some javascript thing idk
[exchange karma for bitcoin (is this still even a thing?)](https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/zqocl/exchange_your_karma_for_bitcoin_reddit_bitcoin/}
zadoc's HQG tutorial
another javascript thing idk
preggit's well rounded meme
all these saved items, and you had to be salty
mods who distinguish
mat01ss tutorial on giffing
mat01ss tutorial 2
mat01ss tutorial 3
another j0be script
shittywatercolour painted a comment I made
python script idk
centuryclub intro copypasta
reddit API that the1rgood wrote
ruby API thing
user history reddit bot
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[META-Resource] Compilation of the creative works we see in Mr. Robot

Last updated 09/03/2019 09:50
This post is a subreddit cumulative effort! A list of all Redditors (so far) are at the bottom of the post.
I thought maybe we could compile a list of all of the art, literature, music, movies, etc. that we see in Mr. Robot. Who knows, it may help with understanding, theorizing, and our enjoyment of an already enjoyable show.
I will add to this list based on the comments to the post.

Listen while you browse - Mr Robot Spotify Playlist from u/darlenehackingqueen

Art – Paintings
Art – Sculpture
Books - Literature
Books – Fiction
Books - Graphic novels and comics
Books – Non-fiction
Misc. – Maps, globes, designer clothing, significant historical events
Music Artwork
Television shows
Questionable Additions - Computers, lingo, programming, etc. (? I consider this creative but others may not)
Contributors to this list are:
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Youtube alternatives guide/review (Uploading videos and some Live Streaming)

TL;DR: Vimeo, Facebook, and maybe peertube are your only options. I don't know much of PeerTube though. If you want money, I don't talk about that here and there are very few choices
This was originally a comment I made on youtube. The comment suggested to go to Bitchute if your account gets deleted or something (not because youtube sucks)
All the alternatives are lacking either a good homepage that does show you stuff that you would like to watch, or are missing a good way to promote videos and finding them (a keyword/tag system). Only a few don't and you probably already know them. Everyone knows them. I did focus mainly on uploading videos too, sites like picarto and other streaming sites are not mentioned. I can't talk a lot about livestreaming because I didn't try a lot or looked for a lot and I am not too much into it
I also did try all of these for a good while
Sites on the list, in order. With a small summary
  1. Bitchute (It's behind but can get there. I am hopeful for it)
  2. DTube (sucks big dick)
  3. Facebook (Works I guess? Data is confusing?)
  4. Vimeo (Professional, perfect for filmmaking. Please read)
  5. Dailymotion (Trying to make a HD Remake I guess so huge work in progress. Their articles aren't even updated)
  6. Flixxo (WIP, but works nicely. Innovative. Minor bugs)
  7. DLive (Liars, but nothing wrong with it. Works perfectly. Only Livestreaming)
  8. Tumblr (blog but with helpful tags if they are common. No one there really looks for videos specifically though)
  9. Twitter (Only small vids)
  10. Instagram (Incredibly effective tags. Only small vids)
  11. Blogger, Wordpress, etc (Start from 0 :D it is lovely imo)
  12. Openload (Best free host, limits, please read)
  13. Peertube (The torrented youtube?? I don't know shit of it, people think it's awesome, try it. Read for more)
  14. Mixer vs Twitch vs DLive (Same genre, different features, choose depending on who you like or trust more.... as a person... not right answer.) Basically livestreaming.
  15. Reddit (Promote your stuff. Great.)
Then I talk about
Let's start
The only good and finished alternative I can think of is either facebook or vimeo. But they depend on what you do and what you want. Peertube is also another one but again I haven't even tried it. That is my complete guide on my alternatives for youtube lol.
Here's a tip. If you are insecure about your stuff not being good enough, I am not the best advisor, I am just going to ask you to stop that or else you are just not going to do anything. Either upload it and you will get better with time and practice or just give up (if you are a game developer though, unrelated but I hear one guy is a perfectionist and didn't want to release a single game. You should practice and stuff but try to be more confident and upload a game from once in a while anyways. Even if it's mediocre. I don't know if this can apply to filmmakers in any way but it could. I mean, you gotta do something, it doesn't have to be every week, or month, or day. Just something. Could be once a year or every few years, whatever. Just do something fam, you will not achieve anything by doing nothing. It's like trying to get a bunch of optional training for a degree in college but never getting time to put your degree in practice or a job)
As for youtube, I am confident youtube can finally get to the right direction nowadays, but I am not sure that could happen anytime soon. But because of recent changes and what they do I can say that they are at least trying (just a little bit I think, which is not enough, and they may still not realize how important it is to just fix these. Probably only a small part of youtube is trying to improve the issues, but at least it's bigger than before and they could grow and get better with time). I like to stick to youtube mainly because it's more convenient and I like to be optimistic. Youtube is not that bad and the alternatives aren't still there (you don't have to be as good as youtube, you just have to have these essential things to be a good video sharing site)
I also still use facebook. See where it takes me. I will never like facebook for the same reasons many people don't (privacy and just how they work. They are creepy as fuck. Anecdote, I don't want to creep you out. Focus on choosing what site you want to useThey found my alt too when it was only used on another country, on a resort, on another computer, and with no personal info on it. New email. A name that looked real. And I logged out without saving the password to chrome. They are the creepiest people out there in my opinion. They always find my alts (usually made on the same computer sometimes different email or a vpn) and there's no way they found that one)
I also used Flixxo before but since they set the desktop app into their legacy page. I think everyone should still try it but I just want to wait until they go to their next phase, until everything is set up and nice.
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OkCupid – Online Dating for True Bitcoiners

OkCupid – Online Dating for True Bitcoiners submitted by BitPostMedia to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

OK, this is ridiculous now. Cryptocurrency shills, reposting, vote manipulation. Here's my current dump of 50+ accounts that I'm currently tracking.

All of these accounts have had very suspicious activity leading up to shilling on cryptocurrency subs. A lot of them are aged accounts and most of them reposted in other subs to get enough karma to appear legitimate. I do not have enough expertise in the area to discern their ultimate goal, but coming from a stock market perspective, it all looks like pump and dumps. I will be adding additional information as I get the chance, but I wanted to get this list out now. There are entire threads in /CryptoCurrency, /BlockChain, /altcoin, /ethereum, /CryptoMarkets, /bitcoin, etc that are composed of nothing but these accounts talking to each other.
This post in /cryptocurrency had 12 of these accounts talking with each other. OP deleted the post. Archive link.
This post in /cryptocurrency had 10 of them, OP also deleted this post. Archive link.
Another post in /cryptocurrency with 10-11 of them. Ring is actively scrubbing all posts and comments. Archive link.
https://www.reddit.com/useMicheleJason Created 2/27/2018
This post was copied from here.
This post was copied from here.
This post was copied from here.
Everything since yesterday is crypto.
https://www.reddit.com/uselegion3121 Created 8/22/2011, first started posting 14 days ago
This post was copied from here.
This comment(since deleted, can still be seen in user profile) was copied from here.
This post was copied from here.
Recently posted this in cryptocurrency, a leading questions that 10 other shill accounts were more than happy to answer.
https://www.reddit.com/usearasler Created 6/22/2015, first started posting 6 days ago.
This comment was copied from here.
This comment was copied from here.
This comment was copied from here.
Now posting in /cryptocurrency.
https://www.reddit.com/useAGoonFromLA Created 6/26/2012, first post 21 days ago
This comment (since removed by mods, can be seen in user profile) was copied from here.
This post was copied from here.
This comment was copied from here.
Now posting on /cryptocurrency.
https://www.reddit.com/useplaytech29 Created 1/21/2014, started posting 4 days ago after 4 years of inactivity
This comment was copied from here.
This post was copied from here.
This comment was copied from here.
Now posting in /cryptocurrency
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/r/TheRedPill Drilldown May 2014

/TheRedPill Drilldown

Of 3526 Users Found:
Subreddit Overlapping Users
asktrp 576
AskMen 281
seduction 202
MensRights 198
NoFap 164
relationships 153
sex 147
RedPillWomen 123
trpgame 112
leagueoflegends 111
cringepics 110
TumblrInAction 108
trees 90
gameofthrones 88
PurplePillDebate 86
AlreadyRed 86
4chan 84
AskWomen 84
conspiracy 81
cringe 80
malefashionadvice 74
TheBluePill 69
fatlogic 65
nfl 61
relationship_advice 61
offmychest 61
ImGoingToHellForThis 60
Bitcoin 59
bodybuilding 56
hiphopheads 55
gonewild 55
nba 55
changemyview 55
confession 53
howtonotgiveafuck 52
soccer 51
MMA 50
Games 49
rage 48
OkCupid 47
pcmasterrace 46
asoiaf 46
woahdude 46
DotA2 45
dogecoin 44
askseddit 42
Android 41
hockey 41
SubredditDrama 40
socialskills 39
keto 39
Tinder 39
Frugal 39
Libertarian 38
steroids 38
JusticePorn 38
Drugs 37
ForeverAlone 37
reactiongifs 36
fatpeoplestories 36
gainit 36
casualiama 33
investing 33
AsianMasculinity 33
canada 33
becomeaman 32
loseit 32
DarkSouls2 31
Anarcho_Capitalism 31
hearthstone 31
TrueReddit 30
MorbidReality 30
Entrepreneur 29
fatpeoplehate 29
Rateme 29
motorcycles 29
childfree 28
Economics 28
everymanshouldknow 27
Guitar 27
amiugly 27
MapPorn 27
SquaredCircle 27
AskHistorians 26
Bad_Cop_No_Donut 26
short 26
getdisciplined 26
learnprogramming 26
Whatcouldgowrong 25
australia 25
PussyPass 25
Conservative 25
Christianity 25
justneckbeardthings 25
europe 25
buildapc 25
SRSsucks 25
cars 25
gentlemanboners 24
self 24
CFB 24
progresspics 24
truegaming 23
Diablo 23
lostgeneration 22
Meditation 22
dating_advice 22
tipofmytongue 22
WhiteRights 22
electronic_cigarette 22
wow 22
teenagers 22
legaladvice 21
bodyweightfitness 21
Feminism 21
TrollXChromosomes 21
creepyPMs 21
sysadmin 20
Military 20
bigdickproblems 20
magicTCG 20
FiftyFifty 20
swoleacceptance 20
jobs 20
thatHappened 20
pokemon 20
PublicFreakout 19
circlejerk 19
unitedkingdom 19
depression 19
programming 19
Unexpected 19
engineering 19
facepalm 18
startrek 18
DeadBedrooms 18
AmISexy 18
JoeRogan 18
guns 18
lifehacks 17
IWantToLearn 17
talesfromtechsupport 17
Nootropics 17
madmen 17
baseball 17
HistoryPorn 17
mildlyinfuriating 17
writing 17
AskScienceFiction 17
bicycling 17
StreetFights 16
raisedbynarcissists 16
toronto 16
community 16
bestofworldstar 16
DarkEnlightenment 16
YouShouldKnow 16
RealGirls 16
ThankTRP 16
GlobalOffensive 16
QuotesPorn 16
travel 16
cscareerquestions 16
SuicideWatch 16
Justrolledintotheshop 16
Metal 16
Eve 16
starcraft 16
beards 15
whowouldwin 15
WeAreTheMusicMakers 15
PS4 15
battlefield_4 15
CrazyIdeas 15
exmormon 15
EngineeringStudents 15
shittyaskscience 14
scifi 14
techsupport 14
minimalism 14
business 14
frugalmalefashion 14
Minecraft 14
BuyItForLife 14
dayz 14
pettyrevenge 14
Boxing 14
anime 14
malehairadvice 14
Celebs 14
Buddhism 13
whatisthisthing 13
StarWars 13
watchpeopledie 13
fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu 13
OutOfTheLoop 13
xboxone 13
BitcoinMarkets 13
Paleo 13
stopdrinking 13
Health 13
TalesFromRetail 13
r4r 13
GrandTheftAutoV 13
nsfw 13
ukpolitics 13
running 13
thewalkingdead 13
twitchplayspokemon 13
MakeupAddiction 13
offbeat 12
pornfree 12
SkincareAddiction 12
curvy 12
DoesAnybodyElse 12
Supplements 12
medicalschool 12
selfimprovement 12
darksouls 12
battlestations 12
DarkNetMarkets 11
MilitaryPorn 11
carporn 11
breakingbad 11
RealEstate 11
FoodPorn 11
Psychonaut 11
tattoos 11
gonewildcurvy 11
india 11
britishproblems 11
Autos 11
Sneakers 11
LucidDreaming 11
batman 11
hardbodies 11
dadjokes 11
China 10
Foodforthought 10
iamverysmart 10
Stoicism 10
smallbusiness 10
Divorce 10
Shitty_Car_Mods 10
ProtectAndServe 10
quityourbullshit 10
Cooking 10
martialarts 10
TrueAtheism 10
edmproduction 10
LosAngeles 10
Gunners 10
polandball 10
nyc 10
linux 10
crossfit 10
comicbooks 10
rickandmorty 10
PoliticalDiscussion 10
golf 10
wallpapers 10
outside 10
AskMenOver30 10
worldpolitics 10
theydidthemath 10
Naruto 10
NoStupidQuestions 10
FanTheories 10
financialindependence 10
web_design 10
HannibalTV 10
DecidingToBeBetter 10
Austin 10
CollegeBasketball 10
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Memes Gear - jonyfqksrzrlubkhgj - Meme Merch.

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The 200 most active subreddits, categorized by content

I put my thoughts in a comment so that the list isn't less accessible to those using it for reference.
Activity Rank - Subreddit - Subscriber #
Discussion and Stories
5 - /AskReddit - 3461705
9 - /IAmA - 3190151
19 - /bestof - 2599694
68 - /fatpeoplestories - 16648
91 - /pettyrevenge - 51801
148 - /TalesFromRetail - 47377
149 - /DoesAnybodyElse - 173483
192 - /CrazyIdeas - 60228
Emotional Reaction Fuel
11 - /WTF - 3134518
12 - /aww - 2419136
22 - /cringepics - 158575
57 - /cringe - 151756
69 - /JusticePorn - 174699
78 - /MorbidReality - 75074
106 - /rage - 37011
118 - /mildlyinfuriating - 43302
123 - /creepy - 132245
129 - /creepyPMs - 60100
165 - /nosleep - 142491
166 - /nostalgia - 58011
Entertainment - Gaming
4 - /gaming - 3100154
21 - /leagueoflegends - 270625
25 - /pokemon - 219930
27 - /Minecraft - 315636
34 - /starcraft - 144319
39 - /Games - 276107
41 - /DotA2 - 77195
51 - /skyrim - 175101
74 - /tf2 - 103199
82 - /magicTCG - 55621
94 - /wow - 89739
92 - /KerbalSpaceProgram - 23993
97 - /mindcrack - 21174
111 - /Fallout - 65770
112 - /roosterteeth - 28020
119 - /Planetside - 27712
145 - /gamegrumps - 24787
169 - /battlefield3 - 67016
170 - /zelda - 75121
178 - /darksouls - 30284
180 - /masseffect - 46534
Entertainment - Television
38 - /arresteddevelopment - 77646
42 - /gameofthrones - 186686
46 - /doctorwho - 148358
53 - /mylittlepony - 57794
83 - /community - 109683
98 - /breakingbad - 130083
133 - /adventuretime - 94134
135 - /startrek - 53794
147 - /TheSimpsons - 45511
157 - /futurama - 77052
175 - /HIMYM - 64964
183 - /DunderMifflin - 28362
198 - /thewalkingdead - 118034
Entertainment - Other (Movies/Music/Franchies/Misc)
17 - /Music - 2536972
18 - /movies - 2570277
66 - /harrypotter - 100416
88 - /StarWars - 106390
96 - /DaftPunk - 15455
100 - /hiphopheads - 79629
104 - /anime - 98526
114 - /comicbooks - 66987
117 - /geek - 215027
124 - /batman - 67069
122 - /TheLastAirbender - 69866
173 - /Naruto - 22843
197 - /FanTheories - 57189
2 - /funny - 3713299
15 - /AdviceAnimals - 2433974
29 - /fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu - 604019
30 - /4chan - 306013
32 - /ImGoingToHellForThis - 227895
49 - /firstworldanarchists - 124776
40 - /circlejerk - 155080
47 - /MURICA - 83471
56 - /facepalm - 187966
60 - /Jokes - 204780
80 - /wheredidthesodago - 175185
89 - /polandball - 17692
90 - /TrollXChromosomes - 30491
101 - /comics - 274308
115 - /nottheonion - 126590
116 - /britishproblems - 37395
132 - /TumblrInAction - 19588
194 - /onetruegod - 44657
Images, Gifs, and Videos
1 - /pics - 3634681
8 - /videos - 3031649
24 - /gifs - 595120
26 - /reactiongifs - 218792
28 - /mildlyinteresting - 295944
36 - /woahdude - 290339
52 - /FiftyFifty - 78525
70 - /FoodPorn - 164008
73 - /HistoryPorn - 158322
77 - /wallpapers - 174571
87 - /youtubehaiku - 56673
95 - /Unexpected - 13931
102 - /photoshopbattles - 142871
110 - /AnimalsBeingJerks - 53136
113 - /cosplay - 50802
125 - /EarthPorn - 256905
136 - /QuotesPorn - 118293
137 - /awwnime - 9542
141 - /AbandonedPorn - 120870
142 - /carporn - 41647
152 - /PerfectTiming - 90112
158 - /OldSchoolCool - 68209
167 - /RoomPorn - 119766
168 - /Pareidolia - 39508
171 - /MapPorn - 78752
174 - /tumblr - 13778
188 - /techsupportgore - 38689
189 - /PrettyGirls - 43348
191 - /itookapicture - 87200
Learning and Thinking
10 - /todayilearned - 3319855
16 - /science - 3238039
86 - /askscience - 731188
107 - /space - 225218
130 - /AskHistorians - 136463
151 - /YouShouldKnow - 238917
163 - /explainlikeimfive - 277819
Lifestyle and Help
23 - /trees - 452252
37 - /MakeupAddiction - 63647
44 - /cats - 119186
55 - /LifeProTips - 476370
62 - /RedditLaqueristas - 31609
63 - /Random_Acts_Of_Amazon - 11644
76 - /food - 260011
81 - /guns - 123161
72 - /tattoos - 163141
93 - /corgi - 40194
105 - /teenagers - 26462
108 - /GetMotivated - 192713
126 - /motorcycles - 57436
127 - /sex - 302021
134 - /progresspics - 37583
138 - /DIY - 277714
140 - /bicycling - 82184
144 - /Fitness - 317421
155 - /lifehacks - 143162
159 - /longboarding - 25985
172 - /Frugal - 265112
176 - /drunk - 63431
182 - /Art - 140390
190 - /loseit - 141957
196 - /Military - 35379
News and Issues
3 - /politics - 2859635
6 - /worldnews - 3310493
7 - /news - 464047
54 - /conspiracy - 139041
156 - /Libertarian - 85781
153 - /TrueReddit - 214896
164 - /Conservative - 22742
186 - /offbeat - 261958
120 - /canada - 103318
154 - /toronto - 26682
160 - /australia - 43056
184 - /unitedkingdom - 49052
Race, Gender, and Identity
13 - /atheism - 1948012
128 - /TwoXChromosomes - 136301
131 - /MensRights - 68895
181 - /gaybros - 24748
199 - /lgbt - 69197
45 - /nba - 98103
50 - /soccer - 118466
59 - /hockey - 78226
65 - /nfl - 156987
67 - /formula1 - 28492
99 - /baseball - 55587
150 - /MMA - 47894
177 - /SquaredCircle - 18010
14 - /technology - 3000439
64 - /Android - 261309
162 - /Bitcoin - 40127
185 - /programming - 439496
187 - /apple - 143865
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Visiting the Batcave Promoting Bitcoin Freedom - Wet T-shirt Girls - Part 2

Together we can only get better promoting BItcoin using our girl power. Follow our donations on the Blockchain. Making these videos is hard but someone has to do it. Help us to continue promoting ... Together we can only get better promoting BItcoin using our girl power. Follow our donations on the Blockchain. Follow our donations on the Blockchain. Making these videos is hard but someone has ... WE ACCEPT DONATIONS DONATE HERE: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr… DONATIONS WILL BE USED IN IMPROVING THIS CHANNEL These two are so seriously hot! Blonde Lesbians Making Out and Kissing in Bed! Lesbo Loves! Sexy Lesbian Babes Together! Hot Action! Beautiful Women Kissing!... http://bdsmportal.tumblr.com/ PLEASE CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL FOR MORE AMAZING VIDEOS JUST LIKE THIS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qr_7gPjcwQE SEXY DOMINATRIX ...