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Arsonist James Hilliard u/lightsword (at BitClub) does his malleability attack, and firefighter Greg Maxwell u/nullc (Blockstream CTO) begs people on r\bitcoin to adopt SegWit. SegWit only SEMI-fixes malleability - but its "Anyone-Can-Spend" Hack (ACSH) would PERMANENTLY solidify Blockstream's power

Note: Yesterday a post of mine was censored on btc. And now today another post of mine was censored on btc, with the public modlog saying "keyword spam". Below is a copy of my post from today which was censored on btc.
Maybe btc is trying to tell me I should stop spending so much time posting, and I should relax and start enjoying my life spending some of my coins on hookers and blow? LOL!
The only miners supporting the unpopular SegWit are associated with Blockstream and/or corrupt.
A pattern is starting to emerge among the players supporting SegWit:
James Hilliard's "malleability attack" and Greg Maxwell's "solution" are a nice example of "collaboration" - between an arsonist and a firefighter
In the recent "malleability attack" on Bitcoin, perpetrator James Hilliard u/lightsword (at BitClub) can be viewed as playing the role of the vandal or "arsonist".
Now, right on schedule, along comes Greg Maxwell u/nullc (Blockstream CTO) offering to play the role of the "firefighter".
Greg's recent post on the censored, low-information subreddit r\bitcoin, begging people to support SegWit because of BitClub's "malleability attack", is merely his latest, desperate - and most cynical - attempt to get people to accept the unpopular SegWit, with its dangerous, irreversible "Anyone-Can-Spend" Hack (ACSH).
We should not fall for this pathetic attempt use a "malleability attack" to panic people into adopting the flawed SegWit.
SegWit is not the helpful "solution" that Greg claims it is.
The real goal of SegWit-as-a-soft-fork with its dangerous, irreversible "Anyone-Can-Spend" Hack (ACSH) is actually to let Blockstram hijack Bitcoin development forever - due to precisely the irreversible nature of SegWit's dangerous "Anyone-Can-Spend" Hack (ACSH).
And since u/null is of course terrified of discussing the technical aspects of SegWit with intelligent users and coders, where did he post his latest pathetic desperate propaganda and lies begging people to adopt the SegWit poison-pill trojan-horse?
Where else: On his sad little echo-chamber of yes-men and low-information losers: the censored non-forum r\bitcoin, where nearly everyone who's actually knowledgeable about Bitcoin's technology, economics and politics have long since been silenced and banned - including banning posts quoting Satoshi.
As usual, Greg is spreading FUD and lies on a censored forum in his ongoing, failing attempts to help Blockstream hijack Bitcoin.
He should be ashamed of himself for this latest attempt on his part to hijack Bitcoin for his desperate and failing shitty startup Blockstream.
His proposed "solution" to the problem - the poorly coded SegWit - would actually be a poison-pill trojan-horse for Bitcoin.
SegWit is the worst approach possible to fixing malleability and quadratic hashing - because the incompetent/corrupt Blockstream devs insisted on doing it as an unnecessary and dangerous soft fork - because they're afraid of the "full-node referendum" of a hard fork - because they know that with a hard fork, we'd vote their asses out.
SegWit would needlessly make all transactions "anyone-can-spend" - which means that if Bitcoin were to adopt SegWit, SegWit could never be un-adopted. SegWit would cement Blockstream's control of Bitcoin - permanently.
As this lengthy technical article has already explained in detail, SegWit as a soft fork is the most radical and irresponsible proposed change to Bitcoin in its 8 years of history.
And we already have a much better solution than SegWit: FlexTrans.
SegWit bundles together three not-very-helpful "fixes" into a dangerous, irreversible "Anyone-Can-Spend" Hack (ACSH):
SegWit offers:
The problem with SegWit is that it would deploy these three low-priority "fixes" via a "soft fork" which would make all transactions "anyone-can-spend".
Why is Blockstream pushing SegWit with its dangerous, irreversible dangerous, irreversible "Anyone-Can-Spend" Hack (ACSH)?
As has been discussed many, many times before (on uncensored less-censored forums like btc), SegWit is incredibly dangerous for Bitcoin - but wonderful for Blockstream, because:
This is why Blockstream wants SegWit-as-a-soft-fork - because:
SegWit would give Blockstream permanent control over the Bitcoin protocol.
This is the real goal of SegWit: permanently cementing Blockstream's power.
SegWit isn't about blocksize (as if SegWit's centrally planned 1.7MB blocksize were any better than Core's existing centrally-planned 1MB blocksize anyways - puh-leeze!! BU is the real, long-term blocksize solution, because BU gives us market-based blocksizes, now and in the future!).
SegWit isn't even really about malleability and quadratic hashing.
SegWit is about power. Giving permanent power over Bitcoin to Blockstream.
Oscar Wilde once said:
"Everything in the world is about sex - except sex. Sex is about power."
Along the same lines, the blocksize debate is not about the blocksize. Everything that Blockstream does is actually about power and control.
Don't look at their words.
Look at their code.
The dangerous, irreversible "Anyone-Can-Spend" Hack (ACSH) is what makes SegWit so dangerous.
If we were to actually implement SegWit with its dangerous, irreversible "Anyone-Can-Spend" Hack (ACSH), it would set a precedent that can't be rolled back or phased out.
Those "anyone-can-spend" SegWit transactions would be in the blockchain from then on, and any attempt to roll back SegWit would leave those transactions vulnerable - literally spendable by anyone.
So don't fall for soothing language like "soft fork" and "opt in". Call SegWit what it really is: a dangerous, irreversible, poison-pill, trojan-horse
Blockstream AXA-funded propagandists like CTO Greg Maxwell u/nullc and their Minister of Propaganda Alex Berg u/brg444 and their low-information supporters love to use soothing words like "soft fork" and "opt-in" and "fully tested" when talking about SegWit.
But soothing words like "soft fork" and "opt-in" are just more of the usual propaganda and lies from Greg and Blockstream and the central bankers behind them who are trying to hijack Bitcoin, because SegWit would have the following disastrous consequences:
SegWit is about power. Permanent power for Blockstream.
This is Blockstream's real goal with SegWit. It's not about "offering" a pitiful, inadequate centrally planned 1.7MB blocksize - as if we were even interested in a dev team offering us a blocksize increase when we can control the blocksize ourselves with BU anyways.
SegWit isn't even about fixing malleability or quadratic hashing time.
Behind all the hand waving and "arson" by James Hilliard u/lightsword (at Bitclub) and "firefighting" by Blockstream CTO Greg Maxwell u/null - behind Blockstream's offers to "help" us solve problems which they themselves have caused - more and more people are discovering what Blockstream is really up to with SegWit.
SegWit is a poison pill, it's a trojan horse, it's a coup by Blockstream attempting to hijack Bitcoin development forever.
Unsurprisingly, over half of the hashpower supporting SegWit turns out to actually be coming from two miners associated with Blockstream: BitFury and BTCC.
The Bitcoin community knows that SegWit is dangerous, being pushed on us by the central bankers behind Blockstream, in order to hijack Bitcoin.
But fortunately, we don't need SegWit. We can better solutions: Bitcoin Unlimited and FlexTrans.
BU and FlexTrans are safe and simple upgrades - without SegWit's dangerous, irreversible dangerous, irreversible "Anyone-Can-Spend" Hack (ACSH).
Bitcoin Unlimited offers market-based blocksizes.
And Bitcoin Unlimited already works.
In fact, Bitcoin Unlimited is already mining over 30% of the blocks on the network - versus only 25% being mined by SegWit, which is being rejected by miners.
Core/Blockstream's centralized, fiat-funded "roadmap" is a dead-end. BU and FlexTrans are the future.
Core/Blockstream's centralized, fiat-funded "roadmap" would lead to delays, congestion, high fees, low adoption, and less money for users and miners - and (they hope) big profits and centralized control for the central bankers behind Blockstream.
Meanwhile, BU and FlexTrans are the real, decentralized, permissionless on-chain scaling solutions offering a bright future for Bitcoin - helping real users with real use cases in the real marketplace - based on simple, safe, future-proof code - without the poison-pill, trojan-horse of Blockstream's dangerous, irreversible "Anyone-Can-Spend" Hack (ACSH).
Now the Bitcoin community no longer has to be forced into accepting Core's too-little, too-late scaling stalling roadmap and their shitty soft-fork SegWit - which is designed to hurt Bitcoin and help Blockstream.
The Bitcoin community now has a clear and superior roadmap to fix the real urgent problems in Bitcoin, in order of actual priority decided by us, not decided by the bankers behind Blockstream.
The Bitcoin community's market-based (not Blockstream-based) roadmap will lead to better code, lower fees, higher price, more adoption, and more profits for miners (based on higher price and more transactions per block), because:
Below are the specific next steps our the roadmap - which the community has been developing in a decentralized and permissionless way, to support safe and simple on-chain scaling and improvements for Bitcoin - now and in the future:
(1) Deploy a simple protocol upgrade supporting market-based blocksizes: Bitcoin Unlimited. The network of miners is well on the way to making this happen - with 30% of blocks now being mined by Bitcoin Unlimited much to the chagrin of Greg and his low-information, brainwashed supporters panicking on the censored cesspool of r\bitcoin.
(2) Deploy a simple protocol upgrade with a simple and safe fix for malleability and quadratic hashing, while also supporting a future-proof tag-based format (similar to JSON and HTML) for possible future needed changes: FlexTrans - supporting future upgrades without the need for forking.
Greg is afraid to talk to the real Bitcoin community - so he only talks now in the echo-chamber of r\bitcoin.
He knows that the real Bitcoin community is rejecting his centrally planned 1.7MB blocksize and his poison-pill trojan-horse SegWit.
Greg can whine and moan and spew his usual lies and propaganda all he wants on the censored cesspool of r\bitcoin - and his low-information losers can chime in to soothe his sadness and bask in their illusion of "consensus", where there is actually none - because the real community and network and market have already started routing around Blockstream's fiat-funded censorship and lies.
They are a dwindling minority who are totally out of touch with the way Bitcoin actually works and totally out of touch with that the Bitcoin community actually wants.
The latest example of their consfusion is Core devTM Blue Matt Corrallo's idiotic tweet today - where he shows his total ignorance of how Nakamoto Consensus works - thinking that the 21 million coin cap is preserved by a centralized dev team locking down the code - and not through the economic wisdom of the market players a whole, based on the economic incentives of Nakamoto Consensus.
Consensus has been forming this whole time - behind their backs, as they continue to stick their heads in the ground.
Consensus has been forming this whole time using the mechanisms developed by Satoshi, while Greg and his low-information loser supporters continue to sink into denial and desperation, with their back-room deals and broken promises and their transparent lies and their centrally planned blocksizes which have crippled the network.
They can enjoy their centralized shit-coin SegWit and continue to commiserate on their censored shit-forum r\bitcoin - while they stand by watching helplessly as our smaller but superior dev teams continue to communicate on more-open forums, providing real solutions for real users needing real scaling and real decentralization in the real marketplace - as we continue to realize Satoshi's design for "p2p eletronic cash".
They made their bed, now let them lie in it. They're too afraid to even talk about their plans on more-open forums now - because they can't face the truth, and they know they would be destroyed by community they have repeatedly lied to and betrayed.
Even with all their fiat and the power of incumbency, they're losing because of their lies and their crappy code.
The Bitcoin community is seeing through their lies, and rejecting their centralized control and propaganda, and we're coalescing and forming consensus around a simpler, safer and more future-proof roadmap: starting with Bitcoin Unlimited.
Bitcoin Unlimited will succeed and SegWit will fail - because nobody wants the crappy code that Greg and Blockstream are trying to force on us: SegWit's totally inadequate 1.7MB centrally planned blocksize, and SegWit's dangerous and irreversible "Anyone-Can-Spend" Hack (ACSH).
Real users want to control our own blocksize.
And real coders know that we don't need make our coins "anyone-can-spend" simply to fix a trivial non-problem like malleability and a minor problem like quadratic hashing time.
So let Greg and Blockstream continue to cripple their code and get cheered on by their sad little echo-chamber of low-information supporters - aided and abetted by their collaborators at BitFury and BTCC and by the arsonist buddy at BitClub - while they continue to destroy their coin and their community - with their central planning and censorship and lies and their crippled crappy code.
And we will continue to adopt Bitcoin Unlimited - providing on-scaling for Bitcoin - using market-based blocksizes.
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Bitcoin Core contributors James Hilliard and Greg Maxwell mostly agreed with Themyos’ points. More Bitcoin application and service developers should spend more of their resources on testing Bitcoin Core and its code. The less companies are willing to do research on the code, the less Bitcoin community can profit from the open nature of Bitcoin code. Though the bug was soon fixed, it could ... In response, bitcoin saw a sharp price increase on Thursday due to the perceived forward progress, ... The latter is when Segwit activation is "all in the clear," as BIP 91 creator James Hilliard put it. That's when bitcoin's SegWit upgrade will be official, and an upcoming user-activated soft fork (UASF) proposal, BIP 148, superseded. Possible hiccups . But some community members, including ... “Nutty.” No, developer James Hilliard isn’t describing his lunch. Rather, that’s his choice of description for Segwit2x, the controversial technical roadmap announced by bitcoin’s startups and miners in May, and that has been the center of widespread debate ever since. Like many developers, Hilliard is openly critical of the proposal and the timelines it is seeking to impose on ... James Hilliard's "malleability attack" and Greg Maxwell's "solution" are a nice example of "collaboration" - between an arsonist and a firefighter . In the recent "malleability attack" on Bitcoin, perpetrator James Hilliard u/lightsword (at BitClub) can be viewed as playing the role of the vandal or "arsonist". Now, right on schedule, along comes Greg Maxwell u/nullc (Blockstream CTO) offering ... “Nutty.” No, developer James Hilliard isn’t describing his lunch. Rather, that’s his choice of description for Segwit2x, the controversial technical roadmap announced by bitcoin’s startups and miners in May, and that has been the center of widespread debate ever since.. Like many developers, Hilliard is openly critical of the proposal and the timelines it is seeking to impose on ...

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